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Top 11 Best Nose Shaper in 2020 (Reviews and Buyers Guide)

I am sure you guys have heard about the law of attraction. This is the belief the phenomenon of thoughts become things.

Let me tell you again. The thoughts become things. Talking into existence, it comes to fruition. Let's apply this theory rather than hating on your nose and saying, "it's bad," "I don't like it," "I don't know that," etc.

Now, you will like to say, "It's cute," "I love my nose," "I love how it looks," "It's exactly how I wanted it to be!"

Why I'm talking about the law of attraction when I am set to review the best nose shaper for you? – Yes, because using a nose shaper is not enough. You must have to send some affirmation to yourself about your nose.

Don't forget, you may put on a nose shaper for 15-30 minutes a day, where your subconscious will work for the rest of the day.

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Lenlorry Nose Shaper Lifter Clip

5 out of 5

FERNIDA Nose Up Lifting Magic Nose Shaper Clip

5 out of 5

WINOMO Nose Up Lifting Shaping Clip

4.5 out of 5

Nose Shaper Lifter Clip - FERNIDA Store

4.5 out of 5

Beauty Clip Tool Set for Women

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 11 Best Nose Shaper Review in 2020

If you want to fix your nose shape without plastic surgery, you will need one of those nose shapers. They are side effect free and capable of making significant changes to human nose. So, let's dive in!

1. Lenlorry Nose Shaper Lifter Clip

Are you looking for a near-perfect nose slimming device for your nose? Do you care about safety and side effect issues seriously? You don't need to look anymore. This Nose Shaper from Lenlorry is a complete match of what you are looking for.

This device is extremely helpful for reshaping your external shape and structure of your nose. Besides, it adjusts to your nose type and size slowly. Well, it is always important to make sure that what you are doing will not cause any internal damage. This Lifter clip ensures exactly the same.

Lenlorry nose shaper comes at an affordable price but in an array of features often associated with more costly nose shapers. By providing high-quality and harmless material, it ensures safety and utmost comfort.

If the shaper doesn't fit with your nose contour, it can make your life irritative. This nose shaper is designed with a soft silicone pad with an ultra-durable stainless steel stand. Most importantly, its effectiveness in nasal soft tissues is clinically proven safe.

No one wants a nose shaper that is too complicated to use. And that is exactly what this nose shaper saves you from. It is easy to use and clean. It won't bother you to spend extra 20-30 minutes sitting in place for slimming your nose. So, you can use it anytime, anywhere.

One common question that I get often– "I'm 25, will it work for me?" okay, you are 25, and do you think you are done with your life? Haha, this is not that serious. No matter you are 25 or 35, it will help you to slim and straightening your nose. But remember, it will take some time. Don't stop trying halfway.

Finally, let me give you a lifetime tip to remember, If you feel any discomfort using this nose shaper, put this off initially. No matter how much it costs or how many positive reviews it gets. A device that is comfortable to me could not be comfortable for you. This is pretty normal.

Highlighted Features

  • It makes your nose lifter
  • Comfortable to use
  • No side effect
  • High quality and harmless material
  • Permanent effect
  • Affordable and durable

2. FERNIDA Nose Up Lifting Magic Nose Shaper Clip

Let's look into the second pick of our best nose shaper review list. FERNIDA is a prominent brand in health care and other beauty products. They become popular among women for their standard quality products and various styles.

Indentation is a common issue that people face when they use a nose clip. It happens mainly for not having the adjusting option. Nevertheless, in this nose shaper, you can adjust the clip's tightness according to your nose size. Thus it protects the nose from hurting and bringing indentations.

As it is a friendly device, you can use it anytime, anywhere. 30 minute a day is enough. If you would like to go more than this, you can. You don't have to find an extra slice of time a day to wear it. I know people who use while reading, cooking even jogging.

FERNIDA nose shaper is just right on its weight. It is suitable for anyone who is over 6.

An interesting story I want to share with you. A man named Thomas had a rhinoplasty on his nose but didn't get results as expected. He started using this nose shaper clip as his surgeon suggested. And within some days, he noticed his changes. He stated, "My nose never looked this great!" Now, that man got a permanent nose shape that he was dreaming of for a long.

Before I wrap up this review, I want to make you remember one thing. Using nose shapers in a wrong way can cause some serious damage like nosebleeds. So, be very careful before you put one in your nose.

Highlighted Features

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Ultra-durable stainless steel stand
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Slowly adjust the soft nasal tissue
  • Professional nose clamp design
  • Suitable for both men and women

3. WINOMO Nose Up Lifting Shaping Clip

If you are a bit worried about your droopy nose, here comes your antidote. This nose shaper from WINOMO is particularly good for reshaping droopy noses. The lifting and shaping process is not that hard with this awesome Nose Shaping Clip.

A surprising fact about this product is its ability to straighten the bridge of your nose. An expensive plastic surgery or undergoing knives on an OT bed? Huh! It sounds terrible. You don't need to undergo this frightening situation. Luckily, you have a WINOMO nose shaping clip.

This shaping clip has two reversible pad sizes. You will have the freedom to fit it according to your choice.

When this product arrived in 2017, the first question users raised, "will the result be permanent?" – yes, after using this for some time, it is able to reshape your nose permanently. But if you give up halfway, it won't bring the desired result, obviously.

Another interesting fact is it provides hard plastic outside. If you want a straight Nose Bridge, there is no other better option left than this hard exterior nose clip.

And again, if you are particularly looking for a nose-up clip for a small or tall nose, this is a shaper you cannot ignore. This is a true harmless noise shaper. And, it holds the reputation of reshaping noses without causing any damage.

Without any doubt, this awesome nose grooming tool is comfortable to use and less expensive than others.

On a serious note, if your nose is big, this shaper might not fit in. It could be painful and injurious to your nose. So, please try other nose clips that suit you the most.

Highlighted Features

  • Made of hard and durable plastic
  • Soft silicone pads
  • Suitable for small and tall nose
  • Great for straightening the nose bridge
  • Not recommended for big nose

4. Nose Shaper Lifter Clip - FERNIDA Store

If we talk about the convenient nose shapers, shapers from FERNIDA Store will come automatically. Dedicated to nose shapers and women beauty tools, FERNIDA Store has come a long way.

If your nose is too wide, this is a nose corrector straightener that you cannot ignore. This pink color nose clip is easy to use and maintain. Wherever you are doesn't matter, you can use it day and night.

The truth is, you will not get an instant result by using any kind of nose shaper. If someone guarantees you that a nose clip will work instantly, be sure that he's lying. In the case of this nose shaper, it brings a significant result with less time comparatively.

One of the finest things that it carries is it is designed with some tough wire inside. So, you don't need to worry about its durability. It won't be saggy overtime. You can always shape it back.

Therefore, you can play with it. You can wear inside out and remove the rubbers. And it won't make your breathing harder.

When someone skinny carries a long face with a bulbous nose (fat on tip), it might not be very attractive to look at. Still, he looks good. However, when you have an option to reshape your nose, you may not be interested in a bulbous nose, by the way. And this product is particularly good at reshaping the bulbous nose.

Another common but quality thing it provides is its silicone pad. It is soft and clear. You can even look at the inside, and it is all clean. All the material it provides is quite enough to give you a painless nose job.

Finally, if you compare its quality and features with other nose shapers, it will surely be on the more compact side.

Highlighted Features

  • Brings slight changes within a week
  • High-quality materials
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Soft silicone and scientific stand design
  • Easy to use and carry

5. Beauty Clip Tool Set for Women (Purple, Pink, Blue, Transparent)

We have another amazing package from FERNIDA. This is an example of how much a brand cares about its consumers.

This beauty clip toolset is a perfect tool for one who always looks for diversification. This package comes with 4 different nose clips. All are different in color.

It is comparatively, lightweight and easy to use. The design it provides is way better than others in the range of this price. In the case of performance, it works smoothly and takes time to make changes.

The nose slimming clip is made from soft silicone. As FERNIDA was always concerned about their product quality, in this package, they maintained that legacy.

As we all are concerned about our organs, especially our face, these nose shapers guarantee you a harmless treatment of your nose.

Another interesting part about this set is every piece of nose shapers has a different specialty. If we talk about the purple one, it is suitable for sleep or bath. In other cases, it won't bring that much benefit to you.

As you can already know, every piece of lifter has a different task. So it makes it possible to use one package in the whole family. It is perfect in size and easy to carry.

Before you select one for you, make sure it suits the best among 4. I have mentioned earlier; you never should put a nose clip that hurt you or cause pain to your nasal tissue. It can horribly cause an internal injury.

Finally, as manufacturers suggest not using it more than half-hour a day. You may not get a noticeable result in a week or even in a month. It will be best if you carry it for a couple of months.

Highlighted Features

  • 4 different kinds of nose slimming tool
  • Perfect size and easy to carry
  • Quality material
  • Available at an affordable price
  • Works smoothly and
  • It takes time to make a change

6. DINGDONG Unisex Nose Slimming Device

Now, we have a Unisex nose shaping device from DINGHONG. If you plan to take your nose slimming job to the next level, you need a shaper that responds quickly. Well, if that's the case, you can say hello to this nose slimming clip.

Take FERNIDA beauty tools for women as an example. It works smoothly and slowly. But in the case of this unisex nose lifter, you will get results with a week. Sounds interesting, right?

According to your external nose shape and structure, it can adapt. As it is made of durable stainless steel and a soft silicone pad, it won't hurt your nose. If you feel pain, anyhow, you can readjust the clip instantly.

This nose shaper doesn't offer any special design, but it ensures the product's safety and the utmost quality. It is long-lasting and side effect free.

Thus this device is applicable with a number of nose types. Whether it is a low nose, crooked nose, or a wide nose, it will work smoothly on every type of it.

To get a better result, you may put it a bit longer in case of straightening Nose Bridge. Usually, 15 to 30 minutes is enough for lifting and shaping noses, but straightening can take a bit longer.

If you compare this item with other nose shapers, it looks simple but very effective. This budget-friendly product can be very handy to reshape your nose without expensive cosmetic surgery.

Lastly, before putting this shaper on your nose, remove every kind of makeup you used. Don't put the nose slimming on wet skin.

Highlighted Features

  • It brings changes quickly
  • Suitable for almost every nose
  • It is long-lasting and side effect free
  • No special design
  • Great for anyone above 6

7. LAVIE BEAUTY Nose Shaper for Women

There is no doubt that LAVIE BEAUTY is one of the most famous and reliable manufacturers of women's beauty products. And they do splendid work with the Nose lifter clips. The device guarantees an excellent and permanent output for your nose.

Get bored by watching makeup tutorials and advertisements for plastic surgery? Who likes to undergo surgery and stays in the hospital for a week? Here comes your solution. This nose shaper will make a cosmetic surgery out of your sight.

If you want a charming and attractive nose naturally, this simple yet effective nose shaper can help you. It will make your nose more charming and glamorous without any pain.

This nose thinner provides soft silicone pads and durable stainless steel. What happens in several nose shapers is they smell peculiar initially. In the case of this product, you will get an odor free nose job.

It allows most of the nose sizes. And this true harmless nose shaper suits who sticks with it for sometimes.

One more convenience is the fact that you can breathe comfortably. There are some nose clips that prevent normal breathing, but this time, no worries.

For getting a quick change, you need to use it at least 15 minutes a day. You can wear it when even you watch TV, cook, or play with your kids. This is very easy and simple to use. Sometimes, you will not even feel that you are wearing a nose shaper.

After every use, try to wash it. This is not mandatory if you use it solely.

Highlighted Features

  • Applicable to most of the noses
  • It provides a smooth feeling
  • Doesn't create any breathing issue
  • Simple and easy to use
  • No peculiar smell
  • Available at an affordable price

8. TOULIFLY Nose Shaper for Nose Up Lifting and Shaping

TOULIFLY is one of the most famous brands in women's beauty and care industries. It does incredibly fantastic with its Nose uplifting clip. The company uses high-quality material and advanced technology to ensure a painless nose job for its user.


Firstly, this company is highly concerned about health issues. Thus it provides healthy silica gel and elastic resin. We use shapers to beautify our noses, not to cause any internal damage.

Therefore, this device is lightweight and comfortable to use. The manufacturer guarantees it is totally harmless. You won't ever feel any pain after using this kit.

It is difficult to find anyone who will agree to spend half an hour a day for her nose job. Nevertheless, this clip is pretty easy to use and maintain. You can use it anywhere, anytime.

It is suitable for any type of nose but be careful when you adjust the clip. Don't ever tighten it too much that it will damage your nasal issue or bridge bone.

Well, if you value your time, stick with it for a couple of months. Please don't spend a day without using it. This will not work like magic. It takes time, and eventually, it makes a significant change.

One exciting fact is that this device is it will have a severe impact on your nasal bridge bone. The nose lifter stimulates the large cartilage. As you know, cartilage and nasal septum determine the beauty of nasal bridge bone. Thus, the nasal bridge bone gets stronger and more beautiful, then the exact thing happens to your nose.

Highlighted Features

  • It lengthens and elevates the nasal cartilage
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • Harmless material
  • Includes healthy silica gel
  • Can easily cope with various nose types
  • It makes the nose more natural

9. FERNIDA Nose Up Lifting Tool

Another brilliant beauty tool from FERNIDA is this nose shaper. If you are looking for a nose lifting clip at a reasonable price with the utmost quality, then you cannot ignore this product.

This little beauty tool comes with a soft silicone pad and surgical stainless steel stand. It is quite safe and harmless. This nose beauty corrector provides the necessary flexibility to its users. You don't need force adjustment to this nose shaper.

This nose lifter doesn't affect breathing, cooking, walking, or any sort of working. You can put this shaper on at any time anywhere.

A common issue users face with nose shapers is falling off. As experts suggest not using it very tightly, they use it a bit loosely, and it falls off. This is certainly irritating. In this device's case, it doesn't fall off easily as it is suitable for all different types of noses.

Moreover, its smart look makes it easier to wear and go out. You can wear it outside your home, confidently.

This nose slimming clip is washable and removable. If you have oily skin, you should rinse it with water after every use.

In the beginning, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Trust me; you are not the one who feels a bit uncomfortable the first time. No one feels great for the very first time. No worries. Extend your using period over time. The ideal using time for this kit is between 15-20 minutes.

Finally, I would like to say, stick with this beauty tool at least for 2-3 months. It takes time to make a change. It will extend your nose forward; make it smaller or whatever you want. And most importantly, it reshapes your nose structure according to your external face structure.

Highlighted Features

  • It is long-lasting
  • It adjusts slowly
  • Doesn't affect breathing
  • Harmless and comfortable to use
  • Lightweight and smart outlook

10. OliBoPo Nose Slimming Device for Men and Women

Introducing OliBoPo Nose slimming Device- one of the smartest nose shaper that fits your personality. Its design is simple yet gorgeous. It is suitable for most people.

Apart from that, this beauty kit carries some quality features. Like other quality nose shaper, it is also made with ultra-durable stainless steel and soft silicone. The exciting part is that it is suitable for all nose types—no matter what shape or size you have.

Moreover, OliBoPo has a very quick and efficient customer service team. In terms of using, if you face any inconvenience, just let them know. You will get a satisfactory result within 24 hours, they guarantee.

As it is a Unisex nose shaper, both men and women, children and adults can use it. No worries about material and safety issues.

To give your nose a scientific treatment, they designed this kit a bit differently. It will treat your nose according to your external shape. And mostly, it uses external force to reshape and lift your nose.

One common but important question I get often. "Will it make my nose thinner?" - Yes. It will make your nose thinner, smaller, slimmer, or whatever you want. It works according to your wish.

And again, it means you don't need to worry about the nose shape or size you have. Just make sure that you are stick with it at least for a couple of months. And then? Get a charming and gorgeous nose you always dreamt for.

Finally, in the case of straightening the nose bridge, I recommend TOULIFLY Nose Shaper. If you don't like that nose clip, try this one out.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight and pain-free to use
  • It is suitable for a wide range of people
  • No discomfort at all
  • Suitable for anyone above 6
  • Available at an affordable price

11. Lenlorry Nose Bridge Straightener and Corrector

I have kept this product for last in our nose shaper review. If you don't have any time restriction, you can definitely try this nose bridge straightener from Lenlorry. It works slowly but very effective.

It helps people to reshape their wide, crooked nose. There is no exception in our review list. I didn't bring any nose shaper that made of harmful material. This is also made from durable stainless steel and a high-quality silicone pad.

Lenlorry is famous for its lucrative design and innovative features. This beauty tool also comes with an attractive design and outlook. You don't have to worry about wearing in the public place.

Get bored of maintaining several beauty tools? No worries. It is easy to use and maintain. This nose shaper doesn't require extra care or maintenance. All you need to do is rinse it with water after every use and wipe with a clean cloth.

As it looks smart and gorgeous, you can use it anywhere, at any time-no matter you are in gym, office tor kitchen. There will be no discomfort in living your usual life.

Anyone over 6 can use this nose straightener. There is no other instruction except washing your face before putting it on. And again, if you feel discomfort, immediately remove the nose shaper. Try to reach a physician or an expert in this sector.

Highlighted Features

  • A great option for both men and women
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Scientific stand design
  • Harmless for your nose
  • It is easy to use and clean

Do Nose Exercises Work

Nose exercise is an exercise where you're not going to see a result overnight. It is not like other exercises, but it works. I've had people come back to me and say, you know what? "My nose looks a lot more lifted and crooked." So, I'm going to show you what to do is so easy and you'll get the whole idea of what you can do to reshape your nose.

Before I tell you what to do, I want to clear one thing. Some people cannot understand how does it happen and why it doesn't happen immediately. It is because we have so many muscles which we don't really work out.

So we go to the gym to reshape our arm, legs, abs, or whatever else it is. It is the same way we should really work out our faces. Our muscles get old and weak as we grow old; the same goes for our face too.

I have come up with some facial exercises that will bring significant results to your nose shape and size. All are pretty simple and easy exercises to do.

How often should you do it? – As many times as you want.

So all you need is your finger. That's it. Place your finger underneath your nose and try to lift up. You don't need to lift your nose up totally so that it feels uncomfortable. Just lift it up slightly and then try to push down your finger with your nose. And what you will find is your bottom lip moves. It is like a work out because you will feel your nose sides had a workout.

You should do it a day and do it as many times as you want. I mean, do as long as you feel comfortable to do. I personally do this when I just stop watching TV. That's what I do this. Or, when I just start around there, I'll do it.

I don't have a set schedule for this, and I don't like to repeat it so many times. I just do what makes me comfortable. So if it means you to do it only 10 times or 20 times a day, then you only do it 10 times, obviously.

However, the more you do it, the quicker the results you'll see. But again, it's not something that's just going to happen overnight. You will feel the difference within a week. You'll feel your nose like the sides of your nose get as if it's had a workout.

Besides, you'll feel your lip slightly lifted. It will turn up the top of your lip as well. This exercise will not cause any pain, but you'll feel like the top of your lip in the middle has been working as well. So I'll demonstrate the whole thing again. Take your finger underneath your nose, lift it up slightly, and you want to push it down with your nose.

That's it. As easy as you like.

If you feel comfortable to do it 40 times a day, then do that. I personally like to do it when I'm bored. And trust me; it's a huge difference that one exercise can make.

Don't forget to do this exercise if you want to have an uplifted nose without expensive surgery. Get a nose shaper and try out this easy exercise. And yes, give me thanks later.

Nose Shaper Buying Guide

So, what do you think now? Sometimes a wide array of options make one confused. If doubts are rolling over your head and make you confused, don't worry. I have made precise buyers guide for you. Let's not spend more than 3 minutes to make your final choice.

Well, there may be more factors than I mentioned below. This is just a buyer's guide to ease your buying decision. Don't assume it more than this.


This is one of the major facts that you should look into. Not for nose shaper, it is applicable for any kind of beauty tool. The reason behind this is there are now several companies all around the world who make beauty products.

As there has a mammoth market and women are getting more attached to it, they took this opportunity. But the sad part is not everyone is conscious about product quality and its consequences.

Since beauty tools can be sensitive for skin or a particular organ, we must have be careful choosing a brand. Brands that I have enlisted are the best nose shaper brands and making quality products for years. So try to stick among the mentioned brands for a quality-driven nose shaper.

Features and Specification

This is something you cannot overlook. Features and specifications! Why will you buy a product? To get a particular job done, right? So, it is always important to verify the product's features and special qualifications. If it doesn't match your interest, ignore it. No matter how popular the product is.

Quality and Durability

If a product is not convenient to use, then there is no legitimate reason to use that. In the case of a nose shaper, you will see several products at a cheap rate but made of low quality and harmful material.

As our face is one of our body's most sensitive parts, it requires to be treated smoothly. In most quality nose shapers, manufacturers use soft silicone pad and durable stainless steel. They are harmless for your nose and face.

As our nose is formed with various cartilages, we have to be very careful using any kind of beauty tool. Otherwise, it can cause internal injury, and so on.

Since you have to use it daily for some time, inquire about its durability. You can directly ask the manufacturers or check out the review section.

Frequently Asked Question

What benefits can I expect from a nose shaper?

Answer: it has several benefits over your nose. But the primary benefit is it can reshape your nose without expensive cosmetic surgery. Some benefits at a glance:

  • Slim a wide nose
  • Lift bended nose tip
  • Straight a crooked nose
  • Enhance the appearance of an ethnic nose
  • Refine a bulky nose tip
  • Straighten nose bridge

Why choose nose shaping tool over other nose job options?

isn't it better to get a satisfactory solution without undergoing surgery? Surgery or other options may have some side effects and unwanted consequences. Some additional reasons are:

  • Affordable; less than a cheeseburger
  • Non-invasive
  • Safe and side effect free
  • No absent time from work
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Small enough to carry in your wallet

I am 25 years old, will it work for me?

Answer: well, maybe the most frequent question that I get. So the answer is, no matter you are 25 or 45, it will always be possible to reshape your nose. You have to stick with it for some time, maybe a couple of months, and you will get the result.

Therefore, the changing time might be different for every individual. According to your nose shape and using time, it will vary. The more you use nose shaper, the quicker will be the result. Simple!

Will it work for my big and low nose? 

Answer: yes, it will work for any kind of nose. Rest assured. If you can use it properly, it will be slimming your nose and lifting it up. It can change the wideness as well as straighten the nose bridge.

Actually, nose shapers are designed to work according to your external nose shape. Thus, it slowly adjusts the nose's actual shape and size. In case if you feel uncomfortable using a particular nose shaper, remove it instantly. It is always better to use a shaper following a physician's advice.

Final Words

An attractive nose can completely change the whole appearance of your face. There was a time when people used to go for expensive cosmetic surgery. And it wasn't affordable for everyone. Here comes the revolutionary beauty tool for women. The Nose Shaper and uplifter!

When you have a handy tool like a nose shaper, who on earth will go for surgery willingly? It takes only 15 to 20 minutes a day to reshape your nose. It is comfortable and affordable for everyone.

Finally, I have tried to review all the best nose shapers available on the market. I hope it would be enough for you to pick the right one. wish you luck!                                                                   Besides using a nose shaper, Here are a few tricks you can use to make your nose look small.

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