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Best Laboratory Refrigerators : Top 8 Pick For 2022 with Buyer’s Guide

Since there are a variety of refrigerators to choose from, the odds are good that you'll choose a one-size-fits-all refrigerator meant for domestic use. Although they're great for keeping beverages and perishable food cold, they aren't meant to be used in the lab.

Domestic refrigerators, even those from the best brands, fluctuate in temperature and usually have a range of 0 to 10 degrees Celsius. However, such a system is not sufficient to store medications and vaccines. Therefore, the most important aspect of a laboratory refrigerator is that its temperature system remains constant rather than fluctuates frequently.

If you're in charge of a laboratory or a medical store, you know how important it is to keep all your valuable items in pristine condition. But, unfortunately, even a tiny mistake in the temperature system can cost you thousands of dollars. For this reason, it is inevitably necessary for you to have the best laboratory refrigerators available.

Don't get worried; we have compiled a few refrigerators for you, examining their features and functions. So sit back there and enjoy the article.

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MedLab Laboratory Refrigerator

5 out of 5

HNZXIB Horizontal Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer

5 out of 5

Am-1 MedLab Premium Glass Door Refrigerator

4.5 out of 5

HNZXIB -86° C Vertical Ultra-low Temperature Laboratory Refrigerator

4.5 out of 5

American BioTech Premier Pharmacy/Vaccine Undercounter Refrigerator

4 out of 5

How to Choose the Right Refrigerator

In the midst of financial constraints, researchers often decide to purchase domestic refrigerators and freezers to save money, but before choosing such a product, consider these factors:

Accurate Temperature Monitoring

Especially for storing biological items, the temperature should be monitored very carefully. And this is one of the primary features of the best laboratory refrigerator. Sometimes, unfortunately, the clinics and laboratory authorities compromise this by purchasing low-quality freezers just to save a few bucks that might cost them thousands of dollars instead.

In the CDC's definition, vaccines and medical items need to be treated immediately if the temperature exceeds the manufacturer's recommendation. It is possible for materials and substances to be harmed if the authority fails to keep them properly. Because of this, it is important that we, as the authority, search for devices that provide intelligent temperature monitoring.

Extensive Alarm System

Nearly every top brand offers a comprehensive alarm module for laboratory refrigerators nowadays. In addition to the temperature fluctuations, you can see their records later to evaluate.

Sensor alarm, power alarm, and normal temperature fluctuation alarms are all included in an intelligent alarm system. This is why we strongly recommend choosing a freezer that is equipped with these kinds of features.


Oh, yeah. This is a somewhat general view of how a freezer should appear. It's not just for laboratory freezers. It could be any device that requires some space. From its own perspective, both interior and exterior sizes are equally important. The freezer should fit well in the space designated for it. It also needs some space around it since it leaves some heat.

Furthermore, be sure that the unit you choose has the right capacity as well. Although this is crucial, we often ignore it. The reason for this is that if you expect to buy a large refrigerator and you don't have many items to store inside, it will have more temperature fluctuations. In other words, the fuller the freezer, the more stable the temperature is.

You should therefore decide on the size of your laboratory refrigerator according to how much you're going to store there.

Safety and Security

When you're doing your best to manage a high-profile refrigerator to keep your medications and vaccines well, what happens when the power goes out, and someone opens the freezer and leaves it ajar? Lab freezers, in particular, should be equipped with a good security system as well as temperature regulation.

Look for features such as self-locking, auto-closing, etc. In case you frequently open your freezer, pick an appliance that offers a rapid cool-down setting to return the freezer to its ideal temperature in a timely manner. Details read here.

Our 8 Best Laboratory Refrigerators in 2022

As there are a few great options available, you should find a refrigerator that matches your laboratory's layout, contents, and procedures, since every lab has different requirements. By preserving your lab's products and equipment, keeping inventory organized, and facilitating employees' work, the right laboratory refrigerator helps you make your lab as productive as possible.

1. Am-1 AM-LAB-2D-RSE-48 MedLab Laboratory Refrigerator

MedLab Laboratory Refrigerator

The laboratory refrigerator from Am-1MedLab does not exceed your requirements but does provide enough of them at a bargain price. The size of the laboratory refrigerator is usually the deciding factor when we choose one. Generally, we assume it is more valuable the bigger it is. However, there are so many things to take into consideration, from forced-air refrigeration to visual alarms.

It's important to keep in mind that a good laboratory refrigerator is not only for keeping your medical and laboratory items cool, but it can provide other digital features as well.


Adjustable Shelves: It comes with 8 adjustable shelves. Though it appears to be only a small refrigerator, it lives up to expectations. The shelves can be moved around and kept however you like. Aside from this, if you'd like to purchase additional shelves, you can do so separately.

Digital Temperature Control: This is one of the must-have features for a laboratory refrigerator. Honestly, it is not very common to find a unit that includes this feature. In addition to this, there is a digital display that shows the temperature.

Forced Air Cooling: Generally, there are two types of cooling system. Central air system and Forced air system. The latter one is more energy efficient because it uses natural gas. Not only is it affordable, but also it helps to keep the environment clean.

In addition to this, it works quicker than any other cooling or heating system. It takes little to no time compared to water or electricity.

Durability: No question about durability and security. The door is double-sided and has a default lock, and it is made from top-quality materials. Also, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as a 4-year compressor parts warranty.


  • Forced air system
  • r-134a refrigerant, 115V 60Hz electrical
  • Double-sided doors
  • 8 adjustable shelves


  • Digital temperature control and display
  • Energy-efficient cooling system
  • An automatic cycle defrost system is available
  • High/low-temperature alarms with audible and visual indicators
  • Designed specifically for medical and laboratory cold storage applications


  • The manufacturer does not offer additional shelves; you must purchase them from another source

2. HNZXIB Horizontal Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer

Horizontal Ultra-Low Temperature Laboratory Freezer

If you want me to name a complete laboratory refrigerator, I would love to suggest this one. Compact and precise in size, it can be used in any laboratory. In addition, it stands out when it comes to having cutting-edge technology.

You can, for instance, record and store the freezer's performance for later evaluation under certain circumstances. Uniquely, it has a high-speed USB interface, and it comes with a USB disk you can connect to perform analysis.

Along with all the technical capabilities, the manufacturer is aware of the health implications. In the box's inner compartment is a stainless steel cavity that complies with the Food Bureau's requirements.


Intelligent Alarm System: The refrigerator is equipped with a complete alarm system for ensuring safe storage. If the temperature rises too high or too low, you will be immediately notified. Even to monitor the overall performance of the item, you'll get an optional temperature recording system.

As well, the freezer features digital temperature control. Thus, it will have real-time temperature displays, microcomputer controls, and adjusts to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

Energy Efficient: Despite being equipped with all modern technology and features, it is still energy-efficient. The ultra-thick insulation layer makes it possible to save energy and reduces heat loss. Not only does it save energy, but it also prolongs the service life of the freezer.

Design and Safety: Would you like to trade looks for quality or quality for looks? Don't get confused. You don't need to do either. It is made followed by a heavy-duty caster design for a decent look and appearance, which eventually makes it easy moving.

On the other hand, it features a safety door lock design not allowing random opening. Furthermore, in addition to the air pressure balance, the design in the box includes a test hole, which makes it easy to use.


  • Power supply voltage of 110V/60HZ
  • 150mm insulation
  • Lowest temperature (°C): -86
  • EBM silent fan


  • A heavy-duty caster design makes it easy to move
  • Under special circumstances, a digital temperature recorder can record and save performance
  • Safety door lock to prevent unauthorized entry
  • The ultra-thick insulation layer makes it energy efficient
  • It is equipped with an intelligent alarm and temperature system


  • It cannot accommodate larger equipment

3. Am-1 MedLab Premium Glass Door Refrigerator

Currently, what is the most expensive laboratory refrigerator on the market? I'm not sure for sure, but this freezer unit comes pretty close to that. Some obvious benefits back the fact that this product is expensive.

To begin with, the glass swing double doors with a lock outside will catch anyone's eye at first glance. It gets 8 adjustable shelves. Additionally, you will be able to estimate how many units are left without ever opening the door.

Apart from the 2 years parts and labor warranty, plus an additional 3 years compressor warranty, there are many more features that deserve mention.


Extensive Alarm Module: This alarm module includes everything you would expect. From the temperature alarm that sounds when the freezer reaches a high or low temperature to the sensor failure alarm, this freezer takes care of it all. Furthermore, a power failure alarm is included for those rare instances of power outage. And the alarm gets muted with a ring back.

Cycle Defrost Design: The purpose of a defrost system is to gently warm the evaporator coil just enough to melt accumulated ice. A cycle lasts for merely a few seconds, so the temperature inside the cabinet isn't affected.

Once the ice reaches a thickness of ¼ inch or more, you should defrost. Otherwise, your freezer will have to work harder to cool your ingredients, waste energy, and increase your utility costs. Plus, the defrosting process will be more difficult (and ultimately longer)!

R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant: Business owners should know the rules and regulations regarding refrigerants if they use refrigerators or freezers. In response to the gradual phase-out of class I and II refrigerants, hydrocarbon (R290) and flammable refrigerants have become increasingly popular.

The EPA recommends a natural, non-toxic, and ozone-depletion-free refrigerant, R290 (hydrocarbon), for medical, laboratory, and foodservice businesses.


  • 1-10c temp range
  • 115V 60Hz electrical
  • R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant
  • 49 cu ft. capacity
  • Item weight: 445 pounds


  • You can store valuable samples in a safe environment with the comprehensive alarm module
  • It features a digital display system as well as forced air refrigeration
  • The refrigerator is custom-built to meet exact specifications
  • The probe access port and remote alarm contacts are on this freezer
  • Warranty on parts and labor for two years, and an additional warranty on compressor parts for three years


  • Expensive
  • Not a lot of capacity

4. HNZXIB -86° C Vertical Ultra-low Temperature Laboratory Refrigerator

Is it your goal to find the most promising laboratory freezer available? Put an end to the search right this minute because this is the ideal option that you have been looking for. One of the crucial advantages of having this deep refrigerator is its versatility. The intelligent computer configuration is made more lucrative that shows real-time temperature and can adjust by just 0.1°C scale.

The matter of the fact is that it is equipped with almost every feature- you get in an Am-1 MedLab premium refrigerator, but at a much lower price. In this case, it is an excellent choice if you are on a budget.


Ultra-thick Insulation Layer: For convenience and energy savings, two different doors are available. Besides the thermal insulating door, a higher-quality steel door enhances energy efficiency and reduces heat loss. Not only that, but it also provides the tubular copper tube evaporator, which dissipates the heat and makes the device more energy efficient.

Furthermore, the inner cavity boxes are made of stainless steel, and they are really easy to clean.

Humanized Design: Every refrigerator gets a humanized design, in fact. But in particular, this unit of the refrigerator is made really simple and easy to use. For instance, every internal control option and temperature indicating device is displayed at the front of the freezer. Though, it doesn't affect the beautiful appearance of the device.

Intelligent Alarm System: It has little to no difference from the previous unit of laboratory refrigerators in terms of alarm module. In any abnormal situation, high/low, the compressor will ring. Additionally, for severe inspection of the whole working state, it will provide you with recorded data with the help of its temperature recording system.


  • The temperature adjustment unit is 0.1℃
  • Product dimension, 23.62 x 26.18 x 45.28 inches
  • Equipped with safety protection system
  • Cold plate spraying outer box
  • EBM silent fan


  • Easy to use
  • Two-layer insulation for energy saving
  • Comprehensive alarm module
  • A high-speed USB interface as well as a USB disk is included
  • Air pressure balance design


  • Comparatively noisy

5. American BioTech Premier Pharmacy/Vaccine Undercounter Refrigerator

In pharmacies, you'll often see these freezers. This is one of the most suitable choices for drug stores and pharmacies due to its size and overall design.

Additionally, ABS (American BioTech Supply) has been in this industry for quite a while. They are famous for their quality but at an affordable price.


Microprocessor Temperature Controller: The pharmacy refrigerator comes with a modern intelligent alarm system, which allows it to ring when the temperature goes too high or too low. Notably, it gets both audible and visual alarms. Therefore, no worries about the temperature as it is controlled and monitored with several steps.

Digital Temperature Display: We don't need to open up the refrigerator cap or door to check the temperature. The digital temperature template stays on top of its body. Additionally, it allows us to reset everything we want from its quick navigation bar. In other words, every adjustment is as easy as falling off a log with this refrigerator.

Keyed Door Lock: Certainly, most of us won't love to see everyone open the refrigerator as it contains some of the crucial drugs and ingredients. But at the same time, we either don't love to lock the door frequently. Locking and unlocking often turn the progress a little down. Therefore, we get to find out a way where our products will be safe, and the process of securing them will be convenient as well. Here comes this unit of refrigerator offering us a keyed door lock, which is easy to lock and unlock.


  • Dimension: 19.63 x 17.75 x 21 inches
  • American brand
  • It possesses a capacity of 1.0 cubic feet
  • Freestanding white color refrigerator
  • Temperature 2-8 degrees Celsius


  • It offers temperature logs, and CDC approved power cord labels
  • Intelligent alarm system
  • Digital temperature display at the top
  • Audible and visual alarms with remote alarm contacts
  • It provides all possible features yet at an affordable price


  • Only 2 adjustable shelves

6. Am-1 Premium Solid Door Laboratory Refrigerator

We get yet another product from the famous brand Am-1. The strongest point of their product is their quality and industry-standard customer service.

This is a single-door laboratory refrigerator with a capacity of 23 cubic feet. With its 4 adjustable shelves, it is likely to exceed our requirement of a single-door freezer. And importantly, the machine gets the cycle defrost system in it.


Forced Air Cooling System: With so many options available, it can be a little confusing for a customer to decide on whether he should go for a radiant system or a forced air cooling system. Keeping pros and cons in mind, we would recommend you to go always with a forced-air cooling system as it is the most energy-efficient option.

Of the benefits of this system is that it can be installed without having additional ductwork or vents. Meaning, it will likely cool your freezer inside more quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it helps the device stay at an even temperature for a long time. You'll rarely hear any power failure or sensor failure alarm ringing in the lab.

Extensive Alarm Module: This seems one of the hallmark features of this brand freezer. They never disappoint you with their intelligent alarm system. If your freezer tends to fluctuate with its temperature, you'll get notified in a flash. Moreover, the sensor alarm makes it more reliable and effective in action.

Cycle Defrost System: As we've already discussed the cycle defrost system in detail, we aren't going to talk about it in particular. But just to remind you that how crucial it can be in terms of energy-saving and quick cooling, there is no other option other than having an active defrost system in your freezer. Therefore, it goes without saying that if it goes unchecked or doesn't have an automated defrosting system, it may horribly affect the whole performance of your refrigerator.


  • r-134a refrigerant and 115V 60Hz electrical
  • Single door with lock
  • Capacity 23 cubic feet
  • Purpose-built for medical and laboratory applications
  • The white color freezer weighs 210 pounds


  • Digital temperature control and display
  • An extensive alarm module with audible and visual alarms
  • Forced air refrigeration for energy saving
  • 4 adjustable shelves
  • 2 years parts and labor warranty (3-year compressor parts warranty)


  • Doesn't come with wheels- not easy to move

7. HNZXIB Horizontal Ultra-Low Temperature Refrigerator

On the HNZXIB horizontal laboratory freezer, you'll find a unique feature. The refrigerator has ultra-thick environment-friendly insulation, which is accountable for reducing heat loss and saving energy. Honestly, the device is popular for its durability and capability of providing ultra-low temperatures. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best options for laboratories and medical stores.

Good to know that it can go down to -86 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, it has a capability of 58L or 2.05Cu Ft to carry. Undoubtedly, it is likely to meet anyone's expectation of a deep freezer.


Accurate Temperature Control: For intelligent computer configuration system, it provides more accurate data than any other ordinary refrigerator on the market. When you set yourself to manage a laboratory or medical store, it is you who knows how important constant temperature is. Even though the temperature of a freezer will largely depend on the product and the equipment, yet an accurate temperature control system can still facilitate the process in a very convenient manner.

Humanized Design: To be honest, it requires to be very sharp to identify the fact that it is humanized or not. From the beginning of the technical revolution, manufacturers tend to make devices as easy as possible. It is, therefore, quite common among producers, but not everyone gets the right combination or design. In addition to the appearance, you may also want to pay attention to the minimal details, such as the temperature indicating template and the internal controls.

Intelligent Alarm System: This is further a reminder that this unit of laboratory freezer also gets an extensive alarm module. Unlike our daily use refrigerator, a laboratory and medical freezer must consist of a decent quality alarm system. It is quite easy to understand why. Whatever the good news is, this item also ensures the safe storage of products with a complete alarm system.


  • Horizontal shape with a glossy finish
  • Item dimension 26.38 x 30.12 x 35.63 inches
  • Temperature up to -80 degree Celsius
  • Material: stainless steel and cold plate spraying outer box
  • 150mm insulation


  • Environment-friendly and energy-efficient product
  • Convenient to operate and easy cleaning
  • Intelligent computer configuration for top-class accuracy
  • Extensive alarm module
  • Air pressure balance and safety door lock


  • Not suitable for pharmacy

8. American BioTech Supply ABT- Undercounter Refrigerator

The following is our final recommendation for the best laboratory refrigerator. You might be a little skeptical about this product, given its last place on the list, but rest assured, it is one of the best laboratory refrigerators available.

As usual, the strong points of this product are its quality and durability, as it's manufactured in the US. If you're a person who always looks for quality and usability, then this product might interest you. There are three shelves in the box, and the outside of this horizontal freezer is quite transparent. The cover doesn't need to be opened to find out what's inside.


Audible and Visible Alarms: This device is equipped with an integrated microprocessor temperature controller. Thus, by using intelligent computing, the system can monitor temperature fluctuations and adapt accordingly. This means that the freezer will let you immediately know if it runs at a too-high/too-low temperature. In addition, it has remote control contacts.

Digital Temperature Display: Although this is not a big deal anymore, there are still occasions where you will find every other aspect of a freezer but the digital temperature template. Fortunately, this refrigerator takes care of you here too. It is easy to monitor and negotiate with different temperatures.

Leveling Legs and Keyed Glass Door: This product will not only impress you with its quality but also with its appearance. It features a transparent glass door that allows you to see inside. Moreover, to prevent unauthorized opening, it has a built-in safety lock. As well, its leveling legs add to the excellence of the freezer, don't they? The only drawback is that it might be hard to move if necessary.


  • Exterior Color: White
  • Item Dimensions is 24.25x 23.75 x 32.13 inches
  • Refrigerant: R600a
  • Defrost: cycle


  • Impressive alarm system
  • Transparent glass door with door locks
  • Microprocessor controller system with audible and visible alarms
  • A decent capacity of 5.2 cu. ft.
  • 3 adjustable shelves


  • Freestanding- difficult for moving

Cite me some benefits of a laboratory refrigerator

An additional heavy-duty fan: In order to deal with hot conditions, many medical refrigerators are equipped with additional fans or at least an additional heavy-duty fan. Even if a lab has air conditioning, it can still be a hot place to work due to the number of people and equipment involved.

More sturdy: door construction- the doors of a medical refrigerator will most likely be opened and closed frequently during normal operation. As a result, the door seals and hinges need to be more sturdy as they are designed to endure heavy use.

Low noise: Garages, factories, and laboratories tend to be loud with the combination of people talking and mechanical noise. Medical refrigerators tend to be quieter, so the sound level can be kept low.

Visual and audible alarms: Due to the increased noise level, alarms that are both visible and audible are necessary to inform users when they leave a door ajar.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I store in a laboratory refrigerator?

Well, this is one of the fundamental questions that one should ask before a lab refrigerator purchase. According to the capacity, functions, and temperature- the answer varies. A certain type of refrigerator or freezer is designed to house a certain type of material.

If you, for instance, want to store samples and reagents, make sure the unit suits your need. However, generally, when you're purchasing a medical lab refrigerator, you're likely to stock any medication, vaccine, drugs, purpose equipment, etc. And nearly every refrigerator above suits these requirements.

2. What's the difference between a lab and a household refrigerator?

There are so many additional options in a lab fridge. Even you can add new features to it as you like. On the other hand, with a household or domestic freezer, you get what you buy. In other words, they are only designed to keep your food cold; you don't have any other choice there.

For example, in a laboratory refrigerator, we get automatic dialers, an extensive alarm module, adjustable shelves, and much more.

When it comes to longevity, it is important to take the product's strength into consideration. Stainless steel and other high-quality materials make lab freezers more likely to withstand tough conditions. Since domestic refrigerators are not designed to withstand the humidity and chemicals present in laboratories, they can significantly reduce their lifespan if used in this setting.

Therefore, it may be tempting to choose domestic refrigerators due to the low price, but in the end, it doesn't lead to savings.

3. Can I store hazardous chemical substances and flammable liquids?

Of course, you can because the good thing about lab refrigerators is that they are explosion-proof. Furthermore, it is safe for combustible materials to be stored here since it lacks electrical equipment, which prevents sparks from causing a fire.

Aluminum and stainless steel are common materials found in laboratory refrigerators for adjustable shelves. Coated wire shelves are also available. By design, most refrigerator shelves are safe and easy to use.

4. Which refrigerator is more energy efficient?

As opposed to private homes, laboratories, pharmacies, and hospitals frequently house more than one refrigerator in a room. It is possible that there could be hundreds of refrigerators throughout the entire site. It is for this reason that power consumption for fridges in a laboratory environment is so important. The energy efficiency of domestic refrigerators is already rated, but medical refrigerators are even more efficient.

Cite me some benefits of a laboratory refrigerator

An additional heavy-duty fan: In order to deal with hot conditions, many medical refrigerators are equipped with additional fans or at least an additional heavy-duty fan. Even if a lab has air conditioning, it can still be a hot place to work due to the number of people and equipment involved.

More sturdy: door construction- the doors of a medical refrigerator will most likely be opened and closed frequently during normal operation. As a result, the door seals and hinges need to be more sturdy as they are designed to endure heavy use.

Low noise: Garages, factories, and laboratories tend to be loud with the combination of people talking and mechanical noise. Medical refrigerators tend to be quieter, so the sound level can be kept low.

Visual and audible alarms: Due to the increased noise level, alarms that are both visible and audible are necessary to inform users when they leave a door ajar.

Final Thoughts

Among hundreds of options- if not thousands- making a list of the 8 best laboratory refrigerators was never an easy task.

Thus, you can't go wrong when you bring any of these brands. Need more information about buying a refrigerator? Feel free to comment below. You can always count on us for assistance.

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