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10 Best Ink Saving Efficient Printers for Home Use in 2022

Tired of replacing inks for your printer? Well, we know the feeling! Ink replacement is so tiring that can even exceed the printer’s price tag, especially if you deal with large-scale jobs.

So to save money on ink, it's high time you opt for one of the best ink efficient printers. Hence you get a high page yield that potentially reduces your regular expenditure.

But, choosing the best ink saving printer can be a tedious thing since it's a little bit technical. Also, if you’re a non-techy person, considering all the important factors of a high-quality printer is not that easy!

And that’s where this helpful comprehensive review article will benefit you the most! We’ve listed some of the best ink saving and efficient printers for all your home and office printing needs.

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HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Ink Saving Printer

5 out of 5

Epson ET-2750 Cartridge Free Efficient Printer

5 out of 5

MFC-J805DW All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

4.5 out of 5

Canon G7020 Ink Saving Printer for Home & Office

4.5 out of 5

Canon PIXMA G5020 Wireless Single Function Printer

4 out of 5

Best Ink Saving Printer Buying Guide

Getting the best ink saving printer is a great investment for any business at home or office. It will help to cut down the running cost as well as ink, helping you save money in the process.

However, the ink-saving capability of any printer isn’t the only factor you should consider. Instead, there are many other factors you need to look for. That way, you’ll get the right value for your money.

And some of those criteria include;

Printing Speed

A printer not only needs to be efficient on ink but also be effective. It should be convenient to use fast when you need it. No matter how great the printing quality is, if it runs slowly, there’s no way to make it a great pick.

So look for a printer that prints both color and black pages fast. To help you with that, the standard speed capability should be around 10-20 ISO ppm for color printing. On the other side, it should feature around 20-22 ISO ppm print speed for black pages.

Ease of Use

You might come across a few models that aren’t easy to control. It’s mainly because of the poor quality control screen and low power wireless functionalities. Besides, the doc feeder and duplex printing mode are really essential in these modern days.

So, make sure the device you set on has an easy-to-see control screen. Having a touch LCD color screen interface can be a plus point. This allows you to track the ink replacement stage and you’ll never run out.

Likewise, the wired and wireless connection functionalities should be powerful enough for faster data transmission. We also feel like one-touch printing and automated workflows are very much needed.

Connectivity Options

Days have changed, printer industries have come up with many attractive upgraded features. To keep the old days as memories, modern-day printers have various connectivity features through wired and wireless media.

This makes it easy to link with other devices.

You can connect your smartphone, computer, or tablet with your printer. For that, you get to adopt various functions including Wi-Fi Direct, NFC, Ethernet or USB, etc.

The wireless thing is the most interesting part. When you’re in rush, you don’t have to spend a lot of time looking for the right cables. Also, a few machines like the Epson ET-2750 support other features like cloud printing.


Digital printers are highly versatile. One of the most attractive features is multi-functionality. So you’re not only printing but also copy, scan or fax documents to another device. Moreover, you can control it from a remote distance within your home.

Some devices have voice commanding features and a smart controller app. Best of all, the connectivity options make it easier to print from smart devices and even using cloud storage.


It’s hard to overlook the price when you’re buying a product. The same case should apply when you’re looking for a printer. However, the price isn’t the only thing you need to pay close attention to.

Instead, compare the cost of the cartridges as well. This is because most cheap devices tend to have costly cartridges. And printers with cheap ink might not serve you any good at all. Also, multi-functional printers might cost you a little bit more, but in return, you get what you pay for.

10 Best Ink Efficient Printers: REVIEWS

In recent years, there has been the introduction of many affordable and innovative printing devices. Thus changing how people look at printers.

However, these devices require regular maintenance in different forms. And ink replacing is one of the most tedious tasks which are expensive too. So, if you’re budget conscious, you should always look for some of these ink-efficient models we’ve listed below.

1. HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Ink Saving Printer

HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 Wireless Ink Saving Printer

This is a wonderful smart printer by HP. In terms of quality, performance, and ease of use, it was irresistible for us on picking this as the top-choice product on our list. We consider this as the best printer for ink cost.

And there’re many exclusive features to talk about!


Ink Efficiency: HP has an instant ink delivery service. For that, you can boost all your printing, scanning, and copying tasks productively. Moreover, you can efficiently save up to 50%. So this is a great home printer with lowest ink cost. This will keep your entire home and office printing works a charm!

Control: This works with ALEXA voice commander, giving you the utmost feeling of modern-day printing. With Its 2.65" color touchscreen, it’s very easy to operate. Using HP’s smart app, you can control the full device. The ink level tracking feature is so cool with the app. Furthermore, its wired and wireless functions make it a worthwhile choice.

Versatility: With this smart device, you’ll not only be printing but also scan documents, make a copy and fax it as needed. Overall, this is the most cost-effective color printer we’ve listed.

Performance: Printing is much faster as such it can print 10 color pages within just a minute. Likewise, you can print about 20 black pages in a minute. The 3 stage reconnection healing feature ensures you get it to work faster with your Wi-Fi connection.


  • Works with smart ALEXA voice command
  • Print about 20 black, 10 color PPM
  • Touch control screen size 2.65”
  • Paper capacity (225, 60)


  • Smart touch screen control
  • Stable Wi-Fi connection
  • Automatic cartridge refilling detection & ordering
  • Ensures data privacy
  • Time-saving


  • You won’t be able to print from a USB drive

2. Epson ET-2750 Cartridge Free Efficient Printer

Epson ET-2750 Cartridge Free Efficient Printer

Epson introduced the Eco Tank series in 2015. Today, the series is in its 3rd generation and includes some of the best printers for saving ink. One such model is their ET-2750, which is known for its incredible properties.


Ink Efficiency: This printer has refillable supersized reservoir tanks for cartridge-free printing. On top of that, the box comes with ink that can last for up to two years. To be precise, you can print about 5,200 color and about 6,500 black and white pages.

Control: It has auto-stop bottles which are easy to fill. The replacement bottles are reasonably priced, allowing you to save more than 80% on ink. Unlike some models, you can easily print from your mobile devices. This is because it has cloud and wireless printing properties. What’s attractive is that it supports Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity. And with its touch controlling screen, you can easily navigate the options and settings.

Versatility: As from the name, this device allows you to copy, print, and scan documents. It’s LCD perfect for home uses and small/medium enterprises. So, it’s a great value for the money.

Performance: The page accommodation and automatic document feeder increase its printing speed. Overall, EcoTank 2750 has very low maintenance costs and cost per page.


  • Utilizes 4 Epson 502 ink bottles
  • Colors: yellow, magenta, cyan, and black
  • 1.44” touch screen for control
  • Printer, copier, and scanner
  • Accommodates up to 100 14” X8.5” papers


  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to operate
  • Cost-saving
  • Reduces regular expenditure


  • Documents can’t be faxed

3. MFC-J805DW All-in-One Color Inkjet Printer

Brother MFC-J805DW is our third most favorite ink efficient printer. It comes with so many cool features to get excited about! With this model, you can enjoy the best and utmost experience of easy and convenient printing.


Ink Efficiency: With its INKvestmentTank, the boring replacement job is kept far away. Ink is stored in its internal storage, providing you continuous efficient printing each time. The cartridges are engineered with high capacity. So you don’t have to worry about replacing for up to 1 year.

Control: The auto ink gauge indicates when the replacing needs to happen. That’s how it keeps you updated at all times and you never miss a single page. And like the first model (above), you can scan or print a document from your smart devices wirelessly.

Versatility: With full functional versatile features, Brother MFC-J805DW is one of the best printer for home use with cheap ink. You can scan, copy, print, or even fax your document very quickly.

Performance: This printer features a high page yield with its INKvestmentTank. So you get it printed at a very low maintenance cost. Its auto document feeder and versatile paper handling give you a great printing experience. You can easily print on multiple craft papers by adjusting the paper holder tray.


  • 1-year ink supply
  • Prints almost 150 pages/month
  • Allows dual side printing
  • Activated Wireless system
  • 1.8" LCD color display


  • Ink efficient
  • Hassle-free printing
  • Easy printing through smart devices
  • High capacity paper tray
  • Versatile paper handling


  • Can’t handle paper sizes above 8.5 x 14 inches

4. Canon G7020 Ink Saving Printer for Home & Office

Canon inkjet printer provides equal strength in terms of print speed and quality. For average printing needs at home or office, this PIXMA G7202 model can be a good purchase. This is a dye and pigment ink printer and it's packed with so many cool features to suit all your needs.


Ink Efficiency: The best thing about this model is its exceptional ink capacity. It can deliver up to 18,000 black pages or 7,700 color pages. So, for monochrome printing, the printing cost per page can be as low as 0.3 cents. On the other hand, the cost of photo or color printing can be around 1- 1.5 cents per page.

Control: Unlike other ordinary printers, PIXMA G7202 enables you to monitor ink tanks. This allows you to know when you’re running low so that you can refill the tanks. Besides, the wireless printing function saves your time.

Versatility: Its all-in-one printing functionalities make the job productive and fun! And it’s easy to get everything done in one place. You can print, scan, copy and even fax it in a cost-efficient manner.

Performance: Its large capacity trays will hold many papers, giving you a smooth printing experience. As for printing speed, this machine can print about 7 color or 13 black pages per minute. In total, this printing device can hold up to 350 pages. Moreover, it has an automated document feeder to handle large printing tasks with ease.


  • 100-page capacity rear tray
  • 250-page capacity large input tray
  • Automatic double-sided printing
  • LCD control screen


  • High volume printing made easier
  • Built as a multifunctional system
  • Saves you money and time


  • The LCD display isn’t much convenient to read

5. Canon PIXMA G5020 Wireless Single Function Printer

Multifunctional printers will cost you a bit more than single-function devices. So, if you’ve got a tight budget, Canon PIXMA G5020 will be the best option. We call this a small part of the 4th product (Canon G7020 PIXMA).


Ink Efficiency: This device’s ability to save ink is very satisfying. The reason is that it comes with a set of bottles and spare stocks. This set contains 30 times more than any standard cartridge sets. Moreover, the integrated tanks are easy to refill. And the system uses both dye-based and pigment-based inks.

Control: You’ll note that it has advanced features like Wi-Fi connectivity. You can use it with Apple Airprint or Mopria print service for Android devices. Not to forget the PictBridge functionality. This allows you to control printing wirelessly from your phone. Also, the inbuilt display makes it easy to maneuver.

Versatility: This is a great efficient inkjet printer to undertake a large-scale printing task. But when talking about versatility, you’d have to sacrifice! Unfortunately, this printer is a single-function device. And it only prints – no copy or, scan… just print.

Performance: This product has a very good page yield and it supports 2-sided printing to save more papers. So you can print a high volume of papers very efficiently. To give you an idea, you can print about 7,700 color and 6,000 black & white pages. That’s so satisfying considering the price you invest in!


  • Single function, only print
  • Support double side printing
  • Integrated ink tank to refill
  • Replacement indicator
  • Made by Canon


  • Good for high volume printing
  • Easy to control with wireless connection
  • Cost-saving
  • High page yield


  • The display is not so convenient

6. Epson WF-3720 Pro Wireless Color Inkjet Printer

Having a multifunctional printer like this Epson WF-3720 is a great way to replace several different devices in your home or at the office. This will eventually streamline your workflow and make your life a lot easier. You’ll get the taste of a perfect printer to meet all your needs.


Ink Efficiency: Ink efficiency is not a great benefit of this device, though. If you compare the other previous models (above) on our list, this one is not that convenient. It doesn’t support any third-party cartridges. But the catch is that, when you purchase, it includes the first batch of starter ink.

Control: With the 2.7-inch color touchscreen controller, Epson WF-3720 is very easy to control. Moreover, you can control this device wirelessly through its embedded Wi-Fi system. It’s also possible to transfer data using NFC or, using Ethernet cables.

Versatility: So with one machine, you get to print, scan, fax, or even copy documents very easily. With the dash replenishment activated, you can track the refilling stage. This keeps your works pretty sound and continuous.

Performance: The PRECISIONCORE technology ensures superior performance with sharp printing capabilities. Whether it’s an office meeting document or a college report, you get it done professionally without any hassle. With the 250 sheets paper capacity, it’s really close to an effortless printing job. Besides, the auto doc feeder and the duplex printing functions make this thing really awesome.


  • Sheet capacity: 250
  • Controller screen size: 2.7-inch
  • Printing mode: Auto duplex
  • Auto doc feeder capacity: 35
  • Control: wired and wireless
  • Prints 20ppm black
  • Prints 10ppm color


  • Compact design saves space
  • Professional printing output
  • Easy to control with smart devices
  • Enhanced performance
  • Effortless printing
  • Faster processing


  • Only compatible with Epson cartridges

7. Canon TS6420 All-In-One Wireless Black Printer

This multifunctional printer is yet another great deal. It’s made by CANON, a leading manufacturer of printing devices in the market. So, first of all, you’re getting a high-quality device from a reputable brand. And let’s see what great benefits this economical machine has to offer!


Ink Efficiency: When it comes to printing, this model uses an outstanding 5-ink system. This enables you to handle many printing tasks including vibrant color photos. When any tank runs out, you can easily replace it without any hassle.

Control: Because of its compact and stylish design, it’s quite simple to operate and set up. It has a convenient 1.44” OLED screen. This allows you to read messages with ease. Besides, CANON TS6420 has both wired and wireless activated functionalities. So, you can easily print any document from your tablet or Smartphone.

Versatility: If you’re concerned about matching the color of your printer, you’re getting 2 different color options, black and white. You can choose either one, based on your preference. Also when talking about versatility, you can copy, scan documents, as well as print.

So it can easily replace several other devices in your home and office, streamlining your printing needs while reducing the mess.


With CANON TS6420, there’s a rear and front paper feeding system that can hold up to 200 papers. It supports different types of papers including plain paper, greeting cards, and more.


  • Color Black (White available)
  • OLED Screen size 1.44-inch
  • Made by CANON (TS6420)
  • Weight is about 13.80 lbs
  • Wi-Fi activated


  • Smart design
  • Versatile uses
  • Print from a distance
  • Auto double-sided printing
  • Easy to use control panel
  • Great ink saver
  • Space-saving


  • No visible ink line indicator

8. Epson WF-4730 Pro Multi-Functional Printer

At number 8, we’ve listed another great from Epson. This time the model number is Epson WF-4730. It’s a compact build, high-quality printer powered by PrecisionCore. The revolutionary technology provides some awesome devices with enhanced performance. Now, let’ talk about it!


Ink Efficiency: Like the Epson 3720 model, the ink expectancy is not much satisfactory for this device. In our research, we’ve found that this machine performs well. However, it's confined with expensive specified ink by the manufacturer. So, sadly, this won’t support any third-party provider.

Control: The same things here, you can control using your smart devices. That’s because of the powerful wired and wireless connection functionalities. Consequently, the LCD touch screen has added an extra layer of benefits over the control.

Versatility: Like other multipurpose printers, you can do multitasking. So you won’t have to run several machines to print, copy, and scan, or even fax a document to another device.

Performance: Thanks to its best quality engineering that ensures fast, effortless, and easy printing. However, the budget might not be suitable for everyone since it only allows inks/cartridges from Epson. And that’s the only drawback we’re able to find. As long as that’s considered, you’ll get a high-quality multi-functional printer for use in your home or at the office.


  • Color printing speed: 10 ISO ppm
  • Black printing speed: 20 ISO ppm
  • Auto doc feeder capacity: 35
  • Control touchscreen: 2.7-inch LCD
  • Control: wired and wireless
  • Auto duplex printing
  • Paper capacity: 250


  • Professional quality printing
  • Effortless controlling functionalities
  • Less paper replacement
  • Convenient ink refilling
  • Space-saving design


  • Doesn’t support third-party inks

9. Brother MFC-J5845DW Inkjet All-in-One Printer

If you’re after a great ink efficient printer for a small business, check out this MFC-J5845DW model. Manufactured by BROTHER, this all-in-one unit delivers professional results. Besides, it guarantees reliable performance and enhanced productivity.


Ink Efficiency: What we love most about this machine are its revolutionary cartridges. Even better, there is an internal ink tank to ensure uninterrupted printing. You’ll get the box included with enough ink to last you for more than a year. This will help you make exceptional savings and enjoy super convenience.

Control: The other unique feature is its page gauge. This visual, numerical indicator notifies you about the remaining ink amount in the tank. So you get to know when it’s time to replace.

VersatilityIn terms of flexibility, this machine has various connection options. You can use Ethernet, WI-Fi Direct, or USB interface to connect it to a computer or mobile device. So this makes it easy to print from various devices. Also, it’s compatible with popular cloud apps like Google Drive, OneNote, Dropbox, and more.

Performance: To increase productivity, this unit’s paper tray can accommodate up to 250 sheets. On top of that, there is a multi-purpose tray that holds about 100 sheets for added capacity. These trays hold different paper types to suit your printing needs. So it enables you to print documents at a low cost per page and delivers large page yields.


  • Print Speed black 22 ppm, color 20 ppm
  • Paper tray capacity up to 250 sheets
  • Automatic document feeder for up to 50 sheets
  • 3.7-inch touch screen display
  • Duplex printing
  • Document size 8.5" x 11.7"


  • Very efficient
  • Trusted performance
  • Convenient quality printing
  • Easy to control touch screen
  • Useful ink replacement indicator


  • It’s rather said to be perfect for small scale jobs

10. Canon PIXMA PRO-200 Professional Color Photo Printer

The last one, yet it’s a great climate pledge friendly product by the famous brand, CANON. This professional quality printer is very easy to control. And it consistently keeps you printing without any hassle.


Ink Efficiency: For this model, you only have to use a series of 8-color dye-based ink. If you didn’t know already, dye-based inks produce a more vibrant color that’s absolutely amazing. Hence, the output is brighter that’s perfect for printing special art or gift items. So if you’re a professional graphic artist or a photographer, this would be a stunning choice.

Control: This device is easy to set up even for non-tech savvy persons. Likewise, the controlling is very much convenient with its 3.0" interface color LCD screen. It’s easy to track your ink level on this screen. Besides, you can perform simple maintenance things easily. You can also manage settings for different media types.

Versatility: The PPL-compatible technology keeps you printing in high quality each time. You can easily print out from your smartphone or tablet using a Wi-Fi connection. Yet, still, you can create a network using Ethernet cables whenever needed. Finally, the stylish and compact design will allow you to save spaces around.

Performance: This is the most charming part about this device. Its paper skewing correction technology ensures precise paper feeding. The plus side is the built-in sensor that takes its performance to a way better level. And you get professional outputs that are stunningly beautiful.


  • Skew correction technology
  • Max paper size allowed: 13"X 19"
  • LCD color screen size: 3-inch
  • Product body color: Black
  • Uses dye-based ink (8 colors)
  • PPL compatibility


  • Stunning color prints
  • Great printing each time
  • Accurate highlight detail
  • Vibrant shadow effects
  • Accurate paper feeding
  • Prevents paper skewing


  • Ink availability could be an issue for this printer

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What brands have ink efficient printers?

Answer: So, which brand of printer is most reliable in terms of ink efficiency? Well, some of our favorite brands include; HP, Epson, Brother, Canon, among others. There could be many others offering ink saving printers.

But in our suggestion, we recommend the above listed 10 products for low maintenance yet high-quality printing. And the top order products are our most favorite picks.

2. What is ink efficient printer?

Answer: Simple, it’s a printer that runs with very low ink refilling cost. It will have a high page yield with cost-saving printing functionalities at an affordable expenditure. However, efficiency doesn’t mean low quality.

3. Which is a better ink tank or cartridge?

Answer: Reservoir tanks will hold more ink that lasts longer and considered a cheaper printing solution. It’s especially beneficial for those with frequent printing.

On the other hand, cartridges are a bit more expensive and they hold less ink. Yet, printers with cartridges tend to be cheaper. So the manufacturer will make a profit from their sale of the cartridges. However, the common gripe for both types is that if you don’t print regularly, the ink might get dried.

4. Is an Ink Tank Printer good for home use?

Answer: This type of printer is said to be one of the most cost-effective printers. And it’s good for regular uses. That’s because if you leave it unused for a long time, the ink will get dried. So if you can ensure that part, it’s good for either using in your home or at the office.

5. Which is the best all-in-one printer?

Answer: In our view, HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is the best all-in-one printer. This is a smart innovation by HP. We’ve reviewed a few other models from other models, though. Those are also very high-quality and high performing as well. However, to select the winner in terms of performance, quality, and ease of use, HP OfficeJet Pro 8025 is our choice.

Final Word

So this is really the end of our recommended 10 best ink saving printer reviews. With any of these great products, you can reduce ink use and maintain a low cost per page. In short, they’ll offer significant savings in the long run.

Besides, they have incredible print speeds and quality as well. So now that you’ve gone through this extensive buying guide, we hope you feel a little more confident making an informed decision before settling on a certain product.

Yet, this is a technical thing that may puzzle many of you!

 So if you wind up with any kind of questions, feel free to leave us below in the comment box. And we’ll reach out to you with a helping hand.

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