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Best Gelly Roll Pens Review of 2021 (With Buyers Guide)

If you're an artist you're probably already familiar with the Gelly Roll pen. It's a basic go-to pen for adding highlights and shines to your art and illustration.

If you are not an artist? –No issue at all. You can also taste and cherish with these awesome gelly roll pens.

There are quite a few types of gelly roll pens available on the market. The gray Gelly rolls, gelly rolls white, cute pastel Gelly rolls, neon Gelly rolls, and metallic Gelly rolls. And you know if we want to create four different illustrations, we’ll four different types of gelly roll pens.

So, today, we are going to talk about the best gelly roll pens and their features and specifications.

Let's get into the topic straightaway.

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Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Point Pen

5 out of 5

Sakura 57370 Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Ink Pen Set

5 out of 5

SAKURA 37460 Gelly Roll Classic

4.5 out of 5

Sakura 57361 Gelly Roll Pens

4.5 out of 5

Sakura Gelly Roll Souffle Pen Sets

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 10 Best Gelly Roll Pens of 2021

So here I wanted to spend a few minutes talking about the Sakura jelly roll gel pens because all of the pens listed below are from the same brand.

They're so popular that they weren't even on my review radar because they're just something that is just around always.

So in case you don't know the whole back story, Sakura is a Japanese company based in Kyoto. They make a number of different pens and paints and color materials and things like that. But here in the U.S, they're best known for the jelly roll which is the first-ever gel pen that started gel pens.

1. Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Point Pen (3 Pack), 10 Bold Point, White, 3 Count

Sakura Gelly Roll Classic Point Pen

Sakura is a widely used gelly pen brand in the market right now. The manufacturer claims to only use top-notch ingredients in their gelly pens. Being honest, this was the only brand that I knew producing gelly roll pens for a long time. You know why? If you search ‘gelly roll pens’ on amazon, you'll get the answer yourself.

The pen contains bright and white opaque ink. And the appearance says it as well. I'm really impressed with how well the black light works with these pens, it looks so cool!

This pen is well accepted among illustration artists. The prime reason behind it is its ice cream smooth finish. Though, there are some different sizes of point tips, you can choose according to your application. But yes, point tip can redefine the entire outcome of your illustration. No matter how good you are at it, if the point tip isn't suitable for your work then it can destroy the whole thing.

And the best part of the product is its bold 1.0mm tip. It’s enough exciting for me and many of you who love to write in bold fonts. You know this could be an ideal option if you want to deliver a powerful message.

Well, let me help you demonstrate the scenario. In exams, we used to write crucial points in different colors or in bold. This is what this pen is for. Not only for but this is suitable for this task.

The pen glides well on paper and it is highly fluid. Moreover, it is easily erasable as long as you apply it to a limit.

One minor issue that I found on it is that it takes a couple of layers on the black paper. And maybe this could be for a particular type of black paper. But overall, this works pretty fine on color and black papers. Here are my 7 Tips on using watercolor paper. 

Finally, I would strongly recommend this gelly roll pen for anyone who loves to write in bold and practice illustration.

Highlighted Features

  • The liquid gel is highly opaque
  • Suitable for dark color paper and poster board
  • Great for illustration purposes
  • Highly affordable
  • 1.0mm bold point tip
  • Same pen available in 3 different tip

2. Sakura 57370 Gelly Roll Metallic Gel Ink Pen Set, Blister Card Assorted Colors, Multi Colored-10 Piece

Sakura 57370 Gelly Roll

For some buyers, the best gelly roll pen is that which strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability. If you are among them, this 10-piece gelly roll pen pack is a great option.

This pack of gelly roll pens is really versatile. It comes in multiple colors including gold, silver, copper, black, red, etc. If you are on a budget yet want a set of pens that will be sufficient to serve you for a long, this is the ideal option for you. The way the manufacturer designed the pen is way more than you can expect at this price. Really.

What makes people avoid drawing? What do you think? I don’t know for sure but many of the potential artists fall short of having a bright career just because of not having the right instrument. Let me rephrase the passage. It is about making mistakes at choosing the right pens and other instruments at the very beginning of their journey. And you know, there are some families who use to tell their children that it is not easy to draw something, or become an artist. They are in good numbers, trust me.

Therefore, I'm here to declare to you that this pen set is especially great for people who are fascinated with drawing and illustration. Not all types of illustration as it has 0.4mm point tip. Be sure what type of tip you need for your application. Generally speaking, for sketching and normal drawing, fine tips are encouraged by the professionals.

Worried about durability? Let not allow worries to stay here this time. This 10-piece Sakura metallic gel pen pack is well known for its long-lasting service and smooth writing capability.

And the best part? These glossy gelly pens don’t smear or smudge on most papers. It dries quickly as it writes in fine fonts. Therefore, you don’t have to wait to let it dry and start drawing or writing again.

Highlighted Features 

  • Glides smoother than a ballpoint pen
  • Dries quickly and permanent
  • It is water and fade-proof
  • Great for the price
  • Fits and feels well in hand

3. Sakura 57458 White Gelly Roll Classic 6pk Pen, 10 (Bold Point.)

While we are on the topic of the best gelly roll pens, it would be a crime if we skip over this classic white gelly roll pen from Sakura. This pen is famous to write on dark-colored paper.

What I like most about this pen set is its permanent and quick drying capacity. Though the tip isn't that fine, it is 0.5mm yet it dries super fast. As we have seen in the case of the previous pen set, the 0.4mm point tip allows writing you fast and dries quickly.

However, this set of gelly roll pens is available in three different sizes of tips. Fine, medium, and bold. This one is comparatively finer than the other two. Yet, this isn't the finest one in terms of all the gelly roll pens available on the market.

Well, if we look into the pen sincerely, it is designed in a sophisticated manner, no doubt. Choices may vary but undoubtedly this is a classic edition of gelly roll pen.

And the good news is that the ink is quite safe for children and human skin.

One thing that I felt to be mentioned here is that gelly roll pens are meant to be applied on paper. So, many of you ask “is it okay to apply over acrylic paint or others?” – being honest with you, I don’t know for sure as I didn’t try on anything except on the paper. And yes, you can write almost on all the papers with this pen.

Therefore, the final point, I don’t oppose applying it over anything except paper, but I recommend testing before your final application.

Finally, these solid white pens are really great for writings and illustrations. And the funny thing is that you can even use it over your nails as nail polish.

Highlighted Features 

  • These pens are to highlight and accentuate your drawings
  • No skipped lines or flow problems
  • Better than what advertised
  • Classic yet sophisticated design
  • Great for nail art

4. SAKURA 37460 Gelly Roll Classic, Medium Point, Multicolor, 10 Count

If you have been using gelly roll pens for a while, then you probably know about ice cream smooth ink by now. And here is one from Sakura. They had been working for quite a few times and finally invented this awesome pen.

This is a set of 10 different color gelly roll pens. It is a set full of diversifications. One who loves to draw and write with different colors of pens will definitely love this multicolor gelly roll pen set.

But what I love most about the item is that the ink it contains is chemical and water-resistant. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about the creation once you have done with that. It is permanent and long-lasting.

In addition, it offers two types of point tips. One is 0.4mm and the other one is 0.8mm. So, you can choose according to your particular application. You know sometimes we choose stuff but the lack of suitability resist us to own the product. But in this case, you do have sufficient flexibility.

There are not sufficient options to recommend for multi-color pens. The reason is simple, they fall short in quality. With a few options on the list, this one comes top of the pile. Each set consists of 10 different colors including red, black, orange, purple with the other 6 colors.

And the interesting news from the center is, if you wish to have a set of blue pens only, you can. However, you need to submit a special order for that.

Last, but not the least, you can write, take notes and draw with this pen. This is a set of a multicolor and multipurpose pen as well.

Highlighted Features

  • It glides smoothly
  • Dries within seconds
  • It is a set of multicolor and multipurpose pen
  • You can cherish this set for long
  • These pens are colorfast
  • You can use them on cotton and wools

5. Sakura 57361 Gelly Roll Pens, Ice Cream Smooth Gel Ink, Gift Set, 74 Pens, Special Effects

If you are looking for a family pack of gelly roll pens, this 74-piece pack can be an ideal option for you. This is a perfect pack to have drawings match your creative vision.

Have you ever experienced that you need a certain color of pen or pencil to beautify your drawings or writings, but you don’t have that on your stock? Yes, this happens if you don’t have this pack in your stock. I don’t know any other brand or pack that contains 74 pens with this much color variation.

These pens are full of versatility. The pack consists of classic fine, metallic, medium, gold, and silver pens. Also, it includes moonlight and stardust.

Imagine, you buy yourself or your children a set of gelly roll pens. And after a couple of years, you find those pens still running and serving well. Yes, this is what often happens with Sakura gelly roll pens.

If you color or write with them on a daily basis, they will still not be closing running out within a year.

And the best part of these pens is that they write smoothly and dries really fast. And obviously, you won't find any skip or bubbles in the ink. Though, you may find the silver shadow and gold pens are a bit weird, but again it is a matter of personal preferences.

I would love to recommend the pen set for beginners as well. The ink flows really well and somehow it is controlled so perfectly that even mess up looks beautiful. Therefore, to glide effortlessly on the paper, get you a set of Sakura gelly roll pen.

Highlighted Features

  • It glides smoothly and consistently
  • No worries about skip or bubble in the ink
  • It dries fast and permanent
  • Great deal for the price
  • It covers almost all the colors and types of point tips

6. Gelly Roll Moonlight Pen Set, 0.6 mm Fine Point Tip, Set of 10

Are you looking for the perfect starter gelly roll pens for both professionals and amateurs? Then this pen set from Sakura is all you need to start. These pens are great for writing, drawing, and taking notes at school and colleges.

The set includes 10 pieces of pens; each of them is different in colors. However, the point of them is 0.6mm.

These pens are great to use over colorful papers. Especially, they work best on black color paper. They all are delightfully vivid.

Now, as the tip is fine enough, it doesn’t take time to dry. I mean, it won't make you wait after applying on the paper. But still, as it is a fluid gel, it takes a few seconds to dry properly. And sometimes, it depends on your paper type. So, I don’t dare to tell you that it will dry within a second yet it can take up to a few seconds depending on your paper type.

One minor issue that I found about this set is that these pens are not eligible to use over fabrics. As we have seen earlier, some pens are quite allowable on fabric but unfortunately, this one isn't.

Meanwhile, it is compatible to write over glossy photo paper. It will take a bit longer to dry than usual but surely you can write with it. They will get permanent after drying.

Before wrapping the review up, I want to mention one more thing that you may face with your gelly roll pens. Especially in the winter or whatever the season is, the ink might get dried on the tip. As a result, the ink will stop flowing. Don’t worry, shake the pen for a few seconds and scribble the tip lightly. Hopefully, it will again start working smoothly.

Highlighted Features

  • These moonlight pens are vivid and vibrant
  • It glides smoothly and consistently
  • No skipping or bubbling in the ink
  • Don’t even bleed through the thin paper
  • The gel seems to be in the same formula

7. Sakura Gelly Roll Souffle Pen Sets, (10 Assorted)

Are you looking for the most promising gelly roll pen on the market? Call off the search this moment, as you found the gelly roll pen that you were looking for all this time.

This gorgeous looking gelly roll pen can give your work a different dimension. These are the pens with the utmost comfort and ease of use.

And the best part of this pen set is its point tip. If your point tip doesn’t match with your applications, then it would become so difficult to put something ideal on the paper. Meaning, you cannot necessarily demonstrate what you feel inside. Fortunately, this set comes with 2 different types of point tips. Each of them is special for each different task.

For bold fonts or lines, they have a 1.0mm ball diameter and 0.7mm for line effect.

When it comes to smooth writing there are not many pens that I can recommend you. However, these pens glide well and write smoothly.

Another positive side of this pen is that it doesn’t smear or smudge. Thereafter, it is waterproof.

On top of that, the durability and longevity that the pen set offers is world-class. Therefore, once you start using Sakura gelly roll pens, it is not going off easily.

One of the important advantages of having this gelly roll pen is that it looks colorful on black paper. Not only black paper, on any paper. But be careful about putting excessive ink on your paper. Bold writing can cause smudge or smear on a thin paper.

Highlighted Features

  • The ink shows up nicely on dark surfaces
  • Great if you want bright colors
  • They write smooth and glide well
  • They dry fast enough; once dried, they are very opaque
  • Great for gifting others

8. Sakura 57452 Gelly Roll White Classic 05 (Fine Point) 3pk Pen,

No matter whether it is random writing, note taking, or drawing, the Sakura 57452 gelly roll classic pen got you covered in all kinds of applications. So, no wonder, this is one of the best gelly roll pen set available on the market at the moment.

One of the most important advantages of having this gelly pen is its versatility and compatibility. You can use this pen for almost every purpose of your writings and drawings. Notably, this is a set of pens with 3 different tips. Meaning, if you choose of having a set of 0.5mm or 0.8mm pen to cherish, then you will receive pens that are designed with 0.5mm or 0.8mm point tips.

On top of that, these pens work incredibly great on colored paper. And the most surprising news is that you can use them on graphite as well. As the ink is pretty substantial consistency.

One drawback of this pen set is that the pens get dried up on the tip very shortly. You know the finer the tip the quicker it dries. Therefore, if you keep it uncapped for some time, it may start clogging. However, no worries, shake the pen a little bit and scribble on paper, it will again start writing.

Being honest, if 1.0mm is pretty okay for your application, I would suggest you go for that. This 0.5mm point tip may cause you to shake it a little hard every time before you start writing or drawing with it.

And most importantly also, fortunately, these same pens are available in three different types of point tips. In my opinion, 1.0mm is the best, and then comes 0.8mm and thereafter this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for fine writing and drawing
  • Doesn’t smear or smudge over the paper at all
  • Available in three different point tips
  • The set contains 3 white gelly roll pens
  • Great for the price

9. Sakura 37904 6-Piece Gelly Roll Meteor Pen Set Assorted Colors Stardust

What is the most comfortable and smooth writing gelly roll pen? Well, I don’t know for sure but this pen will definitely come at the top of that pile. You might have already noticed that we have all the pens from one manufacturer, Sakura Store. It’s a bit unusual, I know that. But the reason is quite simple here. I didn’t find any other pen that could even compete with these pens from Sakura.

Now if we look into the features and specifications of the set, we’ll see this is a set full of excitement. 6 pieces of gelly roll pens available in 6 different colors.

Tell me one thing before we go any further. Suppose you get a pen that looks pretty gorgeous, smart in appearance but doesn’t write or draw well at all. Will you keep it in your arsenal? Unless you would like to show it off, most of you won't find any interest in it, this is usual.

However, fortunately, this pen set comes sort of beauty with quality. Maybe it sounds a bit fancy yet it is the actual case. The ink it offers is word-class. You must have heard of pigment-based sparkle gel ink, this is what it comes with. You will experience a smooth writing experience with consistent and bubble-free ink flowing.

But what I like most about this set is its dye-based gel ink. You know this what professional artists use for their works. It is also suitable for writing and taking notes in school and colleges. Notably, these pens are available in two tip sizes. One is 0.5mm and the other one is 1.0mm. There isn't anything more to recommend, I would love to ask you to take what suits your application the most.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for white and light color papers
  • Easy and comfortable to write with
  • Consistent in ink flowing
  • Top-notch ink quality
  • A standard option for gifting to your near ones

10. Sakura 58760 White 5-Piece Gelly Roll Gold Shadow Pen Set

If you are still confused about which one to buy yourself, here comes our last gelly roll pens for today. This is a 5-piece gelly pen set from Sakura. If you are fond of the two-tone outline effect, this is the right option for you.

The set is full of versatility. The set contains 5 pens in 5 five different colors. On top of that, it comes with lavender that is sort of rare in gel inks.

But what I like most about these pens is that they all are compatible to write over black and colored papers. This doesn’t end here. It glitters on the page like a gold metallic pen. After you write with it, you can see how nice and true the fonts become. I'm talking about writing with it.

However, you can draw, make doodles on assignments, and take notes with it. This is a pen with super compatibility. Honestly, I didn’t notice many of the gelly pens like this one. Though it arrived in the market a couple of years back, with its quality and affordability, it earned a good name in the user community.

And the best part? You can express a thoughtful and special touch of care with its gold shadow. Meaning, put a unique metallic glint in your color lines and see how it blooms. The gold shadow comes within a few seconds after the ink dried. They have a decent powdery substance with a hint of color.

What's more? These pens write on glass and other custom stationery. You can even use it on lettering templates.

So, finally, I'm delighted to recommend this water-resistant gelly pen set to complete your daily occasional works in a style.

Highlighted Features 

  • Suitable for daily use, doodling, drawing, etc.
  • Doesn’t smear on the paper
  • Dries fast
  • Get your gorgeous glittering outlines with these pens
  • Smooth ink flowing with vivid colors

What to Consider Before Buying Gelly Roll Pens (Buying Guide)

As there are so many options available on the market at this moment, when it comes to choosing a particular set among them, this is obvious for a beginner especially to get perplexed here.

Don’t worry. I have a precise yet effective guide for you to follow before you make your final purchase decision.

Choose your point tip based on your application

Now, this has been a matter of personal preference for a long. Commonly, there are 3 types of point tips for usual writings and drawings- 0.5mm, 0.8mm, and 1.0mm.

If you would love to go with a finer tip, you can pick a set of 0.5mm point tip pen. Finer tips are widely used for drawings and illustrations. Also, you cannot deny its application to making doodles in assignments.

0.8mm point tips are more balanced. They are the actual medium point tips. If you want to use your gelly roll pens for various purposes, I would recommend 0.8mm pens. They are neither finer nor thicker.

And lastly, the most used point tip size all around the world, 1.0mm. In some schools and colleges, this size is preferred. Even in some countries, you'll see how they prioritize a 1.0mm point tip over other sizes.

Finally, again it’s a matter of personal taste and preference. If you feel comfortable writing and drawing with a 1.0mm tip, then what's the point of having a 0.8mm tip?


After selecting the nib size, you can now narrow your choices by picking some colors. You can go with a 1 color gelly pen set to 74 color pen set. Personally, I would love to go with multiple color pen set as they can give a quick leap to my works.

Whatever, don’t worry about me or others. Think about yourself and your needs.

Ink Quality

This is one of the prime qualities that the best gelly roll pens carry. But unfortunately, many of us among the buyers overlook this quality. We simply look at the appearance and sometimes point tips, and that’s it.

However, the ink quality can play a vital role in your entire gelly pen experience.

And the good news is that if you choose among those 10 gelly roll pens that I reviewed above, you don’t necessarily have to worry about this issue. They are good in quality and quantity as well.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Question: Do these gelly pens write on steel?

Answer: Well, gelly roll pens are recommended to use on paper. You can use it on any paper including photo printing paper. But on anything except paper, the ink might not last for long. This is my assumption. Honestly, I didn’t try over anything other than paper.

And, if it is necessary, then I would suggest you testing it on that particular surface before you draw your final lines.

2. Question: Can it be used on the cover of a book?

Answer: Of course. As long as the cover is made of paper, you can use any gelly roll pen on that cover. The basic rule regarding gelly pens is to use them on paper. When it comes to anything except paper, the gel ink can smear or smudge or even the nib can be damaged. This is not all prohibited yet not recommended.

3. Question: Fine or Medium point, which is better?

Answer: It depends on your application. And of course, this is a matter of personal preference too. Generally speaking, for covering a large area, get a medium or regular tipped pen. And when you want to have a doodle with your pen or highlight individual hairs for example, then you can go with a finer tip.

But overall, I prefer medium and regular size tip.

4. Question: How long does a gelly roll pen last?

Answer: Well, how long you can cherish with a gelly pen depends on how you use it. Let me rephrase the sentence. There is no certain time limit for a gelly roll pen. If you use it occasionally, it can last more than a decade. And when you use it daily, it will less likely to last more than a year. This is simple!

Final Thoughts

Your artworks and illustration are no less than a child to you. It is never easy to demonstrate your thoughts on paper without having a perfect pen in your hand.

On top of that, these gelly pens are used for various reasons. From artwork to simple handwriting, you can show up your best if you have the best gelly roll pen in your hand.

I have tried my best here to bring you the top gelly roll pens on the market at the moment. Now, it’s your turn to make the right decision. Good Luck!

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