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Bookmarklets and plugins

Using a bookmarklet or a plugin is a great way to enable adding web pages and clippings to Licorize without leavine - and hence interrupting - the web page or contents you are focusing on.

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Once logged in Licorize you'll find generic bookmarklet for all browsers and mobiles. Quick links:
Firefox plugin
Chrome extension
Safari extension

Import/export bookmarks

You can import your bookmarks from Delicious/ Instapaper/ Firefox/ Chrome/ Safari/ Opera/ Internet Explorer/ Google bookmarks and synch them with Read It Later.

You can also export all your Licorize bookmarks.

See From Delicious to Licorize for more information on Delicious imports.

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Connect with external services

Licorize imports and synchs with several web serices, so you can transform web contents in projects.

Evernote  Twitter  LinkedIn  Skype  RSS  Dropbox  Read It Later  Google Map 
Facebook  Instapaper  Google Mail 

You can use the Licorize API resources to integrate Licorize with your services
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Link blog posts and web pages

When you publish a page, a new blog post, new contents, you can add a button for recording such content in Licorize - so to make it nice and easy for your readers.

With the Licorize WordPress plugin you will add a button at the bottom of your blog posts enabling "add to Licorize" of your blog posts.

You can also have a "Send to Licorize" button on Google RSS Reader.

Wordpress   Google Reader

Quick links:
WordPress plugin
Button on Google Reader