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Best Spinning Pens In 2024: Introduction to Pen Spinning

Are you looking for something to impress someone at home or in the workplace? Or are you looking for something to make your kids happy? Try with the best spinning pen on the market.

Spinning a pen is always exciting. I used to do this from my childhood to professional life. This is one of the most significant ways to impress people if you can do a few spins without dropping it.

I have heard as well; this is the sort of thing that impresses romantic prospects. Let's say you want to impress a girl or impress a guy whatever, floats your boat; I think getting a pencil and spinning it around might be a good idea.

Anyway, there are a number of best pen spinning on the market. Not all are the same. Some pens are good for experts; some are for beginners. Initially, it might not be easy to find out which one is good for you. At the same time, it is essential to figure out.

Because how well you can spin the Pen depends on your Pen too. I have prepared a list for you today. Among them, I recommend BinaryABC Spinning Pen ZG-5091 V.5.0 since it offers an ultra-long body. Without spending a minute, let's see what's waiting on my list.

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Non Slip Coated 20cm Spinning Pen

5 out of 5

BinaryABC Spinning Pen,ZG- 5097 

5 out of 5

EXERT original Van mod Buster CYL2

4.5 out of 5

ZHIGAO ZG-5098 V16 Non Slip Coated

4.5 out of 5

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4 out of 5

How to make the right choice

As I mentioned earlier, selecting the right spinning pen has a profound impact on your spinning. You can feel and spin much better with a perfect sized spinning pen.

So now, the question is what kind of Pen you should be spinning with. The size of the Pen would not matter to many of you, and it's all about preference. The heavier the Pen, the easier it will be to control. You will easily do your tricks. Honestly, I learned my fundamentals with a chopstick; it really doesn't matter what you are practicing with.

Typically expert pen spinners take the clip of a mod just because it gets the way when you are spinning. In the case of the DC mod, there are two caps, and it still spins pretty well. So it also depends on how you spin; your spinning style.

So what should you spin? I have a couple of recommendations, that's what I found useful.
You can use an unsharpened pencil. It spins better than mods. Secondly, you can just go ahead and double cap any pen that you are spinning. It will be more balanced and a little bit more momentum. Nevertheless, in the end, it is your choice, your preference.

Our Top 10 best spinning pen review 2020

1. ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 Non Slip Coated 20cm Spinning Pen with Weighted Ball (( ONLY ONE,Random Color))

I have prepared a list of ten best spinning pens for you. However, I want to start with ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 Non Slip Coated spinning Pen by ZHIGAO. This is one of the top-rated brands in the spinning pen industry. All of their spinning pens are from top quality materials and help to achieve a great performance.

ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 Non Slip Coated spinning Pen is one of the most popular products on the because of its long-lasting capability. On top of that, this Pen is made of non-toxic materials, and it's totally odor-free.

Undoubtedly, ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 is a great option for beginners. It is easy to spin and provides the marble at both ends.

This spinning Pen is made of quality plastics. Moreover, soft elastic rubber covers both sides of the Pen.

ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 is durable in nature. It prevents drops and fall damage because it is covered with soft elastic rubber. Another important trait of this spinning Pen is that it is convenient for your writing. It allows fluent inks out.

Being a unique model, it comes with a sophisticated design, which increases friction. Unlike other ZHIGAO model, this ZHIGAO 5028 V.7.0 Non Slip Coated spinning Pen is easy to spin and long-lasting.

I highly recommend this Pen for beginners and intermediary level players.

Highlighted Features

  • Long-lasting plastic pen
  • Marble at both ends and soft elastic rubber at both sides
  • Highly recommended for beginners
  • Easy and convenient for writing
  • Unique and sophisticated design

2. BinaryABC Spinning Pen,ZG- 5097 V 15 Non Slip Coated 21cm 1Pcs(Random Color)

BinaryABC is a renowned brand for stationery products. It offers a wide array of products like ball pens, pencils, bubble pens, highlighter pens, ink pens, etc.

For the students undergoing hard economic conditions, BinaryABC offers this best Pen spinning at a reasonable price. Don't get confused. This reasonable price doesn't necessarily mean it offers low quality. This Pen is made of plastic with alloy outer. Moreover, the front tip is metal. This Pen is 2.53 ounces in weight.

Keep in mind that this spinning Pen is 21cm long in length. This ultra-long body makes it easier for the stunner. If you are an expert doing this stuff or at an intermediate level, you can try it easily. This spinning Pen is highly recommended for the experts.

This spinning Pen has one thing going for; it is leak proof. That means it offers an internal installation ball pen core.

As you'll see, the manufacturer used high-quality plastic with a metal front tip; it is also designed with soft elastic gum on both sides. This makes it more durable and prevents the instep to fall and damage.

Looking for durability isn't something bad. Your hard-earned money should be paid off decently. The reason for this BinaryABC spinning pen's longevity is simple. It is a solid piece made of plastic, and both sides of it are firm metal, which strengthens the balance and durability.

A bit heavy pens are good for spinning. Metal in front tip increases the weight of BinaryABC spinning pen.

Highlighted Features

  • It offers ultra-long body
  • Metal front tip
  • It is leakproof
  • Both sides are covered with soft elastic gum, which prevents damage
  • Reasonable in price

3. EXERT original Van mod Buster CYL2 peem mod2 White axis Spinning Pen Turning-only (Black)

Do you want a spinning pen with an elegant look? EXERT original Van mod Buster Spinning Pen is one of them. It will catch your eye at first sight. It's like love at first sight. The color combination and makings of EXERT original Van mod Buster will amaze you.

Elegance and sophisticated color combination are the main reasons; that's why I listed it among the top spinning pens. This Pen is made from quality plastic and polished to a very elegant color. It's a beauty.

To make it easy for anyone to spin the Pen, the manufacturer made it well balanced. It is not too light or too heavy.

This is one of the top five spinning pens for the beginner, I recommend. Before writing this article, I have gone through several customer reviews and experiences.

It is interesting how EXERT original Van mod Buster spins. It's a bit longer than the usual spinning pens. It, of course, has different grips, which makes it unique. It may feel a little unfamiliar first time. However, over time, you will be going to enjoy it.

Well, if you are looking for a thick but lightweight pen, this could be the best option. Generally, thicker pens are heavier in weight. In this case, its body is a little thicker than others, but it weighs comparatively less. So it's fun to turn it.

Something else you are going to love about this Pen is its center of gravity is on the outside, so it is easy to make big moves, but it is a little harder to make small moves.

Highlighted Features

  • It's longer than usual spinning pens
  • Its center of gravity is on the outside
  • Well balanced
  • It offers doctor grips
  • Elegant color combination

4. ZHIGAO ZG-5098 V16 Non Slip Coated 21.8cm Spinning Pen

Are looking for a stylish and well-balanced pen? Here is ZHIGAO ZG-5098 V16 Non Slip Coated Pen for you. It is difficult to notice that it is actually a pen. It looks something different. When I first saw, I thought it was a kid's toy.

First of all, it is made by the renowned brand SPHTOEO. They are very committed to the quality of the product. SPHTOEO manufactures spinning pens to jeans sewing thread.

Most interestingly, this Pen is available in a number of colors. You can choose between white, red, blue, and black. One thing you should know is the color of these pens can be faded out slowly. This is not something eternal. So, be aware of it. It won't be wise to expect something unusual from it.

As you can see, it has soft elastic gum on both sides. That prevents the instep to fall and damage.

ZHIGAO ZG-5098 is durable in nature. It prevents drops and fall damage because it is covered with soft elastic rubber. Another important trait of this spinning Pen is it is convenient for your writing. It allows fluent inks out.

Another thing to keep in mind before buying, if you are a beginner, this might feel heavy. But, you can get used to it within a quick time.

Moreover, according to ZHIGAO ZG-5098's quality and durability, the price is reasonable.

Highlighted Features

  • Available in various color
  • Comparatively heavier
  • It has protection against usual damage or falling
  • The middle is plastic, and both ends are rubber
  • Reasonable price

5. Fengirl ZG-5096 V11 Non Slip Coated 21cm Spinning Pen (Random color)

Many of you asked me to talk about this Pen, and I just choose to do that. Okay, one thing about this Fengirl ZG-5096 V11 spinning pen is it is low priced. You will find it at less than your budget, I guess.

However, I would also like to make you know that you will get what you pay for. This is one of the best options for the stunner. Because it offers an ultra 21cm lengthen body. That makes it easier for the stunner.

The manufacturer designed Fengirl fashionably.

It offers multiple colors for this Pen. You can choose between red, white, blue or black. It is interesting how this Pen spins. Both sides of this Pen have heavy metal balls, which makes spinning smoother.

Another thing about this Pen you are going to love is that this Pen has no leaking problem. It offers a leakproof body. It is an installation ball pen core.

Well, there is one drawback you should be aware of. This Pen is one of the most exciting spinning pens on the market, no doubt. The problem is with its writing capability. It seems like you are writing with a knife. So, it has an issue with the writing. If you are going to buy it only for spinning, then it's a great choice surely.

So, overall it's a good choice; good quality at a reasonable price.

Highlighted Features

  • Ultra lengthen body (21cm)
  • Good quality with a reasonable price
  • Heavy metal ball at both sides
  • Multiple color choice facility
  • Easy to make stunner
  • Leakproof and unique buffer spring

6. ZHIGAO 5097 V 15 Non Slip Coated 21cm Spinning Pen

ZHIGAO is not a new name in the spinning pen industry. This is one of the prominent spinning pens available on the market right now. I have already reviewed two spinning pens from this renowned brand. This ZHIGAO 5097 V 15 Non Slip Coated Pen is especially good for the beginners.

Before you start your journey at any sports, it is always crucial to pick the right tool for you. You know, the right tools can make you more confident and make the task easier. You must know the proverb, "sharpen the saw before you cut the tree."

So, the point I want to make is that it is vital to choose the right spinning pen as you are a beginner. If you fail anyhow to choose the right Pen for you, it could be a tough journey ahead of you.

Why is this Pen popular on the market? One of the most profound reasons I've got is its beautifulness. I read a lot of reviews and realized that everyone wants a pen that is beautiful to look at. ZHIGAO 5097 V 15 spinning pen provides it.

There is a number of customers who buy a pen only for spinning. In the case of this Pen, this is also relevant. It doesn't write well. Still, people want this Pen, just because it looks beautiful.

I want to end up with real customer experience. He stated that he drops it many times on the floor, but it is still going well. It is sturdy and not easy to break it easily. On top of that, in terms of price, this Pen is incredible.

Highlighted Features

  • The weight is pretty nice and balanced
  • It comes with a reasonable price
  • It looks beautiful
  • It doesn't write well
  • Highly recommended for beginners

7. Quayub Spinning Pen Non Slip Coated LED Rolling Pen Ball Point Pen Learning Office Supplies without Refill - E15 (B Blue send E11)

Do you want a long-lasting quality pen? Here comes the Quayub Spinning Pen.

Quayub Spinning Pen is one of the most prominent brands in the spinning pen industry. They distinguished themselves by their utmost quality. Honestly, they hike a bit more pricey, but the pen-quality is superb.

Why am I talking about quality? Because quality does matter. I have seen many a time, legends from different sports are emphasizing about confidence.

You cannot expect a good result without solid confidence. So what's the point talking about the confidence? Yes, As soon as you get the quality spinning pen, it will increase your confidence. Let's see how Quayub Spinning Pen is made of?

It is made of quality plastic. And, both sides of the Pen are covered with soft elastic material. That prevents any kind of damage. It is not rare; you fall your Pen down unwillingly. Or, maybe you kid throws it away. All of the scenes are pretty normal. According to customer reviews and experience, these kinds of issues didn't create any type of embezzlement or damage.

Another bonus point for this Pen is that it writes well. Many of you want a pen spins well and writes well as well. Quayub Spinning Pen offers ballpoint, which is very practical to use. Actually, this is the Pen, which benefits you from both aspects.

The last thing I want to share this gorgeous Pen is it also has the multi-color LED color chips. This drains the battery quickly, but when it fades color through the spectrum, oh, it looks amazing! A mind-blowing scene that you can witness through this Quayub Spinning Pen.

Highlighted Features

  • It offers both light-up and non-light-up spinning pen
  • Well balanced and weighted
  • A bit costly but superb quality and long-lasting
  • Both spin and writes well
  • Both sides are made of soft elastic material

8. Zhigao Spinning Pen(v11) Zhigao 5096 V11.0 Non Slip Coated 21cm Spinning Pen (Angle Knight) Champion

Are you thinking about gifting a spinning pen to your kids or younger members of your family? If you are about to look for it, then Zhigao 5096 V11.0 would be a nice choice. Presenting a nice spinning pen to kids is a decent way of appreciation. It could be for a good academic result or completing an extracurricular course.

Anyway, what about the spinning pens whose design goes way back to the classic eras? Zhigao 5096 V11.0 is a kind of Pen that is designed in a classic pattern. It's like an old school designing scheme. It will remind you of the ancient times where everything is classic, no outbid exists. Frankly, the design is cool. Moreover, it is way more balanced than others.

This brand offers not only awesome looking pens but also quality pens. Zhigao 5096 V11.0 spins really well. This Pen is made of high-grade plastic that looks like it's going to last.

Here is another interesting thing about this Pen. You can shorten or extend this Pen as your wish to. When you want to play with it, you can shorten it. On the other hand, if you want to write with it, you can extend it up. Isn't this amazing?

This Pen is mostly used in the office. It helps professionals and workers to reduce anxiety and provides some easy fun. Since Zhigao 5096 V11.0 is easy to hold and write, it is also popular in students' communities.

Highlighted Features

  • Gorgeous looking
  • It writes well
  • More balanced and good spinning
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Mostly used for office staffs and professionals

9. Promatic FM White Pen Spinning Mod (Mod Name Length:22.5cm,Weight:22.2gram for Beginner Pen Spinner

If you are looking for just mod for pen spinning, you may want to consider getting the Promatic FM Mod. Many spinners have been able to achieve a good quality spin of it, and so can you.

Some spinning pens offer all the benefits while presenting minimal shortcomings; Promatic FM Mod pen is one of them. You cannot write a ball pen, but it provides all the other benefits.

This Pen, as you can see it in the picture, is magnificent. It has a beautiful shape, which makes it more accessible to the students' community. It is actually the result of good artistry. It is shaped in a way that makes the spinning easier.

Do you like long spinning pens? Promatic FM Mod is the longest spinning Pen I have reviewed so far. It is 22.2 cm long. However, the weight of this Pen is pretty balanced. This mod is good for beginners.

If you are looking for a pen that will last for long, this could be another good option. Because of its sturdiness, the Pen remains strong over many years.

Another interesting thing about this Pen is it offers a unique promatic sharp grip. You will also find a PDS ring on both sides of the Pen.

If you want to get an incredibly good spinning pen with a decent pattern, don't look back. Promatic FM Mod is one of the best options for a spinning pen.

Highlighted Features

  • Office black cap with Comssa body
  • Mod for beginner
  • Unique promatic sharp grip
  • It offers PDS ring on both sides of the Pen
  • Reasonable price and it's long-lasting

10. [Basic White] Pen Spinning Mod (Mod Name: Basic White) Comssa Body and PDS Grip Made by Pendolsa

Have you been searching for a simple spinning pen that even your children can spin? This is one of the simplest spinning pens you will find on the market.

One thing might be interesting to you; Pendolsa is the earliest spinning pen store in the world. They used to provide the right quality with the simplest form.

The most amazing thing about this mod pen is it is suitable for basic spinners as well as for the masters. Oh, yes! This could be the family choice, you know. The length is not too short or too long. It is about 20 cm.

Apart from having a very decent look, it also has some drawbacks. I want to let you know the ins and outs of it before you make the final buying decision.

You cannot write with this Pen. This is just mod for pen spinning. It weighs about 12g, which is lower than the standard. But yes, if you are comfortable with a light pen, this must be suitable for you.

So, overall it's a good choice for both the beginners and the masters.

Highlighted Features

  • Lightweight
  • Good for both experts and beginners
  • Simple design
  • From renowned brand Pendolsa
  • It cannot write, a mod for pen spinning

Spinning pen buying guide

Whether you want a spinning pen, you or your kids can play with, or something that keeps you relaxed and engaged at office, the spinning Pen comes in helpful.

The spinning Pen is a great option to eliminate anxiety and overthinking. You can pick one, but not all the pens are the same. There have several types of spinning pens. Some are good for beginners; some are for office uses. A website Busy Office Helper discuss about office needed in details to make your choice easier in case of writing instruments, security products, office decor items & printing media.

So, before you make the final buying decision, try to match some factors, which will help you to pick the right one.


Size is crucial as it indicates the probability as well as the ease of use of the Pen. If your Pen is too shorten, it won't be convenient to spin. On the other hand, if it is too long, then this creates different kinds of barriers. Therefore, I suggest you avoid extremism and choose a length in between. I recommend a 20-21 cm spinning pen. It is easier to spin and control.


The material your spinning pen is made of determines how long it will last. This has a direct impact on issues like resilience against dropping and falling. I have reviewed the spinning pen on the market available right now. Most of the cases I noticed, they used quality plastic and soft elastic gum at both ends. This is crucial.

In case of any unwanted dropping can cause damage. Nevertheless, if it is covered with soft elastic rubber, that will prevent the impairment.


I saw several videos when I started learning about how to spin the Pen. Experts suggest many things; you should do this way or that way, you know. But I couldn't get into it. After a few days, I stopped watching 'how to' videos instead started to find what the problem was?

The problem was with my Pen. It was too light. I didn't pick the right-weight Pen; you know it couldn't create any momentum. Therefore, finally, I changed my Pen and followed the tricks and techniques.

I recommend you pick a bit heavy Pen. It will spin smoothly. But yes! You could have your personal preference.

How to make a spinning pen

Well, there are many readymade spinning pens on the market. Some are just mod, some can write as well.

You can make a spinning pen by yourself. I will show you step by step.

First, take two Bic round stick pens. Then take two Random grips; I recommend using Pilot G2 grips.

And then, take two metal tips. You can use Pilot G3 tips. Now, you need to take out the ink and back plug. Do the same with both pens.

Now, cut 1-2 cm of the ink tubes; put them back into the pens. Remove the clips from the caps. Again, put caps on the body and put grips on caps. Don't forget to make your caps wet before you put it.

Now, put tips inside the grips.

Congratulations! You have done it. It's ready to spin.

Benefits of using spinning pen

The first benefit I noticed about the spinning Pen is that it can help you out of your stress. It's like divert your mind into another sector for a while. Recently, it becomes popular in corporate offices.

It's a handy option because you can afford both writing and easy fun at a time. I have heard as well; this is the sort of thing that really impresses romantic prospects. Let's say you want to impress a girl or impress a guy, whatever, sometimes this will make it easy.

However, if you are not used to spinning a pen, it might sound a little weird. It's tough to spin or waste of time, right?

Actually, it's a very interesting skill to master. If you can achieve mastery once, it becomes a pretty cool skill to show off.

Another interesting part is you can carry it with you all the time and practice anywhere. It's just a pen by which you can write too.

On top of everything, the spinning Pen does a tremendous job improving your coordination, muscles, reflexes, and balance.

Frequently Asked Question

what is a spinning pen?

A spinning pen is a bit different than a normal pen. It is designed to spin on hand. It is shaped straight.

How does a spinning pen work?

Spinning pen works when you twist it on your finger. It's a skill one needs to master.

What makes the best quality spinning pens? 

There is no single factor. You have to look from the materials to how much it weighs. I have reviewed the ten spinning pens here and cited some factors to look for in the buying guide section.

Is Pen spinning a sport?

It's a sport but mostly considered as self-entertainment. From the workplace to the bedroom, you can play with it.

Final Words

Nothing lasts forever. Everything disappears at a time. Nevertheless, we always try to buy the best possible things within our reach.

I have reviewed the best spinning pens on the market. Every product is different from another. Try to go through all the ins and outs of every individual product, and buy the best match for you. Good luck!

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