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Licorize for Intranets

Licorize web service is available as standalone application that your company can install in its intranet.

In this way your bookmarking data is kept “behind you Firewall”, and it can be made compatible with companies’ policies and integrated with other internal data sources, as all Licorize’s data will be saved in readable format in an internal MySQL database.

Being built entirely in Java, Licorize is compatible with most company’s IT systems. The intranet version is licensed for an unlimited number of users, and full sources are included: all details below.

System requirements

Licorize is a standard Java web application, runs with Java’s JDK 6 (and following) on Tomcat 6 (and following) and MySQL 5 (and following) – with InnoDB, i.e. referential integrity must be active. These are today the most standard and widely adopted characteristics of server applications.

As such Licorize runs on any kind of server supporting the requirements above, typically most kinds of Linux and Windows servers.

Licorize generates thumbnails for sites bookmarked, and for this it relies on a separate service which we have set up on Amazon Web Services. That too is a Java web application, but the thumbnail generation is a native service that runs only on Windows machines. So if you want to internalize also the thumb generation, you will need to install this second service on a Windows machine (of course in this case you can install both Licorize and the thumbnail service on the same machine).

Users will need to have an updated browser to access the service (Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 8+).

What we provide

We will provide:

  • Licorize as a web application (a tar.gz, zip or war – but consider that we want the application to run as “unpacked”)
  • a MySQL script
  • installation instructions
If you don’t want to rely on our Amazon service for thumbnail generation, we will also provide:
  • the Java web app and Windows program for thumbnail generation

If you wish to get the full Licorize sources (that have no additional cost) you will have to sign and send us an NDA (similar to the one we ask for Teamwork sources) and then we will send you the sources.

Installation and support

Installation should be no problem if you have a basic experience in Tomcat configuration and relational databases. We can do the installation for you, if you provide us administrative (“root”) access to your server and a way to transfer files to it. Our installation does not include networking and backup configuration: basically you will get a server where Licorize is running and answering to clients on a http port.

If needed we will give you direct support via e-mail in the installation phase. For usage, we have a quite detailed user guide and a lively community site. For updates, you will get all updates again as a compressed archive and when needed an update script for the database – you will apply the updates if and when you find it appropriate.

Licensing, costs and sources

Non-expiring licence Installation by us After 12 months
$4000 $1000 $1000
Unlimited number of Premium users and full sources

Remote installation and setup on your server

Further updates and usage of thumbnail service on Amazon

Licorize for intranet is sold as a one-time non-expiring license (unlimited number of Premium users) for 4000$. Full sources are provided at no additional cost under an NDA, which simply says that you cannot redistribute the sources to third parties.

If you need to have it installed by us that will cost an additional 1000$.

The license also includes updates for 12 months since purchase and usage of the thumbnail service on Amazon for 12 months since purchase.

After 12 months, to get further updates and usage of thumbnail service on Amazon you will pay a fee of 1000$ for 12 months.

Only Italian companies will need to add VAT to the prices above.

Contact us

Contact us for any question at info@licorize.com. If you want to purchase we will send you the money transfer data and request company data for invoicing.


Consider that we have a lot of experience in installing and supporting Java web applications: see Teamwork web site for many companies, enterprises and universities that are and have been customers for many years.