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Best Engineering Pen in 2021 (A Comprehensive Guideline)

As with all pen-related purchases, finding the best engineering pen comes down to lifestyle, perfection, and personal taste.

Engineers are different by nature. They talk differently, think differently, and use very particular things, in general. They are engineers who see extraordinary in ordinary things. So, pens that are used by the engineers will not go with the average category.

When you think about the best pen for engineers, it must be something exquisite, effective, and unique by nature. It should offer a comfortable feeling when in use, and the pen must be a cut above the rest.

Prior to making the list of top 10 engineering pens, we had to go through several multifunctional pens and hundreds of customers review. And this list is full of diversification and variety. However, there's no one pen that matches all the criteria in the world. No pen is perfect for all the tasks and applications. Therefore, I recommend you to choose the best match item from the list.

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Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Premium

5 out of 5

Hongred Unique Pen Sets for Men and Women

5 out of 5

ATECH The Original Multifunction Pen 6 in 1

4.5 out of 5

Zhanmai Ballpoint Multitool Screwdriver Pen with Ruler

4.5 out of 5

Shulaner 6 in 1 Tech Tool Ballpoint Pen

4 out of 5

Our Top 10 Best Engineering Pen of 2021

Everyone’s needs are different. For some people the simpler the better, some prefer a quality product with an affordable rate, while others strive for the ease while still getting to customize what they can. Among the hundreds of options-if not thousands- it is not easy to pick the perfect one for oneself. The features and specifications seem to be similar yet they differ distinctly. Don't worry; you're in the right place to place your worries. Let's leave all worries and make some solutions together.

1. Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Premium

Pentel Arts GraphGear 1000 Premium

Our first product comes from the renowned brand Pentel. If you’ve been into mechanical drawing or architect for the last few years, then you must know about pentel. They are the only writing instrument company that has been awarded the prestigious Deming award. Mostly, people know them for their innovation and top-quality products for the last 70 years. So, they have been in the operation before we even came to this world.

The package contains 4 pieces of the mechanical pen with 4 different sizes of lead- 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm & 0.9mm. Meaning, the sharpness, and the tip size are different from one another. For professionals and anyone enthusiastic, this is really a superior drafting pencil.

What I like most about the pencil is its dual-action retractor. It is responsible for advancing and retracting pencil tips to protect lead from breaking. Moreover, the pentel provides the super Hi-polymer lead, which doesn't require to be sharpened. It is preloaded and designed in a way that doesn't need any sharpening at all.

And one of the most exciting things about the product is, it offers a finely chiseled metallic grip, as in, it will feel soft and comfortable in your hand. With the latex-free pad, you'll literally feel how you're writing and the ink flowing down. This is amazing.

The pen has a color-coded system for easy lead identification. Or, you can do it easily with the built-in lead hardness indicator. No issue at all.

Finally, if you want to contribute something by doing nothing for this earth, this product can help you out. Sounds interesting, na? Pantel uses at least 50% of its recycled material for the whole production of the company. Their cartons and blister cards are also printed on recycled materials. This is an incredible movement for such a world-class brand, isn't it?

Highlighted Features

  • Great drafting utensil for architects, draftsmen, and artists
  • Ideal for use with rules and templates
  • Dual-action retractor protect pencil lead from breaking
  • Never needs sharpening; produces a clear dark line
  • 4 packs a package; great gift option

2. Hongred Unique Pen Sets for Men and Women

Hongred Unique Pen Sets for Men and Women

Are looking for a pen set to gift someone on his/her birthday or any special occasion? Let me know you an incredible choice for that. It is a pen set from Hongred. They are renowned for their special package for birthdays, thanksgiving, and other occasions. So, let's see what they offer for you.

The package includes 1 pcs multi-tool gadgets pen and 1 pcs stylus pen in it. The stylus pen is designed with an omnidirectional tip. Meaning, you can direct the stylus and control your screen as you wish. We generally see the omnidirectional tip in the top-notch product. And they usually keep their price really high. But you're in luck here, Hongred doesn't ask you for a higher price yet providing the best quality tip on the market.

And the best part? It is a stylus pen on one end and a refillable ballpoint pen on the other end. You get to cover all your engineering writings and drawings with this pen. This is simply an incredible engineering pen to have in your arsenal.

What fascinates me the most about the item is that it has a ruler printed on its body. That means, you'll be allowed to level and hang pictures evenly in your home and office very easily. The product features 4 kinds of scales. It is only easy and convenient but pretty quick. You don't need to wait for anyone or any particular instrument to get your job done.

What if you remove something and you get something? Yes, when you remove the end of the stylus, the screwdriver tip is revealed. It does not end here. Once you put off the tip, you get a plus one end and a slotted head on the other end. Meaning, this is double-ended. Isn't it amazing?

Last but not the least, this is a multi-functional pen set. It doesn't carry multiple tools but capable of completing various tasks. When you have one in your pocket, it means you're carrying a stylus pen, a ballpoint engineering pen, a screwdriver, and a ruled scale as well. Is there anyone who wants to be deprived of it?

Highlighted Features

  • Ideal for multiple tasks
  • Suitable for touch screen devices; drawings and accurate movements
  • This is a 6 in 1 engineering pen; ballpoint engineering pen, screwdriver, ruled scale, etc.
  • The stylus features an omnidirectional tip
  • Great value for the price

3. ATECH The Original Multifunction Pen 6 in 1

We've got our second 6 in 1 pen of the list. This time it is from ATECH. Despite being in the market for a short time, they have created a good image in the user's community by their quality product and sincere post-buying service.

Honestly, there are not many brands that are sincere in customer service. You may find their product beneficial, meeting your expectation but not careful enough when it comes to post-purchase customer service. Luckily, this brand of engineering pen meets both quality of product and sincere customer service.

The 6 in 1 pen offers a stylus, a ballpoint pen, a ruler, a bubble level, a Phillips screwdriver, and a mini flat head. It is a twist action pen.

Among all the incredible features, what I like most about the engineering pen is its 0.7mm ballpoint nib. The medium point pen writes extremely well on any surface. You know especially in engineering, you need to write over some hard surfaces as well. In those cases, if your point tip isn't up to the mark, then that might cause some harm to your job.

Moreover, the stylus it provides is something beyond your expectation. It is highly sensitive and marks really smooth on the touchscreen.

Are you worried about the durability of your pen? Let it be stopped here at ATECH multifunctional pen. This pen will do the rest for you. It is a durable and long-lasting pen better yet, you'll get up to 3 years of warranty and 30 days of money back policy with this package.

Highlighted Features

  • The smart and portable pen is air travel friendly
  • Suitable for professionals who have to handle a number of things at a time
  • 3 years of warranty and a 30-day money back policy
  • Durable and strong; made with copper
  • The stylus works for almost every touch screen device including iPhone 11
  • Great gif option for men and women

4. Zhanmai Ballpoint Multitool Screwdriver Pen with Ruler

While we are on the topic of high-rated engineering pens, it would be a crime if we skip over the Zhanmai ballpoint engineering pen. This unique design multi-tool pen is widely accepted among engineers, students, and professionals as well. Not just the exceptional design, it has a lot to offer for its customer with quality and features.

First and foremost, this is a package of multitool pens. It contains 4 tech tool pens with 10 extra refills. All the pens are durable, looking smart, and easy to travel with. Moreover, the pens are different in their color. You'll get 4 variant color pens in a package- gold, silver, black and yellow.

What if I tell you, you can accomplish 6 handy tasks with a single tool in your pocket? Who doesn't like a multipurpose utensil? Nowadays we love to use multitool products than free by-products. The reason is simple. We don't love to carry too much of a product by default. So, this is no brainer that these multitools are getting more popular day by day. Coming back to the point.

This is a 6 in 1 multipurpose engineering pen. Every pen in the package will allow you to cherish 6 very handy functions including, using a stylus with refills, level gauge, ruler, cross screwdriver, etc. And importantly, the stylus comes really great that doesn't cause any scratches on your touch screen.

One of the exciting parts of having these pens is their unique design. They are easy to use and even easier to carry. The body is made of quality plastic. But no worries about getting loosen or broken easily. Though they are lightweight but sturdy enough to serve you for along.

The pen in unique twist action design is a great option for gifting your neared and cared ones. Making them surprised with this amazing multitool pen is really easy.

Highlighted Features

  • Made with durable materials; the body adopts ABS materials
  • Very comfortable in hand; easy writing and not easy to break
  • 6 in 1 multi tool pen for home and work; very handy
  • The package contains 4 pieces of pens with 4 variant colors with 10 extra ink refills
  • Exceptional gift option for households and students

5. Shulaner 6 in 1 Tech Tool Ballpoint Pen

If you want a durable and long-lasting engineering pen that will meet all your expectations and serve you for a long, then the Shulaner tech tool ballpoint pen is for you. Durability and being in action for a long time are the primordial qualities of this product.

It is also a 6 in 1 ballpoint engineering pen. You'll get a stylus, a flat-head, Phillips screwdriver, a ruler, etc. with the ballpoint pen. Multitools continue to become popular day by day. This is a blessing of our modern era. It lessens the cost, makes the travel and carrying easy, so and so. A shulaner engineering pen in your pocket means you're carrying 6 different tools at a time. Isn't it amazing?

What I love most about the product is its twist action ballpoint pen. It writes smoothly and glides over the page very well. You don't need to worry about the ink smeared over or bleed through the page. The point tip is of 0.7mm. It goes well with average quality paper. Moreover, the pen is refillable. You can get your refills at amazon comfortably.

The pen body is made of aluminum and the pen tip is made of copper. It is super durable and long-lasting. With proper care and use, it lasts a lifetime.

And the package includes 1 pcs of black in ballpoint pen and 2 metal refills with a gift box. You might question why the price is a bit high. This is totally legitimate to ask this type of question. However, if you look at its features and materials especially, you'll get your answer yourself.

Finally, I would love to recommend this pen to anyone who loves to cherish items for a long.

Highlighted Features

  • The body is made of aluminum and the pen tip is of copper
  • This is famous for its durability
  • 1 ballpoint pen with 2 ink refills in a gift box
  • 0.7mm pen writes and glides over the paper smoothly
  • The screwdriver is especially handy for changing batteries in small devices

6. JASON YUEN Mini Multifunction Engineering Pen

The JASON YUEN mini multifunction pen is a widely-used engineering pen on the market at this moment. The manufacturer claims to use quality materials in their pens. Thus, making their products lucrative and safe to use.

The package comes with 2 multi-tool pens. Each pen carries 5 extra in refill with it. Meaning, the package contains 2 pens with 10 extra ink refills. And if you're out of refill, don't worry. The refills are also available on amazon. For a regular user, the refill or the cartridge should last for a while.

When it comes to the harmless sensible stylus for touch screens, there are not too many options that you can rely on. Honestly, you'll get a number of options on the market but rarely will you find a complete touch screen solution. Fortunately, this multi-tool pen features a great quality stylus pen along with 5 other features.

All the 6 in 1 pens are versatile, no doubt. But this pen seems to be a little more versatile to me. Because, if you look at its stylus and the screwdriver, they are compatible with a huge number of applications. This set of multitool engineering pens could be a great surprise for anyone who loves DIY home improvement.

One of the important facts about the item is that it is made of quality metal but looks like aluminum. So, no worries about being broken or loosen so early. It is sturdy enough to company you for a long time with your small measurement and touch screen activities.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for touch screen devices; the stylus is compatible with almost any touch screen device
  • Suitable for small measurements and screwdriver applications
  • It is made of metal; no plastics
  • Solid pen body with a comfortable grip
  • The package contains 2 multifunctional pens with 10 extra ink refills

7. ComputerGear Caliper Tool Pen, Gift for Engineer and Architect

What is the most comfortable and smooth writing engineering pen? I don't know for sure. But I think this highly rated and incredibly famous pen from ComputerGear comes quite close. This pen has a lot to offer for every engineer and student out there.

Honestly, there are a number of engineering pens available on the market with poor ink flow and problematic scale measurement. But they still survive because we don't pay to head too much of their quality and accuracy.

Even with the same price, you may get a world-class product instead of an average product. I'm not backing a particular brand here but I can assure you, you cannot go wrong by choosing an engineering pen from ComputerGear. They are not new in this industry. Thus, they know each and every aspect of an engineering pen very well.

Coming back to the product and its features. This is a 5 function ballpoint pen. Meaning, 5 in 1 pen. All the other 4 functions are the same that we got in our last 6 items. The only difference is its built-in caliper measures in inches and cm. And this is why it is called the Chrome caliper tool pen.

This is a refillable ballpoint pen. You can use it for a long period of time. Perhaps this would be the last engineering pen purchase of you. No worries about durability. It is such a pen that make you forget that once you’ve bought an engineering pen.

The pen measures up incredibly well. The built-in caliper, tire tread gauge, and thread scale make it brilliantly good for artists and designers as well. And yes, you need to add 4mm to your measurement as per instruction.

The Germany-made engineering pen is perfect for gifting anyone who is an engineer, would be engineer or architect. And don't forget, this is a handy household tool as well.

Highlighted Features

  • 5 in 1 ballpoint engineering pen
  • It comes with built-in caliper measures in inches and cm
  • Made in Germany Technology
  • Retractable ballpoint pen writes smoothly
  • Great gift option for architects, engineers, and designers

8. Jiulyning 6-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen

For some buyers, the best engineering pen is that which strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability. With regard to that, Jiulyning multifunction pen is an ideal option to consider.

The pen is incredibly versatile, coming with 6 handy functions. Though, almost every engineering pen is 6 in 1 pen. Then why did I just say this is incredibly versatile? Let me explain myself.

Suppose, you get all the features same in an engineering pen at the same price including a stylus, ballpoint pen, ruler, etc. And then, you get to know that the stylus is only compatible with a particular brand of mobile phone. Will you consider this pen as a versatile pen? Although, every feature of it is the same as an ideal engineering pen. Possibility less that you do.

So, if you really want to get a versatile engineering pen, you need to dig deep into it. It seems every aspect of an engineering pen is the same but the reality tells us a different story. Coming back to the point. The stylus of this pen is compatible with most touch screen devices. From iPhone to Samsung, you can comfortably go with this multi-function pen.

The most interesting fact about the item is that you'll get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. No matter how many years you’ve used it, once you find anything problematic, just call them. There's a 24/7 service team waits for you.

What's more? The pen is refillable. And it comes with 2 extra ink refills. So, if you're a regular user, you can use it for a while. Once you finished the default cartridge and two refills, don't worry; you'll find them convincingly on amazon.

Highlighted Features 

  • The stylus of this pen matches with almost every touchscreen devices
  • Versatile 6 in 1 pen is great for households and DIY improvements
  • Comfortable to hold in the hand
  • Great value for the price
  • It is nicely balanced and writes smoothly

9. Zhanmai Multitool Tech Tool Pen, 16 Pieces Gift Pens

Are you looking for the most versatile engineering pen on the market? Call off the search this very moment, as you found the best pen for engineers pen that you were looking for all this time.

This is a multitool pen package with multiple pens. Meaning, you'll get 16 different pieces of engineering pens that carry 6 different functions each. And the price? You better check it. This package is simply incredible in its quality and price. How on earth does someone expect this type of package- 16 various pens along with 40 extra ink refills?

The pens are made of plastic. They are lightweight and very comfortable to handle. Moreover, they all come with a special twist action. Are you worried about the pen be broken or loosen easily? Let it not be. The sturdy engineering pen doesn't get loose or broken easily. Rather, you can expect, this type of a utensil can serve you a lifetime.

And one of the interesting parts of having this engineering weapon is that, you won't get bored of it. You have 16 different pens in your arsenal. If you don't feel like writing with one, you can move to another instantly.

Have you ever felt that you need a little screwdriver to replace a battery or unscrew a small part of something? It could be in little beautiful baby toys or in a gas sensor. If you went through this feeling then this might be the best possible solution for your problem. An easy-to-carry ballpoint pen cum screwdriver for easy DIY and daily household solution.

It doesn't end here. If you don't even in need of a screwdriver, there are 5 more functions that might come in really handy and timely. So, what restrains you from having this amazing multitool of engineering pen?

Highlighted Features

  • Special design pens with their unique twist action
  • 16 different 6 in 1 pens; 4 colors – yellow, silver, gold, and black
  • 40 extra ink refills; no worries for durability
  • Smart in shape and action; doesn't get loose or broken easily
  • Reliable material; lightweight and comfortable in the hand
  • Incredibly affordable

10. Keria Engineering Multifunction Pen

So, here comes our last product of the list. If you're still confused about which one to buy, let the confusion be stopped here. This time it is from Keria Engineering Pen. They are not that famous yet but despite arriving in the market for less than 3 years, they have come a long way, no doubt. The pen isn't too fancy or incredibly versatile but it has something for you.

First of all, this is also a 6 in 1 engineering pen. Along with a quality ballpoint pen, you'll get a stylus, a ruler, a Phillips screwdriver, etc. They all do their job in a decent manner.

The package contains 1 piece of a pen with 2 added ink refills. The pen comes in a gift box that makes it more worthy of a gift option.

But what I like most about the pen is its strong sturdy aluminum-made body. Compare to other brands of pen, it is more sturdy and stronger. No plastic is used.

Of the benefits of having this pen is that the manufacturer offers and provides a professional sales service team to every user of it. It doesn't fall short of ensuring world-class post-purchasing customer service. And if you need any of its products customized or in a bulk, they will be gladly there for you.

Finally, the red Keria Multitool Pen would be a great option for your parents who love to do DIY improvements. Moreover, you can easily make anyone surprised with this pen, especially, if he's an engineer or an architect or a would-be engineer. Without a doubt, this is really a handy tool to equip your DIY kit box with.

Highlighted Features

  • Red color engineering pen with a premium quality finish
  • 6 in 1 pen including a stylus, a ballpoint pen, a screwdriver, a ruler, etc.
  • The pen body is made of strong sturdy aluminum; no plastic used
  • The package contains a pen with two extra high-quality refills
  • Great price for the value

What to look in an Engineering Pen

Everyone's different; especially when it comes to the writing pattern and preference. To find the right engineering pen, you'll want to determine what you expect from the pen how much you want to invest. To be entirely honest, these below are some factors that will help you as guidelines to choose the right item over hundreds of them.


An engineering pen should be versatile in its features and quality. Because an engineering pen is to be there for completing multiple tasks. If we choose a ballpoint pen, a simple ballpoint pen, then we only focus on its tip and its body balance but when we are about to pick an engineering pen then we must have to look at its versatility and other stuff.

Versatility doesn't mean that it needs to be a 10 in 1 pen but if it is a 6 in 1 pen then the six features should be compatible with many other features. Meaning, the feature in and of itself should be versatile.

Imagine you get a 6 in 1 pen. That includes a stylus, a ruler, a screwdriver, etc. But when it comes to compatibility of the stylus or the screwdriver, it only goes with a few devices and applications. Then what's the point of being versatile? So before you get one for yourself or for someone, be sure about its versatility and compatibility.


First and foremost this quality is directly linked with durability. If you want your engineering pen durable, then you must consider this fact strongly. There are various types of materials used for an engineering pen. Of them, aluminum, copper, plastic, etc. And not all plastics are the same. If your pen is made with vulnerable plastic, then there's zero to the little possibility that it'll serve you for a long.

And this is not a rare scene that your pen is sliding down to the floor from your desk. It perhaps happens to every one of us. If the pen is not made sturdy and strong then it will be broken. Therefore, this is important that you look into the product material and its quality.


This is personally one of the most important factors for me to consider. Not for an engineering pen only, it is also applicable for a signature pen, a ballpoint pen, etc. And this is important because I want to cherish an item for a long. It could be a notebook, an engineering paper pad, or anything you name it.

Moreover, it is better to say that this is not something mandatory or must-have in an engineering pen. If you don't even like to use an item for a few months in a row, then you should look over this quality in your pen.


If your utensil doesn't feel good in your hand, then how long would you expect to cherish it? Producing great outcomes massively depends on compatibility and comfortability. Let me rephrase the sentence. If you don't feel like writing with your pen, then how can you expect something great out of it?

If you're truly looking for some great pieces of art, you must need to focus on your pencil first. Your weapon can make a huge difference in the long run. Don't forget to look into this quality in your engineering pen.

Frequently Asked Question

A few common questions answered that normally pop up in our minds when we think about the engineering pen.

1. Question: What is the best engineering pen on the market?

Answer: There is a number of  engineering pens but I cannot name a particular pen as the best among them. Because there are factors that seem to be great for one and could be avoidable for other ones. For instance, I love refill-ability. I want to cherish my items for a long. Now, you don't necessarily like it. So, what would be the conviction regarding this? It is variable and dependable.

Therefore, I don't like to answer the question straightforwardly. Rather it is better to say that there are several brands, which provide good to best quality engineering and multitool pens. Pentel Arts, Zhanmai, and ATECH are a few names among them.

2. Question: How long an engineering pen last?

Answer: If it is refillable then might be for a lifetime. Yes, you read it right. The pens we've listed here are made of quality materials. Most of them are made of aluminum and copper. So, there's no reason it fails to serve you for a long period of time. But you need to be careful and mindful as well. Because you know, it always takes two to make a quarrel.

3. Question: Can I use these pens in my exam?

Answer: Of course, why not? As long as you feel comfortable writing with this pen, you can use it anywhere you want. And honestly, there are some engineering pen brands that really provide some incredible quality ballpoint pens with it. So, it totally up to you. There's no legitimate reason that can restrain you from using an engineering pen in your exam.

Having said that, for carrying some extra features, it may weigh a little heavier than a normal ballpoint pen. So, be mindful about it because we all want somewhat lightweight pens for our exams and longhand writings.

4. Question: What are the benefits of an engineering pen?

Answer: This is a very basic question yet to be answered broadly. Long answer short, engineering pens are there to make our lives easier. There are a number of tasks that you can accomplish with an engineering pen easily. Why easily? Because this tool is meant to make tasks lighter and easier. For instance, you get a pen with 6 different functions. This is in and of itself something beneficial.

Imagine you need to screw or unscrew a part of your child’s toy car and you're at an outing. What to do then? Your baby child is going crazy, crying. Surely you won't go out with a screwdriver unless you're a technician. At that time, if you can manage an engineering pen, you'll get the solution for free. Because you know well that an engineering pen normally carries 6 different features at a time. And a small effective screwdriver is one of them.

Of the benefits of an engineering pen is, it makes your DIYs as easy as you like. You can take your measurements with its cm and inch ruler. Making marks with ballpoint pens and having some great experience with its stylish stylus. So, what are you waiting for?

Final Words

It is said that “A pen is stronger than a sword”- this is so true. And the right engineering pen could be the strongest weapon for an engineer.

In this article, we've tried our best to bring you the best engineering pen. Now, it’s your turn to accelerate. Don't hesitate to pick the most suitable option for yourself. If you have any further queries, feel free to put them in the comment section.

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