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6 Best Fisher Space Pen Review in 2021

If you are a pen addict and want to have a collection of pens to enhance your workstation's beauty, you are in the right place. Fisher space pens are to perform not only on the paper but also on any surface you want. These space pens will be enough to satisfy both of the needs.

The premium and aristocratic design of a fisher space pen will surely add a new dimension to your personality. The ability to perform smooth and fine on any surface makes space pens suitable for any use.

So here I am to help you to choose the best space pen. In this article, I have reviewed the six best fisher space pens that are well accepted by their users.

After reading this fisher space pen review, I hope it won't be hard for you to pick the right one.

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Fisher Space Pen - Raw Brass M4RAW- Cap-O-Matic

5 out of 5

Blue Medium Point Pressurized Refill

5 out of 5

AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

4.5 out of 5

Raw Brass Bullet Pen (400-RAW)

4.5 out of 5

Space Pen Bullet Pen - 400 Series - Matte Black w/ Clip

4 out of 5

What is a Space pen?

A space pen, also named as zero gravity pen, was first designed by the Fisher Space pen company.

It is a pen that actually allows you to write in zero gravity.

Basically, a regular ballpoint pen needs external pressure to perform. Also, you couldn't write on any surface except on paper with a traditional ballpoint pen.

But in a place with zero gravity, writing with a regular ballpen is impossible. So, to resolve that problem, Fisher Space pen invent the space pen. They use pressurized ink cartridges. So that you don't need to put extra external pressure.

Even you can write almost on any surface with the space pen in any condition for its pressurized ink cartridges. A space pen can perform at a temperature of -30 to +250 degrees F.

Moreover, a space pen was designed to reach beyond the limits of a regular ballpoint pen.

Our Top 6 Best Fisher Space Pen Review in 2021

1. Best Space Pen - Raw Brass M4RAW- Cap-O-Matic

The first one on our list is Raw Brass M4RAW- Cap-O-Matic. This pen will allow you to choose between different colors and finishes. So you can pick a specific color to match your personality. And other types of finish will allow you to choose according to your preference.

The best part about this cartridge is that it will last three times longer than any typical ballpen. Because it has uniquely engineered pressurized thixotropic ink refill cartridges.

So you don't have to spend extra money to change the cartridges frequently. The ink inside the cartridges is also water and dust resistant and dries so fast.

This Raw Brass M4RAW is capable of performing at any surface. If you want to write something underwater or on a greased surface, you will be able to write using the Cap-O-Matic space pen.

The cartridges are tightly sealed so that the ink doesn't come out of the cartridges while using it at high pressure.

Get stuck with your ball pen? No worries. This pen will perform smoothly on a surface where a typical ball pen cannot function. You can also use this pen at extreme temperatures like -30 to +120 degrees Celsius.

You can write without any resistance with the tungsten carbide ballpoint. Imagine, you are marking on a wooden surface without any resistance! Isn't this amazing? The tungsten carbide ballpoint will also allow you to write at any angle you want.

Don't worry about the durability at all. This Cap-O-Matic space pen is hand-tested and assembled with precision backed by a lifetime warranty against all manufacturing defects. So you can leave your worry somewhere else about the durability of a space pen.

Highlighted Features:

  • Available in a wide range of colors and finishes.
  • It is highly capable of performing at extreme temperatures.
  • It lasts three times longer than any other ballpoint pen.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Chrome-plated nose tip gives resistance-free writing.
  • Classy design.

2. Fisher Space Pen Blue Medium Point Pressurized Refill

If you are looking to buy a budget-friendly high-end fisher space pen for your daily use, here comes this one. This blue colored space pen can make you quite happy. You don't have to compromise with the quality as you are picking a budget-friendly product.

The pen also offers three different points. The .9 mm indicates fine style; the 1.1 mm indicates a medium type, and 1.3 means bold style. So it will be easy for you to pick the right one as per your requirements.

You don't need to bother to write on a wet page using this space pen. It will give you a smudge-free writing experience. With this space pen, you will be able to draw almost on any surface. It will also allow you to draw lines at different angles that ensure a resistance-free writing experience.

The ink refill adapter that comes with this pen makes it more compatible with tactical and parker pens. This space pen proves that this pen is one of the most versatile pens.

Like the other space pen, it will also allow you to use this pen on zero gravity, underwater, and uneven surfaces. You can also use this pen to write upside down. The precision assembled and hand-tested with a lifetime warranty leaves no confusion about its durability and long-lasting experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • The perfect value for a money space pen.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • It offers three different ballpoint tip sizes.
  • Compatible with tactical and parker pen refills.
  • Works smoothly on any surface.

3. Fisher Space AG7 Original Astronaut Space Pen

This is a ballpen that carries a fascinating history. Now, it's time to talk about the original astronaut pen. It is suitably designed by Fisher Space to write in zero gravity.

This pen was used in the Apollo 7 space mission. And after that mission, NASA has used this pen in almost every outer space visit. So if you want to carry something that is part of the history, AG7 Astronaut Space Pen should be the ultimate and affordable one to start with.

It's a ball pen that you can use at your regular work, and it will last your lifetime without any doubt unless you lose it. This space pen's overall design and construction is excellent. Even if you a fountain pen fanatic, you eventually will love the design and its smooth writing capability.

The chrome-plated bright stainless steel body will shine like a star on your hand. The pen gets heavy for the stainless steel construction, but let me assure you that it won't bother you at all. Because when you hold the pen, you will feel the balance of weight. You will feel comfortable using the pen for its wonderful textured grip.

The unique mechanism of the AG7 Space Pen that works behind the fine and smooth line on your paper is spectacular. Like other traditional click pens, you will have to click on the top to write, and when you are finished, press the side button to retract the refill—that simple.

Like any other space pen, it also has the capability to perform even under high pressure. You can write on any surface you want with the utmost smoothness.

In the comparison of other space pens, you will definitely find this pen on a more compact side for sure.

Highlighted Features:

  • Perfect for writing in zero gravity.
  • Chrome-plated body.
  • Compatible for writing on uneven surfaces.
  • Long-lasting
  • Click and retract mechanism.
  • Heavy, but the weight distribution is perfect.

4. Fisher Space Pen Raw Brass Bullet Pen (400-RAW)

The bullet pen is arguably the most popular space pen model right now. It is famous for its unique size and constant writing ability.

If you travel frequently or want a half size of a regular pen, then a bullet space pen will be an excellent choice. The size of the pen is really handy to carry. It fits properly on a jeans pocket without being noticed.

The all brass composition with chrome finish makes this space pen a piece of art. The artistic design of this fisher bullet pen will surely amaze you. You will also get a variety of finishes of this bullet pen.

Other than daily use, this pen can perform at remarkably high pressure. It will work even at -30F to + 250 F. You can write with it on wet paper or a greased surface. Irrespective of any surface, the tungsten carbide ballpoint will function smoothly at any angle. If you want, you can try writing it upside down.

The sealed pressurized ink cartridges will surely work way longer than a typical ballpoint. So you can use this 400 series ballpoint to replace your regular plastic made bullet point pen. It will add a bit more class to your work, no doubt.

If you aren't prone to lose, it will last a lifetime.

Highlighted Features:

  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Raw unfinished brass casing.
  • Develops the perfect patina according to the user's hand.
  • Suitable for daily use.
  • Smooth writing on any surface.

5. Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen - 400 Series - Matte Black w/ Clip

The 400 series bullet pen is the most popular space pen for everyday use and convenient carry. It was the first fisher ballpoint pen made for regular users.

If you get tired of using a plastic-made ballpoint, you must try the 400 series fisher space ballpoint bullet pen. The all brass composition with matte black finish gives a classy and polished look on the 400 series space bullet pen. The resistance-free smooth writing experience will eliminate the monotony of your writing with a regular ballpen.

Don't worry about the other use. The tungsten carbide ballpoint will make sure that you can write at any angle with this pen. The sealed pressurized cartridges will allow you to write in zero gravity.

If you want to write on any wet surface, even underwater, with this matte black bullet space pen, it will perform perfectly. Like the other fisher space pen, this pen can also tolerate extremely high pressure.

The 400 series matte black bullet pen will give you a smudge-free writing experience because the ink inside the cartridges is more of a gel than a liquid. When you create pressure, the gel comes out as a liquid, retaining the consistency of thick properties needed for any surface.

So if you want to write anything anywhere at any time, this matte black bullet space pen will be worth your money.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact and pocketable size.
  • All brass and steel construction.
  • Highly recommended for daily use.
  • Beautifully designed; matte black finish.
  • Pressurized sealed cartridges give a smooth finish on the surface.

6. Fisher Space Pen Bullet Chrome Finish

If anyone desires to buy a bullet pen with an aristocrat finish, Raw Brass Bullet Pen is the most suitable match for this. This pen is a combination of beauty and quality.

You may have used so many pens that write smoothly and appropriately. But I am sure they were not suitable for all conditions.

This beautiful raw brass space pen works anywhere you want. If you're going to write underwater or on wood, plastic, metal, the performance of this pen will surely amaze you.

Like the other space pen, this pen will allow you to write in extreme temperature and high pressure without creating smudges. The solid raw brass will develop a nice patina over time, according to the user's hand.

Basically, the size of this raw brass bullet space pen is suitable for regular use. Its small and compact size will allow you to take it anywhere you go.

When you take off the cap, its 5.7 inches long length will give a perfect grip for comfortable writing. And when the lid is closed, the pen's size is only 3.7 inches, which will fit in one corner of your jeans pocket very well.

Above all, this raw brass bullet pen works great. It is small, smart, and excellent for day to day use. It can be an ideal gift for a pen addict or a regular user as it comes in a beautiful moonscape gift box with a lunar landing sleeve.

Highlighted Features:

  • Beautiful chrome finish.
  • Unique but the perfect size to carry it anywhere.
  • Precise and smooth on any surface.
  • Durable and long-lasting cartridges.
  • Perfect ballpoint for regular use.

Buying Guide: How You Can Pick the Best Space Pen

Sometimes buying the best fisher spray pen may seem stressful, and especially when you don't know where to start. Basically, which one will be the best depends on your requirements.

So before making the final decision, you must make up your mind about the features and specifications you want from a fisher pen. But there are some issues that you must consider.


No compromise with compatibility. Great space pens are compatible with functioning in any condition. They have the ability to perform under high pressure. Great space pens should also be compatible with extreme temperatures, such as -30 to +250 degrees F.

It doesn't matter what kind of surface you intend to use the fisher space pen; the best one will perform smooth and fine.

If you are looking for the best one, then you must remember that a fisher pen should work efficiently on any surface you want. Whether it is Greased, wet, wooden, flat, or plastic, etc.

Balanced weight

Most of the space pens are made of steel or raw brass. So the construction gets a bit heavy for daily use. But in cases of best fisher space pens, they have the perfect weight balance. So you won't feel uncomfortable holding the pen for everyday use.

Resistance-Free Writing:

Resistance-free writing is a basic requirement for everyday use. To ensure smooth and precise writing, be sure that your space pen uses tungsten carbide ballpoint. There are different tip sizes as per people's requirements. Such as fine, medium, and bold. It depends on which style you need for your work.

So when you buy a fisher pen, make sure that the pen gives a resistance-free writing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy a fisher space pen?

If you ever wished to write underwater or on a greased and wet surface, then you might need a fisher space pen. With a fisher space pen, you will be able to write on any surface where a typical ballpoint pen will not perform.

If your job includes writing on uneven surfaces, then you can use a fisher space pen. A fisher space pen will also allow you to write upside down.

Those pens give more than what is advertised.

A Fisher space pen can reach beyond all the boundaries of a typical ballpen.

Is it compatible with daily use?

Being honest with you, we are not familiar with the fisher space pen.

Many pen addicts and regular pen users often overlook a space pen for everyday use. Though they want to get rid of plastic made ballpoint pens.

They consider it as an outer space pen. But that's not true at all. There are bullet pens designed by Fisher Space Pen to make the pen suitable for everyday use. A space pen can give you a better 'everyday writing' experience than ever.

A fisher space pen will allow you to use it for your regular day purposes. The sealed pressurized ink cartridges will ensure a smooth, precise, and comfortable writing experience for you. Moreover, it will give you more resistance-free writing than a regular pen.

Is the money worth buying a space pen?

A fisher space pen comes with a lifetime warranty against all its manufacturing defects. Every fisher space pen is precision assembled and hand-tested. So you don't need to worry about its durability.

Its pressured ink cartridges last three times longer than any pen available in the market. So you won't need to spend extra money to change the ink cartridges frequently.

By spending a little extra money initially, you will get a lifelong better writing experience. So ultimately, buying a fisher space pen will save your money.

Which is the model used in the Apollo 7 mission?

Fisher Space AG7 is the original model that was used in the Apollo 7 mission. To retain the history imprinted, the Fisher Space Pen company has not changed the original design. The AG7 fisher space pen you will find in the market today; is the same design taken to the moon.

Final Words: 

If you want to buy a fisher space pen, you will need someone to lead you in picking the best one. But you will hardly find a fisher space pen review on the internet that can help you out.

Therefore we have reviewed the six best space pens mentioning every significant feature that can create a difference in your writing. Now it's your choice to make which one meets your requirements for a fisher space pen. We hope you can now pick the best fisher space pen after going through this review.                                                                                                                 Relevant Articles                                                                                                                                 Spinning Pens Product List For Beginners                                                                                         What To Look Before Purchase Earwax Top Removal Kit?

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