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Best Graph Paper: Buying Recommendations in 2022

Is there any better option for analyzing data other than using graph paper? Not just data analyzing, there are plenty of reasons one should get used to using graph paper. We are told since our boyhood that graph paper is only for engineering students and solving mathematical problems.

But the reality tells us a different story. A piece of graph paper can incredibly help you to make your monthly plan and budget in a more efficient manner. It could be either personal or professional. However, sadly, how many of us are conscious about the use of graph paper?

Furthermore, graph paper can really be handy when you present any sort of statistical data. It makes the presentation more valuable and expensive to the audience.

Therefore, it is also crucial to find the best graph paper for your application. The accuracy, page quality, all vary among the brands. And the difference can significantly change the outcome. Don't worry. We have covered you up with our top recommendations for graph paper in 2021.

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Five Star Loose Graph Ruled Leaf Paper

5 out of 5

Pen- Graph Paper

5 out of 5

Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper

4.5 out of 5

School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper

4.5 out of 5

Koala Tools Perspective Grid Graph Paper for Interior Room Design

4 out of 5

What to Consider Before Buying Graph Paper

Honestly, there are only a few things that you look into before choosing your graph paper. This is not too hard neither too easy.

Things like graph paper, engineering paper, or an engineering pen might seem not that important yet they can make a significant impact on the total outcome and final product.

So let's see some crucial factors that you should be careful and mindful about.

Identifying the actual need

There are literally dozens- if not hundreds- of types of graph papers and each of them is great for a distinct application or two. So how on earth would we expect something to perform great when we fail to choose the right application for that?

Let me give you an example. You want to visualize an interior plan and pick a 1x1 inch gridded graph paper. Will that be okay for your job? Similarly, every graph paper has its specialty and own strong point. Before choosing your one, identify you need and expectation and looking for a graph paper pad according to that. Otherwise, it might be difficult to make a bit out of the product.

Page quality

So, it’s been quite a long that I am talking and emphasizing this matter. If you are not new to my writings, you already know that this is something where I give the maximum importance. This is the place where I can’t compromise even a bit.

The pages should be at least as good as to write with a ballpoint pen without having any ink bleeding or showing through. You know, nowadays maximum brands of graph paper offer us to use both sides of the paper. One side is gridded for graphing and the other side is for calculation and drafting.

But imagine the paper is too thin that ink bleeds through the page and makes marks to the next page as well. Then how can you use both sides of the paper? So the manufacturer should primarily focus on the page quality and its elements from where it is being made.

Lastly, I want you to ponder over a scene. You have prepared a project plan that will be implemented a couple of years later or being implemented for years. No problem till now. But after a year or two, you will find your paper plan get smeared and yellowed in the file. So, what will you be going to do then? No way, it is for your low-grade page and the average ballpoint pen ink.


This is where brands become more significant and important. The graph paper in and of itself is for providing accurate measurement and scale. If it somewhat falls short of it, then this might cost a lot.

As there are so many types and brands of graph paper, you really need to be mindful and careful about this matter. Everyone claims to be better than others but reality tells us a different story always.

So the bottom line, look for a graph paper pad from renowned brands and trusted manufacturers. If you don't have the expertise in this, don't worry; we are here only to help you.

The cardboard

This is an amazing feature for any graph paper pad. However, this is not something obvious or must-have thing that needs to be present in a grid paper pad. If you're someone who works mostly outdoor, this feature can really be helpful for you. You can write and draw at any time and anywhere- no matter in which state you're.

On the other hand, if you're a student or someone who always writes and draws on manual hardboard, then this might not be as beneficial as it is for the other group of people. So, this is optional. Importance and affectivity depend on the situation and the need of the user.

All that being said, I personally recommend getting a graph paper notebook, if you feel you need more organized and structured means of doing your graph work.

Our Top 7 Best Graph Paper in 2022

It is never an easy task to pick the graph paper where there are hundreds of options available in the market. But when you get someone experienced in this and back you choosing a graph paper pad, that’s the different case. And yes, you're on that way. We've brought only about 7 graph paper for you against the hundreds of options.

1. Five Star Loose Graph Ruled Leaf Paper

Five Star Loose Graph Ruled Leaf Paper

If you have been into engineering or using graph paper for the last few years, you perhaps know that the Five Star has a reputation for high-quality paper and durable graph pads. So, this is no wonder that our first product comes from the brand Five Star.

Now, what captivated me the most about this product is its high-quality pages. I have been emphasizing this issue for a long time. If you are not new to my recommendations, you know that well. There is no other option that substitutes anything other than having good quality paper. Fortunately, this graph-ruled paper comes with decent quality pages that prevent any bleed or show through pages.

The package contains 3 packs of graph paper. And every pack contains 100 sheets of graph paper. White color graph pages provide a smooth surface to write over. You can use any pen or pencil except the wettest fountain pen or such.

Do have any longevity issue with your existing graph pad? Or are you worried about the durability of your product? Let it be anywhere else from now on. The manufacturer designed the item with patent-pending triangular holes and the strongest reinforcement tape. As in, it will resist any tearing or loosing pages from rings. No question about durability at all. Moreover, its triangle holes help pages turn more easily.

The double sided sheets are gridded with .25 inch front. Meaning, 4 squares per inch. And the back of the sheet contains 5 squares per inch. And the overall dimension is 11 x 8 1/2 inches.

Finally, I would love to recommend this amazing pack of graph paper for anyone who wants to start the journey or wants to shift to the better version of graph paper pad.

Highlighted Features

  • Double sided sheet; eligible for writing both sides of the page
  • 20lbs paper resists ink bleeding and show through; use any pen except the wettest fountain pen
  • Great for note-taking, professional projects, and homework
  • The stronger reinforcement tape and triangular holes resist tearing and page loosing
  • 3 pack of 100 sheets; front page 4 squares per inch and backside 5 squares per inch

2. Pen- Graph Paper

Pen- Graph Paper

Now it becomes obvious that when you're talking about the graph paper or engineering paper, Mr. Pen gets itself there. They have been making some marks for the last few years. One of the strongest points of the brand is its durable product design. They are called the value-driven company.

First and foremost, in the case of this graph paper, Mr. Pen doesn't fall short of providing a good quality paper. The pages are thick enough, and enough for writing with any ballpoint pen. Moreover, the surface of the paper is quite smooth and easy to write over. The pen glides over the paper smoothly and flawlessly.

To give you the writing support at any circumstance, the graph paper pad comes with hard and sturdy cardboard at the back. As in, you will be able to write at standing, sitting, and lying.

The package comes with 55 sheets. The dimension of the paper is 11 X 8.5 inches. Each grid scales .25 inches. Meaning, you'll get 4 squares per inch.

When it comes to easy and clean tearing, the perforation system is arguably the best of all. Luckily, it comes with the system. In addition, you'll find a 3-hole punched facility in it, which ensures perfect ring bindings and 180-degree lay flatting.

Finally, the item is great for taking notes, engineering drawing, and drafting plans. Don't worry about your glossy ballpoint pen ink, the pages of it are thick enough to prevent ink bleeding and show through.

Highlighted Features

  • 55 sheets per pad; 4 squares per inch
  • 3-hole punched; perforation at the top of the pad for easy and clean tearing
  • The thick paper prevents ink bleeding and showing through the pages
  • Suitable for taking notes, engineering drawing, and homework
  • Great for the price

3. Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper

We've got our second Five Star product on the list. If you're looking for an affordable option to start your journey with graph or engineering paper, then this could be an ideal option. Or even, if you're a little bit suspicious about the quality of the paper and all, let you start with this starter pack. This is a single pack of 100 sheet graph paper.

When it comes to good quality pages, there are only a few brands that can truly meet our needs and expectation. Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper is one of them. It provides 20lbs of paper for your graph works and engineering drawings. In other words, this is as much as of a good quality notebook paper. You can write and draw without facing any issue with ink bleeding and show through the page.

Is the paper thickness all about the quality of the paper? Many of you will argue, and I'm one of them. The smoothness of the paper and the color of the page are also crucial- if not equally important. You might have experienced paper gets yellowed over time. Why does this happen to notebook pages? - Because the pages are made with acid and other chemicals. It glazes initially but over time it only gets worse. But the good news is that this graph paper pad comes with such quality paper that allows your pen to glide very smoothly and easily over the page.

What's more? It is designed with 3-hole punched system. And the holes are in and of itself shaped triangle, as in, you can turn the pages more easily and comfortably.

Lastly, this USA-made starter pack from Five Star has stronger reinforcement tape and such things that lead you to use it for a long period of time.

Highlighted Features

  • 100 sheet pack with the overall size of 11 x 8 1/2 Inches
  • 3-hole punched system with triangle-shaped hole
  • Heavyweight 20lbs paper allows you to write with any ballpoint pen
  • Made in the USA
  • More durable and stronger than competitors

4. School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper

If you're on the market to purchase your next graph paper pad or to replace the existing one with a better option, it is quite hard to pass on the School Smart Double Sided Graph paper. Arguably, this is one of the top 5 graph paper on the market at this moment. With its good quality paper, it can give a leap to your work and study.

Consistency and accuracy are the two most important aspects of a graph paper. If these two are not present in an item, there is no point in considering that graph paper. In this regard, this brand of graph paper is very reliable and ensures the quality of the product.

The best part of this paper is its thickness and the smooth surface. You can write with any utensil you like and will be able to erase several times even at the same place. But the wettest fountain pen or such can surely cause bleed or show through the page.

It contains 500 sheets per pack. And you can use both sides of the paper. Looking at it from a glance, you perhaps make nothing out of it but it can be the real deal when drawing and planning engineering projects and making paper works. The graph paper pad has a slightly larger grid than the traditional graph paper. It makes it easy for the school boys to solve their math problems and get used to it.

I will end up reviewing the product with an emotional story related to it. A child with dysgraphia, his mother stated, “Our son has dysgraphia, and this is the tool that we use to help him organized at his school work”. “He uses it for his all math work, and place one digit per square” she added. You can still find the statement at the right on top of the ‘customer review’ of amazon.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for the new learners and students especially
  • 500 sheets per pack; you can use both the sides
  • Unbelievable price for the value
  • Multiple uses; graphing, drawing, computation, etc.
  • It helps students with visual and writing difficulties

5. Koala Tools Perspective Grid Graph Paper for Interior Room Design

You may call it 3D graph paper. It has all aspects being called that. We are talking about the Koala Tools Graph paper. This is one valuable option for professionals who design and draw realistic room interiors. For the past few years, I haven’t found such a versatile option for a visual wall sketch as this one.

The product comes in 40 sheets with a size of 9" x 12" each. You can easily tear the sheet printed on both sides.

It provides 80gsm craft paper. As in, you can draw and write with the wettest fountain pen without having bleeding or show through the pages. Moreover, it helps ink dries faster and easier. In other words, you don't have to worry about smearing or smudging over the paper.

Imagine you only have limited pieces of sheets in your hand. You're bound not to make any mistake on paper. At that time, you make a mistake. If the paper isn't erasable, what would you do at that time? Isn't it horrible enough? Fortunately, the paper in and of itself is erase-friendly and you can even erase the same place multiple times.

One of the interesting facts about the item is that it is used for drawing comics and anime for interior perspective scenes. The unique design and the layout of the product help it to become versatile in nature and multipurpose item in work.

Finally, the item fits well with anyone who has just started learning interior design and drawing. And, this is also a good fit for professionals who are working for a long time in this industry.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent quality paper allows you to write with any utensil you want to use
  • Great for visual planning, drawing, sketching, etc.
  • 40 sheets printed on both sides; easy and clean tearing
  • Highly elastic and stands up with high pressure drafting
  • Highly recommend for interior designers, woodworkers, and artists

6. 1InTheOffice Graph Pads

If you want a graph paper that will likely to meet all your needs including note taking, drawing, project planning, etc. this could be an ideal option. The product is well-accepted for its multiple uses and greater versatility.

What is graph paper and why people use it? There might be plenty of reasons for using a graph paper pad. But generally speaking, like of us, people use expensive graph paper for calculation, note taking, architectural drawings, etc. And there are not many options available such as this one which is equally compatible and suitable for each of these tasks.

Who else doesn't want his task to be accomplished more easily and perfectly? And especially when you are working on a technical project, it is more appreciable to get your work done in a structured and organized way. For doing so, the 1 in TheOffice graph paper comes at the top of the pile.

It comes with 50 sheets a pack. Pages are printed on both sides so that you can use 100 pages of it. And the good news is you don't need to worry about the ink bleeding and show through the page. It is thicker enough to prevent ink bleeding and such.

From engineers to mathematicians, students to professionals, use this product to equate and design their tasks more easily and comfortably.

Of the benefits of the product is, it allows you to create precise detail featuring the 4x4 rule. Moreover, to make it easier to write at any place you want, the manufacturer designs the pad with a sturdy clipboard backing.

And the best part? The pages it comes with are thicker than the printing paper. You can use any pen and erase marks as many times as you want.

So the bottom line, if you're an engineer, an artist, or a planner, this is a great piece of graph paper pad to have in your arsenal.

Highlighted Features

  • Thicker pages than most of the engineering graph pads
  • No worries about ink bleeding or show through; use any pen or pencil you want
  • Suitable for students, professionals, and any creative mind
  • Great price for the value
  • 50 sheets a pack

7. RETTACY Graph Grid Paper Notebook

Now, you may wonder, why is this item here? And this is totally legitimate because this is not just graph paper but a graph paper notebook. When we were listing for the graph paper for you, couldn’t help but end in listing this product on the list. This is a complete package for graphing and engineering drawing.

The only difference between the traditional graph paper and this graph paper notebook is that it comes in a more organized and structured way.

One of the most exciting parts of having this notebook is that it contains 100gsm pages. Meaning, you're allowed to write with any pen and pencil you want. Needless to say, it doesn't cause any ink bleeding or show through the page.

What's more? designed in a perfect shaper of 5.75x8.38 inches. As in, you can comfortably carry it in your handbag and school bag.

The package is filled with 2 packs of journals. Each of them carries 192 pages. The premium quality leather hardcover protects the notebook and keeps pages alive for writing for years.

Each notebook contains 2 bookmarks, 1 back pocket with an elastic closure. Moreover, the pages are rounded with Arc corner design that prevents any unexpected injury.

Of the benefits of the great quality notebook is that its pages are acid-free. In other words, it won't get yellowed over time and allow you to use it for a lifetime.

So, finally, I would strongly recommend this great piece of notebook for anyone who loves to take notes and think outside the box. You can consider this one for bullet journaling, math study notebook, office-use, and for so many other applications.

Highlighted Features

  • 100gsm thick and acid-free paper; no worries for ink bleeding or getting yellowed
  • 2 pack of journal; each comes with 1 back pocket, elastic closure, and 2 bookmarks
  • Premium hard leather cover protects your words and data for years
  • Perfect size to carry in your hand and school bag
  • Available in various colors

Comparison Table of Graph Paper


Page Quality

Page Quantity


1. Five Star Loose Graph Ruled Leaf Paper

20lbs, heavyweight



2. Mr. Pen- Graph Paper




3. Five Star Reinforced Filler Paper

20lbs, bleed free



4. School Smart Double Sided Graph Paper

15lbs thick paper



5. Koala Tools Perspective Grid Graph Paper for Interior Room Design

Sturdy and thick



6. 1InTheOffice Graph Pads

Thicker than printer paper



7. RETTACY Graph Grid Paper Notebook




Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about graph paper. These might be helpful for a better understanding of graph paper and its usages.

1. Question: What are the different sizes of graph paper? Which is the standard size?

Answer: There are different sizes of graph paper for many different purposes. Every size of graph paper is used for a distinctive reason. The grid printed on an engineering paper is of 5x5. And as the name itself implies, it is mostly used by engineers. There are some other types of papers including the centimeter graph paper. The grid of this paper is printed on 1x1 cm and the dimension of the sheet is 8.5x11 inches. This is one of the most commonly used graph papers by the students.

If you are working according to the inches on a project, then 10 squares per inch of paper will be very appropriate for you. It will help you to save your time and to count the inches more easily and efficiently.

Lastly, there is another type of popular graph paper called Quad paper. In which, you'll get 4 squares per inch. It is quite different than our regular graph paper. However, they are great for drafting your project plan and drawing demos of what you eventually going to build.

2. Question: Can I print off my graph paper?

Answer: That’s a very interesting and commonly asked question. We all know nowadays it’s become easier to make things digitally happen. So, no exception with graph paper. You can make your own-designed graph in your excel software and print that out with your printer. Basically, there are only a few steps involved in the process- formatting, designing, and printing.

3. Question: Can I photocopy my graph paper?

Answer: Yes, why not. But any colored margin or scale may get greyed after photocopy.

4. Question: Can I add new pages to my graph paper pad?

Answer: Yes, you can if your brand permits. Meaning, there are several brands that come with the 3-hole punched system. Where you can easily add and extract pages to your ring bindings. On the other hand, if the graph paper pad is sewed, then there is zero possibility of adding and extracting pages unless you cut it off.

In addition, there is a system called perforation, which is accountable for easy and clean tearing of pages. Generally, the system is to be held on top of the pad.

5. Question: Which is the best graph paper option for solving mathematical equations?

Answer: The half-inch graph paper is more suitable for solving math problems than any other graph paper. It is designed with two grids per inch. This is not only for solving math problems but also popular for recording experimental data.

Final Words

We all need to have basic knowledge about graph paper for our daily life. Graph paper is necessary for students, professionals, and households as well. This could be the smartest way to calculate and budget your monthly expenses. So, if you're about to start graphing for your particular need, you're welcome.

And if you're an engineering student, you might look into our top picks for engineering notebook. The gridded graph paper and the engineering notebook are somewhat similar. Yet, they differ significantly.

 Lastly, I'm sure that you’ve gone through the whole article for picking the best graph paper on the market. If you have any further queries about graph paper and its uses, let me know in the comment box.

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