Licorize videos


Licorize idea

A one minute video where we try to explain Licorize' idea. see video

The web worker life and Licorize

An animated video mockumentary on the life of the web worker and the Licorize plant. see video

Instructional webcasts

Webcast: Improving your online marketing by bookmarking

A short webinar on how to use bookmarking for improving online marketing campaigns. see video

Webcast: Images and videos with Licorize

A webcast on collection elements of pages: images, videos, texts. see video

Collecting and bookmarking in Licorize

A webcast on the themes covered in chapter 2 of the user guide: bookmarking and in more general collecting information using Licorize. see video

Processing and Curating in Licorize

A webcast on the themes covered in chapter 3 of the user guide: refining and curating information collected in Licorize. see video



A podcast where Licorize is discussed: TechMe2: A podcast interview about Licorize, bookmarking, user interface design, marketing, feature requests, game mechanics

Licorize Booklets

A quick look at a booklet on the iPad.