Best Multicolor Pen

Best Multicolor Pens of 2021: Our 13 Picks for a Buyer

Multicolor pens, they are one of the most important things for students, teachers, nurses, artists, journalists, and so many others.

Generally speaking, in the exams, essay type of questions are used- long and very exhausting. In note-taking, you need to write fast. Meanwhile, for drawing, you must have a finer tip. So, it is clear that for facing all the situations, you need a set of pens that is full of diversification and multicolored.

Therefore, that is why it's important to choose the right kind of pen to use. So, what would be the Criteria for you to choose the best multicolor pen?

First of all, for me, Comfort. A pen should have a comfortable grip. And thereafter, you should also consider the weight and size of the pen. The pen should make you feel comfortable when writing.

For the INK: also consider the thickness, smoothness, how fast it dries on paper, and then the design.

And also, you should consider whether you are left or right-handed. Of course, if you are a lefty, choose a pen that has a quick-dry ink. It's because when left-handed persons write, their hand usually smudges on their writing.

And for daily use, it's especially important to have a pen that is quick to dry.

So, today I'm going to bring you some great multicolor pen options that really make you feel and write better.

Let's get to the review straightaway

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BIC 4-Color Grip Ballpoint Pen

5 out of 5

Favide 22 Pack 0.5mm 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen

5 out of 5

BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen, Assorted Inks

4.5 out of 5

Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Medium Point Ballpoint Pens

4.5 out of 5

Scentco Smens- Scented Gel Pens

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 13 Best Multicolor Pens in 2021

#1. Best Overall: BIC 4-Color Grip Ballpoint Pen, Orange Barrel- Assorted Inks

BIC 4 Color Grip Ballpoint Pen

What is the most comfortable and smooth writing multicolor pen for daily use? I don’t know for sure but I think, this pen will be among the top ones.

BIC has been working for years with a good name in this industry. Their motto is to provide people the convenient product and service.

One of the prime reasons people use the multicolor pen is to save time. This is no exception. With a mere click, you can shift among any of the 4 colors.

The pen comes with 4 major colors. Black, blue, red, and green. The interesting part is the pen features a contemporary shiny barrel. And the point tip it offers is 0.8mm, which is perfect for your daily use.

What I like most about this pen is that it features a padded grip. And you know padded grip allows you to have the utmost comfort while writing. No wonder, this is one of the crucial factors that the experts look into in a pen. So, fortunately, there is no issue with the grip of this exciting 4 color pen.

Do you have noticed the Lanyard hole here? Many of us are familiar with Lanyard hole as it is common in knives. In the case of this pen, it also has a Lanyard hole to keep the item handy all the time.

And the best part? It is refillable. Haven’t you ever experienced that you choose a pen and wished to cherish it for long but you couldn’t because it wasn't refillable. I'm sure many of you have faced this awkward situation. You know, it is a common human psychology to retain stuff. And when it is an expensive wallet or pen, there's no doubt.

But luckily, this 4 color ballpoint pen is long-lasting and refillable. All the four inks come with one single pack. However, you'll have to buy refills separately. You'll find it on their official store or other marketplaces.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 color inks in one ballpoint pen
  • Long-lasting and refillable
  • Medium 0.8mm point is great for daily use
  • Comfortable padded grip
  • Great for the price

#2. Favide 22 Pack 0.5mm 6-in-1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen for Office Students School Supplies Children Gift

While we are on the topic of the best multicolor pen, it would be a crime if we skip over the Favide 6 color ballpoint pen. The pen is as exciting as you could possibly imagine. You'll find the reasons shortly, why.

Well, first and foremost, it is a set of 22 pieces of pens. And all the pens carry the same 6 colors in them. Imagine, you're taking notes in school or in college, and you have all the colors including red, orange, purple, black, etc. How amusing would it be? You know taking notes in different attractive colors is a well-known practice in our school days. And even, thereafter the teenage, we used to take notes colleges with the same pattern.

So the point being, when you have 6 different colors in your hand at a time, how exciting your note-taking will be!

Importantly, these pens are not only meant to be taking notes. They are well-used in drawing, offices, and color-coding text. The reason is pretty simple. The pens have 0.5mm point tips. So, you can do whatever you wish to do.

But one drawback of this pen is that it isn't refillable. Though, it has 22 pieces of pens along with 6 different colors, still, it isn't from refillable pens. But you know, it isn't easy to finish writing with 22 pens in a short time. Therefore, don’t worry about it too much. You can cherish with these pens for up to years comfortably.

If you are someone who loves to write with precise lines, then undoubtedly this would be the ideal option. Moreover, the ink is fade proof and smudge-free, as in, it will provide you some solid lines while writing.

Highlighted Features

  • Switch between 6 different colors easily
  • 0.5mm point tip to provide you fine and clean lines
  • Fade-proof high-quality ink
  • Great for taking notes, office, and drawings
  • All the 22 pens are the same and uniform

#3. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen, Assorted Inks, 3-Count- Medium Point (1.0mm)

We have another product from BIC. As it is one of the prominent companies in this industry, honestly there are several options you can look into. This is also a 4 color ballpoint pen pack, but it differs from the previous one in point tip. These are the 1.0mm medium point tip pens and the other ones were 0.8mm.

What I like most about BIC pens is that they are refillable and retractable. Unlike Favide falls short of being refillable, now, BIC has no issue about that at all.

The pack comes with 3 ballpoint pens and 4 different colors in 1 pen. These pens are sufficient to make you resemble your childhood memories. While different vibrant colors make different designs possible.

Also, the kit includes a Lanyard hole to keep the pen handy all the time.

Each of the colors is adjustable onto any paper. The ink color doesn’t change over the year, yet it’s a different case when it is 50/60 years.

You can simply purchase your refills from amazon or their official store. All four color inks are available. Suppose, you would like to cherish with your blue color particularly, then, you can simply turn your pen a blue-color pen. So the point is, no worries for inks or for colors.

Get tired of having to cope with your pen grip? Let them stay somewhere else. These are the pens with a top-notch grip which comfortable to hold and write. The ink flows well down to the paper as well.

So, considering all of the facts, I would like to recommend this pack strongly to anyone who would like to take his writings to the next level.

Highlighted Features 

  • 4 colors; each color is equally vibrant
  • Ink flows well
  • A clip to keep it from falling out of your pocket
  • Quick-drying; no smearing
  • Great for taking notes, journaling, and other so many tasks

#4. Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Medium Point Ballpoint Pens, Retractable pens

If you have been using medium point ballpoint pens for a while, then you probably heard of Paper Mate InkJoy multi-color ink pens. This multicolor pen set is responsible for a lot of satisfactory writing and small DIY drawing projects. For both official and casual use, this pen is well-accepted in the community.

This set contains 3 different pens and each of them contains 4 different vivid colors in them.

But the most interesting fact is that they actually come in 8 different colors. Let me explain a bit. One pen among 3 has purple, magenta, lime, and turquoise in it. And the other 2 have the following black, blue, red, and green ink in them. So, eventually, you get a total of 8 colors in a 3-pack multicolor pen.

The set of Paper Mate pen is perfect for having fine and clean lines. You only need to hold the pen right and the rest will be done by the pen itself. It may sound a bit chimerical but it is what user experience says.

And the best part? It has the international standard ink which allows flowing and writing with it smoothly. It flows more likely as your thoughts do. Moreover, to spread the ink evenly and reliably, the ballpoint tip is optimized in a scientific way. And the result is a fluid writing experience with minimal strain. So, no worries, writing will never be a drag for you.

Notably, as it has two sets of colors, you can use one for your business purpose and one for daily use.

Finally, if you ask me what I love most about this pen set, I’ll love to say its glossy white barrel and comfortable textured grip.

You know grip is one of the important facts to become a pen compatible with. So, it has that grip up to the mark, and it is engineered with quite stylish and comfortable patter. Therefore, there is no bug so that I restrain myself from keeping this pen in the pocket.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra-smooth ink with an optimized point tip
  • Two sets of ink colors
  • Comfortable grip and easy clicking button
  • 4 vivid-color pens with easy to hold the barrel
  • No refill available
  • Great for the price

#5. Scentco Smens- Scented Gel Pens -Tri-Color (4 Count)

For some buyers, the best multi color pens are that which strike a perfect balance between the pen quality and affordability. And this is the perfect example of that.

This is a set of 4 different pens. And each of the pens carries 3 different colors- red, black and blue. Interestingly, the outlook of every pen is different than one another. I'm not talking about the entire design but the appearance.

Do you ever fall asleep in your English class in school days? Could you remember those boring stick pens used in school? Those all are now sweet memories. However, to give your present works some excitement, use these multicolor Scented pens.

Honestly, I didn’t aware of any scented pen before this. And it is all that you need to put some color and smell in your day. The entire pen isn't scented but the grip. The manufacturer claims that it lasts up to 2 years with its great smell.

Moreover, it has 3 different scents- sour apple, grape, orange, and watermelon. As an FYI, the ink doesn’t smell but the pen itself.

But what I like most about these pens is they don’t smear. Even after 2 seconds of writing down something, you can brush your hand on it, and end up with nothing on your hand. Too fast to dry.

But unfortunately, there's no option to refill the pen. Without having this shortcoming, this pen is undoubtedly an amazing item to have in your bucket.

So, considering all of its features and a drawback, I would like to suggest you buy this one for casual use. This is not recommended for official use. They don’t forbid or oppose using it for official purposes yet, I don’t recommend it for business or official purposes. And notably, this is one of the best multi pen options for kids and schoolboys.

Highlighted Features

  • Smooth and comfortable writing
  • The ink is glittering
  • It smells in 4 different scents
  • Very quick dry
  • No problem with smearing or ink blotting
  • Highly affordable

#6. PILOT Dr. Grip 4+1 Multicolor Ballpoint Pen + Pencil, Refillable & Retractable pen, Black Barrel

If you care about your product’s looking, then Pilot cares about you. This Dr. Grip pen set from Pilot is an example of being lucrative in design and effective in action.

Have you ever tried a ballpoint pen and a pencil at the same time? If not, no worries, let yourself allow experiencing this amazing experience this time.

This multifunctional retractable ballpoint pen and pencil set comes with 4 different colors. It has a 0.7mm ballpoint tip which is sufficient to write in fine and clean lines.

You all know that Pilot’s Dr. Grips is well-known and popular for its extremely comfortable grip. With a perfect and ideal grip, you do stuff that even you haven’t imagine. This is true. A well-designed and quality grip allows you to have great control over your lines.

Fortunately, this comfortable ballpoint features a cushioned grip and a wide barrel to help you reduce writing stress. Let me explain a bit. If you are not comfortable holding your pen, how long will you be able to write stress-free? This is quite normal that you cannot go far. However, when you have this gorgeous looking yet pretty effective ballpoint pen plus pencil, you don’t need to worry. Everything will work fine.

And the best part of this pen is that it is designed and weighted perfectly. Holding the pen in your hand, you can feel how perfectly it is balanced.

So, overall, this is a pen to store in the bucket and cherish for a long. If it meets your budget, do go anywhere wasting your time. Go and get this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick and easy switching between the pen and the pencil
  • It is refillable
  • It dries unbelievably quick
  • Comes with latex-free cushion grip and advanced ink
  • It doesn’t smear

#7. Uni Multicolor Ballpoint Pen Jetstream- Transparent 0.38mm -3 Color Black, Red, Blue Ink (SXE340038.T)

Are you on the lookout for a durable and premium quality multicolor pen? Here comes your one. Uni ballpoint pens are made of Japan as it is a Japanese company. You know the quality they provide all along their products is simply superb.

This is a pen with a .38mm point tip. Someone who fond of writing with fine fonts will certainly like this product. Moreover, it is easy to use and carry.

Who wants a bulky, thick pen for daily use? Generally speaking, for precise writing and clean lines, people thoroughly prefer lightweight pens thus fine point tips. You know this not rocket science. As you are buying a pen to cherish at the office or exams or perhaps for other personal use, would you like to get a heavy and thick-tip pen? Hardly, you'll get someone in this wonderful universe.

Therefore, the pen is lightweight and provides an incredibly fine tip of .38mm.

If we consider black, blue, and red pens as the “official” color-pen, then you might grade this pen as an official pen. Don’t get too serious, I'm not inventing new terms as my friend Christopher does. But the matter of fact is that it takes way less space than to carry separate 3 pens.

Another positive side of this pen is its thin barrel. It'll allow you to hold the pen comfortably. But again, if you love to write with fine fonts, then you are encouraged to buy this one, otherwise not.

Highlighted Features 

  • It writes smoothly and doesn’t smear at all
  • It is lightweight, therefore, comfortable using for hours at a time
  • Nice body structure; feels well in hand
  • It is able to write very small and fine
  • Great for taking quick notes

#8. BIC 4-Color Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point (1.0mm), Assorted Inks, 12-Count

The best multifunction pens provide comfortable grips, a balanced weight, and sturdy point tips with several colors. And this is especially all you get in this 12-piece multicolor ballpoint pack.

As I have said earlier, BIC is one of the leading companies in this industry. I strongly suspect you will find someone who has been using ballpoint pens for a while and doesn’t know about BIC ballpoint pens. So, this is no wonder they have the top-notch quality products in their store.

BIC has been serving this community for more than 60 years. What impresses me the most about the BIC pens is their balance. When you hold the pen, you can feel something in your hand. In fact, this is something that brings you the desired outcome. We all know that not every feature works explicitly as it is.

Perhaps many of you overlook the fact of having the ideal point tip. I said ideal in terms of one’s expectation. let me explain a bit. Suppose, you like to write with fine fonts, then this is not the pen you would like. So, identifying what you like and getting stuff according to it is crucial.

These pens come with a 1.0mm point tip. As in, it is standard for writings, journaling, and highlighting books. As I said standard that doesn’t mean a pen with a thicker or finer tip will be disregarded, rather, it is just a fact that the majority of the people use. So, if you would love to go with thinner fonts, go and get Uni ballpoints. I hope you get the point.

An interesting News before I end up reviewing the pen. This pen is widely (probably the most) used in nursing school. The fact behind it is that they need several color pens to keep their patients’ information as they use this pack of the pen.

Finally, if you don’t have any budget issue, then get you a pack of BIC pen this time. It will be for a lifetime!

Highlighted Features

  • A pack of 12 pens with vivid 4 different colors
  • Long-lasting and smart looking
  • Refillable in 4 colors (black, red, green, blue)
  • Great for everyday use, journaling, doodling, etc.
  • Quick dry and no smearing

#9. Favide Multicolor Ballpoint Pen 4-Color Retractable Ballpoint Pens for School Supplies, Office, Students Gift for Children- 4 Pack 0.7mm 4-in-1

If you want to balance between quality and affordability, I don’t know for sure but I think this is the most suitable option you can ever have.

This is a 4 piece multi-color ballpoint pen. Each of them carries 4 different colors in it. If you are the person who loves to carry and writes with different color pens at a time, this pen won't let you down. You'll find the reason, why.

This is a pen full of wonder. If you look at its switching, you'll be surprised. Well, this isn't something that you seem to detect at the very first time, but if you compare with other top brand pens, then you'll certainly feel the difference. And importantly, this pen charges quite a less than those.

And the best part? Definitely it ribbed grip. As an FYI, when I decided to choose the best 4 color pen on the market right now, I have done it by following some basic criteria. One of them is the pen grip. If it isn't good, then it would make you feel all other stuff D-graded. I hope you understand what I tried to make you understand.

Another exciting part of these multicolor ink pens is that they have 0.7mm point tips. It isn't either fine or thick. It is in between the two. So, as I feel, people who have the tendency to choose items pretty accurately, they might be finding this pack really beneficial.

Last, but not the least, these are pens made of quality material. Therefore, you can buy it for yourself or for your nearest ones.

Highlighted Features 

  • Quick and easy switching between colors
  • It is lightweight and retractable
  • Great for the price
  • Suitable for writing, taking notes, journaling, etc.
  • Versatile 0.7mm point tip

#10. Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro Medium Point Pen, Bright Ink Colors, Retractable Ballpoint- 1 Pack (1945904)

Paper Mate is a widely used multicolor retractable pen brand on the market at the moment. The manufacturer claims to only use top quality materials and ink in their pens. Thus, making their products completely safe.

The pen comes with 4 different colors in one. This is a single pack Paper Mate pen. I have reviewed a 3-pack pen from the same brand earlier.

One of the biggest advantages of having these pens is that they are incredibly durable and long-lasting. I don’t know for sure what kind of material they use, in fact, they use plastic but exactly which type of plastic it is, I cannot tell you confidently but what I can tell you, it feels really convincing and comfortable in the hand. You'll feel the pen in your hand.

Moreover, at the time of writing down onto the paper, you literally feel how the ink flows down to the tip. And you can necessarily relate to yourself as long as you write with the pen.

But what I like most about the pen is its point tip. It is versatile 1.0mm. But the interesting fact is that you can write pretty tight and clean fonts with it. What actually happens in the case of a maximum medium point pen is that you cannot write define and precise lines with it. I don’t know why but this pen allows you to do that. It seems quite interesting to me.

One drawback, this single pack ballpoint pen falls short in one particular thing. That is not having a refill option. However, this is not that of a problem though, because you can change your pen anytime, you want to.

Highlighted Features

  • It dries fairly quick
  • Highly affordable
  • It is a ballpoint pen
  • Writes tight and fine
  • It doesn’t smear, leak or bleed

#11. Tbestmax 6- Multicolor Retractable Gel Pen- Unicorn Pen Liquid Ink Pens Set Pen, Ballpoint Shuttle Pens Supplies Office Gifts 6-Color-In-1

Despite being in the market for a short time, Tbestmax has already earned a good name for its quality product and great customer service. They primarily focused on amusing designs and providing top-notch products.

Honestly, I didn’t take one for myself because it looks a bit youthful and casual. So, this would be one of the suitable options to gift some who goes to school.

This pack comes with 6 pens and 6 different colors. Isn't it amazing enough? The pens will certainly enough to make your kids resemble their childhood memories.

Also, these pens are divided into two categories. All are made of plastic.

And the most fascinating part of this pen is that you don’t need to put an extra effort to protect it. This pen comes with a protective film on the ballpoint itself.

Furthermore, as it is labeled as a kids’ pen (of course, this isn't officially), it is easy to use and maintain. You just need to press the top gently to open the pen and so as for closing the pen. Moreover, switching pen colors is also the same.

Now, what impresses me the most about the pen is its convenient grip and versatile point tip. It has a 0.5mm point tip which allows you not only to write but also draw, doodling on assignments, bullet journaling, etc.

Further, if you don’t have the right grip I mean comfortable, you can’t bring the most out of your pen. No matter how good the pen is. So, the combination of its tip and grip is all-important. And fortunately, this pack of multicolor gel pen provides both of these.

Highlighted Features

  • It writes smooth and blotting free
  • 0.5mm point tip for doodling assignments and drawing
  • Protective film on the point
  • Easy to use and switching colors
  • Great gift for children

#12. MiSiBao Medium Point Stylus Pen for iPod multi-colored Ballpoint Pen 4 Color Pen in One Black 8-Pack Pen- Stylus Pen for Touch Screen (1.0mm)

MiSiBao-Medium Point Stylus Pen

If you ask me about the most attractive multicolor pen, I would probably name this one. Though, this is arguable, but for me, this is the pen with a decent color combination and smart design.

So, if you love stuff that is minimalistic in design yet attractive, you can’t just ignore this one. Well, personally, I prefer keeping things simple yet smart. And if you love to do so, then voila! You are at the right place.

This is our very first product on today’s list which is made of rubber. The entire pen isn't made of rubber but a good portion of it. Therefore, it is compatible using with all touch screen devices including iPod, iPhone, and Kindle Touch.

If we look at its features and specification, we’ll see how carefully the manufacturer designed it. It is more likely to lasts longer than a decade. Don’t get too serious. Durability and longevity is something that varies from person to person. But the point being, the pen is really meant to long-lasting.

The pen has 4 colors in it. Each pen carries red, blue, black, and green ink. And fast and foremost this is an 8-pack multicolor pen. All the 8 pens are designed in the same way but the color varies.

What’s more? It features a padded grip that provides an extra comfort and convenience while writing. Therefore, you can write for hours without getting tired or bored.

Finally, the medium multicolor ballpoint is suitable for your daily use, office works, or even for gifting someone. I highly recommend this pack if you don’t have any issue regarding its aesthetic design.

Highlighted Features

  • It looks classy
  • Very comfortable padded grip and versatile point tip
  • Vivid 4-color pen (8 items)
  • It is refillable (no worries about losing the pen)
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Great for the price

#13. SMTTW 4 in 1 Multifunction Pen, 4 Color Pen with 0.7mm Tip Metal Ballpoint Pen with Multicolor ink in One Gift Box – Blue, Red, Black, Executive Multicolor Pen, Metal Mechanical Pencil

Now here comes our last pick for the day. If you are still confused about your very first multicolor pen, changing the existing pattern, you can give a visit to the pen sincerely. Undoubtedly, this is a different pattern pen from our best 4 color pen list.

What I like most about the pen is its metal made body and the engraved grip. It doesn’t look fancy that way. You know this is that colorful, I mean it is a one-color pen but the finish is simply incredible. This pen is mostly used by professionals.

The set contains 3 pens along with a mechanical pencil. The Pens are in red, black and blue and gray. Each of the pens comes with 4 different colors in it.

The best part of having this pen set is, you can access 3 different pens and a mechanical pencil at a time. And certainly, a metal cased mechanical pencil is something that people give attention to.

Furthermore, these lucrative pens are refillable. So, you don’t have any worries regarding how long you can cherish it. With due care and proper maintenance, you can use these pens for a lifetime.

Its engraved grip makes it easier to hold the pen and writing down with it. And another interesting new from the center, all the pens are equipped with automatic pen cartridge.

Replacing refill is also easy. Just need to unscrew the grip from the body and gently pull the refill into the body. In the case of the pencil, it is lead in the place of ink refill.

Highlighted Features

  • Advanced gravity assisted mechanism
  • Powerful and convenient tool for writers and designers
  • It is made of metal
  • Gorgeous matte finish and textured grip
  • It is refillable

Things to consider before buying the best multi color pens

Honestly, among the ton of options, it is not easy to pick the right one. In fact, it wasn’t quite easy to make a list of the best 4 color pens.

Therefore, you have a brief guide to follow before you make your final purchase decision. And let not forget that, it is not all about the particular brand or pen but your choice and applications too.

Consider Your Application

This is the first criteria you should follow. It is more likely a filter than being a criterion. Let me explain myself. When you get to buy a pen for your daily use in college or office, would you like to be it a 1.5mm thick pen? Certainly not. The point being, you need to determine what type of pen you would need to meet your criteria.

Secondly, imagine you need a pen for doodling on assignment paper, and you buy a pen with a 1.0mm point tip. And thereafter? You end up blaming yourself; literally, this is what happens often.

To get rid of these situations, first and foremost, determine what you need and select the type of pen you need. And then, you browse according to your applications. Well, here we have clearly stated the specifications and characteristics of every pen. Give a glance at them before you go any further.

The Balance

For being comfortable, this is the fast and foremost condition to have. With being balanced properly, a pen cannot serve you the best. Taking into consideration of all the other stuff, I guarantee you, you might find a pen looking fancy, expensive, or affordable, no matter what but it is the balance that must have to be present in the best multifunction pen.

Let me help you demonstrate the actual scenario. An expensive and gorgeous looking cycle without having that proper balance. Will it be worth buying? You know the answer. And the same goes for anything similar; I mean where there has a question of balance.

Therefore, when you order online, consider reading some reviews and the actual user experience. And when it is an offline purchase, hold the pen grip and see what you feel. Is it comfortable holding? Or, it weighted down to another side?

The Tip

This is a matter of personal preference. If you'd like to go with finer fonts then I’d suggest using a tip less than 1.0mm. Generally speaking, finer tips are more suitable for doodling on assignment paper, drawing, and taking notes sometimes.

For normal writings and writing on exams don’t require finer than a 1.0mm tip. So, again, it’s a matter of personal preference and taste. There is nothing official. You can go with whatever you'd like to do.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Ballpoint pen vs. gel- which one is best for me?

Answer: Ballpoint pens have an oil-based ink whereas gel pens have a looser and smoother writing fuel. They're less likely to skip than what you will have with your standard ballpoint pen.

But because of this, a ballpoint pen will give you a different writing and drawing experience. You can shade with that because of the fact that the pen can skip across the surface.

So if you have a drawing paper that is rougher you could do a lot of shading with your ballpoint pens whereas with the gel pen you can't really do that.

But what I do like about the gel pen is they're a lot better for stippling. The ballpoint pen is going to be a lot cheaper than the rollerball gel pen. They're more reliable because you don't have to worry about them drying up so often; they're much cheaper you can shave with them

They come with a much finer point usually.

Question: Do these multicolor pens smear?

Answer: I'd like to mention about the gel pens is that when you're writing with these, because of the gel and the fact that it takes a lot longer to dry as you're writing, you may smear or smudge the ink as you're going across the paper.

What about the ballpoint pens? You don't have that issue? You don't have to worry about a smudgy as much as you do with the gel pen. Ballpoint pens are so quick to dry so that it doesn’t get enough to smear or smudge, literally.

Question: How to position my Paper While writing?

Answer: The paper doesn’t require to be positioned directly in front of the center of your body. Instead, if you are a right-hander, slant the bottom of the paper towards the right side of the body. And move the paper towards the right side of the body.

And the left-hand holds the paper as we write with the right hand. And we can move the paper as we need to with the left hand and continue to write.

If you are a left-hander, slant the bottom of the page towards the left side of the body and move the paper towards the left side of the body. Your right hand will be used to hold the paper while you write with your left hand. And as you hold the paper with the right hand, the right hand can also move the paper up and down as need be while you write.

How to Hold a Pen

Use Three Fingers

The best way to hold a pen or pencil for handwriting is to use three fingers.

We use the thumb, the index finger, and the middle finger to hold the pen. The index finger and thumb actually do the holding while we rest the pen on the third finger. The fourth and fifth fingers are not used for writing. Instead, they curl loosely beneath the hand while we write.

The other end of the pen rests lightly between the index finger and the thumb at approximately the knuckle position.

Hold the Pen Firmly

Hold the pen firmly so that it does not slip from your grasp, but do not hold it tightly. We hold our fingers approximately one to one and a half inches from the tip or two and a half to four centimeters. This distance, however, can vary even with one individual writer.

For instance, For me, when I hold a pen or pencil that is all one consistent size, all the same size, and thickness, my fingers are a little bit closer to the tip than if I use a pen something like that. So even with each individual, the actual distance from the tip might vary.

How to move the pen

To move the pen, gently push the pen in all directions, up down left and right, with your index finger. The thumb as I said helps to hold the pen and the third figure is used to rest the pen on.

Lightly put the pen on the paper. You don't want to press hard, just lightly. Give it just light pressure. Gently slide your hand along the page. Everything is light and flowing. You don't press hard. If you press hard, you don't get as good results. Your fingers might get sore. Your hand might get sore. So you just need to lightly press on the paper with your pen and lightly move your hand across the page.

I hope that this has given you a better idea of how to hold your pen or pencil for handwriting.

Final Thoughts

So, it’s all about multicolor pens and their use. Hopefully, I haven’t fallen short of anything being discussed here. Now, it’s your turn to choose the best multicolor pens.

And I firmly believe that you'll make the right choice and make the best use of it. Good Luck. 

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