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Best Pen for Signatures Reviews of 2021

There is one basic thing that a pen has to do, but there are many a fact that to consider before choosing a pen over another. Does it write well and smooth? Quick-drying? Any bleeding or smudging? Etc. And obviously, how does it look?

From so many options there, it is not that easy to find the best signature pens. You'll see some plastic ballpoint pens with an affordable price yet are made of inferior materials, where a stainless steel-made classic design medium point pen for a few more bucks. So, this is normal to get perplexed here.

But don't worry. We've covered you up. To bring you the best pen for signature, we've researched quite a few pens and designed our list accordingly.

So, let's dive in!

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IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

5 out of 5


5 out of 5

Montblаnс Mеistеrstüсk Classic Black Signature Pen

4.5 out of 5

iMeaniy Luxury Ballpoint Pen for Signature

4.5 out of 5

EKLOEN Six-Edge Solid Brass Signature Pen

4 out of 5

What to consider before buying a signature pen

As there is no absolute best or worst signature pen, you need to choose one by your own choice and taste. We brought you a list of the best signature pen, but it doesn't necessarily mean all of them are suitable for you. So, let's see some inevitable facts that you should always look into before making the final decision.

The point tip

It determines how your pen will write. If you are fond of fine nib pens, then there's no point in getting a medium point pen. This is no brainer that you need to choose what type of nib you want to write with.

There are different sizes and types of point tips. It starts from 0.5mm to 0.7mm point tip that we've enlisted here. Don't think much of the quality of a point tip because all we brought here are from renowned pen brands.

The ink

If the ink isn't up to the quality, you cannot go right by that pen. Smearing and smudging on the paper is primarily caused by the ink itself. If the ink is too thick, it may lead it to ink-blotting and show through the page. Moreover, it will take more time to dry.

On the other hand, if the ink is too thin, it will fail to make an impact on your writing. Meaning, it might become difficult to demonstrate what you want to demonstrate. And for leaving a powerful message, you need bold and thick letters.


This is something that I love personally. There are many people who love to cherish things for a long. When I buy a solid brass-made signature pen, there is no reason that I use it for once and throw it in the basket. As long as it looks good and provides me the desired service, why would I shift to another item?

So, if you love to stick with the same item for a long period of time, then you can consider this quality very strongly.


This is one of the most important qualities that you should look into before making your final decision. Do you love to write with heavy pens? Go for stainless steel or copper-based signature pen. Normally, they are heavier than plastic pens.

Otherwise, if you love to go with lightweight pens, consider choosing one among the plastic pens. Although, nowadays, some stainless steel pens are also fairly lightweight and incredibly balanced.

Our Top 8 Best Pens for Signature in 2021

For instance, imagine you're going to buy a signature pen for the very first time. And you don't know which one will be the perfect suit for you. Among thousands of options available in the market, isn't it easy to get perplexed here? Yes, it is.

Which writes best? Which will last for long? Is this look good? To make you out of this dilemma, we've designed this article as simple as possible.

1. IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

IDEAPOOL Genuine Rosewood Ballpoint Pen

The first product on our list is from IDEAPOOL- The renowned signature pen brand of our era. The pen arrived on the market in 2016. Since then, it has been serving the community with some quality and fame.

What is the most comfortable pen for signature? That requires a bit more research, yet the signature pen from IDEAOOL comes quite close to that. This is a pen that will help you to write comfortably, as well as stay trendy over the years.

The package contains 1 rosewood ballpoint pen with 2 black ink refills and 1 black gift box. Importantly, the pen in and of itself is made of real rosewood. So, it is normal to have some marks on its body or to vary the color overtime.

One of the biggest advantages of having this signature pen is, you are not bound to only one application of the pen. Meaning, though it is well-known for signature, you can comfortably use the pen for writing, drawing, sketching, etc. This is more of a daily use pen.

The cartridge and the nib it provides are world-class. 0.7mm nib glides smoothly on any paper. You will feel how the ink is going down from the cartridge. This is no less than a hundred-dollar pen. If you're wondering or suspecting my words, then I would love to invite you to check some verified reviews on amazon. To see, how the community has accepted this amazing signature pen and how much they cherish it.

Honestly, there are tons of signature pens in the market with poor ink flow and barbed tips. They look glossy and stylish, but you can not go with them a long way. So, I feel in the case of signature pens; we must balance between the outlook and their effectiveness. With saying that, this renowned pen brand satisfies us both with its quality and appearance.

Finally, without a doubt, this is an amazing gift option for professionals, creative types, and work colleagues. You can even consider this one for any festival gift as well.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for business professionals, creative types, and students as well
  • Handcrafted with real antique rosewood
  • You can use it for multipurpose- writing, drawing, signing, sketching, etc.
  • Extra 1 black ink refill and black gift box
  • Great for the price

2. BOXUN Hand Lettering Pens FOR BEGINNERS


While we are on the topic of the best pen for signature, it would be a crime if we skip over the BOXUN Signature and handwriting pen. This refillable pen is widely accepted by professionals and students as well. You'll find out shortly, why.

If you are someone who tends to care about the environment, then this pen is exclusively for you. The package consists of 4 different types of pens. And all of them are refillable. As you don't have to change the pen continually, it will create less trash for the environment. Thus, you can offer something to the environment, no matter how much it is.

If the ink isn't good, then it gets tough for the user to carry on with the pen. This is very basic. Imagine you're writing with a hundred-dollar glass dip pen, but the ink you're given to is something below the average. So eventually, it bleeds through the page, smudges, and so on. Therefore, it is not all about having a fancy pen inside the backpack but quality ink too. Fortunately, the calligraphy signature pen comes with non-toxic water-based ink that suffices you in the long run.

But what I like most about the item is that it is refillable. Being refillable isn't only save your environment, your money as well. As I've said many a time before, when you're purchasing something with your hard-earned money, there's no crime looking for something durable and refillable. It is all about YOU. You earned money, you choose the product, and eventually, you'll use the item. So, don't hesitate and listen to those who laugh and tell negatives about it.

What's more? You will get 4 types of point tips in the same package- Extra fine, fine, medium and brush. Besides signature, you can highly consider this pen for calligraphy, writing, and illustration drawings.

Highlighted Features

  • Great pen for signature, drawing, calligraphy, etc.
  • Durable and refillable
  • You can use fountain pen ink refill
  • 4 pens with 4 different point tips
  • It comes with non-toxic water-based ink

3. Montblаnс Mеistеrstüсk Classic Black Signature Pen

You probably heard of Montblanc. This well-known pen brand offers incredible quality signature pens for anyone who looks for efficiency and elegance as well. At the same time, this pen isn't surely as affordable as the previous ones.

The pen is made of Germany. There is nothing to be told about the quality of German products. They always are made of top-notch materials.

One common and valid question users tend to ask often- Why is it so expensive? Well, without a doubt, this is an expensive product. But what if it saves your money in the long run and gives you the ultimate satisfaction? Let me explain a bit.

When is it okay to pay some extra bucks for a product? There is both 5 dollar and 50 dollar pen, when should I go for the later one? – When it's going to provide me the better value, right? Generally speaking, for product pricing, most of the renowned companies follow the value-based pricing method. And this is the best method to intersect the price and value.

The pen is made of precious black matte resin. You must hear of the quality resin. This is no less than that. The main body and cap consist of top-notch resin and metal. The exquisite packaging and the pen itself are suitable for gifting family and friends on any occasion. It looks classic, expensive, and importantly it writes well.

But what I like the most about the product is its refill-ability. You know, I've talked about the matter many a time before. When we buy something, especially expensive products, we expect those to serve us for a long. This is totally normal.

However, in the case of some signature pens, the manufacturer overlooks the necessity of refill-ability. Fortunately, Montblanc comes with this facility. So, this is a pen that tells you, "buy me once and cherish for a long."

Highlighted Features 

  • Expensive matter black resin
  • It is made in Germany
  • Great for the long run
  • It is refillable (Montblanc special refill)
  • It is a suitable gift

4. iMeaniy Luxury Ballpoint Pen for Signature

If you are looking for a signature pen that will meet your writing and signature need, then iMeaniy will be a great option for you. This pen is well accepted by the community for both normal paper writing and signature. Let's find out together what it has to offer.

First and foremost, the product is refillable. Moreover, it comes with 2 extra 0.5mm refill by default. At this price, this is more than expectation, isn't it?

The package consists of 2 business-style stainless steel matter body ballpoint pens. Gorgeous design and attractive packaging make it ideal for gifts, office, and home use.

One of the major advantages of having this pen is that it is a lightweight pen. Anyone can handle the pen with utmost ease and comfort. It is highly accepted in the students and professionals community.

Are you worried about the durability of your pen? Let them stay anywhere else. Because the pen's body made of stainless steel, it will serve you for a long. If it slips down from your hand, do not worry; it is stainless steel! Moreover, no issue with the pen weight. Generally, steel pens weigh more than plastic ones. Yet this is quite lightweight and comfortable to hold in hand.

And the best part? Before I talked about that, tell me one thing first. Have you ever had a strain in your wrist and hand while writing? This is one of the common scenarios in my school days. I couldn't figure out the reason then, why it happens. The pen length and its barrel diameter are two prime factors that are responsible for that. Fortunately, this pen for signature comes with 140mm length and 12mm barrel diameter that prevents any type of strain in your wrist and hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Pack of 2 business style ball pens, 2 extra refills, and an exquisite gift box
  • Durable stainless steel body
  • It writes smooth and smudge-free
  • Great for the price
  • 140mm length and 12mm barrel diameter; no strain to wrist or hand
  • Suitable for signature, exam, and journal

5. EKLOEN Six-Edge Solid Brass Signature Pen

For some buyers, the perfect pen for signature is that which strikes a perfect balance between price and quality. With regard to that, the EKLOEN Brass pen for signature is a unit worth considering.

Being all in one, the pen is designed to meet all your writing and drawing needs. Besides signature, you can consider this pen for exam writing, drawing, sketching, etc. The differences between a quality pen and an average pen are not about appearance or outlook. It is about quality and quality.

Why this pen is worth considering? First of all, without a doubt, it is durable. As it is made of strong brass, it can serve you for a long. There is no fear of slipping the pen down from your hand and get damaged or broken. The solid brass-made body and precise cutting craft make it sacred and unbreakable.

What's more? The outer side of the pen is polished carefully. It is only plating that makes the surface glossy without any other treatment. Therefore, it is totally safe and healthy for everyone, including kids. Moreover, in spite of providing high-quality pens with toxic-free ingredients, EKLOEN keeps its price reasonable and affordable for everyone.

But what I like most about the product is that it gets more charming and elegant over time. The reason behind it is its copper material. The copper in and of itself becomes more oxidized to form a unique retro charm with the use of time.

So finally, I would highly recommend this pen for anyone who loves to use vintage and classic. It never gets old or out of the frame. And yes, it is refillable. No less than a lifetime deal! Isn't it?

Highlighted Features

  • It is made of solid brass
  • It is refillable
  • No worries about falling down from the desk and be broken
  • Great price for a lifetime deal
  • The plating surface gets a unique retro charm over time

TEPENAR Office Signature and Writing Pen Set With Gift Box

Do you do lots of writing and signing at your home and office? Then get yourself a TEPENAR office signature pen. It is ideal for taking on a heavy workload.

The package consists of 1 ballpoint pen, 2 extra black ink refills, and a pen and gift box. Along with such quality pen and ink refills, their supplementary takes it a long way. If you want to gift your near and cared one on any occasion, this would be one of the smartest options to consider.

This pen is equally good for signing and doing routine works. The pen nib is 0.7mm, which is considered the industry standard for writing. Moreover, the smooth-rolling point tip ensures evenly and bubble-free writing experiences.

With the default ink cartridge, you can cherish it for quite a while. And importantly, the ink doesn't smudge or smear over good quality pages. It dries very quickly and doesn't cause any bleeding or show through the page. I would advise you after completing two extra ink refills, you consider parker ink refill or any fisher pen ink refill. They work better in this pen.

The pen is quite balanced in weight. With the metal cap on the top, it may feel a bit heavy. If you enjoy writing with a heavy pen, you can attach the cap on top while writing or otherwise. Moreover, the exquisite metal cap is helpful for attaching the pen to your pocket or a hardcover notebook.

Therefore, it is perfectly suited for doctors, flight attendants, teachers, officials, etc.

And the best part? The ink refill is imported from Germany that enables you to write over 1640 feet each. So, it is no brainer that the pen, along with the two extra refills, will help you to go a long way.

Last but not the least, to inspire someone, there have not a bundle of gift options like this one. It can motivate a student to put in a better effort; an employee to give more effort.

Highlighted Features 

  • A ballpoint pen with 2 ink refills
  • Elegant and vintage style
  • It never gets old
  • 0.7mm point nib
  • Suitable for officials, students, doctors, etc.
  • No plastic; made of stainless steel

7. MQUPIN Ballpoint Pen Metal Signature Pen

Looking for a fine point pen for writing and signature? Say hello to the MQUPIN ballpoint pen. It is a 0.5mm fine point pen, which is ideal for fine line writing and drawing.

At some point in my life, I used to write with fine point pens. First and foremost, this is completely a personal choice. Fine point pens are good for the neat and clean appearance of writing, while medium or heavy point pens are great for stylish writing.

Okay, let's go back to the pen's features and specifications. It is made with metal; no plastic is used. Meaning, it will be durable and long-lasting compared to average pens. You will have no worries about falling the pen down from the desk and be broken down. Rather, you can use it fearlessly anywhere at any time.

And the best part? The package contains 12 ballpoint pens in three different colors- Gold, Silver, and Rose Gold. Moreover, all they are refillable. So, it is better to say that this is a lifetime deal for your signing and writing in school and office.

What's more? The package includes a small notebook as a gift. They take unconditional money-back responsibility for 30 days for any unsatisfactory experience. Isn't it something beyond your expectation? Honestly, it seems to me.

However, one thing that bothered me about the item is that it gets dry often. If you let it be uncapped for a few days, it might stop writing. So the manufacturer should look into this issue and try to fix it as soon as possible.

Overall, I find this pen helpful and really amazing for the price. 12 refillable pens in a box with a notebook at this price is unbelievable. I highly recommend this pen box for anyone who writes and signs more than usual.

Highlighted Features 

  • It is great for people who write and sign more
  • 12 pen in 3 different colors with a small notebook
  • Great for the price
  • Suitable for school, office, or other
  • 0.5mm fine ballpoint

8. TEPENAR Elegant Nice Black Ink Pen for Signature

Now we have got our last product on the list and the second from TEPENAR. Undoubtedly, TEPENAR is one of the most prominent brands in the pen industry. They have been serving the community with their quality products and top-notch service for years.

This is probably the most affordable signature pen on our list today. Without compromising a bit with quality, it is really incredible of an example to provide this type of pen and facility. The best pen for signature doesn't need to be very fancy or exquisite all the time. Rather, it needs to have sufficient quality. And certainly, this is a pen that talks the talk and walks the walk.

The pen comes with a beautiful pen box followed by a gift box. It melts any pen lover's heart with its first look. The unique design pen is made of a stainless steel body, which is appropriate to hold in hand and to write comfortably. Imagine you need to sign hundreds of papers a day or writing thousands of words in hours. If the pen doesn't fit in your hand or you can't hold it comfortably, what will be the consequences? It's really hard to cope with such a situation. Fortunately, this pen fits in hand perfectly as it weighs appropriately.

The pen is refillable. And the package offers two extra black ink refills with the pen. Refilling the pen is as easy as you like. The interesting fact is, you can write almost 1640 feet with an ink refill. This is huge.

Finally, the quick-drying medium ballpoint pen is ideal for daily writing and office work. And you can't go wrong by picking one from TEPENAR.

Highlighted Features

  • The pen writes smooth and smudge-free
  • Dries very quickly
  • Great deal for the price
  • The package includes a ballpoint pen with 2 extra refills and 2 boxes
  • Comfortable gripping and stable clip pen

Frequently Asked Question

There are a few more questions that can peep into your mind. And this is totally legitimate. I'm here to help you answer some common questions regarding signature pens.

1. Question: Who can use a black pen for signature?

Answer: Anyone can use a black pen for signature. All category officers use either black or blue pens for signing papers. These are the two colors widely accepted all around the world.

And especially, the red pens are used by the teachers and professors. There's actually no restriction on others using red pens for signatures, but we usually don't see it often.

Yet, in the case of the green pen for signature, only government gazetted officers can use it. Though there is no rule on using green ink for government officers, they use it for approval signature.

2. Question: What is the best pen for signature?

Answer: This is the topic we covered today. It takes thousands of words to answer. Meaning, there is no solely best or worst pen for signature. Why? - Because it depends on your personal taste and preference. Generally speaking, people prefer medium point pens for signature over fine and heavy point pens. It is because it allows them to accomplish multiple tasks with one item.

3. Question: Which pen writes the fastest?

Answer: In general, the gel pens write fastest than any other pen in the market.

There are mainly three types of pens that we use to write. Ballpoint pen, gel pen, and rollerball pen. Among these three types of pens, ballpoint pens are quick-drying and come with oil-based ink. Meaning, they require more pressure to be written with. And they are for smooth paper.

On the other hand, the gel pens come with water-based ink combined with other chemicals. That allows you to write smoothly and faster than a ballpoint pen. Moreover, it dries quicker than that of a rollerball pen. However, every gel pen isn't created equally. So be mindful to choose your gel pen. Cheap gel pens that are manufactured from inferior material can lead you to the worse experience ever. It will smudge and bleed through the page.

Lastly, the rollerball pen is great to write with, but it takes longer to dry. If you can live with the longer drying times, then you can consider the smooth writing rollerball pen. Notably, they are not recommended for left-handed writers.

Final Words

From various types of pens available, fountain pens to rollerball pens, gel pens to ballpoint pens, it is always ballpoint pens that continue to be one of the most popular options in the market.

And this is no brainer why. The ballpoint pens are all in one. You can write, sign, draw, sketch, and whatever you like to do with them. Therefore, we've tried to bring as many ballpoint pens as possible.

Moreover, ballpoint pens are more durable and long-lasting. Some pens among them will make you forget about buying a new one.

Lastly, there is no one best pen for signature. You need to adjust and choose a pen according to your needs and preference. However, prior to picking one, I would advise you to go through all the 8 signature pens sincerely. Hopefully, it will be enough to get you the best signature pen. Good luck. 

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