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Best Travelers Notebook Inserts (10 Picks for 2022)

We all want to hold on to our sweet memories. And when it comes to travel memories, no question. It is a must to have some exciting moments and memories in our memory lane. Many of us use travel cameras to capture moments but it is always not possible to get all of those in a proper fashion.

And we all are familiar with something called raw emotions. In terms of this emotion, taking pictures is nowhere and becomes cliché nowadays because of its ‘excess availability’. So, it is no brainer that if you want to cherish your best and worst travel memories for a long time, there's no other option available other than having a good quality traveler’s notebook.

Most of the traveler’s notebooks are refillable. So, you don't need to look for another notebook once you bought one. And here we come with the best traveler’s notebook inserts available on the market.

We focused on diversification so that everyone can find the best possible option for themselves. So let's dive deep into the topic.

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Newestor Store A5 Dotted Notebook

5 out of 5

Wanderings Lined Traveler's Notebook Refill Inserts

5 out of 5

Zipper Case & Kraft Folder Refill Inserts

4.5 out of 5

Wanderings Blank Traveler's Notebook Inserts

4.5 out of 5

Ricco Bello Travelers Notebook Refill Insert

4 out of 5

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It was never an easy task to bring you 10 traveler’s notebook inserts as there are hundreds of options available on the market. But here is the final list and reviews that took so much effort and time of ours. We will be glad and be forgotten all the struggles if you find it beneficial.

1. Newestor Store A5 Dotted Notebook/Travel Journal (Set of 3)

 Newestor Store A5 Dotted Notebook

If you're looking for a notebook insert that has good quality paper and provides you with a few effective features, then you're going to love everything that this traveler’s notebook insert has to offer to you.

This is a smooth paper notebook insert, which is available in 3 different colors- Black, White, and Kraft. Notably, it is a package of 3 different notebooks and A5 traveler’s notebook inserts. If you want to use them inside your existing notebook, you can. Otherwise, you simply can consider them as dotted notebook journals.

Obviously, the first thing about the notebook insert is that it offers quality pages. 80gsm paper in a daily journal notebook is quite enough.

The manufacturer claims that you can even use fountain and brush pens on the faces of this notebook journal. Though I'm not that optimistic and brave enough to use fountain pens on this paper, it is unquestionable that you can go with any ballpoint and signature pen you want.

What's most impressive about this, however, is that it has faint yet visible dots that allow you to make perfect plan out your layouts. What this means is that you get pages with simple dots but that are even comparable to the most expensive notebook journals.

Best of all, it lies flat to give you the utmost comfort and ease while drawing and writing. Moreover, the sharp edges of the pages can be really serious. Fortunately, the edges are rounded to ensure you don't get hurt by that.

Finally, within the dotted notebook universe, this is probably one of the most affordable and prominent offers right at this moment. Overall, this is cool and a ready-to-go product, no doubt.

Highlighted Features

  • Dotted grid paper for bullet journaling, note-taking, etc.
  • A set of 3 inserts; Black, White, and Kraft (total 240 pages).
  • The dots are faint enough so that you don't have to face any issue drawing graphs and lines.
  • Eye-pleasing cream papers prevent eye strain.
  • Lay-flat binding with rounded pages.

2. Wanderings Lined Traveler's Notebook Refill Inserts

Wanderings Lined Traveler's Notebook Refill Inserts

When talking about notebook inserts, there are some extra features that you want to have in your refills to benefit you and your family. First of all, getting a notebook refill insert that also acts as a notebook journal can be a great way to bring off convenience.

In this case, this small 4.5 x 8.5” (22 x 12cm) notebook insert can be a two-in-one for you. You can either refill it to your traveler’s notebook or can simply cherish it separately.

What makes this notebook insert unique that it comes with 100gsm thick paper. That means, you're not bound to stick with any particular pen to write with rather you can use any pen you want on the face of the paper. No matter it is a fountain pen or the thickest ballpoint pen.

To ensure that you get the best experience, the item comes with 3 booklets of 30 sheets each. What this means is that you get a total of 180 pages in this package. And without having any hesitation, you can write both sides of the page.

This is quite enough for a semester, I think. And as it comes with 3 different inserts or refills, you don't need to carry them all together. That will definitely help you to carry your backpack more comfortably.

In addition to these handy features, the journal comes with 8mm line spacing. That is to help you with writing, sketching, drawing, and note-taking as well. Last but not least, Wanderings is famous for their fountain pen-friendly paper and they are offering 7 different types of notebook pages including blank, dotted, and gridded.

Highlighted Features 

  • Suitable for journaling, note-taking, and sketching.
  • 90 sheets or 180 pages; both sides are available for use.
  • Lined paper with 8mm line spacing.
  • High-quality 100gsm thick paper; no issue of ink bleeding or showing through.
  • No age restriction- kids to adults, anyone can use.

3. Zipper Case & Kraft Folder Refill Inserts

This is rather an interesting addition to the list of the best travelers notebook inserts. It in and of itself is not a refill or insert. It is a safe store for passport size notebooks. So, let's see what's more it has to offer.

First and foremost, you get to in love with this item because of its quality in terms of its price. In other words, the value it provides with this given price is quite incredible.

For most zipper cases and kraft folders, they come with two or three pockets but they used to be too narrow, therefore, you can’t store any cards or paper there. But fortunately, this zipper case and kraft folder come with 3 pockets and 8 card sleeves as well. And they are noticeably easy to use and holding cards and stuff.

Moving beyond these features, one of the most amazing features of the product is that the zipper pouch insert is made of really sturdy and thick material. I'm not quite sure what it is but it feels firm and long-lasting. That means, you're favoring yourself by not going for at least extra hundred bucks. Let me explain a bit.

If you want to get yourself a notebook with pockets and sleeves on the cover, you have to spend more than 10X of its price. And many of them don't even worth the price. So, this is one of the reasons why we add the product to this list.

This is a pack of 2- one zipper case and a kraft file folder. It offers two credit card slots and one pocket with the kraft file folder. And you’ll get one zipper pouch along with 4 credit card slots with the clear zipper case. So, finally, this would be one of the finest options for anyone who wants to be more organized and wants to save money and time as well.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a pack of 2- 1 zipper case and 1 kraft file folder.
  • Incredibly affordable and valuable.
  • Very handy for travelers and professionals.
  • 3 pockets and 8 card sleeves.
  • It is made of quality materials; feels firm and long-lasting.

4. Wanderings Blank Traveler's Notebook Inserts

Our final stop is with this elegant-looking Blank Traveler’s Notebook Insert from Wanderings. While most of the other inserts, even the previous product from the same brand, we've seen have been all about lined and dotted pages, this refill insert comes with blank pages.

First of all, there is no big difference with the other Wandering’s insert of the list except the page type. That was lined and this in unlined-Blank. Therefore, this insert is especially popular with the artist community. It has good-quality thick paper so that the artists allow themselves to go with fountain pens, brush pens, and even more wet-ink pens.

The way the manufacturer designed this product never goes out of fashion. There is nothing exceptional or fancy but the elegancy. You'll feel the color and the inner-most beauty of it.

In addition to the elegant design, the blank notebook comes with everything you need. It offers you 100gsm paper, which is somewhat considered to be more than standard. You'll be having no issue with ink bleeding or showing through the page.

On top of that, for every Wanderings product, if you face any calamity or issue regarding the product, let them know without any hesitation. They are always there waiting for you. You won't be even asked a question and will get a refund or replacement.

Finally, I would love to recommend this pen to everyone who wants to elevate their designing and sketching skills to a new level. You will get the support and everything you need from a piece of notebook paper.

Highlighted Features

  • It fits any 8.25” x 4.25” (21cm x 11cm) travelers notebook.
  • Great for drawing, sketching, and writing.
  • High-quality 100gsm thick but lightweight paper.
  • Fountain and brush pens friendly.
  • Blank travelers notebook insert.

5. Ricco Bello Travelers Notebook Refill Insert

If you're looking for a notebook insert that not only provides you some great features but also gives you peace of mind throughout the entire time you own that item, then this is going to be the refill insert you want to buy.

Honestly, Ricco Bello doesn't require any introduction for this time. We have introduced this brand many a time while talking about top notebook brands. This is a family-owned business of Ricco Bello which is being run and managed from Italy.

One of the best parts of this brand is that it offers valuable products and shows the proper value to its customer. For instance, you have an idea that can better their product, they will be eager to listen to you. That’s pretty cool.

This is a package of 3-pack notebook insert. Each insert contains 64 pages. The thick kraft paper cover measures 250gsm. The manufacturer used to believe in a philosophy, which is “write it down and make it happen”

The refill insert pack comes with 192 pages in total. The high-quality 80gsm pages are for your writing, drawing, sketching, and more that you expect from a notebook. The pages are acid-free. What this means is that your inserts won't yellow with age.

We all are familiar with an acidic page that becomes blurred and smeared sometimes overtime. We aren't even able to read what has been written on the face of that paper. So possibility more that we lose our all-important documents and memories as well. But when you have Ricco Bello acid-free inserts, no problem whatsoever.

What's more? This is compatible with any standard size traveler’s notebook. Furthermore, the refill is quite eligible to use as a separate notebook journal. Note: the insert sizes 8.25x4.25 inches. Additionally, as mentioned above the manufacturer is too concerned about the quality other than anything else. As a result, the refill comes stitched not stapled. So, no worries about the pages being torn out overtime.

Highlighted Features

  • 80gsm inner pages with 250gsm kraft cover.
  • Suitable for bullet journaling, writing, drawing, and sketching.
  • No age barrier: eligible for kids to adults.
  • Available in lined, dot grid and to-do checklist.
  • All pages are stitched not stapled; no worries for tearing out.

6. Travelers Notebook Inserts Lined Paper (Newestor)

If you're looking for a slightly thicker page insert than Ricco Bello that was mentioned above, then this is going to be one of the best options that you can rely on. And it is set to provide you plenty of great features as well.

For one, you're going to get a lifetime page warranty with this. Meaning, the quality of the pages it comes with ensures that you cherish your memories with it for a long long period of time. And the reason is pretty simple. You're going to get the top-notch quality paper that doesn't cause smearing or get yellowed overtime.

Of the features of this notebook, insert is that it comes with 3 different sets of it and every insert carries 32 sheets/64 pages each. That means you're going to get 192 pages in this package.

But what I like most about the item is that it comes with thicker pages than most other notebook inserts. As I mentioned above that if you want pages thicker than the previous notebook from Ricco Bello, this is one of the best options that you could ever have. It offers 100gsm thick pages, which is more than enough to write with our traditional ballpoint pens.

On top of that, in these inserts, you'll get all the pages lined so that you can take your notes in a more organized manner. This notebook insert is suitable for writing, drawing, taking notes, etc. There's no age-barrier- from kids to adults anyone can use this awesome notebook insert refill.

Highlighted Features

  • Great for standard-sized travelers notebook.
  • It handles well with most pens.
  • The package contains 3 inserts; each insert carries 64 pages.
  • 192 thick and lined pages (100gms paper).
  • Great deal for the price.

7. Travelers Diary Weekly Planner Refills

This is going to another great option when it comes to multi-functional travelers notebook refill because it allows you to put it all together under a notebook cover. And it doesn't require much of your hard-earned money. In comparison to the value it provides, it keeps the price affordable. So, let's see what else it has to offer you.

First and foremost, this is a 2-pack versatile planner. It is designed in a way that demonstrates organizing and planning more than to be a story-written notebook or something.

Of the features that you'll get with the pack is a to-do list, planner, calendar, and a birthday-book as well. So, as I said, the manufacturer didn’t leave anything to make you more organized and efficient in your personal life.

In each booklet, you'll get a daily planner for 26 weeks. Meaning, you can use each booklet for 6 months to become more effective and productive in life. And one of the interesting facts that really caught my mind initially that it has no dates in the planner. Therefore, you can start a calendar at any time of the year. No matter- you missed the first month or day of the year, you can start from tomorrow.

However, if you don't have experience when it comes to a stitched notebook insert, then I strongly recommend using this notebook for the very first time. No staples are used here but quality stitching throughout. You don't have any issue in terms of page tearing out or loosen over time. Moreover, you comfortably can lay flat the pages for the utmost ease and comfort of writing.

Last but not least, this is a notebook that anyone might be wanting to put in one’s arsenal because it is valuable and affordable, at the same time.

Highlighted Features

  • One of the most versatile options in the market.
  • 2 pack of the daily planner and to-do list; each booklet for 26 weeks.
  • You can start your new calendar from any day you want; calendar with no dates.
  • The high-quality smooth cream paper prevents eye-strain; great for a long term project.
  • Great for diaries in a bullet journal.

8. Nokingo 3-Pack Travelers Notebook Inserts

What is the best traveler’s notebook insert at the moment in the market? Well, I don’t know for sure but certainly, this notebook insert from Nokingo comes at the top of the pile. Theirs is something more to be offered to you than an average refill insert. You’ll find out shortly.

First thing first. If you’re someone like me who loves to write over thick and smooth pages, then you get to get yourself the notebook insert. Of the benefits of thick and smooth paper is that the pen or pencil you write with glides over the surface very smoothly. Meaning, you don’t need to put that much effort even to write with that utensil.

The good news is that the travelers insert comes with 100gsm thick pages that allow you to experience the best experience of a notebook journal. You will be free-rein, no issue with writing with various inks. You can even use brush pens to draw your landscapes. Furthermore, in the long run, the pages won’t get smeared or bleed through the page so that you can have the most of it.

Additionally, if you’re concerned about your eye-health that will definitely suit you. It comes with smooth cream paper that reduces eye-strain if you work for a long period of time. Another good news is that the 100gsm thick pages are 100% recyclable. So, you are putting at least something to make your environment green and pollution-free.

The 3-pack refill inserts carry 4 monthly calendars, notes, and to-do sections each. Plus, it has ample of space inside to take notes and make your daily plans. Finally, this is a money-saving package no doubt. You’ll get a total of 192 pages with 3 travelers notebook calendar inserts.

Highlighted Features

  • 100gsm thick paper ensures no bleeding or showing through
  • 250gsm sturdy brown kraft cover
  • A pack of 3 travelers notebook insert
  • 4.25" x 8.25" size travelers notebook refills with 192 pages
  • 100% recyclable thick cream paper; stitched not stapled

9. OMEYA Lined Journal Refills

For some buyers, the best notebook insert means to balance between price and quantity. And this is the notebook insert that meets the criterion perfectly. OMEYA is one of the prominent brands of notebooks and stationery. They are too strict on their product quality and sincere customer service.

This is a 3-pack notebook insert. Without having a shadow of a doubt, it is very much of the versatility of a travelers notebook insert. Why? It offers 3 different types of inserts including craft paper, lined paper, and blank paper each. Honestly, so far, I got this one as the most versatile refill insert for notebook users.

It contains a total of 240 pages. 80 double-sided page for each insert. And the interesting thing is that you don't necessarily have to use it as a travelers notebook insert. As it has a sturdy cover outside the insert, you can comfortably use these inserts as separate notebooks.

This is especially suitable for journaling. You can plan your day here. Moreover, writing weekly and monthly goals can be even further easy for you. People tend to use the lined insert as a bullet journal and note-taking journal. On the other hand, the blank insert is to be used for drawing landscapes and sketching details.

Finally, this is a product exactly as promised. You will get what you're looking at now. Therefore, don't hesitate to get yourself or even your grandchild a set of great notebook inserts. This is going to really a smart choice for family members and professionals as well.

Highlighted Features

  • A pack of 3 inserts for travelers notebook and leather journal
  • Each refill carries 80 pages; a total of 240 pages
  • Truly versatile package; one craft paper, one blank paper and one lined paper insert
  • Great for drawing, writing, and bullet journaling
  • No age barrier; suitable for kids to adults

10. Standard Size Blank Travelers Notebook Inserts

While we are on the topic of quality traveler’s notebook inserts, it would be a crime if we overlook this product. This is simply a notebook insert that is promised to meet all your needs. You can consider this insert for all your writing, listing, drawing, and sketching needs.

First and foremost, this is a 3-pack traveler's insert. You'll get a total of 192 pages. The pages are unlined, which gives you the utmost freedom to use them in your own way.

Generally speaking, pages that measure 80gsm or above are literally compatible with any pen available on the market. But the problem is that you'll find some brands who claim to provide 80-100gsm pages but in reality, those are nowhere that mark. But you'll be glad to know that these insert pages are proven with watercolor paint, fountain pen ink, and acrylic paint without having any bleed or show through the page.

Moreover, you are able to use watercolor paint, wet into wet, meaning, painting both sides of the page at the same time without any bleeding through. But at the same time, it must say it is better to let one side dry before putting paint or ink on the other side. Or even you can use a cooler setting or blow dryer if you're in a serious hurry.

Lastly, I must acknowledge the effort of the manufacturer who makes it incredibly affordable and helpful for a number of students and professionals all around the world.

Highlighted Features

  • This is a 3-pack traveler's insert
  • You'll get a total of 192 pages
  • Pages are unlined, which gives you the utmost freedom
  • Thick pages are compatible with watercolor paint and fountain inks
  • Great value for money

What to Consider Before Buying Travelers Notebook Inserts

There are a few things that might help you truly to choose the best travelers notebook inserts. The perfect notebook insert solely depends on what features you need and how you'll use it. So below are the factors that we find crucial when you buy one.

Paper Quality

When it comes to having good paper for your office and homework, there's no way you can compromise with it. This is one of the primary factors one should focus on while buying a travelers notebook insert.

Your experience associated with a notebook massively depends on your page quality. If you fall short of providing quality pages to yourself, you get to experience something frustrating for sure. It’s been many a time that I'm talking about this issue. If you aren’t new to my writings, you well know that this is the thing that I focus the most on.

Simply, if the paper isn't thick enough it will cause the ink to bleed and show through the page. Moreover, the smoothness is directly related to how your pen or pencil will glide over the page. So overall, you need to be really careful about this issue while you're picking one.


This could be one of the vital things of your notebook insert. But the interesting thing is, we don't pay that much attention to it. There are mainly two types of notebook journal insert. One is stapled and one is stitched. Without a shadow of a doubt, stitched inserts are more durable and difficult to tear out.

Additionally, stitched notebooks are easy to write with. Because you can lay them flat 180-degrees comfortably. Therefore, I highly recommend choosing stitched traveler’s notebook insert over a stapled one.

Additional Features

There are some additional facilities that differentiate one product from another. For instance, some manufacturers used to provide variant types of inserts in a package. If you go through the whole article, you already know that.

So, the point being, when you purchase a package that includes several benefits and features, you need to make sure that those features sink well with your expectation and application as well. In other words, if you are looking for a refill insert so that you can put some watercolor pain on that. In this case, will be eager to purchase a lined notebook insert? Certainly not.

Therefore, be mindful of the additional features that you're getting by default. If those don't match your expectation and hinder you to accomplish your project, leave that straightaway.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Can I use notebook insert as a separate notebook journal?

Answer: Yes, of course, you can. This is something really interesting about the traveler's notebook refill inserts. When I was looking into and picking the best options out of hundreds and thousands of notebook inserts, it certainly got into my mind that if someone wants to use it as a separate notebook, why not!

So, you aren’t the first who’s having this question back of his mind. Well, not all of the traveler's notebook inserts are suitable for that. However, there are quite a few refill inserts that have a good sturdy cover and decent stitching as well.

2. How to stop bleeding through the page?

Answer: Well, this is somewhat interesting. If you once bought a notebook or notebook insert that offers an average quality page below 80gsm, then it is tough to prevent showing through the page. Honestly, there's no rocket science preventing bleeding through the page. If you get paper thick enough then naturally it will protect your pages from that irritating showing through.

So, in a nutshell, there's no such a way that can dramatically prevent ink bleeding except having good quality thick paper.

3. Can I use a fountain pen on these traveler’s notebook inserts?

Answer: Yes and No. Don't get perplexed here, please. If you find your paper thick enough, meaning 80gsm or above, you can allow yourself to use fountain and brush pens comfortably. This is not about fountain pen ink or ballpoint pen ink, it is about how much your paper can deal with. The thicker the page is the more it is capable of dealing with.

Normally, we recommend 100gsm paper for using a fountain pen and watercolor paint as well.

4. What is the best traveler’s notebook insert?

Answer: All of the mentioned notebook inserts are best from different perspectives. In other words, wanderings might be your choice while your friend chooses Ricco Bello for his particular need. So, it being best is solely depends on one’s expectation and application as well.

But yes, among the hundreds of options- if not thousands, we picked only 10 refill inserts in this list. And this demonstrates how good one of them to get your job done.

Final Words

Buying a traveler’s notebook insert isn't that easy if you're concerned about perfection and having the best quality of a product. Honestly, it is really tough to pick the best traveler’s notebook inserts for your money because every manufacturer claims to provide the best value for his product. And we all know what reality tells us.

By following the buyer’s guide provided above and as well as paying attention to the highlighted features, you should not have any problem finding the perfect notebook insert to match up with your particular need.

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