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Best Masking Fluid Reviews : Top 8 Picks for 2022

An artist can never say which of his creations will turn out as a masterpiece. But making every piece of art spotless and unique is what all creative artists can focus on. Bringing every imagination and thoughts on a canvas and giving them the colors of life is not an easy task. That’s why a simple mistake cannot be overlooked that can spoil all your effort.

And while creating a piece, an artist may need to cover up some portion of the canvas where he does not want any brush strokes or even paint splatters accidentally. Because that can spoil your creation.

So you definitely need something to cover that blank space for you. And that’s what the best masking fluid does. They effectively tunicate the area you want to save from unintentional paint marks.

So here in this article, we have plucked the best ones for you so that finding out the suitable one doesn’t seem a hard job to you. And we have put our honest and impartial take on each product on the list. We are hoping you stick with it till the end.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor's Rating


Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid Drawing Gum

5 out of 5

Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

5 out of 5

Molotow GRAFX Masking Fluid Pump Marker

4.5 out of 5

Fineline Masking Fluid

4.5 out of 5

DANIEL SMITH Artist Masking Fluid

4 out of 5

Buying Guide Of Best Masking Fluid

Here are a few tips from us that might help you to choose the best option. These are not the facts that should always be followed strictly. You could overlook any of them if that doesn't go with your application.

Easy peel off

Masking fluid is not supposed to stay permanently on canvas. After serving its purpose of covering the blank space from accidental brush strokes and in splatters, it must be removed. So the first and most important thing to make sure is easy removal before you buy one for yourself considering as best.

If the mask does not come off easily, it will end up damaging the canvas. And no artist will like that. So make sure the masking fluid you are buying offers easy removal.


Imagine a canvas with a lot of sticky spots. Doesn't it look horrible? And for an artist, it's almost a nightmare when he sees stains from the masking fluid on his beautifully painted canvas. So while making sure of easy removal, you must find out the liquid masking tape ensures a stain-free removal.

Also, it sometimes takes a lot of time and effort to clean those marks off the canvas. What else can be more irritating than this to an artist? Sometimes the cleaning process damages the canvas surface brutally. And obviously, no one expects that from the best masking fluid.

No bleed through

What's the purpose of masking fluid? Protecting the black space from unintended ink splatters, right? But how will the masking fluid protect the underlying surface, if the watercolor goes through the layer of fluid? That's why, you must make sure that the fluid doesn't bleed through.

Otherwise, the watercolor will spoil the look of the covered area. In this case, rubber or latex-based masking fluid can be a great help and a risk-free option to go with. Also, there are some other brands that offer this No-Bleed-through feature. You can consider those too.

Our Top 8 Best Masking Fluid of 2022

Picking something among the hundreds of options isn't that easy. And especially, when it is a masking fluid, no doubt. It is we all that become perplexed when about to choose between the two best items. But don't worry. We've brought you the top 8 masking fluids on the market and explored them in just way. 

1. Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid Drawing Gum

Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid Drawing Gum

Starting with the Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid. The popularity Pebeo has gained over the years for providing the finest quality art supplies made us look at its masking fluid at first. And undoubtedly, you won't regret going with this masking fluid.

The first thing that we have noticed is it’s easy to peel formula. Because when you apply masking fluid on your canvas that means you will have to remove it when the piece is done. And to make the process convenient, this latex masking fluid is great to go. It comes off easily without damaging your canvas. So you can do your artwork without worrying about the removal.

This masking fluid will not make you wait. Its quick-dry formula will make sure that you can start your painting immediately after you apply the fluid. By simply using a brush or a pen you can apply this fluid on various surfaces such as- paper, cardboard, glass, canvas board, and many more.

Surely, the latex formula, one of the best features of this fluid, makes it a top choice. It is basically a waterproofing formula. It seals the applied area and prevents any accidental brush strokes or inkblots from going through the masking fluid and damaging the canvas. So your canvas will be completely safe.

This fluid turns out bluish tint when applied. Wondering what’s good about that? The bluish tint is actually for giving you the control so that you can understand where you have applied the masking tape and where not.

In conclusion, this Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid will not let you create any mess with your beautiful piece of art. Go and get one.

Highlighted Feature:

  • It ensures easy removal.
  • Dries very quickly.
  • The bluish tint will ensure proper control of the application.
  • Water-resistant latex formula.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Compatible with multiple surfaces.
  • Great runny consistency.

2. Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid

If you don’t want to rip your paper or damage your thumb skin while removing the masking tape, we suggest you the Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid. The rubber latex formula and the thin composition of this fluid combined make sure the mask comes off easily.

But don’t worry. This has a lot to offer than just an easy peel-off. Let’s find those out.

Sometimes it can be very irritating for an artist when masking fluids leaves stains on the canvas after its removal. Because that will take some extra time and effort to clean up. But you don’t have to worry if you have Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid.

This masking fluid is a non-staining liquid. So after you remove the mask off the canvas, recommended to remove it as soon as possible after application, the canvas will be spotless and smooth for the rubber latex composition of this fluid. But it is also advisable not to use it on damp or soft-sized paper.

It dries in less than a minute and very easy to get it off with your finger or an eraser when dried. The amount of fluid you will get is definitely worth your money. Save both your time and money buying this incredibly high-quality masking fluid

Highlighted Feature:

  • Rubber latex formula.
  • It’s completely stains-free.
  • Easy to get off the surface.
  • Blends perfectly with white background.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Great value for the price.

3. Molotow GRAFX Masking Fluid Pump Marker

For precise application on the blank space of your canvas that you want to protect from unintended ink splatters or brush strokes, Molotow GRAFX Masking Fluid Pump Marker is a must-have item for all the artist and designer. If you are a fan of the marker version of masking fluid, we can’t recommend anything more than this item.

This masking fluid pump marker comes with a 2mm exchangeable tip for ultimate precision. With this fine tip, there is no chance of applying masking fluid somewhere you don’t want to. It gives you the control to cover up the intended area perfectly.

Though it’s a pump marker, the application is quite convenient. It does work just when you start. After a few pumps, it gets smooth for a thicker coat. And for its thicker layer, it will be easy to remove from the surface. Don’t worry. You can apply it on any surface and creative art media without any doubt of effectiveness.

The marker gives you the option to refill the fluid. So if you find applying masking fluid with a brush inconvenient, pour the fluid into the pen and you are ready to go.

And amazingly, the blue color fluid makes it completely visible on the canvas so that you can prevent any unintended brush strokes.

Let your creativity flow over the canvas with Molotow GRAFX Masking Fluid Pump Marker.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Refillable pump marker.
  • Comes with an exchangeable 2mm tip
  • Ensure precision and control.
  • Easy and smooth application
  • Thick bluish tint layer.
  • Applicable to multiple surfaces.

4. Fineline Masking Fluid

If you are tired of using your brush or pen to apply masking fluid, Fineline Masking Fluid can lessen your stress. It comes with a fine airtight tip that ensures the smooth flow of fluid on your canvas. Let’s dive deep into what else it has to offer.

This masking fluid comes in an applicator bottle with a stainless steel tip of .5mm. So you will not need any additional tool to apply the fluid to ensure proper control. And the stainless steel tip is good enough to ensure the precision you want. You can make those tiny lines with this tip without any extra effort because the tip is just so good in precision. So this masking fluid is going to be fun and easy to use for any artist.

Covering the blank space to save from ink splatters with this fluid is great. It ensures a thin layer on your canvas that makes this fluid easy to peel. Whether it’s your fingertip or eraser, you can get the mask off without any residue on the canvas.

You can apply it on various surfaces even for making special white effects on the canvas. It doesn't shrink like substandard masking fluid on the market rather gives a fine thin layer that dries fast.

So if you want a clog-free masking experience ensuring the perfect coverage on the surface, Fineline Masking Fluid is good to go.

Highlighted Feature:

  • 5 mm Stainless steel tip.
  • Ensure the consistent and smooth flow of fluids.
  • Provides the easy removable thin layers.
  • Great with most surfaces.
  • Easy to apply and quick dry.
  • It's totally residue-free.
  • Value for money.

5. DANIEL SMITH Artist Masking Fluid

It’s an Artist Special- DANIEL SMITH Artist Masking Fluid. Want to ask why? Because it’s been made in such a way that an artist will find it overwhelming and fun to use on the water paper. It’s one of the best watercolor masking fluids you can find right now in the market. So let’s dive deep to find out what else it has for you.

The first worth mentioning fact is that it comes with 5 fine point tips. So do you think as an artist that there is anything left to make all those fine and precise lines on your canvas? I hope not. Because while masking the area of your canvas with this fluid will not give you a tough fight for ensuring precise application.

Also, the fluids come off easily and smoothly from the bottle. No extra pressure is needed. The consistency of flow will be assured by the fine tip. The easy and smooth flow of the fluid also makes sure that you can get the optimum coverage.

This masking fluid has done a great job of making the fluid visible on the canvas surface which actually helps the artist to identify the blank space easily. When you apply this masking liquid, initially it looks off-white but when it gets dry a transparent caramel color pops up.

It is recommended to paint watercolor over the fluid only when it’s completely dry. But don’t worry; it doesn’t take a long to dry. So express all your artistic impression on the canvas without being worried about having the best masking fluid for watercolor.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Perfect choice for an artist.
  • Suitable especially for watercolor painting.
  • Transparent caramel color.
  • 5 different size tips.
  • Precise and easy application.
  • Clog-free experience.
  • Easy to remove.

6. Ph. Martin's Frisket Mask Liquid

Whether you are a beginner or advanced level artist, Dr. Ph. Martin's Frisket Mask Liquid is a perfect go-to choice. It’s an option you can completely rely on. For the last 80 years, Dr. Ph. Martin has developed the finest quality products for the artist and designers. And how can we cross out such a brand’s product from our best list?

This is basically a latex-based masking fluid. And you know what it means. It means, it will give you the utmost ease to peel the mask off when you are done with your art piece.

You can cover your blank space with this mask to avoid accidental brush strokes without worrying about rip out your canvas while removing the mask. Do you know what? This masking fluid will never leave any sticky spots on the canvas either.

You can use this fluid on multiple surfaces if you want. It works great in Watercolor. The adhesion is very strong.

This masking fluid comes in two different strength levels. Level 1 and Level 2. Considering the adhesion level you want, any of these two will be great to work with. Also, it comes in a bottle dropper.

So you don’t need anything extra to buy to apply the fluid. The tip of the dropper is clog-free and smooth. Though some customers have complained about its strong odor, I think it’s an individual choice.

Dr. Ph. Martin's Frisket Mask Liquid not only protects your art or designs but also gives you the control to work in different mediums.

Highlighted Feature:

  • latex-based masking fluid
  • Easy peel off
  • Level 1 strength level.
  • Comes in a dropper bottle.
  • Sticky and suitable for watercolor.
  • Leaves no marks on the surface.

7. Peel-Tek Crafters Edition Masking Fluid

Do you want an eco-friendly masking solution with strong adhesion to almost all kinds of surfaces? Let me take the privilege to introduce to you, Peel-Tek Crafters Edition Masking Fluid. It doesn’t matter how tough and difficult your surface is for masking, the adhesion of this masking fluid will surely leave your mouth open.

The adhesion of Peel-Tek masking fluid is equivalent to 4 masking tape. Isn’t that insane? And this level of adhesion basically helps an artist to bring his creative imagination anywhere he wants. No matter if it's a brick or stone, the whole world turns into a canvas.

This is made of natural liquid rubber latex that actually prevents all sorts of bleeding through the layer of masking fluid. So your masking area will remain safe from your ink splatters and accidental brush strokes.

The best part? The natural rubber latex gives you the control to peel off the mask with no extra effort keeping the surface residue-free afterward. For being made of natural rubber latex, this masking fluid is completely non-toxic.

You can apply the fluid with any kind of brush for ultimate coverage. Don’t worry. This masking fluid will be even visible in a white background canvas. No pain for the eyes.

Save your precious time with less distraction. This fluid will dry within a blink of an eye. So give your canvas a skin-tight protection using high-quality and supper strong Peel-Tek Crafters Edition Masking Fluid.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of natural liquid rubber.
  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Extreme adhesion level.
  • Compatible with any rough surfaces.
  • Nice and easy removal.
  • Skin-tight protection.
  • Ensure spotless removal.

8. Schmincke Masking Fluid

Schmincke Masking Fluid

Worrying about a precise application to ensure all the fine details? Here is the solution. Schmincke Masking Fluid will surely be a worthy investment. Wondering what this tiny little masking fluid has? Ok, let's figure that out.

So first of all, good news for those who are bored with applying fluid with brushes. Because this is a masking pen with a fine tip. So ensuring precision with this is no big deal. If you ask me I would recommend this product to every art freak whether they are in schools, colleges or professional artists.

This slightly tinted masking tape will easily stand out on your white paper canvas. So there will be no difficulties in terms of differentiating the blocking area.

Like most renowned masking fluid brands, this also gives you an easy removal solution with no stains. So you will not have to waste your time cleaning the mess from the canvas.

The high concentration will ensure proper adhesion to your canvas until you remove it. If you want to cover up the blank spaces for protecting the surface from inkblots, don't think this masking fluid is any less.

It has all the features you need for creating the art piece. That's why this is considered as one of the best masking tape pens.

Highlighted Feature:

  • High concentration for ultimate coverage.
  • It can easily create fine lines with its tip.
  • Ensure easy removal.
  • Slightly blue tinted
  • Value for money.
  • Comes in a tube with a tip.

Comparison Chart of Masking Fluid

Product Name



Pebeo Liquid Latex Masking Fluid Drawing Gum



Winsor & Newton Art Masking Fluid



Molotow GRAFX Masking Fluid Pump Marker

Pump Marker


Fineline Masking Fluid

Bottle with an applicator cap.


DANIEL SMITH Artist Masking Fluid

Bottle with five applicator tips.


Dr. Ph. Martin's Frisket Mask Liquid

Bottle Dropper.


Peel-Tek Crafters Edition Masking Fluid



Schmincke Masking Fluid



Frequently Asked Question

Here are some commonly asked question regarding masking fluid and its usages. I hope you'll find this section helpful.

1. What's the dry time of masking fluid?

It takes almost 45 to 50 minutes for masking fluid to get completely dry. But there are some brands that take more than 1.5 hours.

2. How to thin masking fluid?

The most popular way to thin masking fluid is to use plain water. But don't mix water in the fluid bottle. Rather use an additional container and then pour water and mix the fluid. You better stir it rather than shaking.

People sometimes suggest using ammonium to thin the fluid. But that's not recommended from our end. Because we think sometimes it can create a chemical reaction that cannot be suitable for the canvas or watercolor.

Final Words

Covering the blank space of your canvas with the best masking fluid for watercolor will be very rewarding for an artist. It basically ensures precision and control for creative art. With the best one in hand, you can overcome the barrier of creating a masterpiece.

Keeping your convenience and precision, while covering the blank space, in mind- we have introduced a lot of options. Without doubting the quality you can pick the suitable one for yourself.

Hope, all these masking fluid reviews will be a good help.

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