The Best Composition Notebooks of 2022 [The Definitive Guide]

Writing is calming for some, even more so than meditation, and a great way to unwind. Putting your ideas down on paper is a great way to take care of your mental health and clear your mind. You probably want to unload these feelings somewhere, but where exactly do you do that? 

Keeping a composition (and using a pen!) is what allows the experience to be so personal. Even though everyone has their favorite diaries, journals for writing, and notebooks for notes, we've found a diverse array of best composition notebooks that will inspire you. 

Besides that, these notebooks are incredibly useful for kids who are practicing their handwriting every day. Furthermore, it is a great solution for taking notes in school, at work, and at home. 

So get some relief from anxiety by choosing from a variety of notebooks designed with wide ruled pages, sewn bindings, colorful designs, and personalized details.



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Amazon Basics Wide Ruled Composition Notebook

5 out of 5

Mead Composition Notebooks

5 out of 5

Mead Primary Composition Notebook

4.5 out of 5

Arteza College Ruled Composition Notebook

4.5 out of 5

Mead Wide Ruled Composition Book

4 out of 5

What to Consider Before Buying a Composition Notebook

Although this is primarily a composition notebook article, I consider this section to be the buying guide for the notebook as a whole. 

Thus, regardless of whether you intend to purchase a hardcover notebook, traveler’s notebook, or engineering and graphing notebook, this section will be of benefit to you. 


Several binding options are available for notebooks, such as glue, staples, thread (sewn), spirals, rings, or combinations thereof. A notebook's binding method affects whether it lays flat, how well it stays put, and how durable it is.

The overall strength of glue-based binding tends to be lower than other types. The glue-bound notebook generally does not lie flat; with sewn binding, however, the notebook can lay flat. Thus, it is intentional for glue-bound composition notebooks to have easily removable pages. Top-bound sketchbooks, for example, provide this option for those who wish to remove their work from the notebook without leaving marks.

On the other hand, staple binding is best suited for thinner notebooks (less than 64 pages). Each page of the notebook is stapled in the middle, after which each page is folded into a notebook. A few notepads have staples at the top of the notebook so that in order to use the following page, the current page must be folded back or taken out. Therefore, select a notebook with a stapled binding when choosing for a pocket or thin notebook.

Similar to staple binding, sewn binding is created by stitching through the middle of the pages and then folding them into a notebook. And it is our recommendation for the composition notebooks.

In addition to accommodating more pages, thread binding is tougher than staple binding. Those who need a notebook with more pages and a more stable binding will benefit from this style of binding.

Paper Weight

The weight of paper is described in grams per square meter (gsm) or pounds (in the United States). The quality of the paper is not necessarily affected by it. A very high quality can be found in some papers that are lighter in weight but made for fountain pens. 

However, as a general rule, thicker paper is more durable. Also, erasing is easier on them and they don't show through as much. Therefore, heavy papers are your best choice as you draw or write on both sides of the composition paper.

Sheet Count

Besides the variety of sizes and shapes of composition notebooks, they are also different in terms of how many pages they have. Others prefer thicker notebooks to chronicle their thoughts while still, some need encyclopedia-type notebooks. 

A notebook's thickness is determined by a number of factors, not just sheet count: if you prefer more pages but without the extra bulk, choose a paper of a lighter weight. With more sheets, it will be amazing how much you can carry!

Cover Material and Design

In addition to cardstock, hard chipboard, and glossy plastic, notebook covers are also made from soft matte finishes, leatherette, and leather. Choose a notebook cover that can withstand a few knocks if you tend to carry your notebook everywhere with you. 

It's a good idea to choose covers with rounded corners so the corners won't wear down or fold. Multitasking covers are popular, such as those that feature, charts, schedules, and pockets where you can place some cards or loose-leaf paper.

Our Top 9 Best Composition Notebooks in 2022

We spent over 24 hours reviewing notebooks in search of the composition notebook and writing pads for your specific needs in order to help you get started.

#1. Amazon Basics Wide Ruled Composition Notebook

Amazon Basics Wide Ruled Composition Notebook

If you’re looking for a nice and sturdy best composition notebook, then this ruled notebook is for you. No matter whether you want to keep one for yourself or as a gift to someone, this notebook meets your expectations in every way.

A paper that is not thick enough can cause several problems. A big thanks goes out to Amazon for its wide-ruled notebook with incredible quality paper. Furthermore, the pages are not glued but rather stitched for added durability and convenience.

The wide-ruled notebook contains 100 sheets of paper. Paper stock is 56 gsm, with an impressive 92% brightness. Let’s see what else it is going to offer.


All-purpose composition notebook: You can use the notebook for a variety of purposes. No matter where you live, work or go to school, you can use it. Besides that, it also is quite compatible with journaling, sketching, and regular assignments. It is no longer necessary to carry multiple notebooks for different purposes. You can stick to this notebook for all your composition purposes.  

Durable binding: These days, glued notebooks are rarely preferred due to their tendency to collapse. As well, you may encounter some constraints when writing on the other side of the page. This composition notebook features a durable and secure binding that will keep your notes safe for years to come.

Furthermore, it features sturdy paperboard covers (20 pt. white cardstock) to protect all your important notes and compositions inside. Plus, if you are taking notes while sitting on your couch or on the street, that hardcover will provide you with excellent writing support. 

Handy guide: It also provides a standard weight and measurement conversion chart for reference, as well as a schedule table for time management.

Multiple colors and sizes: In addition to assorted colors and black, the composition notebook is available with a classic marble pattern or solid color. You can as well choose from a variety of sizes.


  • Wide-ruled format (11/32-inch) 
  • Printed quick-reference info on inside covers
  • Sewn binding 
  • paper measures 9.8 by 7.5 inches


  • Sturdy stitched binding keep pages attached
  • Besides protecting the paper from damage, covers provide a firm surface for writing
  • Paper with a weight of 56 gsm makes it possible to use almost any pen
  • Using it for office or class annotations can be very useful and practical
  • Excellent value at a great price 


  • Not good looking

#2. Mead Composition Notebooks

Mead Composition Notebooks

Composition journals, such as the Mead ruled composition book, have been the default for decades. 

A lot can be said about this amazing piece of the notebook. Briefly, there is space on the first page to write your name or your topic on this double-sided 100-sheet journal with a traditional black marble cover. All pages of the book lie flat thanks to the sewn binding. In addition, you will find blank class schedules, multiplication tables, and grammar rules inside the covers to help with your schoolwork.


Plenty of space: Ample of space in terms of both page quality and the ruling style. It is designed in such a way that will provide you plenty of space for writing, notetaking and journaling. And the page dimension is 9 3/4 inches x 7 1/2 inches.

In addition to this, the notebook contains 100 double-sided sheets inside. And this is something you can literally consider as affordable.

Sturdy binding: This is certainly nothing new to you if you’re into this for some time. Anything except sewn binding carries some extra risks of tearing and shifting pages. So, this is sort of a relief for consumers when they see their favorite notebook is sewn binding. In the case of this notebook, you don’t either have to worry about the pages or their binding.  

Protective cover: To be very honest, the cover it provides doesn’t look fancy or exquisite. There is nothing to be excited about the cover. However, over the course of the school year, the sturdy cover will protect your all-important sheets. Furthermore, in addition to providing a class schedule and conversion table, the notebook also provides grammar tips and fact-checking information.


  • Dimension: 9.75 x 0.44 x 7.5 inches  
  • Ruling type: Ruled
  • Page count: Double-sided 100 sheets (200 pages)
  • 3 pack and black marble cover


  • Good quality pages- you can use any ballpoint pen you want
  • Thick durable cardboard cover keeps pages safe inside
  • Secured sewn binding helps it lying flat
  • Includes blank class schedules, multiplication tables, and grammar rules inside
  • Great for the price


  • No extra pages can be added

#3. Mead Primary Composition Notebook- Grades K-2 Writing Workbook

Are you still going to school or looking for one for your kids? If it is then chances are good that this is the notebook you are searching for. One of the primary reasons people love this notebook is, it provides additional lines to simplify lowercase lettering and clarify uppercase lettering.

On top of that, the notebooks do not have a left or right margin, which I think would be useful for children in learning how to align letters properly.


Good quality pages: Pages are thick enough to give you the freedom to write with any ink pen including fountain pens. Though I don’t personally prefer using fountain pens on such types of notebooks because it leaves opaque marks on the opposite side of the page. Still, you can use any pen you like without the fear of smearing or smudging.

Lay flat: With 180 degrees of lay flat writing surface, it provides the utmost comfort and convenience while writing. Additionally, it has a fully sewn binding. It does, however, have the disadvantage that you can't add or remove pages if you need to.

Printed pages: This is mainly provided for alphabet writing practices. You can prepare your kids for upcoming tests by practicing with dotted and solid ruled lines. In addition to this, a cursive alphabet and manuscript are included inside the front cover for reference. So ultimately, this is a practice notebook for writing that kids can use for different purposes. It would not be a good choice for any adults or professionals.


  • Page quantity: 100 sheets (200 pages)
  • Color: Blue marble
  • Grades K-2 Writing Workbook
  • Dimension ‎0.44 x 7.5 x 9.75 inches
  • Brightness rate of paper: 55


  • Undoubtedly great for children who set to learn writing
  • Good quality thick pages
  • Dotted and solid lined printed pages for writing alphabet
  • Durable cover with sturdy sewn bindings
  • For reference, it includes cursive and manuscript alphabet


  • Not ideal for adults and professionals

#4. Arteza College Ruled Composition Notebook

Arteza envisions a world in which creativity and artistic expression drive the world. As Arteza pioneers a path of opportunities for those who wish to speak freely without being intimidated, it will do so by relying on a creative and determined approach.

In order to change the status quo, Arteza was born out of a sense of purpose. Dedicated to originality, full freedom, and the rich diversity of viewpoints defining the culture of our time. Certainly, Arteza gives others the power to be creative and to make a difference with their work.


Enough space: These notebooks open flat and provide a larger portion of the page to work with. Unlike traditional composition books, college-ruled sheets allow you to write more lines per page. Don't worry if you are left-handed; you won't have any trouble keeping the cover down.

Time-saving: These 8-pack composition books will cover every subject you need and then some. There are four distinct colors in this set of college-ruled notebooks, so you can easily identify which notebook fits which subject. This way, you will be prepared right away when class begins.

Multi-Purpose composition book: Every notebook comes with conversion charts and a blank schedule so you can refer to them quickly in the kitchen, in the office, or in science and math class. 

Furthermore, Composition books that were hardcover and difficult to open are a thing of the past. With these college-ruled notebooks in one subject, you'll be able to work at 180 degrees without worrying about your work opening and closing. In addition to writing and drawing, you can plan a trip, organize a business idea, or write your masterpiece.

Dependable Construction: With its strong and flexible plastic covers, this notebook is easy to clean when necessary. Even though they are lightweight, bound composition notebooks are strong enough to hold up to multiple uses. 

Furthermore, it has no annoying wires, and the college-ruled sheets are sewn to the binding securely. So, while planning, studying, or cooking, you can flip through the pages. 


  • Colors: 4 in total (black, blue, red, and green)
  • Dimension: ‎10 x 8 x 3.7 inches
  • Page type: Ruled


  • It comes with a pre-printed blank schedule to help you with the daily routine
  • The back cover includes area, volume, and distance conversions
  • Providing the right size for a backpack, school bag, or purse, each book is just the right size
  • It is a useful tool for note-taking, food planning, and daily organizational tasks
  • Lay-flat- comfortable for left-hand writers


  • It would be better if the pages were thicker

#5. Mead Wide Ruled Composition Book

These composition books from Mead come with 100 sheets of white wide-ruled paper and comes in new beautiful color. Sewn binding prevents pages from falling out while being smooth, so it won't snag on clothes or backpacks.

No doubt, this is a great choice for students who need to complete in-class essays, journals, or other notetaking without having to rip out pages. 

On top of that, on the inside front covers of the comp books, you will find a class schedule that will keep you organized throughout the day. As well, there are tables of multiplications, conversions, and grammar rules on the inside back cover so that you can consult them at will. 

Page size measures 9 ¾” x 7 ½”. A marble design is featured on the cover of the various colors, along with a name and/or subject space. 


Different colors: I usually pick up the wrong one when I have the traditional black composition notebook. Because I'm always in a rush, I don't always read the label to be sure the notebooks match, and sometimes I inadvertently mix them up. If you are someone like this very me, here is a piece of good news for you. 

Since the notebooks are color-coded, you can easily identify the notebook for a particular lesson. Although it may sound silly, you will certainly like how the colors differ. 

Sewn binding: This composition book also has a nice binding. In some brands, the pages can easily be separated due to a different, less sturdy binding. However, in this case, unless you intentionally tear or cut out pages (which I do only if I did not use all the pages and have some unused ones), you do not lose the pages.

Lay flat: It lays flat nicely, giving you the comfort to write easily. Furthermore, since it is not a spiral notebook, expecting it to lay flat perfectly would be unfair. Honestly, sewing bindings do not always lay flat as much as you would like.


  • Color: Four different color
  • Item quantity: 12 pieces
  • Pages: 100 sheets per notebook


  • It offers 12 notebooks with 4 different colors
  • Bindings are sturdy and strong enough to keep your information secure
  • Lays flat for your ultimate comfort and ease
  • It includes tables of multiplications, conversions, and grammar rules on the inside back covers
  • Great deal for the price


  • Pages do not have an easy tear-out

#6. Wide Ruled Paper Notebook Journal

If you are looking for a soft cover decent composition notebook, let me introduce you to this wide-ruled paperback journal. Of the benefits of this notebook is that you can consider this notebook for multi-purposes- from journaling to daily workbook for school or work.

On top of that, it has a great visual presentation of soft matte covers that makes it a perfect option for gifts. Therefore, no more worries about running out of gift ideas for your kids or adult loved ones.


Double-sided sheets: The notebook offers 110 double-sided wide ruled sheets. Meaning, you’ll get a total of 220 pages in a single notebook. In addition to this, pages are purely white so that you can write with any pen you want.

Besides, it is an excellent choice for kids who are trying to elevate their writing ranks. Since it is wide ruled, it takes more precision and control overwriting.

Good quality pages: Its good quality pages allow you to write on both sides. However, honestly, you may get some opaque marks on the opposite side of the page if the ink is heavy. Normally, it supports every ballpoint pen and refuses fountain pens, gels, and pens with such heavy inks.

Perfect size to carry: This is of the qualities that most of the customer tends to ignore. Size does play an important role each and every time you go out. It features an ideal dimension of 7.5" x 9.25" inches that makes it a go-to option for carrying in a school bag, purse, and tote bag.


  • Pages: 110 sheets
  • Dimension: 7.5" x 9.25" inch
  • Binding: Sewn


  • Nice sewn binding keeps pages safe inside
  • Double-sided ruled pages
  • Ideal size to carry outside
  • Can be used for notetaking, organizing, listing, etc.
  • Designed in the USA


  • Not hardcover

#7. Oxford Composition Notebook

The classic style does not have to be dull. You'll be sure to enjoy the cheerful lime green marbled covers of this 12-pack of wide-ruled composition journals from Oxford. These colors are black, sky blue, yellow, cobalt, and red. 

These notebooks are indispensable in school or the office. They have covers on which you can write your personal information and room for conversion charts and blank schedules inside for organizing classes. In addition to all of this, the notebooks are bound in sturdy hardcovers with securely sewn pages.


Sturdy cover: Unlike the previous composition notebook, oxford features sturdy cover protection to make things more reliable to you. Sturdy covers don’t just mean to be protective but they provide decent support while you’re writing on an uneven surface. Besides, it is equally good when you are carrying the notebook in your backpack or school bag- pages don’t get curved or torn inside.

Multiple uses: Detailed notes, labs, take notes, and journals are all possible with this notebook. With the same notebook, you can keep track of your work schedules, listings, as well as take notes about important situations. Because of this, it is somewhat different from others.

Durable: In comparison to college-ruled notebooks, wide-ruled pages offer more space between lines. Teachers love this composition book because the pages are center-sewn. This permanently bound journal or notebook is tamper-evident, perfect for science notebooks, bullet journals, or writing journals.

Additionally, it is an excellent tool for beginning writers in home schools. For fun writing practice and beautiful notes, this set handles ballpoint pens, colored pencils, and highlighters quite nicely.


  • Dimension: 9.8" x 7.5" x 9.8"
  • Color: Mixed
  • Ruling type: Ruled
  • Page quantity: 200


  • Classic marble covers have spaces for names and classes schedules inside
  • As well as conversion charts for weight and measurement
  • Journaling, home users, or home school students can benefit from this composition notebook
  • Unlike spiral notebooks, sewn notebooks are permanently bound, making them more secure
  • You can save few bucks by getting the 12 pack: each has 100 sheets of ruled paper


  • Colors aren’t as advertised

#8. Oxford Wide Ruled Composition Notebooks

Before I review this amazing composition book, allow me to share a story I have relating to it. As a medical tracker and a note keeper, I tend to keep long-format journals that track my health and medical conditions. I needed composition books for what I use them for and this unit fits the bill. 

Since I write with ballpoint ink, I use a lot of these. It is essential that the pages stay in the notebook and that it opens flat. As well as a bullet journal, I have a smaller notebook that requires heavier pages and cover- Writing in this type of notebook doesn't require that. 

As an added benefit, because the cost is important, with this notebook, you can carefully cut out a page if something goes wrong, without destroying the rest of the sewn-in pages.


Multi-purpose notebook: The new 6 pack Oxford composition notebooks are ideal for school supplies, office supplies, and general use. In comparison to college-ruled notebooks, wide-ruled pages offer more space between lines. 

Sewn binding: Composition notebooks are known as teacher favorites because of their center-sewn pages. This permanently bound journal or notebook is tamper-evident, perfect for science notebooks, bullet journals, or writing journals. Additionally, it is an excellent tool for homeschool preschools. 

Good quality pages: With this paper, you can use ink pens, colored pencils, and highlighters to make notes as well as fun writing practice. Marble covers feature space for the student's name and class, as well as conversion charts for weight and measurements inside. 

Whether you're a writer, artist, scientist, or note-taker, composition notebooks are affordable items you should have on hand at home, in the office, in your school supplies, or for everyday use. 


  • Wide ruled paper
  • Dimension: 9-3/4" x 7-1/2"
  • 100 Sheets each pack –a total of 6 Pack


  • Great quality pages to write with any ballpoint pens
  • Both sides are available for writing
  • Suitable for kids
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Sewn binding and tamper-evident


  • With fountain and heavy-ink pens, smears appear

#9. Cute Rainbow Unicorn Face Composition Notebook- Pink Gold Wide Ruled

Any kid who loves unicorns and rainbows will love this school composition notebook! You no longer have to look at boring books with marbled pages. Designed for little hands, this adorable pattern writing school book has wide-ruled pages. A velvet soft back cover makes writing easier and has vibrant colors. With composition books featuring the coolest designs, you'll be back to school in style!

It seems to be slightly overpriced to me, although it is an excellent product. I'm okay with it since it's of top quality.


Exquisite cover design: I am a big fan of hardcovers, but this unit of softcover composition notebooks made me fall in love with its appearance. Why? A matte finish and velvety soft cover will instantly catch your eye. Taking it in your hand and showing enthusiasts is simply stunning.   

Apart from that, it is a perfect gift option for your kids on their birthdays. This one will definitely appeal to them.

Page quality and quantity: No question about the page quality. It is thick enough to accommodate any pen and color pencil you may wish to use. Additionally, it contains a good number of pages per unit, 110 to be precise.

Wide-ruled, so you can practice writing and do fun projects. 

Glued spine: Bindings with glue don't appeal to me at all. Quite simply, this is why. It makes it difficult to lay the notebook flat and prevents you from writing with ultimate comfort. In this case, however, the scenario is completely different. Although bound with a glued spine, it offers maximum comfort and ease while writing.

As a plus, the pages remain together for a very long time. 


  • Dimension: Classic 7.44 x 9.69"
  • Color: Pink Gold
  • Pages: 110


  • Exquisite covers make it appealing to the children
  • Great for writing practice and fun projects
  • Good quality pages
  • It makes writing easier and more comfortable
  • Contains a good number of pages


  • A bit pricey than others

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of composition notebooks?

Kids in schools mostly use these notebooks. They use exercise books and composition books in school to write down work and notes. For each lesson or subject, students usually have a separate exercise book.

Different subject-specific exercise books contain different materials: most exercise books include a margin and a piece of squared paper that aids in drawing graphs, tables, or other diagrams in subjects like mathematics.

As a primary method of recording students' learning efforts, exercises books can serve as a useful tool. For young students in school, books are often collected at the end of every lesson so they can be graded, read, and scored. 

Can I use these notebooks for journaling?

Yes, absolutely. However, most people use them for writing practice, schoolwork, notetaking, etc. As they often have wide ruled pages, you have easier writing and a calming effect on the eyes. When it's time to send your children to school, don't forget to keep a few books in your house.

Are all composition notebooks ruled?

It is true that almost all composition books are ruled. Either they are college-ruled or widely ruled. Since this product is designed to enable you or your children to be more organized with writing and scheduling, it tends to come with ruled pages.

Furthermore, most of them will be printed on both sides. 

Final Words

Composition notebooks and writing pads are not rocket science, but they may be a bit more complex than you originally thought. Be realistic when choosing your notebook type, including the pros and cons of each type of paper. Above all, consider your purpose for the different types of notebooks we discussed.

It is unpleasant to discover that your pen's ink has penetrated other pages of notes after creating a masterpiece or taking hours of notes. Before finally writing down sensible information in a notebook, it is a good idea to try out a few options with a pen and paper before you commit to anyone.

Choosing the best composition notebook for your work may take some trial and error, but once you find it, you'll have a good notebook partner for life.