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Best Electric Erasers | For Artists and Students In 2022

And finally, you're going to get an electric eraser for yourself!

If you're an artist, you know very well that highlighting and refining details in illustrations are one of the most difficult jobs in arts and drawings. Imagine, you're nearly done with an amazing piece of sketch yet you need to remove some marks or to add some highlights such as hair of a person or fur of an animal, and all of a sudden, you accidentally remove the part that you didn’t intend to remove. How does it feel?

Besides, a manual eraser has so many drawbacks including not being able to erase the tiniest marks or refining the smallest details.

What is the solution? Nothing but an electric eraser.

It is not only easy to use but also helps you to get rid of the trouble of manually scrubbing your mistakes. Plus, using one of those will help you to wipe away colored pencils and other tough pigment marks quickly and neatly. Not even the tiniest mark will remain there.

It’s time for elevating your artworks to the next level with the best electric eraser.

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Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

5 out of 5

AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit (140 Eraser Refills)

5 out of 5

Electric Eraser Kit for Artists

4.5 out of 5

Mont Marte Electric Eraser for Graphite Pencils and Color Pencils

4.5 out of 5

Art-n-Fly Battery Operated Pencil Eraser

4 out of 5

What to Look For When Buying an Electric Eraser

If you're evaluating the pros and cons of different electric erasers for the past few hours, let's make it easy for you.

Battery-operated or rechargeable units? Maybe, you get perplexed here. Some items seem to charge more where you don't know are they worth the money or not. So, this is okay if you are stuck in between.

In this section, I’ll walk you through some features and qualities that you should consider primarily for a top quality electric eraser. Let's dive in!

Eraser Size

There're two completely different things. One is the dimension of the electric eraser and the other is the size of it. Some of the kits are compatible to accommodate 2 types of erasers while others do 1. It can be tempting to go with 2 eraser sizes but all it depends on your application and project type.

Generally speaking, artists prefer to go with the electric eraser that lets them use a couple of sizes. It is convenient because you can use the kit for several applications. On the other hand, if you're determined and too certain what you're going to do, then it okay to stick with one size of an eraser.

So, the bottom line, it is you who need to identify which will be more effective and efficient for you.

Rechargeable or Battery-Operated

In this review, we have talked about two types of electric erasers- Rechargeable and Battery-Operated. These are the two main types of an electric eraser.

One of the advantages of Battery operated eraser is that you don't need to carry your all your charger and spare batteries. If you go outside or on a trip, it is easy to use and carry in a backpack. If you run out of power, just need to replace the battery.

On the other hand, in the case of a Rechargeable eraser, it is generally more powerful and capable of putting out the stickiest ink from the paper. But again for emergency purposes, it is not the ideal option to consider.

Therefore, it is always better to go with an item based on one’s preference and situation.

Rotation per Minute (RPM)

To erase effectively, the eraser must rotate the eraser fast enough and powerfully. Unless the motor is capable of rotating the eraser strongly, it will have little to no effect on removing marks from the paper. In other words, the faster the eraser rotates, the more it is capable of erasing marks and creating highlights.

And fast or slow, it is measured by Rotation per Minute. Generally, the product description dictates the RPM. Importantly, higher RMP can lead to a louder sound. So, if your eraser is to use in the library or classroom then you should consider this on a scale. On contrary, if you're just by yourself, Sky is the limit, don't worry.


Electric erasers come in different shapes and sizes. Especially, when it comes to grips, it is extremely important to consider. If your eraser isn't comfortable in the hand, weighs too much, or too little, then no wonder, you're not going to get good support from it.

To target the specific area, the tiniest marks on the art- you need to be able to erase in a more precise manner. For that, no option is left other than it being convenient in the hand.


In most cases, you will get a good amount of refills, a couple of brushes, charges, and clamps in the eraser kit box. Besides, some manufacturers keep them limited in this area, though it is not a disadvantage all the time.

Of course, brushes can be very handy in case you don't own one yet. In addition, clamps are for those erasers that accommodate more than one size. So, overall, it is not bad to look for some extra options in your eraser kit box.

Our Top 8 Best Electric Eraser of 2022

As there are so many options available in the market, it is easy to get perplexed choosing one among them. Don’t worry, we've covered you up with a list of 8 electric erasers.

1. Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

Ohuhu Electric Eraser Kit

The first item on our list comes from the renowned brand Ohuhu. They have been in the business for a long time and doing exceptionally well. Ohuhu Electric Eraser has enough torque to erase thick and stubborn marks effectively. Along with that, it comes with a great deal that will captivate anyone out there. Let's dig deep into it.

First and foremost, when we decided to keep this product at the top of our list, we compared this one with other similar electric erasers. At this price, the other items are nowhere close to this product.

It comes with 20 eraser refills and 1 eraser brush. No one wants to put own self in a trouble. When you're into something really important and you're done with your eraser, this is not a scene that any of you'll like to experience. And more likely, this is somewhat irritating to find out the best matching refills for electric erasers. Here comes your Ohuhu with a bunch of quality refills. Don't bother worrying about replacing your eraser once in years.

If the eraser isn't lightweight and compact, it certainly not be an ideal option for drawing and drafting. You need to have a good sinking with your utensil to get the best possible outcome. In this regard, this cordless electric eraser comes more like a blessing. It feels convenient in hand and does the job well on the surface.

When it comes to precise erasing, this is one of the best options for artists and professionals. Its circular movement allows you to erase only the targeted areas effectively.

Moreover, it has ONE-BUTTON OPERATION. Meaning, a simple push, and light touch will do the job.

Lastly, this Long-lasting and easy-to-use electric eraser might be the product you’ve been looking for years. Its powerful motor and 2 AAA battery will hopefully meet all your expectations.


  • Lightweight and compact; an ideal option for drawing and drafting
  • Its circular movement allows you to erase only the targeted areas effectively
  • It includes 20 refills and a brush to remove residue
  • ONE-BUTTON OPERATION; need a simple push to get the job done
  • powerful motor with 2 AAA battery


  • It spins faster that translates into making more noise

2. AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit (140 Eraser Refills)

AFMAT Electric Eraser Kit

Do you want to save your time and money? Get yourself an AFMAT electric eraser. This comes to serve you for a long makes your jobs easier. Who loves to go out to buy batteries? I guess, there's hardly anyone. AFMAT electric eraser kit comes with plenty of supplies for thrifty artists along with a 600mAh Li-ion battery. Those days of changing batteries twice a week are long gone!

This is the first rechargeable electric eraser as the manufacturer claims. It is a fact or claim that doesn't matter- what matters? After charging once, you can use this eraser up to 600 times. What more we can expect from an electric eraser?

It comes with a generous supply of clamps, erasers, and refills. You'll get 40 big refills with 100 small size refills- a total of 140 refills. It offers 2 different size erasers for plastic and metal clamps. The package includes 8 clamps in total. φ2.3mm eraser is for plastic clamp and φ5mm eraser is for the metal clamp.

What I like most about the product is that it has 12000RPM (rotation per minute) erasing capability. What it means is that you only need to put slight pressure to get your job done. Moreover, it doesn't sound that loud. It seems like a buzz. So, no worries that anyone will get any over you.

Of the benefits of this item is that it comes with a comfortable design. Instead of a fancy, complicated design, it offers an ergonomic design, which is more comfortable to hold. It also remarkably keeps a very sensitive Big Switch. You just need to push the button and get the marks removed.

Does this eraser remove color pencil marks? Well, this is ideally not a colored marks remover. Though, it can remove colored marks but still leaves some shadow on the surface. Therefore, we don't recommend this eraser to use to remove colored pencils or ink marks. Footnote: it is good at removing prismacolors.


  • The package includes 40 big refills with 100 small size refills- a total of 140 refills
  • It offers 2 different size erasers for plastic and metal clamps
  • A fully charged battery lasts long
  • All in one eraser; remove colored, graphite, and charcoal pencils
  • It has 12000RPM erasing capability


  • Slightly difficult to hold

3. Electric Eraser Kit for Artists

Now here is the second pick from AFMAT. This is the newest version so far. Though they both are from the same brand and share a few features in common, this latest edition of the electric eraser has got way more than the other.

Before discussing any other benefits of this item, I would love to draw your attention to its grip. This is one of the most comfortable grip designs for an electric eraser that has been produced so far. In fact, it is the most comfortable grip that is available on the market.

Instead of a rectangular shape or a fancy wave in the middle, it gets a simple circular shape, which allows you to hold it comfortably. Moreover, it doesn't require a great effort to switch on the power; a simple push can do the job nicely.

Now, this package includes an eraser and a brush along with a generous amount of 180 eraser refills. Yes, you read it right- 80 big and 100 small eraser refills. The small handy brush is great to clean leftover residue. Well, when your brush gets clogged or dirty what to do? Get a little amount of cleaner mix and mix it with a little warm water. Rinse the brush and then you're done.

One of the advantages of this electric eraser is that you can use it for erasing color pencils as well. But it may fall short of erasing ink or high-quality color pencils. Therefore, we don't recommend this item to consider for ink-erasing.

Last but not least, this is a product that will worth your money. From its packaging to product quality, everything goes well. And especially, the vibration is very vague and gentle. No worries about erasing the tiniest details of your drawings.


  • One of the most comfortable grip designs
  • Suitable for colored pencils
  • It includes a brush with a generous amount of 180 eraser refills
  • The vibration is very vague and gentle
  • Capable of erasing the tiniest details


  • Not suitable for high-quality color pencils

4. Mont Marte Electric Eraser for Graphite Pencils and Color Pencils

Erasing is no way a crime for sure. It is a part and parcel of every great work. With this Mont Marte Electric Eraser, you don't have to spend too much time scrubbing those tinniest marks. If you want to erase the smallest details out there, this product will help you out- without leaving a shadow of a mark.

For me, this eraser is great for anyone who does illustration. In other words, this product is suitable for any work that requires precision such as product design. Any mistake that is too narrow or uneven is tough to reach for manual erasers. As this electric eraser gets a narrow tip, it is easier for it.

When it comes to lifting oil-based and wax-based color pencil marks, there are only a few erasers that will do the job for you rightly. And it is one of them.

Furthermore, this electric pencil eraser not only works on paper but also on canvas or any other surface that you draw on. If you're a mixed media artist, then this is more likely a must-have tool for you. On top of all, though it gets the job done really fast, it doesn't damage the surface.

Since the eraser holder is made of metal, it doesn't slip from the hand easily. Moreover, the ergonomic handle feels quite comfortable in the hand and lasts for a long.

Before wrapping up the review, I want to give an amazing piece of information about the product. The refills it comes with are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is great for graphite pencils and artsea watercolor pencils.


  • Moves steadily along with the page with a gentle vibration
  • Suitable for lifting oil-based and wax-based color pencil marks
  • Removes the tiniest marks with some precision
  • Made of polyvinyl chloride
  • Easy to handle


  • Not great for highlights

5. Art-n-Fly Battery Operated Pencil Eraser

Have you ever wondered that how your mates are making masterful highlights and shadows? Then get yourself an Art-n-Fly electric eraser. This item stands out so good for making highlights- just like a white gel pen for pencil. Not only making shadows and highlights, it is great in removing colored pencil, graphite, and charcoal. Let's discuss with a few more details.

To lift the tiniest sections of your sketches, it is one of the most preferred battery-powered erasers in the market. The ability, it possesses for removing stubborn pigments will amaze anyone surely. Where you cannot reach with your manual pencil eraser, it is up there to help you out. Furthermore, it can help you with creating crisp edges that a manual eraser can’t manage.

However, how does the eraser work depends on how soft or hard your graphite is. If it is a 4B or 6B pencil then the marks will lift off easily.

On the other hand, when it is a 4H or 6H graphite pencil, then it will likely take more effort and time. And importantly, the eraser head is fairly narrow and you can even sharpen it to a finer point when you need to get into small areas.

What truly makes this eraser one of the best choices in the market is its integrity and precision. Nothing is perfect for every single job. Therefore, it won't be wise to think that this one will work fine on every color and graphite pencil.

However, this item withstands with maximum types of colored pencils and prismacolors. Honestly, this vastly depends on the layers and intensity of the color. Plus, if the paper supports the eraser, then the entire job becomes easier.


  • Suitable for colored, graphite, and charcoal pencils
  • Excellent non-slip design
  • Only requires light pressure
  • Great for creating highlights and shadows
  • The eraser head is fairly narrow


  • Not excellent with hard graphites

6. Amazon Basics Electric Eraser Kit

For some buyers, the best electric eraser is that which strikes a perfect balance between effectiveness and affordability. With regard to that, the Amazon Basics Electric Eraser kit is a great option for sure. It gets the required quality as well as durability.

The package comes really affordable and versatile, coming with 40 eraser refills. Let me just say you that, don't underestimate the product because it is on the cheap side.

First and foremost, this product is great for all types of papers and surfaces. There're some erasers that work fine on paper but don’t fair with canvases, but this product does the job equally well with every surface. It doesn't scratch the paper or that textured canvas. You can start anew after removing those stubborn marks- no matter what.

Of the benefits of this item is that it is designed in a way that is really convenient to handle. Anyone can use this kit without having a bit of experience. Especially, the tip size is enough small so that you can erase the smallest marks on your sketches and drawings. Like other electric erasers, it can remove graphite and colored pencils. You can even consider this eraser for adding shadows and highlights to your next illustration.

Another advantage of having this kit is that it includes many spare erasers. The clamp is made of metal so I believe it won't break easily. Moreover, the ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold in the hand to remove marks with better precision.


  • Convenient to handle
  • Remove hard marks with better precision
  • Excellent on all types of papers and surfaces
  • Let you play with texture and highlights
  • Comes with 40 refills and a metal clamp


  • Can’t take heavy pressure

7. Meikeer Electric Eraser Kit with 92 Eraser Refills

If you're an architect, artist or student, looking for an auto eraser kit at an affordable price, here comes Meikeer electric eraser for you. Despite its affordability, it offers a decent quality product with great customer service. Considering its effectiveness and functionality, it can withstand any top-class battery-operated eraser on the market.

The package includes 92 refills with 1 pc electric eraser- 42 pcs big eraser refills and 50 pcs small eraser refills. Moreover, the manufacturer also provides and 2 pcs rubber clips with 1 pc brush. Can’t expect more than this at this incredibly affordable price.

The eraser is designed to lift the tinniest marks from drawings and sketches. Without having a shadow of a doubt, it erases like a master but importantly, it also is being used for highlighting. It is all clear that, not every eraser allows you to highlight with it. However, among a few electric erasers, it welcomes users to make various highlighting styles easily.

For having a precise erasing, there's no option other than the eraser being comfortable in the hand. Fortunately, this item comes in a shape that sinks in the hand very freely. On top of that, as it doesn't take much space, you can afford it to carry with your pencil box.

Apart from that, what makes this item more appealing is that, it cleans up colored and graphite pencils so well without any smudging or smearing over the page. Sometimes, you may need to put some effort to recognize that something has been lifted from the page. And needless to say, light pencil markings are cleaned up right off the bat.

Another advantage of this product is that it can fit two eraser sizes. Meaning, you can go over the tiniest marks and scrub out big parts as well.

Finally, to be fair, with 92 refills and the durable rubber clamps, the package offers undoubtedly a great value. However, the only thing they could focus on more is their battery. Except that, this is absolutely an amazing piece of electric eraser. You can use this for a long time without any sign of breaking or having any issue.


  • Quality with affordability
  • Excellent for canvas and paper
  • Ideal for carrying outside home
  • Comes with 92 refills and durable rubber clamps
  • Easy highlighting


  • Battery quality needs to be improved

8. Sakura EE-3000 SumoGrip Electric Eraser

We all know about the quality of Sakura. They are one of the prominent brands in this industry. You'll not see them offering any less than a world-class stationery brand. Just like other top electric erasers, it also comes with spare clamps and an eraser along with the main item. But there's a lot to notice about the product. Let’s see one after another.

First of all, what brings this product to this list is its durability. With proper care and maintenance, it can last even up to a decade. It is made so strong that if it drops down from your hand, no problem at all. It works fine and provides the same performance throughout the years.

One of the biggest advantages of this item is that it can lift computer ink on paper. This is one among a few electric erasers that are capable of erasing ink thoroughly. And needless to say that, this electric eraser is so powerful that it can clean graphite, colored, and charcoal pencils up so nicely.

Additionally, you can use this product for highlighting creative arts. On top of that, despite being so powerful, it doesn't generate that much sound or noise that may cause irritation to households. This is simply superb.

The item is 5 inches long, 1 inch wide, and 3/4 inches thick, which certainly be comfortable for anyone with small or big hands. You just need to hold the button on to keep working. It doesn't require much pressure to be put or effort to erase.

Lastly, to be fair, it is a bit pricey compared to its competitors. Though I don't completely agree with the word ‘competitors’ because it is offering more than those. They are not in competition with this item anymore. So, it is better to say that, it is pricey than the other similar products, at the same time, it is providing the value for the price as well.


  • Famous for its durability
  • More powerful than its competitors
  • Not too loud; suitable to use in classroom and library
  • Snug eraser clump
  • Capable of erasing printer ink


  • More on the pricey side

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I use an electric eraser?

Do you sketch and draw a lot? Then you surely know how crucial it is to remove unnecessary marks from artworks perfectly. There's no room for making mistakes continually. And you know what; an average work can become a masterpiece if it gets dressed in a proper way. Let me rephrase the sentence.

It is your electric eraser that can help you to pull out the smallest details from an art. And this is where a great piece of work differs from others.

Most of the electric erasers rotate so quickly and clean up the charcoal, graphite, and colored pencil marks without accidentally removing the main part of the work.

2. How many types of electric erasers are available now?

We have reviewed primarily two types of electric erasers. And they are most familiar in the users’ community. Though there are at least 4 types of electric erasers available on the market right now. Not all of them are worth buying.

Those are:

  • Rechargeable electric erasers
  • Battery operated erasers
  • Electric erasers with replaceable eraser clamps
  • Erasers with fixed eraser holder

3. How to use an electric eraser?

Unlike manual erasers, you just need to hold on to the electric eraser and go over the areas you want to clean up. Powering the tool depends on the brand. Some products require holding on to the power button until the erasing finishes where some offer exactly the opposite. You just need to press the power button to turn it on and again then click it again to switch it off.

Final Words

As we have compiled a list of the 8 best electric erasers, they all are not good at lifting colored pencils- Some work fine for removing graphite pencils; some are great for creating highlights. And some of them are suitable for colored pencils. So, this is a versatile list that can meet any of your needs.

We did our best to display the benefits and drawbacks of the products as well. Now, it is your turn to choose the best match from the list. Wishing You Luck!

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