10 Best Office Refrigerators 2022 – Top Rated Fridges

When you are thinking of keeping your quickly consumed food fresh and beverage cold during the office hour, you must get an office refrigerator, which perfectly fits in your office space.

An office refrigerator is basically a mini-refrigerator that can fit in a very small space for its compact size. These refrigerators are not as efficient as a standard size refrigerator but it can keep your coffee and beverage cold and your snacks stored for later consumption.

But as there is a wide range of options to choose from, finding one isn't difficult but picking best one can be tiring. Don't worry; you don't need to be an expert on this. And luckily, you’ve come to the right place. We did all the necessary research for you and compiled a list of best office refrigerator. Let's dive deep into the topic.    

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Product Name

Editor's Rating


hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

5 out of 5

Cooluli Infinity Blue Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

5 out of 5

Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

4.5 out of 5

Euphony Mini Fridge with Freezer

4.5 out of 5

VOKUA 10 Liters. Mini Fridge

4 out of 5

Office Refrigerator Buying Guide

No one wants his refrigerator serving him for a month or two. It is a long term investment, probably for lifetime. So, it is inevitable that you be sure about some features before ordering one.

Examine the size and capacity

There must be a sweet balance between the size and the storage capacity of the top office refrigerators you want to buy. If you get a fridge with a large capacity but there is no space left in your office to fit in, what will you do? Rather choose wisely. 

Try to fix the exact size and dimension for your office space. Then there are options that will give you the maximum storage capacity with an adjustable shelf design. Sometimes the door shelf design adds the extra storage option you need.

Learn about the Energy Efficiency

These days you must look for the energy efficiency of your office refrigerator before you buy it. Each refrigerator now comes with an energy guide that shows you the actual Kilowatt-hours used per year and the annual cost. 

Many of the items in our list are energy efficient with energy stars. And we have put them intentionally so that you can make a quick decision comparing each item.

Look for Auto defrosting

All kinds of refrigerators keep your food fresh by constant cool air circulation in its inner compartment from the compressor. When it comes to direct cooling, these refrigerators flow the cool air naturally without any external support. 

That leads to uneven cooling and ice forming. But when there is a convection fan for ensuring even air distribution, it also prevents ice formation. That means it enables auto defrosting. And you must look for it if you want to save yourself from cleaning the ice manually from the inner compartment of your refrigerator.

Low Noise

Compressor noise can be very disturbing in a working environment where you need constant focus. That's why when you buy a mini-refrigerator for your office, make sure it doesn't spoil the working environment. There are options that give ultra-quiet compressors which create no sound. At least they are not audible.

Our Top 10 Best Office Refrigerator in 2021

So here are our top 11 office refrigerator for you. We have included refrigerators with different sizes, capacity, and features so that you don’t go empty-handed. Read on to find out what’s in here for you!

1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Looking for an office refrigerator with a large capacity to fit in your office kitchen? Then hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler will be our recommendation.

This is a refrigerator with a capacity to hold 120 standard-sized soda cans in its 3.2 cubic feet inner compartment. This mid-size office refrigerator is perfect for serving 10 to 12 people at a time. Don’t hesitate to bring some soft-drink bottles to your office when you have this item.

The three adjustable and removable chrome shelves of this item will allow you to store large size bottles. The elegant see-through glass door will give you an understanding of what you need for the next day or the late night.

The easy small touch screen bar on the top of the hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator’s inner compartment will allow you to control the temperature to 32-degree Fahrenheit. This is not the finest temperature to keep your ice cream frozen but it will surely keep your beverage cold.

Though you cannot get the same efficiency and cooling system as a standard refrigerator from an office refrigerator, this item has some satisfying features. The 120V vertical chiller of this item offers energy efficiency with a whisper-quiet compressor.

The best part? Its cooling system. A small convection fan with the compressor ensures consistent air circulation for even cooling. That means, from top to bottom shelves, each bottle will be at the same cold.


  • Larger capacity for the office kitchen.
  • Even cooling mechanism with a whisper-quiet compressor.
  • Interior BLUE-LED Light and a glass door for perfect viewing even at night.
  • Controlling temperature is quite easy with its digital thermostat.
  • Auto defrosting system.
  • Three adjustable shelves for befitting larger bottles.


  • Extra-large for personal use.
  • Less volume occupancy.

2. Cooluli Infinity Blue Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

If there is very little space left within your office cubicles to fit an office refrigerator, we will recommend you to take a look at this Cooluli Infinity Blue Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge. This is a perfect option if you need something only for your personal use.

This refrigerator has 10 liters capacity. This will allow you to keep 12 soda cans for whenever you get thirsty at the office and some snacks for the evening. If the refrigerator in your office kitchen doesn't allow you to keep your medical, skincare, and other essentials, bring this item to your office.

Want some style to reflect your personality? This item offers a wide range of glass front designs to match your expectation.

This thermoelectric cooler may seem pretty low capacity. But this low capacity and foldaway top handle make it highly portable. This item weighs only 7.9lbs. So caring for it from home to your office will not be a big deal from now on.

Going for a picnic or traveling? This is the best go-to cooling solution in your way. Its dual-voltage infinity can work anywhere in the world.

For preventing frost and ensuring efficient cooling this mini refrigerator has its own advanced EcoMax technology.

But there is one downside of this item to consider. Its cooling system is not great for perishable items. This cooler can cool down to 35-40 degrees F which is good enough for keeping a bottle of soda cold but not safe for anything that needs regular temperature control such as breast milk.


  • Stylish and sleek glass door design.
  • Compact size for easy portability.
  • Dual voltage from 100-240V.
  • Advanced EcoMAx technology for energy efficiency.
  • Affordable for personal use.
  • Capacity to hold 12 soda cans.


  • Temperature is not good for perishable goods.
  • Can be a bit noisy.

3. TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator

If our first pick is not enough for you in terms of the capacity of the inner compartment, here is TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator for you to utilize every single inch. This item is more than keeping your soda can cold. It allows you to use it for different purposes.

Are you staying in your office for late-night work? Want to cook your own dinner in your office kitchen? This item is a perfect addition to your office kitchen.

First of all, it has a capacity of 3.2 cubic feet where there is a dedicated compartment for keeping your vegetables and fruit fresh. And you can remove the middle glass shelves for easy storage. This item hasn’t compromised any possible storage options. Not even its door. You can use the door for storing soda and juice cans.

This is not a freezer. But there is a tiny 0.3 cubic feet freezer for ice cubes or small frozen snacks.

With easily adjustable thermostat control from 32 -41 degrees Fahrenheit, it will keep everything cold and fresh but not your ice cream.

It also has a highly power-efficient compressor certified by Energy Star. Your office electric bill will not skyrocket with this compressor. It takes only 0.56WK per day that means 2 dollars per month only. Another good thing about this economical compressor is its noise-free operation. No distraction from your work!

The last thing you must know is that it is 33 inches tall which is larger than the conventional sizes. So, make sure you have enough room in your office kitchen.


  • 3.2 cubic feet inner compartment.
  • Door shelves for maximizing the capacity.
  • All steel fire-resisting bodies.
  • 5 Settings Adjustable thermostat control from 32 -41 degrees F.
  • Economical and noise-free compressor.
  • Reversible door hinge.


  • Extra-large size for a small office.
  • The top of the refrigerator gets fairly warm sometimes.

4. Euphony Mini Fridge with Freezer

If you are reading this review by getting disheartened for not having a freezer in our last three picks, we are here with Euphony Mini Fridge with Freezer for you. Ice-creams will not melt down from now after you bring this item to your office. Keep your beverage cold and frozen food safe for later consumption.

This is a 2-door fridge that includes a 0.96 cubic feet freezer compartment. The temperature of this freezer compartment can go below -0.04 degrees F. That means you can store all those items that need regular temperature control such as breast milk, frozen food, and ice cream right in your office.

Also, the fridge zone has a capacity of 2.24 cubic feet which is a standard capacity for storing veggies and fruits for 2 or 3 persons. You can use the reversible door to keep your soda or water. And all the shelves inside the fridge are adjustable for your flexibility of use.

Thanks to its microcellular foaming technology that separates both of the storage zones ensuring effective blockage of air leaking from one zone to another.

The only downside is that this item is not as energy efficient as our previous pick. This takes almost 0.98 kWh per day which will cost you more than 3.5 dollars a day. But as you are getting so much more as value, this item is still a great deal of your money.


  • Comes with a dedicated 0.96 cubic F. freezer zone.
  • 2 door design for reducing temperature loss.
  • Automatic noise reduction compressor.
  • Reversible door design
  • Separate cooling and temperature control for each storage zone.
  • Larger storage capacity.


  • Less energy efficient.
  • The silver surface is not rust protected.

5. VOKUA 10 Liters. Mini Fridge

When portability is a great concern before you buy an office refrigerator, there is no chance to cross this VOKUA 10 Liters Mini Fridge out from our list of best office refrigerator. This is undoubtedly one of the finest additions to this list. Oh, wait! We have reasons. Let us explain.

First of all, this is 10-liters capacity fridge. That means you can store almost 10 to 12 cans in it. The adjustable shelf design will also allow you the flexibility to keep other items that you want to make sure of keeping cold.

The good news is, this item has both cooling and heating functions. That means it will work more or less like a thermos flask. You can keep your soda cold and coffee hot just by switching between the temperature mode. Within 20 minutes, this refrigerator will reach its higher heating and cooling temperature. Operation is also very easy for everyone’s use. There is a LED digital display to show the temperature and two temperature buttons for precise control.

This can be your best companion while traveling. The 9.45 x 7.28 x 13.78 inches dimension will easily fit in your car with no extra hassle. Want to have a surprise? This item is equipped with both AC and DC power adapters. So if you want, you can connect this refrigerator with your car by switching from AC to DC mode to enjoy a can of soda in your journey.

There is no auto-defrosting functionality in this item which can be a heartbreaking fact for so many. Because you will have to wipe off the leftover water so that water cannot turn into ice in its inner compartment.


  • Small and compact size for easy portability.
  • Perfect dimension to fit in your car or office desk.
  • Heating and cooling functions.
  • Equipped with AC and DC port.
  • Precise temperature control with easy to operate buttons.
  • Low noise technology.


  • There is no auto defrosting mechanism.
  • A bit pricey.

6. Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler is a great choice for its price which is less than any of its competitor’s products. Like the hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler, this is also suitable for your office kitchen for its 17.3 x 33.3 x 18.9 inches dimension. But the affordable price is the added benefit you are going to get without compromising the quality.

Like any other mid-size mini-refrigerator, this also has a 3.2 cubic feet capacity. This capacity will allow you to store 100 to 120 soda cans in its inner compartment.

The adjustable shelves will also allow you to store larger size bottles and other staff that you want to keep cold. But nothing will freeze in this refrigerator for its 34 degrees F. cooling temperature. It’s only suitable for keeping your beverage freezing cold.

The door design of this item doesn’t give you any storage option. But its triple-paned tempered glass door is good enough to maintain an ideal humidity level and an even temperature for keeping beverages cold for a long time.

This item also gives an impressive outlook for its black and stainless-steel design. It has a built-in handle to open the high elastic sealed glass door with utmost ease.

No worries about forming water inside the refrigerator. This has an automatic defrost cycle so that you don’t need to clean your refrigerator in your spare time.


  • 3.2 Cubic F. interior capacity.
  • Internal air-cooled system for evenly cooling.
  • Auto defrost
  • Sensitive touch controls.
  • Stainless steel built with triple-paned tempered glass doors.
  • Energy Efficient.


  • Control buttons inside the fridge are inconvenient sometimes.

7. TECCPO 1.7 Cu.Ft. Small Refrigerator

Too big or too small. If that’s the problem you are facing while choosing the office refrigerator, take a look at the TECCPO 1.7 Cu.Ft. Small Refrigerator. It can work both as a fridge and a freezer.

This 1.7 cubic feet capacity small refrigerator is the perfect size for tight places. Its reversible door will also help you to fit the refrigerator anywhere in your office. When there is a small room but you want a refrigerator that can hold 40 to 45 soda cans, here is the perfect deal for you.

Want to know the best part? This refrigerator has a tiny little freezing compartment of 0.2 cubic F. for storing or freezing ice cubes. So don’t worry if you forget to bring some ice for your drinks. By the way, the light-degree freezing store does not limit the storage capacity. You can use the door for keeping different size soda cans.

From 24 to 50 degrees F., this refrigerator has 6 temperature controls ensuring even cooling. Set your temperature as per the requirement of your food to keep it safe.

Incredibly, nothing has been compromised for its compact size. This has one of the highest performing compressors for a refrigerator of this size. It takes only 0.55 kWh of electricity. No wonder that it will save your wallet! It has been designed with low noise technology to ensure a quiet working environment.

The most relieving fact is that this has an auto defrosting button. Press the button and wait. Defrosting will be done automatically.


  • 1.7 cubic FT. capacity for compact size.
  • Includes a tiny freezer.
  • Powerful and Noise-free compressor.
  • 6 adjustable temperature settings for perfect cooling temperature.
  • Energy-efficient and auto defrosting.
  • 2-year quality promise.


  • Not suitable for more than two people.

8. MOOSOO 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator

If you want to get all the benefits of a standard refrigerator in your tiny office space, MOOSOO 3.2 Cu. Ft Compact Refrigerator can meet all your expectations. It’s a 3.2 Cu. F refrigerator which is good enough to store anything for you.

From fruits to frozen food, you can stack anything in this refrigerator. Yes, you heard me right. “Anything”

You can store frozen food, ice cream, or ice cubes in its 0.3 Cu.F. freezers. The other 2.9 cu. F. can be used for storing vegetables or fruit. And the door design of this refrigerator will allow you to store your favorite drink. So, making your late-night snack or having a chilled drink at the office will not cause any inconvenience from now on.

And to keep everything fresh with a consistent cooling temperature, this refrigerator has an energy-efficient centrifugal compressor. This compressor will cost 2.16 dollars per month for electricity. Another best part about this compressor is its super-fast cooling capacity.

If you are worried about the freshness of your fruits or vegetables, please don’t. Unlike other office refrigerator brands, this has 7 adjustable thermostats from 34 to 41 degrees F. So, you will be able to adjust the temperature according to your food requirements.

And lastly, you will be getting everything you could ask from a mini office refrigerator at a super affordable price.


  • Includes a decent size freezer and door shelves.
  • Adjustable glass shelves for storing flexibility.
  • Ultra-Quiet and energy-efficient compressor
  • 7 Adjustable thermostat control.
  • Super-fast and consistent cooling.
  • Affordable and beautiful design.


  • The freezer has inconsistent cooling.

9. TACKLIFE 3.2 Cu.Ft Low Noise Mini Fridge with Freezer

It’s for the one who wants a budget-friendly office refrigerator with a good amount of storage and consistent temperature. TACKLIFE 3.2 Cu. Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer is perfectly designed to provide you the maximum storage capacity and top-notch features within your budget.

Many times, there is a freezer in your office refrigerator, but your ice creams are still melting. Why does this happen? Because the temperature of the freezer is not consistent enough to keep your ice cream frozen. But this will never happen with this TACKLIFE 3.2 Cu. Ft Mini Fridge. The lowest temperature of this item is 0 degrees Celsius which can keep your ice cream or frozen good safe for a couple of days. Don’t expect it to be more than 2 days.

Even in hot temperatures, its super-powerful compressor will do the job of keeping your fruits or vegetables fresh. If the time comes, you can also adjust the temperature setting so that the fridge temperature can match the outside temperature. Also, the compressor is noise-free and most importantly energy efficient. Nothing to complain about.

The 2.9 cubic feet fridge is designed with 1 adjustable glass shelves and a vegetable crisper. This means you can store fruits or vegetables for almost 3 to 5 people effortlessly. The door shelves are also there for additional storage to keep your beverage or soda can. The 0.3 cubic Feet freezer will be a good help for a glass of drinks, as you can store ice cubes there.

But one thing that can be frustrating is it’s manual defrosting. But don’t worry. This has a frost scratching board which makes the defrosting process easy and convenient.


  • Mini Fridge with features of a standard fridge.
  • Highly affordable with top-rated features.
  • Ultra-quiet compressor.
  • 0.3 Cu.F. freezer with consistent cooling.
  • Energy Efficient and Money saving.
  • Includes a frost scratching board.


  • Manual Defrosting.

10. Miroco Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Fridge

If you ever faced any issues of uneven cooling and frosting with your previous office refrigerator, you must get this Miroco Beverage Refrigerator this time. There is nothing that can go wrong when you have this item in your office. Chilling with perfection. That’s what the Miroco office refrigerator is known for.

The very first thing that keeps miroco apart from its competitor is its build quality. The shelves are wide enough to prevent bottles from potential damage. The shelves are also very sturdy and durable to hold glass bottles and other heavy stuff. Also, the exterior design is stunning unlike any other products in the market. The three-layered glass door gives a hefty and premium feel. The etched black trim on the door gives a gorgeous shine to this item. So full marks for its look and build.

The cooling temperature of this item is more even and precise. From top to bottom shelves, each drink will remain evenly cool. The convection fan is the one that does the job. The fan distributes the cool air coming from its powerful compressor throughout the inner compartment. And there is a touch control panel to adjust the temperature from 34-50 degrees F.

The three-layered glass door also ensures effective insulation. It actually helps to keep cold air in and heat out. So the inside temperature will be always precise and unimpacted by the external heat.

Though it’s an expensive item, the high-quality build, and effective cooling can easily back it up ensuring the 3.2 cubic F capacity.


  • Three Layered glass doors for maximum insulation.
  • Effective and evenly cooling from 34-50 degrees F
  • Solid and durable build.
  • Auto defrosting.
  • Wide and durable glass shelves.
  • Large capacity of 90 liters.


  • The price is comparatively high.

Top 10 Office Refrigerator Comparison Table

Product Name


Capacity (Cu. F)

Include freezer?

hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches


No (Beverage Refrigerator)

Cooluli Infinity Blue Compact Portable Cooler Warmer Mini Fridge

11.4 x 10 x 13.4 inches

10 Liters

NO (Cooler And Warmer)

TACKLIFE Compact Refrigerator

18.7 x 17.4 x 33.1 inches



Euphony Mini Fridge with Freezer

19.4 x 19.9 x 33.5 inches


Yes.( Two Door Design)

VOKUA 10 Litres. Mini Fridge

9.45 x 7.28 x 13.78 inches

10 liters.


Euhomy Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler

17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches


No ( Beverage Refrigerator)

TECCPO 1.7 Cu.Ft. Small Refrigerator

17.83" x 18.05" x 19.8" Inches


(Single Door Dual Compartment)

MOOSOO 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator

17.66 x 18.66 x 32.72 inches



TACKLIFE 3.2 Cu.Ft Low Noise Mini Fridge with Freezer

17.5 x 18.5 x 32.7 inches


Yes.( Single Door)

Miroco Beverage Refrigerator Cooler Fridge

18.6 x 17.3 x 33.3 inches


No ( Beverage Refrigerator)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will it be worth buying a mini-fridge?

It’s so obvious that a mini-fridge in your office will not serve you the best as a standard refrigerator. But when there is a tiny space left and yet you want a fridge to have a chilled drink anytime, nothing is more worthy than a mini office refrigerator.

Even a mini-fridge consumes less energy than your kitchen refrigerator. It’s basically used for keeping soda cans and beverages cold. So, if you are up to that, a mini-fridge will be worthy of your money.

2. Can I store milk in my office refrigerator?

If you want to store breast milk or any other milk for more than 5 hours, you must look for a compressor fridge. This compressor refrigerator will allow you to store breast milk for almost 3 to 5 days. But do check on them after 3 days. It’s better if there is a dedicated freezer compartment in your refrigerator.

3. Can I turn off my office refrigerator at night?

Yes, you can turn off your mini office refrigerator at night when you head back home. It will basically lessen your electric bill for low energy consumption. 

But turning it off for few hours will not help. Because when you turn the refrigerator off for few hours and then turn it on again, it takes more energy to cool down again.

4. How to defrost an office refrigerator manually?

When there is no convection fan in your refrigerator for evenly air distribution, you will have to defrost manually. To do that first of all, take everything out from the refrigerator. Then unplug it and keep the door open. 

This will melt down the ice formed inside the fridge compartment. When it starts to melt down, wipe off with a towel that can soak water well. When you are done, plug the refrigerator and allow it to cool down again.

Final Words:

Hundreds of brands with thousands of features. It’s very easy to get lost while looking for the best office refrigerator among various options. But here in this list, we have brought to you some filtered options to make your buying decision easier. If you still find it difficult to pick, follow our buying guide to navigate your way.

No more wait for having a few ice cream slices and drinks at your office. Bring an office refrigerator today.

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