Best Ball Valves

Best Ball Valves: Top 10 Picks for 2021

The ball valve isn't something that you change frequently. So it needs to be perfect at the very first time. But choosing the best ball valve isn't that easy this time.

The problem we face now is, there are several brands available on the market, and they all claim to offer top-notch products. However, the reality is completely different. You only find a few brands that genuinely provide quality ball valves.

Therefore, I researched quite a few brands, their history, customers' experience, and foremost the lab test reports. So I reviewed the ball valves based on the above factors. I tried to keep the narrative precise and straightforward so that you can take the most amount of value in the least amount of time.

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SharkBite 22222-0000LFA Ball Valve

5 out of 5

YOO.MEE Shut-Off Ball Valve with Polished Chrome Finish

5 out of 5

U.S. Solid Motorized Ball Valve- with Standard Port

4.5 out of 5

HYDRO SEAL Kaplan 1/2", ASTM F1970, PVC True Union Ball Valve

4.5 out of 5

DERNORD Full Port Ball Valve with Blue Locking Handles

4 out of 5

Our Top 12 best ball valves in 2021

Time for the much-awaited reviews. As there are so many options available on the market, it is easy to get perplexed. Therefore, we have designed this review section with facts and features. Sit relaxed and pick a ball valve that suits you the most.

1. SharkBite 22222-0000LFA Ball Valve

SharkBite 22222-0000LFA Ball Valve

To kick off our reviews about the best ball valve, we start with the Push-to-connect SharkBite Ball valve. They are one of the top manufacturers in this industry. With a wide range of features and facilities, this is the product you need for the best experience.

If you have never used a SharkBite, you have worked too hard for your installation and repairs. The valves from this manufacturer make plumbing so easy when you get the right-sized and shaped accessories.

  • Cut water line
  • Deburr the end
  • Slide on the connector and
  • Pull the Valve in the opposite direction

Yes! It is done! This is as simple as that.

This is an ideal single lever for easy on/off. From allowing easy water flow to join to CPVC, Copper, and PEX pipe, this tool can make all of these as easy as pie.

The SharkBite valves are heavy duty. They are certified to sustain a pressure of 200 PSI. Furthermore, they go easy up to 200-degree Fahrenheit.

In addition, being formulated of special O-ring compress, the valves are structurally secured. Moreover, they are easy to create a perfect seal. Therefore, disassembly is as simple as you like. Just use a normal disconnect tool and bite up the grip loose.

With its easy rotating system, you can work in a tight space. And it is easy to reach the shut-off.

On top of that, the ½ inch ball valve requires no tool to be installed. It is designed in a way that you just need to push it to make it connected- no soldering, no crimping, or glue at all.

Honestly, this ball valve takes plumbing is in a high. It makes it so easy if you look back 15 years ago when we used to sweat copper. Now, you can easily turn off the water to your hose outside rather than turning off the whole house.

Finally, these products eliminate the necessity of soldering and fluxing. Now, you can put a valve within 10 minutes yourself. Isn't it amusing enough?

Highlighted Features

  • It is super easy to install; anyone can do it
  • Work with different types of pipes
  • It is leak-free
  • A quick-fix to add shut-off to your house
  • It handles pressure up to 200 PSI and 200 Degree Fahrenheit

2. YOO.MEE Shut-Off Ball Valve with Polished Chrome Finish

YOO.MEE Shut-Off Ball Valve with Polished Chrome Finish

When it comes to quality, few can reach or outreach the benchmark of YOO.MEE. Their one-piece copper valve body is ideal for water-saving and enjoying the large flow.

Surprisingly, with this amazing quality, they priced their product so affordable. You know, in the case of other brands, we usually see great products come off a good price. I'm not trying to say, pricy is synonymous with better. But with this prime quality, YOO.MEE surprised their users how they priced their valves.

On top of that, if you are worried about this Valve won't be compatible with your pipe, let worries stay elsewhere. This Valve is suitable for almost all different kinds of pipes.

One of the major advantages of having this ball valve is its versatility. You can use it anywhere in your house. From kitchens to toilets, where it matches, use it confidently. It can sustain with a certain level of pressure. However, before putting it, read the instruction carefully.

Are you worried about longevity and durability? If you decide to get a YOO.MEE ball valve, then not to worry. Let the manufacturers carry your worries. This copper brass valve and plastic made handle is extremely durable. With the use of multiple times a day, you shouldn't face any issues at all.

Furthermore, the valve is so flexible. Even, you can remove the handle if you don't like it. However, then you cannot control the flow. Therefore, the point I want to make here is this is a ball valve that you can use and control as you desire.

Finally, as an FYI, it comes with an O-ring (washer). You can use it with your shower head pipe or just leave it with pipe tape. No problem.

Highlighted Features

  • Unbelievable price for the product 
  • It can hold maximum pressure for residential use
  • Easy installation and use
  • Made of chromed steel body
  • It is identical to the maximum GPM

3. U.S. Solid Motorized Ball Valve- with Standard Port, 9-24V AC/DC and 3 Wire Setup, 3/4" Brass Electrical Ball Valve

U.S. Solid brings you their top-notch motorize ball valve, featuring some key features as a whole. Designed for convenience, it is capable of several kinds of pipes.

What I like most about this product is that it automatically stops using energy once back in the position. And this is the prime reason people choose motorized ball valves over solenoid valves.

In the case of solenoid valves, they continue to get energized, as in it causes more electricity bill. Therefore, motorized valves are more eco-friendly and affordable.

This Valve will allow you to run it in AC or DC power. No issue with current type at all, where voltage varies 9 to 24.

If there is an issue of overheating, it gets tough to use that ball valve- no matter how efficient that is. Fortunately, the Valve from U.S. Solid never gets overheated.

Furthermore, proper protection against solid is all you expect from an ideal ball valve. The motorized Valve has a rating of 6 against solid, which is the possible highest rating against solid and rating 5 against water. As in, it has the seal protection from all kinds of directions.

Therefore, it has the highest IP rating of 65. And, truly, it shows that it is built to last.

Another interesting fact about the ball valve is that it is designed to work with the home water system and the home automation projects. Furthermore, you can consider this motorized Valve for your irrigation systems as well.

Finally, with 80,000-100,000 cycles of life expectancy, this is one of the best motorized ball valves on the market at the moment. If it matches your budget, don't hesitate to order right now.

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with the Arduino automation system
  • It opens/closes in just 3-5 seconds
  • Great for home automation projects
  • Amazing features for the price
  • Not suitable for drinking water

4. HYDRO SEAL Kaplan 1/2", ASTM F1970, PVC True Union Ball Valve with Full Port

This ball valve from HYDRO SEAL is the perfect tool for commercial plumbing, swimming pool, irrigation, etc. Featuring some unique characteristics, it promises to make your experience all the more worthwhile.

You will get a socket, 2 PTFE seats, and 2 EPDM O-rings. PTFE seats are for making it durable and long-lasting. Out of these, for superior performance, you will find a tool for every need and place.

The precision kit is highly durable and user friendly when it is compared to other quality ball valves offered elsewhere. Furthermore, HYDRO SEAL used the latest modern technology to make it compatible with every PVC and CPVC pipes available today.

It comes with an ergonomic and sturdy lever with a dual steam seal. Besides, you will see a full port design and true union along with the mounting system. Amazing!

When it comes to reliability, this Kaplan ball valve is head and shoulders above the rest of the budget valves. It comes with nine seals and two sturdy Teflon seats. On top of that, the seats are reversible. So it ensures that no damage results in downtime.

If the item is not easy to use, you are going to have a torrid time on the time. Fortunately, this ball valve excels in this apartment as it is super easy to install, and no worry once it is put. Moreover, it offers the ¼-turn operation, which ensures smooth turning even after using for years.

And, it feels a bit hard to turn the Valve for the first time. Don't get worried. Over time, it gets easier and smoother.

Highlighted Features

  • The valves are substantial and easy to install
  • Its action is smooth
  • It is fully rebuildable
  • Actuator assembly
  • 1/4 –turn operation for easy use and long-lasting operation

5. DERNORD Full Port Ball Valve with Blue Locking Handles

If you have used a ball valve before, I am sure you heard about the brand DERNORD. I'm confident because this is one of the top brands in the commercial brewery and food processing equipment industry. They are product-quality conscious and a great customer service provider.

This is a product that highly versatile in application. You can use this ball valve in water, oil, gas, or air. Even more, with acids, alcohols, and biodiesel, it can be used comfortably.

In particular, to make the most out of this kit, use it for irrigation, in swimming pool, house water system, and others. The size is perfect for use in almost all kinds of pipes.

What I like most about this ball valve is its corrosion-resistant material. It is PTFE (Teflon). It is used in seal. Moreover, the body of this item is made of strong stainless steel that is also responsible for making it suitable for the piping system.

If the Valve has a minimal issue with leakage, it loses its grade. Frankly speaking, I don't like to get a ball valve with a leakage issue, even for free. You know why? It will not just cost your money but your valuable time and energy. Fortunately, this product hasn't any problem with leakage at all.

Another interesting feature of this ball valve is that it is available in both Wog200 and Wog1000. If you would like to use it for your home application, then Wog200 is pretty enough. In the case of high pressure and heavy industrial usages, manufacturers recommend Wog1000. So it truly depends on your choice.

Highlighted Features

  • Get it for multipurpose use
  • Leak-free durable Valve
  • It is safe for potable water
  • It is rust and corrosion free
  • Serviceable Valve
  • Vinyl insulation over stainless steel handle

6. Midline Valve 827T256-NL Premium Full Port Ball Valve Brass

If you are looking for a ball valve that matches your expectation, Midline Valve would be a great option to consider. It hasn't been in the market for long but already earned a good number of users. And it gets popular in a short time because of its awesome customer service and top-notch valve material.

This is a versatile product. You can use it for water, gas, and oil lines. However, this ball valve is widely used in the waterline. The reason behind it is that it ensures the optimum water flow and exterior use. It is made of brass—no worries about durability and longevity.

One vital thing that should be explained carefully- That is what is for this ball valve? Is it for waterline or natural gas? I'm talking about this because I have seen a decent number of users complain about its compatibility. Some said it is made for the only waterline, where some said it is for natural gas only. So eventually, it creates confusion about novice ball valve users.

Therefore, I am telling you the actual fact in regard to the manufacturer. This is a WOG product. WOG means Waterline, Oil, and Gas. Thus, the Valve is compatible with all these three mediums perfectly.

This is a high-quality ball valve at half price. Yes, it is what it sounds. Maybe, I am a bit direct here, but this is the real fact. Unlike other budget valves, it has a hex fitting under the handle. As in, you can tighten and loosen your Valve accordingly.

Lastly, what is like most about the ball valve is its FIP connection. You know the leak-free and safe joint is one of the major pre-conditions before choosing a ball valve. Fortunately, as this Valve features a FIP connection, the joint is safe, secured, and leak-free.

Highlighted Features

  • FIP connection; leak-free and secured joint
  • Highly affordable
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Lead-free brass construction
  • It ensures optimal water flow

7. Midwest Control 3/4" NPT MxF Brass Ball Valve

The Midwest Control is suitable for vacuum service, but you can pick it up for water as well for its outstanding quality and features.

With a heavy-duty forged brass body, chrome-plated brass ball, and steel handle with vinyl grip, this is an ideal item for anyone concerned about quality and durability.

If you look at other options available on the market, you may find several ball valves for air at a lower price. But you know what? This is a ball valve beyond average. Midwest Control bound people to come back to them with their top-notch quality and customer service.

However, surprisingly the item is not suitable for low-pressure natural gas. The manufacturer doesn't rate it for natural gas. Therefore, there is no issue using the Valve with air.

The most interesting feature it carries is that it can run both ways. Let me explain myself. You know there are two ends of a ball valve- Male and Female. For instance, your water is entering from the male end and flowing out female, will that create any problem? The answer is No. It won't create any issue at all. If you reverse the end, it will work fine as well. I suggest considering handle movement, the way it gets more convenient, follow that.

If you are still confused about getting this ball valve, let me tell you some. The ball valve is UL, CSA, and FM approved. As in, you can comfortably rely on it up to 365 degrees Fahrenheit based on air. Amazing! However, in the case of water, the manufacturer doesn't clarify it. A user of this Valve says, he hadn't any issue up to about 140.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature range minimum to 365-degree F.
  • Stainless steel handle with blue vinyl grip
  • 600 PSI CWP 150 WSP service
  • Threads are NPT
  • It opens and closes faster than others
  • Not recommended for natural gas and potable water

8. DERNORD 1/2" Stainless Mini Ball Valve with Stainless Steel Handle

DERNORD takes commercial brewery and food processing equipment to a different height. From stylish design to top-notch quality, they are unparalleled to every other brand at the moment. Their products back my words, truly.

The pair of ball valves from this brand comes packed with a glittering finish and some effective features.

If you are concerned about the durability and the longevity of the Valve, let them stay from this Valve. The ball valve is made of stainless steel. Even you see the handle top of the Valve is also made from the same material. It makes the product sturdy and super durable.

As this package comes with two ball valves, you can use them for two different applications. Moreover, you are the kind of person who loves versatility; you're going to fall in love with this ball valve. You can use it for water, gas, and oil as well.

Worried about safety? Each of the two items is individually tested for maximum safety. Even for smaller valve sizes, they provide standard port flow.

What you cannot ignore of this product and eventually going to love for is its corrosion resistance power. This is what I also love the most. The SUS316 body and ball ensures not only strength but also corrosion resistance.

Do you know, this Valve is also called an inline valve? The reason is pretty simple. It connects two pipes going in the same direction. And, it does this by its double-seal system.

Moreover, the manufacturer uses blow-out proof stem in it. Which means, it will fight well against leakage and any sort of valve damage.

Last, but not the least, this heavy-duty ball valve from DERNORD can handle swings from the center and controls the various media pretty well. Whether it is oil, mud, or liquid material that flows in it, it will remain corrosion and rust-free.

Highlighted Features

  • The stainless steel valve can control the flow of various mediums
  • It is rust and corrosion free
  • Compatible with radioactive and inert gas applications
  • Each Valve is tested safe and secured
  • Not suitable for LP or Natural gas
  • It is standard for plumbing fitting; suitable for any fuel line

9. Midline Ball Valve Brass 832C336-NL Premium Full port

What does the best ball valve for the waterline look like? Well, I don't know for sure, but I think this is one of the best options and extremely popular for ball valve from Midline.

It has been on the market for quite a long time since 2014 and able to create a good impression among ball valve users. Here's why.

Featuring a full port ball, SWT connection, or blow out proof stem, it becomes the best choice for waterline control for piping systems. Not only these, but it also offers a 1/4 –turn vinyl handle and the PTFE packing seal. You know how important the blow-out proof stem or a full port ball for waterline control.

But what I love most about this ball valve is that it is lead-free. That means you can use it for your house water.

And the best part? It is allowable for entire house applications. From air to water, you can use it anywhere you want.

If the material isn't good yet the product looks good, that doesn't last for long. This is true. So, in the case of this ball valve, the valve body is totally made of forged brass. And it is DZR lead-free and heavy-duty.

Imagine you put a ball valve in your piping system, and guess what? It starts leaking. This is so annoying and irritating, no doubt. To avoid these types of situations, what you need to do is to choose an SWT connection. It prevents leakage to the joint and ensures a secure connection. Moreover, the Valve is tested safe and approved by UPC, CSA, UL, and FM.

I highly recommend this product, not even this one but any ball valve from Midline for your water control piping system.

Highlighted Features

  • Working pressure 600 WOG 150 WSP
  • Lead-free and suitable for use in house water
  • Constructed with heavy-duty forged brass
  • 2 stops, 180 degrees from one another
  • Full port ball; ensures optimum water flow

10. Vibrant Yard Lead-Free Forged Brass in-Line Ball Shut Off Valve

While we are on the topic of highly rated ball valves, it would be a crime to skip over the Vibrant Yard Ball Valve. This brass made ball valve is well-loved by households all over the United States. And it's quite easy to see why.

If you are a person who doesn't love to change things frequently, this would be a great choice for you. It sounds a bit indirect. This is the product that can serve you for a lifetime. In terms of durability, there aren't many products that can beat this one. No matter how expensive they are.

But the thing I love most about this product is that it is truly a full port valve. As in, it allows a great flow of any medium in it. Moreover, as it is a WOG valve, you can use it for compressed air, water, and oil.

Another interesting fact about the Valve, it saves wear and tears on the compressor. Well, let me give you a real example. This is not what happened to me. I'm sharing a story of a Vibrant Yard user. He has an issue with his car tank. When it is pressured up, it leaks. So, somehow he managed to move to this ball valve and put it between the tank and air hose, I mean on his air compressor tank. And yes, you guess it right. The issue he was facing for a time was solved.

Therefore, this Lead-free Valve works really great for the air compressor and prevents wear and tear on the compressor.

You know this Vibrant Yard ball valve hasn't been on the market for a long time. Still, it has managed to earn a good reputation by its quality and incredible pricing strategy. I highly recommend the ball valve if you would love to have full control over the airflow.

Highlighted Features

  • Great price for the top-notch product
  • Suitable for compressed air, water, and oil
  • It prevents wear and tears on the compressor
  • It is built very toughly
  • You can use it as a shutoff of an airline

Buying guide: How to choose the right ball valve

Choosing the right ball valve becomes tougher as there are several brands and products available on the market. And importantly, all look almost the same. Everyone claims to provide the best ball valve. So, what should you look into before making the final buying decision? I have tried to keep the guideline brief and simple.


This is all-important before you choose a ball valve. The reason is quite simple. If a valve is made of brass and doesn't look good, you should not have any issue with it. You know no one is going to showcase his/her ball valve anywhere. It sounds a bit ridiculous, but the fact is quite relevant.

I know people who always look for appearance. If you offer them well-finished golden color tin made ball valve, they would love to accept it. Maybe it sounds weird, but I hope I make you understand the fact. Look for quality material and make your experience better.


The second most crucial thing is the item's specification. If the Valve is made of stainless steel or forged brass, then you should look into its detailed specification. Don't get perplexed here. This is not that tough finding the best match for your particular application.

Some manufacturers mark their products' usability in their bodies. If you don't find anything on that, ask your seller or direct to the manufacturer.

For example, if you would like to use a ball valve for your car's air compressor, a Vibrant Yard ball valve will be the best possible option for me. In the case of the waterline, the Midline valves are great.

At the same time, there are some valves that are versatile in application, meaning you can use them for any use. For instance, DERNORD valves are suitable for air, water, oil, and any kind of liquid fuel.

So, match your application well with the product specification. It will give you the top-notch experience you desire.


This is a must if you are going to use the Valve for your house water system. You know the lead isn't good for your health. And it can cause several health issues, therefore damages.

If we look into the law on drinking water, before 2014, the law on drinking water valves had a maximum led allowance of 8%. However, the U.S. regulations changed for portable water systems and only have a minimum led allowance of 0.25 percent now on wetted surfaces, which makes for a big change.

How Ball Valves Work

Having knowledge about a water faucet is enough to get into how does a ball valve work. Just assume a valve as a water faucet. And you are done. To get a clear-cut idea, I prefer watching this video.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do the ball valves work?

Answer: a ball valve uses a ball to control the flow of gases or liquids, and that is why we call it a ball valve. One of the most basic features of a valve is you turn it on and off.

Think about a valve as a water faucet. You use a water faucet every day, and all it does is control the flow and turns your water on or off, the same thing with the ball valve. It is a device that controls the flow, turns it on or off, and can regulate the amount of flow going through a certain pipe.

Question: How to shut off a ball valve?

Answer: When a valve is in the open position, I mean the handle is in line with the valve body the flow can go through the Valve. As you turn the Valve 90 degrees, the flow is stopped. No longer can flow come through this valve body.

And visually, you can tell that it's closed because the handle is perpendicular to the valve body. To reopen, simply slide the Valve back in line with the valve body, and it opens the flow. This is true for all ball valves.

Ball valves can come with an optional locking handle. This is important during applications where someone might inadvertently hit the Valve and knock it open or closed when you do not need it open or closed.

When you have livestock or cattle that could come by an outdoor application, it advertently knocks it open or close. So if that's something you need, it is available in most ball valve formats.

Question: How to differentiate leaded from the lead-free valves?

Answer: some ways to differentiate leaded from lead-free valves are that some companies use an LF stamp on the valve body. For example, some change the color of the handle tags to lighter colors like white or blue instead of black or yellow. And lastly, the alloy's color is less yellow and has more of a nickel or silverish tint to it.

In the years, plumbers have adapted a certain technique to solder the leaded valves, but with changes in materials, a change in technique is required to make for a leak-free joint. Let me explain myself.

There's one major thing that differs from leaded valves to lead-free valves when soldering. And that's the fact that lead-free valves have a much lower thermal conductivity compared to leaded valves.

But how does this affect the soldering part? - On leaded valves, heating of the Valve only would get both the socket and pipe up to the correct temperature.

However, since new lead-free valves don't conduct heat nearly as good as leaded valves do, more attention needs to be put into heating the pipe to get it up to temperature.

This does two things. It makes sure that the pipe is hot enough.

And two, it expands the pipe and closes the gap or capillary space, which increases thermal conductivity as air on its own acts as an insulator.

Then when the pipe is judged hot enough, heating of the valve hub or socket could begin. It's important to heat all around to make sure that there are no cold spots. And then the solder could be applied.

Question: What's the difference between a full port and reduced port ball valve?

Answer: full port versus reduced port. These are two options that you can select when you go by a ball out.

In the case of a full port ball valve, the pipe size once screwed into the Valve is equal to the Valve's inside interior. And in a reduced port ball valve, the pipe size is reduced when it comes into the ball valve.

Final Words

You are sure to run into trouble if you fail to choose the right ball valve for your particular application. Leakage, corrosion, and many other problems can occur over time.

With the best ball valve, you can easily prevent these from happening. Having the right product can incredibly save your money and time.

Credit: We want to special thanks PlumbersBlog for helping us write this valuable article.

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