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Best Glass Dip Pens Reviews 2021: Top 12 Pen Revealed!

Have you ever experienced that you want something best, but you don't know which one will be the best? Yes, it happens, happens quite often.

However, if you want the best glass dip pen, that won't happen this time for sure. I have researched for quite a few days and made a list of 12 glass dip pens for you.

Every glass dip pen isn't the same, not even these 12 pens. You need to balance between your expectation and the item's qualification. That's it.

So, let's dive into the topic!

Our Top 12 Best Glass Dip Pens in 2021

So, what's the right glass din pen for your writings? Honestly, there is no single perfect pen for everyone. It depends on your needs and the nature of your projects. That's why I have researched and come with a long list of 12 Glass dip pen. I hope you will find one.



Editor's Rating


Molshine Handmade Glass Dip Pen Calligraphy Signature Pen

5 out of 5

ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen

ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen and Ink Set

5 out of 5

Sunkey Handmade Glass Dip Pen

Sunkey Handmade Glass Dip Pen Holder Feather Pen

4.5 out of 5

Mancola Glass Dipped Pen Ink Set- for Art, Signatures, Calligraphy, Drawing

4.5 out of 5

BTSKY Handmade Glass Dip Pen Glass

4.5 out of 5

1. Molshine Handmade Glass Dip Pen Calligraphy Signature Pen Crystal Glass Pen Business Present (Silvery)

What is the most comfortable and smooth writing glass dip pen? I don't know for sure, but I think this highly-rated and extremely popular pen from Molshine comes quite close.

Honestly, there are tons of glass pens available on the market with poor ink flow and faulty barbed tip. And it is really unacceptable when you buy your desired glass dip pen. Or imagine you just switched from a fountain pen to a fancy dip pen, but the result is dry, scratchy writing. I am demonstrating these scenarios because it really happens in real life.

But here is the good news. Among the very few pens that have a tremendous ink-flowing capacity, the Molshine glass dip pen is one of them. You can write 2-3 paragraphs easily. In addition, you don't want to worry about the ink flowing down. It works smoothly and very comfortable to write.

What I like most about this pen is its ink holding capacity. You undoubtedly won't want to refill your pen frequently. Here is your pen. It holds quite a lot of ink and flows perfectly.

Moreover, another tricky thing to notice about the pen is it doesn't require you to find the sweet spot. You know, finding the sweet spot on the nib is one of the pre-conditions to write well. So, despite not having the sweet spot, you can write and draw well. Amazing!

This pen writes finer than other glass dip pens. You can control the line width by controlling your ink flow.

Using multiple colors in writing is still a great way to give your writings a leap. It beatifies the writings, arts, and whatever you do. An easy-to-clean pen is a great option for using multiple colors in writings. It only takes 10 seconds to move on to other colors.

Finally, I recommend this excellent glass dip pen for both mature and amateur artists—a great drawing tool to have in your drawing box, indeed.

Highlighted Features

  • You can write quite a bit without refilling it
  • It writes smooth and
  • Comfortable pen grip
  • It is made with heat-resistant Borosilicate material
  • Easy to clean and use

2. ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen and Ink Set

ESSSHOP Handmade Glass Dipped Pen and Ink Set

While we are on the topic of the high rated Glass dip pen, it would be a crime if we skip over the ESSHOP Glass Dip Pen. This handmade dip pen is highly accepted by artists and writers all over the world. And you'll see why.

If you are someone who has a tendency to work in a hurry, you will love this product. It flows ink so well so that you don't have to face an issue with fast writing and ink flowing.

Moreover, the pen is compatible with different types of inks. Even this set comes with 5 different ink colors. And the ink contains gold powder and other artistic material, which makes your writing more gorgeous. You necessarily cannot express a sense of nobleness with ordinary inks yet with these metallic colors.

What's more, this glass dip pen is easy to clean. You won't have to worry about the ink wash away when you put your pen in warm soapy water. Normal water is still fine, but if the color is dried, use warm water.

But what I love most about this dip pen is that it is a multipurpose pen. You can use it to gift someone on his graduation, birthdays, and other special occasions. The gorgeous color pen and the beautiful decoration will simply amaze anyone.

Another interesting fact about this pen is it doesn't only write but draw. The manufacturer says, "if you have a bottle of ink in hand, you can capture your thoughts anytime." And truly, you will feel a direct connection with your ink flowing from the spiral groove.

The pen adopts the capillary principle, which enables easy ink flowing when writing. So to get a direct and raw drawing and sketching experience, without any hesitation, go for this glass dip pen.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent gift choice for friends and family
  • High-quality ink and dip pen materials
  • Gorgeous decoration and well-packaged
  • Smooth ink flow
  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile and multiple application

3. Sunkey Handmade Glass Dip Pen Holder Feather Pen

Sunkey Handmade Glass Dip Pen Holder Feather Pen Color Ink Crystal Drip Fountain Pen

If you have been drawing or DIY for a while, then you probably heard of Sunkey Glass Dip Pen by now. This calligraphy pen set is responsible for a lot of satisfactory small DIY work and big projects as well. Both mature and amateur artists use this pen.

This set contains a beautiful pen holder and a 7-inch blue glass dip pen. The pen holder is so nicely designed that you can comfortably use it as an art ornament. The colored ink in the bottom looks so very beautiful; I cannot certainly express it how it actually looks like. – More like a flower just bloomed in water.

But what I love most about this glass pen is its versatility. Not only it's compatible with various inks, but it is also a great choice for your office desk, calligraphy, or writing short essays.

For using multicolor, there are not many pens to recommend. However, this pen comes at the top of the pile. You can switch colors very quickly. Just rinse the pen in water and dip it into another color. In the case of a fountain pen, you may have not this facility. And that's why a good number of fountain pen users switch to glass dip pens.

Though it has not arrived on the market long ago, this pen has already earned for itself a commendable name. Here is why.

What truly makes this pen one of the best choices on the market is its application accuracy. If accuracy is what you need, you can go with this pen. Alternatively, if you want a quick finish and smooth ink flowing pen, you can also use this pen.

One bonus tip: don't ever submerge the tip in the ink bottle; it can only be partially submerged. Otherwise, you have to experience ink blottings.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick and easy switching pen
  • Multifunction; you can use it in office, calligraphy, or for agreement signing
  • The pen holder is more like an art ornament
  • You can write 40-60 words before re-dipping
  • Perfect to gift on any occasion

4. Mancola Glass Dipped Pen Ink Set

If you are looking to have your drawings match your creative vision, the Mancola Glass Dipped Pen would be a great tool to consider.

This is a versatile pen, compatible with various types of inks. Even this set comes with 12 different ink colors. You don't have to worry about writing a multicolor wedding invitation paper! Okay, does someone literally write a multicolor invitation paper?

Whether you design an invitation card with multicolor or not, but you can certainly meet your second-tier calligraphy needs. This pen does extremely well for calligraphy and creative arts.

Imagine you buy an expensive glass dip pen for your child on his birthday. And guess what, he doesn't like it, because it doesn't look smart or maybe not fashionable. So, it does create an unexpected situation.

To avoid these types of circumstances, pick a Mancola Glass dip pen without a doubt. It will certainly grab the prospect's attention. If not, you can return the product without even a question asked!

If you want to give your drawings or writings a leap and seeking a pen that writes smoothly and continuously, this pen might be what you need. You can write up to 50 words with a refill, meaning you don't have to refill your pen frequently. As you need proper concentration and care, this will help you quite a lot.

Have you ever experienced a situation when you need a certain color to beautify your writings, but you don't have that color in your stock? But guess what?

This set comes with 12 different pens to make sure you never get there again.

And obviously, this pen is made of some quality materials like borosilicate glass and crystal glass material. So you can undoubtedly rely on this pen for your calligraphy designs and occasional luxury gifts. You won't regret!

Highlighted Features

  • A great choice for both beginners and pro-level calligraphers
  • Looks classic and gorgeous
  • Gold powder ink; lightfast and permanent
  • 12 different colors of ink
  • The easy cleaning pen and quick-drying inks
  • Elegant gift pen

5. BTSKY Handmade Glass Dip Pen Glass

For some buyers, the best glass dip pen is that which strikes a perfect balance between quality and affordability. With regard to that, the BTSKY Handmade Dip pen is a great option.

The pen is really versatile, coming with beautiful colored glass and an excellent twisting pattern on the nib. If you are on a budget yet want a gorgeous pen, this would be the best option. The way it is designed looks way more than what is priced.

Do you know -what makes people avoid drawing?- It is the fear of drawing because of its complexity. Yes! You heard it right. From our childhood, we grew up listening to that drawing or making calligraphy needs some special talent. And, it's hard, complex- everyone cannot do that, etc. But you know what? This is a myth. If you have the right tool, it could be this one or another; you can draw and write by yourself.

So, the pen comes quite simple to use and clean. This glass dip pen is probably made especially for beginners. The ink flows extremely well and smooth. It will make you feel something real. I mean, you can directly relate yourself to how the ink goes down to nib and writes on paper.

Worried about switching the colors? Don't be. This pen is for all kinds of liquid or watercolor ink. You can switch colors within 10 seconds. Just put the nib on the water, wipe it out with a dry cloth, and re-dip into another ink bottle. As simple as you like.

Last, but not the least, if you are about to buy a glass dip pen for multipurpose, you can strongly consider this pen. You can do things with it- From drawing to writing letters and invitations.

Highlighted Features

  • Elegant design 
  • Easy to use and clean
  • A great choice for beginners
  • Available at an available price
  • Lightweight and comfortable in the hand

6. AXEARTE Glass Dip Pen Set, 14 Color Inks, Pen Holder, 18-Pieces Calligraphy Pens Set

AXEARTE is a widely-used glass dip pen brand on the market at the moment. The manufacturer claims to use high-quality borosilicate glass in their pens. Thus, making their product lucrative and safe to use.

This AXEARTE set comes with 18-pieces calligraphy tools. It includes 14 different colors of ink bottle with a cleaning cup and pen holder. Moreover, it provides 2 crystal glass dip pens for calligraphy, writing, and drawing. And importantly, both pens are in different styles and sizes. Honestly, the tools are sufficient to make your drawings incredible. Just a moment waiting to put your ideas into creations!

The interesting part is one pen writes thicker than another. I'm a bit confused about which one actually writes thin. Please, do check before you start your final drawing. And importantly, don't forget to shake the bottles before opening.

In addition, consider handling the thick point pen carefully. If you use the inks with your thicker point on a thin paper, it may bleed. So put a hardboard or cardboard under the page.

The thin point pen is suitable for making outlines and fine details. On the other hand, the thicker one is great for filling colors and deep writings. At the same time, by controlling the ink flow, you can make thin lines by a thick point too.

What's more, the inks carry gold powder in it. So, when they are exposed to paper, they shimmer. You will be thrilled with this glass dip pen. How well they hold inks and flows on the paper.

They are easy to use and quick at switching between colors. It takes a max of 10 seconds. Moreover, you don't need to refill ink frequently. It can write up to 40-50 words at a time.

Oh! One more thing, ink colors are not written in English on the bottle, so please check it manually before you put on the final page.

Highlighted Features

  • Great deal for the price
  • 14 different color inks
  • Inks are shimmering and vibrant
  • Quick switch between colors
  • A pen holder and cleaning cup included
  • Easy cleaning and refill

7. GC QUILL MU 02 Calligraphy Pen Set

Are you looking for the perfect started glass dip pen for a beginner? Say Hello to GC QUILL MU-02 Calligraphy pen set. This would be the absolute choice for someone who is about to start his calligraphy career.

These pens are perfect not only for calligraphy but also for drawing and paintings. If you have a small calligraphy business or suppose you are assigned to write an invitation letter to your principal for your batch, you can rely on this pen. Meaning, you can use it for both casual and formal purposes. It writes smooth and free of ink blotting.

This set is so versatile. It comes with 2 different pens and 5 ink colors, further 1 pen holder with 6 Nibs! Unbelievable! One is a glass dip pen, and another is a wooden dip pen. Both are for the same task yet made of different materials and styles.

The fact that these colors are not waterproof makes them easy to remove. Thus you can switch between colors quickly.

What I like most about these pens is that they are compatible with 6 different nibs. You can use them according to your preferences and needs. You know, in some cases, we feel the nibs would be a bit thinner or thicker. This is something very common in drawing. So, in the case of GC QUILL dip pens, you won't have to face this crux.

And the amusing fact is that this pen is widely accepted among the elderly as well. This is quite interesting.

Finally, this well-packaged and elegant dip pen set would be a great gift option for your friends and family. You can surprise them with these fashionable yet acutely effective drawing pens.

Highlighted Features

  • 2 dip pens; wooden and glass
  • Comfortable in hand
  • It writes smooth and ink-blotting free
  • Great gift for birthdays or other occasions
  • Fashionable design and antique style
  • Great for the price

8. CODACE Glass Dip Pen Ink Set

Are you looking for the most promising glass dip pen on the market? Call off the search this moment, as you found the dip pen that you were looking for all this time.

This attractive glass dip pen could be a great tool to give your calligraphy works a leap. It is mostly used for calligraphy writings, but you can also use it for signature, office work, or even for an art ornament. Really, it looks so gorgeous that many a people in different states lay it out in their drawing-room.

When it comes to ink flow and smooth writing, this one is head and shoulder above the rest of the glass dip pens in this budget. It provides an incredible ink flow and an unbelievable smooth writing experience. Thus, it ensures you don't fall short of ever implementing your ideas on the paper.

This unit has a top-class formula, which increases the ink absorption to create that smooth flow of ink. Moreover, the borosilicate glass and exquisite spiral pattern on the point ensures that it is going to give a satisfying user experience. Even more, it is comfortable in the hand and easy rolling.

Therefore, you will be able to work with utmost comfort and ease. Besides, the decorative sequins inside the pen increase the grade of the dip pen.

What I like most about this calligraphy set is that it comes with 12 different colors of inks. And more importantly, they all include gold powder. As you know already, what gold powder does. To give your works a romantic vibe, there are not many better ways other than shimmering inks. It gives an artwork an incredible outlook and finish.

This lightweight and easy-use pen is suitable for both mature and amateur artists. No matter you are left-handed or right-handed, skinny or bonny, you can use it. No worries.

Highlighted Features

  • The pen is lightweight and easy to use
  • Great for the price
  • 12 bottles of ink
  • It is suitable for longer use
  • It holds enough ink
  • Recommendable for both beginners and advanced-level artists

9. Gullor Glass Dip Pen, Crystal Dip Sign Pen Gift Pen

No matter whether it is for calligraphy, art, signature, or drawing, the Gullor Glass Dip Pen has got you covered in all kinds of applications. So no wonder it is one of the best dip pens available on the market at the moment.

One of the important advantages of having this glass dip pen is its versatility. You see, you can use this dip pen for almost every drawing purpose.

Imagine you choose a dip pen. Everything looks good. It is well made, has a very fashionable look. But the pen has one drawback- the nib of it isn't up to the mark. Will you buy that pen? Certainly, a big No, right? Anyway, this pen has a quality nib, which ensures you write smooth and flawless.

On top of that, the durability and longevity that the pen has to offer are word-class. So, once you start using this pen, it is not going off easily.

One shortcoming of this glass dip pen set is that it doesn't come with ink. So, you have to buy ink separately. But you know what, when ink bottles come with the pen, and you don't have any choice for them. You have to accept what the manufacturer provides.

Therefore, in this case, you can choose your ink colors by yourself. There are several ink types and brands on the market, including India ink, acrylic ink, waterproof, drawing ink, etc. You want to choose according to needs and preferences.

One more thing, as it holds ink pretty well, it gives deeper lines (sometimes thicker). So, be careful about your ink density. If the consistency isn't perfect, it can blot or bleed on the paper. In the case of thinner ink, it bleeds easily on average copy paper. So, try to make sure of an ideal consistency of your medium.

Highlighted Feature

  • It is versatile
  • Great quality nib
  • It holds ink really well
  • Write up to 50 words per dip
  • Suitable for calligraphy, drawings, and other applications

10. HSTYAIG Glass Dip Pen Set, Pen Sign Gift Pen, Handmade Elegant Crystal Dip (Light Blue)

You may be wondering why it is priced a bit expensive, what's extra in it? Let me explain the reason behind. What if I tell you, you can do all your drawings, signature, and artwork with only one pen? Yes, the HSTYAIG Glass Dip Pen is sort of 'one-man army.' It does a tremendous job only by itself. You just need a pen for all kinds of artwork.

As the pen is very attractive and colorful, you can use it as an art ornament. There are quite a few glass pens that people use for art ornaments. It will remind you of those classy paperweights that probably your grandma used to collect.

Apart from that, this glass dip pen is water and heat-resistant. The high-quality borosilicate glass is used here. More importantly, there are not many dip pens as durable as this.

Now, let's talk about its compatibility. You can use this item on countless pieces of paper and surfaces. As I said before, no matter you want calligraphy works or signatures for office work, all you can do with this pen. In addition, it will certainly increase your desk's beauty.

Another good feature of this product is that it has a spiral pattern tip. And the thickness of it varies from 0.7-0.8. Which means you can do whatever art writing you want.

So, you can have the best art results when you use this glass dip pen. Besides, it certifies the utmost convenience to its user.

It has a very easy cleaning process, which means you can switch between colors in no time. Just rinse off the nib with water and wipe with a dry cloth, and then re-dip the pen to another color. As simple as that.

Also, it is lightweight, as in, you can handle the pen comfortably and get the job done effortlessly. Plus, you can keep this item on your showcase as it is gorgeous and fashionable.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of high-quality borosilicate glass
  • Great for office work and signature
  • You can also use it as an art ornament
  • Spiral groove point tip
  • Compatible with all kinds of inks

11. Molshine Handmade Glass Dip Pen Signature Pen Business Present (Rainbow)

Moonshine is considered one of the best brands when it comes to glass dip pens. I have already reviewed a glass pen from Molshine. So, if you are still confused about choosing your glass dip pen, you can now rely on it.

Unlike other items, this one contains less than 0.1% harmful ingredients. It is acid, water, heat, and alkali resistant. You won't find many glass dip pens as durable as it is.

Moreover, you will be able to use it for multipurpose. From calligraphy to graffiti, invitation cards, and writing notebook, you can use this awesome glass pen.

Would you name me some ideal products that I can gift my teacher? There are not many of them. But, what about a fancy fashionable glass pen set? It is a classy and exceptional option for sure.

Besides, the handmade glass dip pen is easy to clean, meaning it can switch between colors easily.

Furthermore, you can write 20-60 words with a refill. You may get surprised. Why is it 20 to 60? Well, if you would like to art deeper and thicker then, it might not go more than 20 words; however, in the case of thin and light art, it will go up to 60 words per refill.

The pen works well as a signature pen. To sign on the deeds and official papers, you can use it comfortably.

You won't get a direct feeling of ink flowing down through your hand unless you have the right glass dip pen. I think this is one of the prime reasons people use dip pens. You can relate every single change on the paper. So, Molshine is one of the renowned brands in this industry that is heartedly dedicated to providing you the real feelings.

After considering everything about the pen, I highly recommend this one to start your new calligraphy journey.

Highlighted Features

  • You can feel how it writes; so natural
  • You can write up to 60 words a dip
  • Environmental friendly ingredients are used
  • Highly affordable
  • It is Durable and easy to use

12. W.D Crystal Glass Dip Pen, Elegant Ink Drawing Pens (Colorful)

If you are sick and tired of finding the best pen for calligraphy, let me introduce the W.D Crystal Glass Dip Pen to you. This is the last pen from our top picks today.

The pen hasn't arrived long ago, but it has created a place among the glass dip pen users. The main advantage of having this pen is that it has great control over lines. I mean, you can control your lines as you want. The reason behind that is its super spiral point tip.

Besides that, the whole design looks pretty elegant and fashionable.

One drawback that I found about this dip pen is that it would be tough to work with permanent inks. Though it is really easy to clean regular inks with soapy water, I cannot guarantee you a permanent one.

However, you have a smart solution. You use warm soapy water and submerged it for an or couple of hours. I hope all will come off smoothly. If not, you can use mild cleaners or solvents available on the market.

The pen is entirely made of high-quality borosilicate glass. It is heat and water-resistant. You don't have to worry about longevity and durability. With proper care, it serves a lifetime.

If the link doesn't flow down smoothly, there is no point in using a gorgeous glass dip pen. It is better to use that as an art ornament. If you want to write, art and signature with the pen, it must do that well. Fortunately, you get both of these in this pen. It looks vibrant and writes really well.

It can write up to 50 words easily with a dip. However, in the case of deep and thick writing, it will fall short of 50. No worries, re-dipping the pen is as easy as you like.

Furthermore, in the case of switching color, wash it with water, and then re-dip into the next color. Otherwise, you will get an unknown mixed color.

Highlighted Features

  • Ink flows well but doesn't come with ink
  • Alkali and heat resistant
  • Comfortable in the hand
  • Great for the price
  • Easy to use and clean

Buyer's guide: what to consider before choosing a glass dip pen

You know, there are several kinds of glass dip pens available on the market. But not all are the same. Some differ in quality, some in price. Though, a pricy item doesn't necessarily mean a good item. So, before you put your money on a fancy dip pen, consider looking at some crucial things.


Is your pen heat-resistant? It is obvious that every product is not made of the same materials. You buy the best glass dip pens, probably is it made of brittle acrylic. And, as it is inexpensive, you may think, oh, it looks a deal indeed!

Therefore, you need to be very careful about choosing your dip pen's material. As it is breakable by nature, picking the dip pen made of quality glass is so crucial.

Ask your manufacturer or seller about the material and making procedure. Moreover, it is best to get someone besides who is experienced in this sector.

Ink flow

This is a major determining fact to give your drawings a leap. If your pen falls short of providing a smooth flow, you certainly do not have the desired finish. To get your imaginations into reality, you must have a pen without ink flowing issue.

In addition, a nice flowing pen will give a direct experience of drawing. It is more likely; you feel the way ink is flowing down and making a mark on the paper. This is so amusing.

In addition, if possible, make your decision initially that what you are going to with this pen. If you aim to do a lot of office-works with this, then you won't want to go with a thick pen. At the same time, if it is only for calligraphy work, then it doesn't matter much actually- thin or thick.

Further, if you would like to get the various job done with a glass dip pen, make sure it can write both thin and thick. And the capability depends on your nib quality.

Nib quality

So, our next key fact is nib quality assurance. You write more with your nib than your pen. It sounds a bit odd but technically correct. So, imagine you get everything right in your pen but the nib. What's wrong? It seems you give me a pen without a nib.

How your outlines will be, depends on your nib quality. For instance, you have got a perfect hand on calligraphy. One day, you are invited to your friend's house, and suddenly, his Lil sister demands you to draw calligraphy by her name. You got a glass dip pen. But what happened! You cannot write your own. The nib disrupted you from delivering the good.

Now, think of a beginner who is just about to start his journey. You can identify the fault, but isn't it out of the question for a newbie to identify the fault?

So, when you buy someone a pen as an expert or buy a pen for yourself as a newbie, consider this thing strongly.

The cleaning process and switching color

Switching among colors is truly crucial for doing a multicolor project. You know, the use of a couple of different colors gives a new dimension to artwork.

However, it is certainly not an easy task if your pen is not easy to clean. Easy cleaning is a pre-condition for switching between colors.

An ideal dip pen takes a maximum of 10 seconds to be washed off. And it gets prepared for re-dipping into the next color. Undoubtedly, the right use of multicolor gives your arts an incredible look.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How long a glass dip pen last? 

Answer: You have an answer to your question. A glass dip pen lasts. But yes, how long? Generally speaking, it lasts 3-4 years. Again, it varies from user to user because how you use it determines how long it will last. With proper care and using procedure, you shouldn't have any objection regarding its durability.

Question: What is the perfect ink for glass dip pens?

Answer: So let's get right to it. Choosing the right ink is crucial, but not that tough at all. You do not want to go with calligraphy ink or anything that has acrylic in it or something. That's difficult to remove because glass pens have the little grooves that are things like to get stuck in them.

I do have some fountain pen inks, which are perfect for glass dip pen. Or you can use Royal Challenge Ecoline liquid watercolor. Anyway, so these types of inks are perfect. You don't want too wet ink, or you don't want to go too dry because then you may have flow issues.

And eventually, I would say that when using glass pens, you're not really going to be using them for everyday writing, so enjoy it. Set things up, take your time, and keep your water, keep your tissue nearby draw something you imagine.

Question: What paper is best for glass dip pens?

Answer: You want to use a thicker paper like watercolor paper. It could be cold press or hot press. Hotpress paper texture is smooth. Watercolor paper is preferable because it lasts for a long.

Next to this is a mixed media paper. It also has different textures. You would use it, but I normally use watercolor paper.

If you really don't like rough bumps, then hot press paper is for you. The dip pen glides so smoothly on the paper. And it is nice because the paper is still thick. It will withstand any type of ink.

You wouldn't want to use a normal copy paper with your glass dip pen because you are going to put a lot of liquid on the paper. When you cross over in a certain section, you would probably tear the paper if it is not strong enough to withstand all of that liquid in one concentrated area.

In the case of the cold press paper, it has a lot more texture. I generally avoid rough texture paper because, in it, the watercolor can expand. So just be careful with that. But I never have an issue with cold press paper despite it having a little bit of texture.

Question: Can I use multiple colors with the same pen?

Answer: Certainly you can. Glass dip pens are washable and can be used for several projects. As the same time, you are bound to maintain some regulations. For instance, when you want to use the green color right after using red color, then you must rinse off the ink with water, and wipe out with a clean piece of cloth or tissue paper, then you can re-rip into the next color means red ink.

Still confused? Don’t miss out watching this 3 minute video:

YouTube video should be here.

Wrapping It Up

Many of you use glass dip pens occasionally. So, it must be a fun, joyful experience. And nowadays, it is easy to get perplexed when you see a number of options available on the market. Don't worry. I have researched well enough to buy you the best glass dip pen and save your money.

Thus, I hope you can now pick your best dip pen. And if you have any further queries, you can comment below or read this detailed article on using glass dip pens.                                           Related Resource:                                                                                                                               Step By Step Ruling Pen Choosing Tips                                                                                       

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