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10 Best Engineering Paper for 2021 – Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to quick mechanical drawings or scaling and schematics, is there any better option other than an engineering paper pad? I don't know for sure.

From an engineering student to a professional architect, who else can avoid having an engineering paper pad? This is a must for many a student and job holder all over the world. However, this is not similar to find the best traveler's notebook or a writing pen out for your daily use. It is something more than this.

If you fall short of finding the best engineering paper for your project, that might show you something really pathetic. Things like, accuracy and standard formatting could lead you to a great achievement. On the other hand, if there is a problem in the root then think otherwise.

So here we are to assist you to find your best possible engineering pad in the least possible time.

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TOPS Engineering Computation Pad

5 out of 5

Pen Graph Paper, Grid Paper

5 out of 5

Roaring Spring 5x5 Grid Engineering Pad

4.5 out of 5

Amazon Basics Engineering Computation Pad

4.5 out of 5

National Quad Ruling and Unruled Computation Pad

4 .5 out of 5

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Engineering Paper

There are a few more things besides the highlighted features and specifications. Mainly, these are some common things that you should always focus on before making your final buying decision. So, let's see what has on the list.

Paper quality

Honestly, in the case of engineering paper and notebooks, people tend to overlook this quality. They think page quality and paper thickness is only considered for other types of fancy notebooks. Let me explain a bit about the matter.

What consists of good quality paper? Is it only the thickness of the page?- No. The thickness of the paper is a crucial part of being qualified but this is not all that we’re talking about. There are a few things that leap a paper good to great.

For example, if the pages are designed with low-glare tint color, it will keep your eyes healthy and pleasant. When you're working on the same paper for hours, don't you feel that it should be eye-soothing and relaxing? Of course, every one of us feels at some point in our works but eventually forgets about it. We used to think more about our efficiency by working hard and making more effort rather than having a good work environment and sharp utensils.

So the point being, before you make a choice of your engineering paper, make sure, it is thick enough so that it doesn't cause any bleed or show through the page. And it is eye-soothing that allows you to work on the paper for a long period of time straightaway.

And finally, the paper should be smooth and easygoing. Meaning, the pen should glide over the paper easily and smoothly.

Paper Format and Accuracy

Now, this is inevitable that your paper should be formatted accurately. Especially, the margins and the heading need to be provided ideally. Imagine you're having a mega project for your office and the engineering pad you're using for that isn't scaled correctly, what would be the consequences of it? This might be horrible. And neither you nor your office is responsible for it but the engineering paper.

So, before you pick one for your personal use or you're given to use one, look into accuracy and be sure about the brand and its product.

3-hole Punched System

This is one of my favorite features in engineering paper pads and notebooks. First and foremost, it is always comfort-ability that makes a product good or bad to me. For instance, if you feel wearing a shirt uncomfortable, does it make any sense to think about its price or outlook? For me, not at all.

So the point being, it is pretty normal that you'll need to add some pages and extract some of them over time. When it is a 3-hole punched system in your engineering pad then there shouldn’t be an issue with it at all. You can put it into new pages and cut off the unnecessary page from it. So, if you're someone like me, then I recommend you to think about the feature sincerely.


And finally, if you're on a tight budget for this particular semester, then you might look for some affordable engineering paper pads on our list. Quantity gets nothing to do with quality. However, having a good quality engineering pad with a good number of pages isn't impossible.

Our Top 10 Best Engineering Paper in 2021

Have you ever experienced a situation when you need a certain type of paper but that doesn't exist in your arsenal or you want a definite type of item but cannot find it anywhere?

Or, imagine you're being put in a situation where you have hundreds of options but you need to pick one. Isn't it enough to make someone perplexed? Among those hundreds of options and brands, we've only picked the top engineering paper pad for you. So let's dive into the reviews!

1. TOPS Engineering Computation Pad

TOPS Engineering Computation Pad

If you are using engineering paper for a while, you must have heard of TOPS. This is one of the most prominent brands in this industry. Engineering paper from TOPS is being considered as the starting point of professional-looking diagrams and plans. We’ll together figure out each and every feature of it.

First and foremost, the paper should be formatted in a standardized format. The margins and bars on each edge of the page need to be provided ideally. Fortunately, the item meets all the standard requirements and designed perfectly. It is precision-printed. The margin doesn't stay around the page and the headers and bars are aligned perfectly on every page.

What engineering paper is for? The main purpose of having an engineering paper is to measure and assess something correctly. Imagine you're assessing a piece of land for a duplex house. And the paper you're using has been printed incorrectly. What would be the consequence of it? The whole project and cherished dream will go in vain in no time. So, this is just an example of how important the standardized formatting and its accuracy.

One of the biggest advantages of having this paper is, you will get a decent quality of the paper. Honestly, engineering papers don't come in the highest quality pages. What you'll get in a hardcover notebook, you definitely won't get in an engineering notebook. But fortunately, this brand of engineering paper comes in good quality paper. The utensil you use on the paper will glide smoothly across the paper. Moreover, it is nicely weighted and balanced.

Finally, the 100 sheet engineering paper with 3-hole punched is certainly a high-class choice for both professionals and students. The handy glue on top and the cardboard on the back further confirm you, you never go wrong with this product.

Highlighted Features

  • 5x5 cross-section lines
  • Precision-printed for accuracy
  • 100 sheets with 3-hole punched
  • Smooth and balanced weight paper
  • Great for the price

2. Pen Graph Paper, Grid Paper

Pen Graph Paper, Grid Paper

Now we have another popular brand product in our row. This is from Mr. Pen. They have been producing stationery products for so many years.

One of the significant qualities of this brand is, it provides an up to date extension with the existing product edition. Suppose you are thinking of a feature that might be in another brand product or you're just thinking, let Mr. Pen know about it and wait for a few days. You'll eventually get something better than what you’ve expected.

The package contains a 55 sheet quadrille with 4 squares per inch. It ensures that you're able to take notes, drafting, doing technical and engineering drawings, etc. The paper in and of itself is for multipurpose. You perhaps choose it for drafting and the other one will choose it for drawing.

What I like most about the paper are its thick pages. As I've said earlier, this is not something usual in engineering notebooks and papers having thick pages. Having kept this in mind, we've tried this time to find out some exceptional unit of notebooks that has thick pages. And this is one of them. The engineering paper allows you to write on both sides. The ink doesn't bleed or show through the page unless it’s too wet.

Besides these, the hard and sturdy cardboard it offers is worth mentioning. You can easily write and draw over it anywhere anytime.

Highlighted Features

  • It suitable for draftsmen, architects, professionals, and students as well
  • For pleasant and clean tearing it offers perforation at the top
  • Thick pages ensure no bleeding or show through the page
  • 55 sheets; 4 squares per inch
  • Hard and sturdy cardboard for easy and comfortable writing everywhere

3. Roaring Spring 5x5 Grid Engineering Pad

Let me start the review with exciting information. The Roaring Spring has been producing paper for more than 130 years! Does it leave anything to say about the quality? Imagine you're surviving and competing for the past four-five generations and still ensures a place in the top paper product industries. Doesn't it say it all?

The engineering pad comes in green or buff paper. The grid paper dimension is 5X5- 5 squares per inch. Moreover, the page size is 8.5" x 11", which is ideal for using in class and lab reports.

When it comes to affordability and value for the price, I highly suspect there is any other brand in the market that has to offer the same.

The engineering pad contains 200 sheets with the grid back-shows through to the front sheet. Taking quality into consideration, this is incredible.

And the best part? The 3-hole pad is perfect for ring bindings. Meaning, no matter how much you use the pad it is capable of serving until you finish using the pages.

The green tint pages are good for writing. The smooth surface allows your utensil to glide across the page smoothly. The pages are not made with recycled paper yet the manufacturer has a biobased line for filler paper. Meaning, the paper is made 70% from the post-consumer recycled material and the rest of the material comes from the sugar cane.

However, there is no issue with the paper quality, rest assured; you can use it for a long time. Better yet, you making an impact indirectly for the betterment of society and the universe.

Highlighted Features

  • 200 sheets with 8.5" x 11" page dimension
  • 5X5 grid paper; 5 squares per inch
  • Pad is glued along an 8.5" edge
  • Smooth, quality paper (70 post-consumer ingredients and rest are from sugar cane)
  • 3-hole punched for standard ring binders

4. Amazon Basics Engineering Computation Pad

We got our first amazon basics engineering pad. The product has been launched recently. The way they have been designed the product is something interesting. You will be able to cherish the product in two different packs- 100 sheets and 200 sheets.

It is one of the most accepted computation pads in the country right now. Just because they provide a quality product at an affordable price, people seem to recommend them. And the post-purchase customer service is also something worth mentioning.

The 200 sheet computation pad comes to make your professional and academic life easier. You can start drafting plans and creating diagrams straightaway with this engineering pad. It requires no prior experience or such. Very easy to use.

The engineering paper offers consistent formatting for more consistent performance. The manufacturer designed the margin lines and heading bars on the front of every page.

Another interesting yet exceptional thing about the item is, it has a 5X5 quad ruling on the back of each page. And this does a great job of faintly appear an inconspicuous scale and structure on the front page.

Finally, this low-glare green engineering paper is good for your eyes. Especially who has to work for a long time in a row. And the 3-hole punched page opens the door of adding more pages or individual sheets to any 3-ring binder.

Highlighted Features 

  • Eye-smoothing low-glare green tint pages; no eye strain
  • The 3-hole page allows you to add more pages or individual sheets to any 3-ring binder
  • 200 sheet pad for computation; great for drafting plans and preparing diagrams
  • Good quality pages; same thickness as travelers notebook pages
  • Great for engineering works, calculation and sketches

5. National Quad Ruling and Unruled Computation Pad

If you have been using engineering paper for the last few years, you know National computation pad is famous for its incredible quality pages. Do you have any issues with your existing engineering pad? Or looking for eye-ease engineering paper? Call of the search this very moment, as national computation paper is the ideal option that you're looking for all this time.

Honestly, we generally overlook our eye-health issue or forget about it buying a travelers notebook or unofficially printed non-fiction. You are giving a counting time to it daily. You're using your eyes to get something from it where you're totally unaware of it. I'm not judging you rather feeling for you. I feel ashamed saying that I did these types of mistakes in my childhood. I was totally ignorant about it.

Luckily, nowadays, manufacturers such as National and Roaring Spring come across and thought about it. They are now providing eye-ease and strain-free paper. This is not rocket science yet scientifically researched and applied. The color contrast and brightness along with color sharpness can make a significant change in your consumption. I'm not an expert in this field.

Therefore, I don't dare to go beyond this.

Now back to the product feature and description. It is a 200 sheet engineering pad. The green eye-ease feature makes sighting and writing easy on paper. 5 squares per inch.

One side of the paper is quad-ruled and the other side is plain or unruled. This makes the product more desirable and suitable. The 3-hole punched feature is common with other engineering pads. You can add extra sheets and individual papers to binder storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Eye-soothing pages to avoid eye strain
  • Great for taking notes, personal projects, home-works, etc.
  • 200 sheet engineering pad with one side 5X5 quad ruling; plain paper another side
  • It is highly affordable
  • 3-hole punched pages allows you to add extra papers and individual sheets to the storage

6. Tops Green Engineering Computation Pad

We've another product from the renowned brand named TOPS. No introduction is needed for them. They have been proving their name for so many years. They believe in quality.

This 200 sheet computation pad could be the starting point for your plan drafting and project diagram. The ruled pad is designed in a way that will help you to make your tasks easier and smoother.

It has a 5X5 cross-section ruling that helps the user to scale and draw easily to the front page. Meaning, the back page is ruled explicitly and the front page is left for anything that you want to use for. The grid on the back page is faintly seen from the front page.

One of the exciting facts about the product is that it formats the margins and headings very carefully. You know, if the formatting isn't error-free, then it could lead to some massive mistakes.

In addition, you can use these pages on a printer. It is proven but you need to take the measurement of your paper and to make a custom margin in word. Then you need to replace the plain paper in the machine.

But what I like most about the paper is its low-glare green tint paper. You won't ever feel bothered or distracted from your work due to the color of the paper. This is eye-soothing and really comfortable to work with.

Highlighted Features 

  • The lines show through the front side perfectly
  • Pages are thick enough to write with any ballpoint pen
  • The margins and headings are always identical from Tops; no exception this time
  • Suitable for both professionals and students
  • Great value for the price

7. Pen Engineering Graph Paper Pad

So, now we are looking for the best engineering paper for your professional projects or academic purposes. Right? Well, in that case, is there any better option than Mr. Pen Engineering Pad? I don't know for sure. But surely, this is one of the most beloved and recommended engineering paper brands in the USA.

It gets everything to meet your needs. And most importantly, it comes with some quality paper and accurate margins.

You're getting a total of 55 sheets. Each unit of paper is 11 x 8.5 inches. And you'll get 5 squares per inch. Notably, this size of engineering graph paper is ideal for taking notes, technical purposes, and engineering drawings. However, one thing that could be improved is its quantity. A 55 sheet pad for a professional project isn't sufficient all time. Moreover, this is not a 3-hole punched engineering paper. Therefore, you cannot add or remove sheets from the 3-ring binder.

However, for easy cleaning and tearing, the manufacturer comes with a paper perforation system at the top of the pad.

When it comes to paper thickness and all-over quality, there is no objection at all. You can write both sides of the pages and experience no bleeding or show-through at all unless it is a wet fountain pen or similar.

You can write anywhere at any time without facing any discomfort because it has hard and sturdy cardboard back. So, from a value-driven company like Mr. Pen, you can always comfortably choose your engineering paper and graph.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for engineering drawing and technical works
  • 5 squares per inch is excellent for any engineering project
  • Great writing support with the hard and sturdy cardboard back
  • Perforation at the top for easy tearing
  • This nice-weight and dual-sided paper comes at an affordable price

8. Ampad Engineer Pad

Let me show you another student-friendly engineering paper pad from Ampad that is suitable for lab reports, note-taking, engineering drawings, etc. It’s also an excellent choice for professionals to make their tasks easy and smooth.

Ease of use, eye-soothing, good quality paper, you name it, you're getting a lot of facilities relevant to your engineering study and project. It is not only a computation pad where you input your technical data but you can also use it for your engineering drawings and creativity. It is been said that, “engineers are creative by nature.”

Imagine you're inputting some data and numbers to your engineering pad and all of a sudden, an idea came to your mind. What you would do then? Will you switch to a different notebook or note pad? Or just let it be, come and out? Fortunately, there is a whole side without any square or explicit mark to make sure that you use it as you want to use it.

Good to know, these all nice-weight pages are made of law-glare green paper, which is certainly good for your eyes. Thanks to its great tint paper formula, making it suitable and desirable for a long term project.

Each page measures around 8.5" x 11". And you'll get 5 squares per inch, which is considered being ideal in the context of engineering projects and lab reports.

Finally, this 200 sheet engineering pad is highly recommended for anyone who loves to record his thoughts and ideas on spot. And importantly, the 3-hole punched feature of the item allows you to add and extract pages to the binder storage.

Highlighted Features

  • Good quality low-glare green pages; great for eye-health
  • Medium-weight paper; not ideal for wet fountain ink
  • 3-hole punched facility
  • Suitable for students, professionals, and others
  • Great value for the price

9. Pen- Computation Paper Pad

The super duper computation pad from Mr. Pen provides good quality pages and accurate scales. It puts margins and headings very carefully so that you get the best possible accurate result. That’s why we recommend this item for people who look for the best computation pad.

First and foremost, it is a package of engineering paper that carries the top quality pages and prints on the market. And therefore, this is a bit expensive than other of engineering papers and computation pads. No wonder, how thick the pages are in this pad, will allow you to write with any pen that you want to use. You will be able to make multiple changes. They are erasable and not easy to tear.

Each page comes with a dimension of 17"x11". The 22 sheet computation pad is great for drawing big projects, hand-drawn plans, etc. You can draw on one piece of paper instead of two. Moreover, you can use both sides of the paper, as it is thick enough and causes no bleed or show through.

The paper is bright white and the grids are dark. A great combination indeed! But one thing that I felt the manufacturer should heads up is its sheet number. They are less in quantity. And it is inevitable that a product is labeled great by the combination of quality and quantity. Quality alone cannot reach to everyone in the community.

So, if you're happy with the quality and its price, then you definitely go for it. No problem at all. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more affordable, I would recommend you to leave this one and look for the other engineering paper on the list.

Highlighted Features

  • Draw on one piece of paper instead of two
  • 22 sheets; each page comes with a dimension of 17"x11"
  • Thick pages prevent bleed and show through; use both sides of the pages
  • You can erase marks multiple times; not easily tear-able
  • Accurate margins and heading makes your efforts more perfect and flawless

10. Enki Engineering Paper

Enki Engineering Paper

Thanks for came across a long way and reading our last product review of the list today. It is from Enki engineering paper. Without a doubt, this is one of the top engineering paper and notebook-making companies in our modern era.

The package contains 100 sheets of good quality paper. And you'll be able to use both the front and backside of the pages as they are designed and printed with low opacity 5X5 grid.

It is a bit different than other products on the list. This is more of a notebook than just to be an engineering pad. The twin-wire spiral binding and the heavyweight cover make it more desirable and suitable for academic and professional use.

One of the most exciting parts of the item is its amazing quality pages. There are a few arguments about the price, and that is true. It is expensive but worth the value. Imagine you're paying a few bucks more for a good quality product and getting its service for a long period of time. On the other hand, the same item is offered to you with the average quality and lower price, which you know won't be able to serve you for even a few months in a row. What would you like to take? The first one, simple.

As this is the most expensive product on our list, it provides the optimum quality and service as well. This is well-matched; the price and the quality of the product.

And the best part of the product? It is spiral bound and 3-hole punched. You can lay it flat and use it in every way you want. Moreover, it allows you to add or extract pages as you want.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with micro-perforated sheets; easy to add and extract
  • Suitable for students, academic and professionals as well
  • Premium quality pages and heavyweight cover
  • 200-page engineering notebook with twin wire spiral binding
  • It is expensive but worth the value

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few common questions that we've been asked for many a time. You can scan some of them for a better understanding of your engineering paper.

1. Question: What is an engineering paper?

Answer: Engineering paper or an engineering pad have traditionally four to ten squares per inch and printed on green or tan translucent paper. The squares or grids are generally printed on the back sides of the page and faintly seen on the front page. It is because so that it makes your scaling and marking easy.

One of the most common questions that people tend to ask in this regard is, are engineering paper and graph paper the same? Generally speaking, engineers are more likely to use the blank side of the paper. And the other side is for doing graph. So, it is a combination of both graph and engineering paper. Having said that, we call it an engineering paper pad.

2. Question: How big are the squares of engineering paper?

Answer: It varies from brand to brand and product to product. But the ideal square size of an engineering paper is .20 inch or 5 squares per inch. Moreover, it could be four to ten squares per inch base on your need and preference.

3. Question: How can I use an engineering paper efficiently?

Answer: This is one of the most important and asked questions question about the engineering paper. Well, the efficiency and the effectiveness vary from person to person and application to application. As a whole, to make the most out of your engineering pad and paper, you can divide your task into four distinct steps.

First of all, sort your search result as early as possible. You are about to make a report on a particular course, for instance. Now, you should sort your results on time.

Secondly, look for the quality of the data, not the quantity. Quantity is applicable only when you're buying your paper pad, not this time. Sometimes, you see a lot of manuscripts that are overloaded with data that is not relevant to the topic at all. So, try to get rid of this practice.

Thirdly, sometimes it is better to explain the theory behind the data. If you have that of an opportunity, you can add a footnote or site a brief explanation on the other side of the page.

4. Question: Why engineering paper is expensive?

Answer: There could be several reasons working behind it. First and foremost, the manufacturers and the sellers of the item know that, no matter what, people will buy it. It is a necessity for so many of us. And this is also true that an engineering paper is arguably the greatest paper of all time.

On top of that, it is a higher-bond paper than a normal hardcover notebook. So, this could be a reason as well.

Final Words

I hope, you’ve already made your decision for the best engineering paper. It wasn’t easy for us too, to make a list of only 10 engineering papers because there are thousands of options carrying the same feature. And honestly, not all of them we've used ourselves.

However, rest assured that all of them are good but not for one particular purpose. So, just try to re-match the purposes of your application with the perfection of the item. Oh! One more thing. If you love to have some specialized pens for your relevant fields, then here is our top engineering pen for you.

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