Why Licorize

Collect bookmarks and more - Licorize begins as a bookmarking tool, providing a non-intrusive “add bookmark with one click” functionality. It is integrated in browsers, with plugins, extensions and bookmarklets, provides readability features, multi tagging, site thumbnails and more as evolution of bookmarking.

But Licorize shows its shining power once one gets back to the list of what has been bookmarked.

One collects bookmarks and contents with a good reason: bookmarks are collected with a specific motivation in mind, like researching an idea, putting together a project, collecting the references for one of your passions. And often collections are put together and maintained by several people, working as a team.

Transform and curate - Beyond bookmarks, Licorize provides built-in types to classify information, which have specific behavior and are hence more refined than simple tags.
Licorize provides a complete environment where you can transform and maintain your bookmarks, notes and ideas turning them into to-do's, projects, teams, boards...

Your web life timeline - Licorize can also be a complete timeline of your web worker lifestream: it synchs with Twitter, Evernote, DropBox, RSS, LinkedIn, Instapaper, ReadItLater, E-mail...

Collaborate and share - Anybody can join your projects – it’s easy. The limits of "just tagging" bookmarks become clear once you want to share work and ideas on the "bookmark" collection: you need to define to-do's, distribute things to be done, discuss ideas.

Manage real work - Licorize goes beyond simple tagging in a variety of ways. Licorize supports sharing certain collection with certain users, supports to-do lists, priorities, Kanban boards, weekly reviews, weekly work view, even recording work and monitoring costs.

From bookmarks to on-line magazines - Any collection can be made public, any tag, any user profile: Licorize will put together a presentation for you.

Documentation - Licorize is extensively documented: see the documentation here.