Get links done

Information transformation is the start of management: this is one way of summarizing the content of Getting Things Done (GTD). The to-do’s not “noted down”, the ideas remained vague that keep haunting your mind: you can get rid of all this by “externalizing” these thoughts, creating your unified list. The popularity of GTD comes also from this elementary consideration.

What tools to use to create your lists? There are many; but for the web worker today the personal world of ideas is often enriched by sets of links to diverse web applications and sites, and these link again make sense in a semantic context. And for this notes on paper or classical simple text files are not an adequate support. Things get worse when you want to share and present such ideas.

Licorize tries to be an answer to this need: you can quickly put together lists of “ideas” (links, images, texts), and classify them in projects, types, tags, without leaving your web page and loosing focus. The GTD process of “transformation into actionable items” is then entirely natural. Bookmarks get transformed in to-do’s that get collected in distinct projects for distinct teams. Tagging, searching, and then presenting the result as an “online magazine”: all this is possible in Licorize. The ambiguity between
- your timeline,
- the set of your bookmarks and ideas as taken in time
- their presence as sorted lists in projects
is turned into a strength of the user interface, letting you quickly switch from one to the other.

Here is a blog post detailing the relationship between GTD and Licorize.