From tags to projects

Projects are containers used by a group with a goal.

A semi-formal definition of a project in Licorize is this:

A project is a collection of bookmarks, to-do's, ideas etc. that is collected in a period of time by one or more persons with a set goal.

So a project has a goal, a validity in time, and a defined set of people working on it.

A project is created by a user who can invite other users. Everyone invited can see everything the project contains, and can edit, transform and refine any of its content. The project owner can also decide to set the project as public, exposing it on the web as a booklet.

Some features a project has and a collection of bookmarks sharing a tag doesn't:

* a project has a defined goal
* a project has a defined team (that is, more than one person and not everyone) that can contribute to project
* a project can end
* a project can be visible either to all team members or to everyone
* you can subscribe to project changes via e-mail and Twitter
* you can record work log on a project
* you can use Kanban boards on projects