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These are some of the online reviews and quotes. Currently there are too many to keep track of all of them - Google does it for us.

A Licorize booklet with several online reviews: Licorize buzz

Life Hacker: "Licorize is like Getting Things Done for bookmarks."
Licorize Turns Your Bookmarks into Tasks, Goals, and Other Actionable Items
Web Worker Daily: "For power bookmarkers, Licorize is well worth checking out."
Licorize Makes Bookmarks More Useful
Social Media Examiner: "The real difference in Licorize is that it is not only a bookmarking tool, but also a collaborative platform for “web workers” and their teams.[...] Considering how useful I find this app, I think its well worth the sign-up fee."
Smashing Magazine: "A new bookmarking service which allows you to mark relevant content without losing focus."
50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers
Suberapps: "Every once in awhile an app comes along with an idea that makes so much sense, you can’t believe no one thought of it first. Every once in awhile you find yourself using an app that you can’t figure out how you managed to live without. Licorize manages the impossible by being both."
Licorize: FINALLY-A Way to Actually Do Something With All Those Bookmarks
Minimal: "I’ve been using Licorize to manage the things I want to do / check / buy / etc while I’m browsing and it’s been a fantastic tool."
A month with Licorize (in German): "Meine Vermutung: Licorize wird sehr schnell sehr viele Fans finden."
Wenn Bookmarks und Aufgaben eins werden (in German): "Das Konzept ist umfassend und geht einen Schritt weiter als die bekannten Systeme..."
Schnell noch einen Licorize-Account sichern! (in Russian): "Современный активный интерент-пользователь часто страдает от информационной перегрузки. Блоги, RSS-ленты, Facebook и Twitter – все это хочется (или нужно) читать, чтобы быть в курсе различных событий. Если Девид Аллен в своей книге «Как привести дела в порядок»."
Licorize: сохраняем закладки в стиле GTD
LikeHacker Russian (in Russian): "Licorize может оказаться для вас чрезвычайно полезным инструментом управления информацией, которую вы ежедневно собираете для обращения к ней в будущем. Этот сервис удобен, он не создает лишней нагрузки при работе с информацией, а наоборот делает этот процесс более простым и приятным."
Licorize: управление закладками, заметками Evernote, твитами, статьями из Instapaper и другой информацией в стиле GTD
English translation "Licorize has many features and it would be impossible to pick the best as Licorize just blends together..."
Licorize Review - Social Bookmarking
Viral bliss: "In 5 Minutes I’ve been able to integrate Twitter, Linkedin, Evernote, Digg, and ALL of my Bookmarks for Easy Sorting and Purging, plus there are awesome team building and collaborating tools."
Attention All Web Workers: FINALLY Organize Your Bookmarks and Much More With New Website Licorize " is a web-based bookmarking tool with a difference..."
Licorize To-Do Manager for Bookmarks - Free Premium License to Nonprofits (in Swedish): "Licorize is one of those services that are hard to describe, which takes a while to get into - but afterwards you wonder how you survived without."
Ge Safari ett uppryck
A podcast interview about Licorize, bookmarking, user interface design, marketing, feature requests, game mechanics
Killerstartups: - Turning Web Activity Into Projects (in French):
Licorize, un delicious en mieux? Organisez-vous (in Spanish):
Licorize – intuitiva forma de gestionar proyectos, ideas y tareas
One thing well:
A bookmark-centric todo manager
Husseinawada:, interesting website for organizing bookmarks with notes. A neat way to organize your web content.
Licorize: A Collaborative & Intelligent Information Organizer Online (in German):
Bookmarks und Aufgabenverwaltung in einem Tool (in German):
Casis kleine Helfer: Licorize
Vicent Giner (in Spanish):
¿Qué es Licorize?
Rickylounge (in Italian):
Licorize, un’alternativa a Delicious
Produktywnie (in Polish):
Licorize – zakładki zorganizowane jak w GTD
On Licorize (in Polish):
Licorize - zakładki zaawansowane


@mrshl: Been using a lot. A great complement to Evernote. Completely replaces Delicious for me. Awesome Twitter integration.
@ZulaGroup: I've begun using #Licorize instead of just #delicious because my bookmarking had become a long list of inaction, forgotten notes.
@blueclock: looks amazing. The new Delicious, with multi-service integration, to-dos and reminders.
@mirkosassetti I recommend Licorize, a great online service for bookmarking, tasks management, team work, time tracking and more
@kikaweb I used Licorize ( - @licorizenews) today for the 1st time: the more I use it, the more I like it. #useful #web #apps
@leslieajoy Looking into @licorizenews for a review-holy crap is it amazing. And I still haven't looked into all the features.
@pablolarah: Bookmarking is over. just licorize it!
@euzie: Ok, really really impressed by Licorize
@RaymondLeBlanc Licorize Makes Bookmarks More Useful (cool application)
@rhwy Licorize is really a great tool. I am just disapointed because they use concepts I would introduce in my next project...
@bcurdy: Forget Delicious, here comes Licorize! The real collaborative bookmark tool.
@ErnestobEast: i found this thing the other day and its super! it makes your web browsing into projects and to do lists and a bunch of things!
@casual_chris found nice #collaboration/ #bookmarking tool named #Licorize. currently beta but already useful...
@maboa I have to say, although I give @ppolsinelli a lot of stick I'm starting to really appreciate
@rastrano - awesome... and done by 100% italian web2.0 minds!
@averrin Более чем отлично. Походу я нашел наконец свой идеал!
@peterpurbin am testweisen einrichten von projekten in wirkt sehr sehr durchdacht und u.u. sogar praxistauglich. bin gerade beeindruckt.

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Chrome extension page:

"Marshall: The most sane bookmarking, notetaking, read-it-later app I've seen. Fast, easy, pretty. And the lean app makes saving things for later as simple as it can possibly be."

"Urso: Absolutely FANTASTIC! I spent the whole day looking into the most recent bookmarking tools like ... and had already decided what I would use for the next months, and right at the end of the search I've found Licorize and it HUMILIATED every-other-service-period."


An explanation of the JavaScript templating system with which Licorize is built