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Buy Licorize: "once in a lifetime"

How it works. Licorize charges a one-time fee of $19.99. Why? This way we can keep the service ad free.

What you are actually buying is a "redeem" code. You can use the code on any user profile.

When you enroll in Licorize you get 7 days of free usage.
When your license expires, you don't lose any data inserted. See the terms of service here.

How license works

What you are actually buying is a "redeem" code. Licorize codes do not expire and can be used on any user profile.

If you want to buy for multiple users. It is possible for a single user to buy as many codes as the team needs, and then distribute the codes to the users say by simply sending them by e-mail to the users - each user will insert the code in Licorize in the settings - License section.
To buy for multiple users just click on the "buy now" button and then change the number of items in the Paypal page.You will receive an e-mail with as many codes as you bought.

Who am I buying from? Is Licorize here to stay?

We are a small company based in Florence, Italy, established in 2001. We have been creating web application for 10 years now, and we'll continue doing so. We are reachable in many ways, see us here.

A common superstitious belief is that product and services from large companies should be chosen because large companies are more reliable. This is factually false, just check the high number of services Google and Yahoo closed in recent years. Small is beautiful!