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Best Travelers Notebooks Review | Top 12 Picks For 2021

I believe we cannot take credit for a good sunrise or shimmering moonlight. However, we can take credit for making our own decisions throughout our lives.

How well you can make your decisions have a profound impact on your life and self-improvement. In other words, sometimes there will be no one except you making a decision or choosing a path. You get covered only by yourself to help you out.

In this regard, journaling or keeping notes on a daily basis make it easier to make decisions alone. No matter how complicated or perplexing the situation is, you'll be able to make a way out of it. Moreover, having the ideal notebook is no less important than getting into the practice itself.

No worries, today, we have got you covered here to bring you the best travelers notebook available on the market.

So, let's dive into the topic!

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Robrasim Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

5 out of 5

Refillable Travelers Notebook

5 out of 5

Beyong Blue Cover Leather Writing Journal

4.5 out of 5

OMEYA Blue Leather Journal, Line Papers

4.5 out of 5

Newestor Standard Size Refillable Leather Journal Travelers Notebook

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 13 Best Traveler’s Notebook of 2021

As there are so many brands available on the market, and each of them claims to provide the best quality notebooks, it is normal to get perplexed here. So, we've researched this topic and made a list of 13 traveler’s notebook to make your task easier and simpler. Good Luck!

1. Robrasim Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

Robrasim Refillable Handmade Travelers Notebook

What is the best travelers notebook on the market at the moment? Well, I don't know for sure but certainly, this notebook from Robrasim will come at the top of the pile. There is something more in quality to attract a potential buyer. You'll find out shortly.

First thing first. If you're not someone who doesn't like any leather stuff, you'll definitely get hooked by its appearance. It looks classy. And the double layer genuine leather finish feels so smooth in the hand. So, the point being, it is a product that you're going to fall into love with at first sight.

The notebook has 3 different refills insert inside to meet your daily usage. Every (lined, blank, and craft paper) insert has 64 pages. Once you finished the default insert, it is easy to remove that and refill with a new one. And what's more? Each of the leather notebooks from Robrasim comes with 1 PVC pouch or card holder. You can store anything similar to a business card, receipt, or other small pieces of paper.

But what I like most about the product is its archival-quality pages. The pages are made from acid-free paper and are 100gsm. Meaning, you don't necessarily have to worry about the damages from air and light. Moreover, you can write with almost any pen including a fountain pen, gel pen, or your gorgeous looking gold pens.

Moreover, its pocket size shape (5.2*4”) makes it perfect for traveling, food planning, daily planning, and other so many things. And you know what? Many of you among artists use this product for their drawing and sketching. So, this is a product that will help you to get out your thoughts on paper anywhere, anytime.

Finally, I highly recommend this notebook for anyone who loves to travel and keeps memories in words throughout his/her life. And notably, this unique notebook is made completely by hand and lasts a lifetime.

Highlighted Features

  • The acid-free archival quality paper protects your words for years
  • 100gsm paper allows you to write with almost any pen
  • PVC zipper pocket/Card holder
  • It is completely made by hand
  • Every leather journal is different than one another
  • No scratch or markings; gently rub; they will fade away

2. Refillable Travelers Notebook for Men and Women-Leather Note Book from Ai-notebook

Refillable Travelers Notebook

For some buyers, the best product means to balance between fashion and quality. And this is the notebook that fills that criterion perfectly. So, if you are some who loves to follow the trend and to stay up to date, this could be very much your product.

This notebook is made from quality PU (polyurethane) leather. It has no smell though. And the most exciting part is its gorgeous and classic looking design never goes out of fashion.

Generally speaking, people who love to go by trend face a common problem. That is to change their stuff frequently. However, in the case of this notebook from Ai-notebook, you don't need to worry about that.

And the best part? This could be a matter of personal preference yet its convenient size will attract anyone who uses a notebook throughout the traveling. A 4.72 X 7.87inch notebook will be suitable for bullet journaling to journaling on traveling. You can take this up to anywhere at any time, it won't cause getting a large space.

The notebook contains 160 pages or 80 sheets. And importantly, it is refillable. It has an extra card holder or pouch inside it. But if you like to remove the pouch by any means, you can. The manufacturer strongly claims the product will make you satisfied with its utmost quality and design.

Moreover, you can use any pen or pencil in this notebook. The ink won't bleed to the other page unless you write with some terrible pressure.

Last but not the least, this is a basic journal notebook that you can use for various reasons. I highly recommend this product for both men and women.

Highlighted Features

  • It has 160 pages/80 sheets
  • 4.72 X 7.87inch notebook will be suitable for carrying in the pocket
  • It is made from quality PU (polyurethane) leather
  • You can use almost any pen or pencil without having smearing
  • Classy design yet at an affordable price

3. Beyong Blue Cover Leather Writing Journal for Men and Women

While we are on the topic of travelers notebook review, it will be a crime if we overlook this leather notebook from Beyong. Beyong has not been on the market for a long time yet captivates a good number of users with its top-notch quality and post buying service.

It comes with 70 sheets, meaning, 140 pages. And if you need more, you can add easily. Moreover, it allows you to add a planner and other things to your liking. But one thing that I found they need to focus on is their page allocation. They allowed us to add more pages but they only provide blank pages. They could offer some lining page or anything beyond blank pages. So, this only is the thing I want them to improve.

But what I like most about this product is its loose-leaf designed cover. It looks so beautiful and feels good in the hand. Moreover, the cover is made from quality PU leather. That means you don't necessarily have to worry about its durability and longevity.

Are you worried about going out with your existing diary? Is that uncomfortable or inconvenient to journey with? No issue. Here is your one. It is completely convenient to carry in handbags or schools bags and helps you to keep your day to day memories throughout your journey days.

Finally, this is a notebook more for quick ideas and daily journaling than for thoughtful arts or long paragraphs. Its gold-edged pages and smaller size dimension makes it ideal for traveling with and daily journaling.

Highlighted Features

  • Sophisticated loose-leaf designed cover
  • 70 sheets/140 pages
  • It comes with only blank pages; great for drawing and sketching
  • Small size notebook allows you to carry in the handbag and backpack
  • Great for the price

4. OMEYA Blue Leather Journal, Line Papers

When you are looking for the best traveler’s notebook, you should definitely consider this PU leather notebook from OMEYA Store. Such a notebook is made from quality materials and can serve you for a long.

The majority of artists we spoke to said the OMEYA leather notebooks were their most preferred landings to sketch drawings or brainstorm ideas. I suspect there is any other option that works better to make one’s life more organized and disciplined.

First of all, the product is designed with 3 different types of papers. You'll get a one lined paper, a craft paper and the other one is blank paper. It carries a total of 228 pages (each of the inserts is of 76 pages).

If we talk about the brand a bit, they are simply outperformed a number of notebook brands in the last few years. The amount of knowledge pertinent to notebook making they have accumulated is simply incredible.

And the best part of having this notebook is that you get 3 notebooks with a card holder and zipper pocket. To be honest, in my opinion, this is one of the best notebooks for travelers in this budget. There is nothing less than an ideal travel journal.

In conclusion, I would love to recommend this amazing set of notebooks (read travel journal) for anyone who wants to get into any type of journaling. It is highly affordable and refillable. So, don't allow yourself to waste even a day to make your final purchase decision.

Highlighted Features

  • It is designed with 3 different types of papers
  • It is highly affordable
  • 3 inserts with a card holder and zipper pocket
  • Its cover is made of leather
  • It offers a total of 228 pages; moreover, refillable

5. Newestor Standard Size Refillable Leather Journal Travelers Notebook 

This refillable leather journal notebook from newestor has been in the business for a long time, meaning they're pretty old and experienced. That’s why their quality of notebooks is so excellent.

Although it is very much famous as a traveler’s notebook, if you open the notebook and take a close look into it, you will realize that it’s pretty okay for your daily journaling, art drawing, and for so many purposes.

This is one of the best notebooks available on the market right now in terms of design and versatility. I’ll come to the point of versatility later. The thick leather and handcrafted artistry both create a naturally distressed look over time. So, there is no obligation or limitation overusing it. If you're someone like me who loves to use the stuff for a long period of time, this is the product that you're looking for.

Now, come at its versatility. First and foremost, this is what I love the most about it. It comes with 96 sheets or 192 pages. Along with a binder clip for quick convenience (as you can see in the picture), it includes a zipper pouch, a pen and a pen holder, and a kraft folder as well. Moreover, the paper quality it offers is world-class.

When it comes to having room to grow, especially for creative people, this product will stand by your side. It can be tailored to your specific design. You can add 8 extra inserts at a time as the product features 4 elastics on the spine. You will have quick accessory access as well.

And finally, this notebook would be a great option to gift on any occasion.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 96 sheets or 192 pages
  • You'll be able to add 8 inserts at a time
  • It features 4 elastic on the spine
  • Extremely durable
  • Multi-purpose notebook with an excellent design

6. Modana Red Butterfly Vintage Leather Journal

If you are on a search for a travelers notebook, and only for traveling purposes, let me stop you here. Because you probably have found your one. This is a notebook from Modana that has been designed especially for travelers. It comes with a size of 7.9" x 4.7" which is perfect for carrying in bags, pocket, or backpacks.

This notebook allows you to have an easy access at any time anywhere. Honestly, I also found this leather journal quite ideal for people who love to express their thoughts on paper. Let me explain a bit. Imagine you are outside, even near to your home. Suddenly, a drawing plot comes to your mind and you are thirsty to put that on the paper. What about having a pocket journal at that moment? Simply amazing!

So, this is primarily a notebook for anyone who loves to keep his ideas and memories from time to time. No matter whether it’s on traveling or nearer to one’s home.

But what I like most about the notebook is its attractive ‘butterfly girl’ leather cover. Maybe it sounds a bit childish but as soon as you hold the notebook in your hand, you'll feel how natural and soft this handmade traveler’s notebook is.

The notebook comes with two different inserts. One is for blank paper and the other one is for kraft paper. Each of the inserts is 38 sheets or 76 pages. And notably, it is refillable. You can add new inserts or even exclude the existing ones.

In conclusion, I recommend this journal book for anyone who loves to go by and stay with something stylish. And especially, you can strongly consider this item for gifting someone who is about to get into his/her journaling career.

Highlighted Features 

  • It is of 7.9" x 4.7" size; perfect for carrying in bags, pocket, or backpacks.
  • Comes with two different inserts (blank paper and kraft paper)
  • Each of the inserts is of 38 sheets or 76 pages
  • It is refillable
  • Highly durable; gets cooler over time

7. Sagoo Purple Leather Journal

If your journaling involves a lot of drawings and paintings, and you have tried other journaling notebooks than bucked due to the paper quality and design, then you got to give Sago leather journal a shot. The paper and the cover it provides are world-class.

When it comes to creating artwork and drawing, artists prefer a bit of rough page that essentially allows a good decree of texture over it. There are three kinds of the insert in one notebook journal. Blank, lined and the other one is a gridded insert. Each of those comes with 64 pages, thus a total of 192 pages of a notebook.

Moreover, the pages weigh 100gsm that is considered being ideal for notebooks.

What's more? There is an extra insert in it for holding cards and bills -A total of 6 slots in it- 4 smalls and 2 large slots in all.

Let's talk about its handcrafted genuine leather cover. Well, what if I offer you a notebook that contains good quality pages, a card holder, PVCs yet the cover isn't up to the quality. Will you be interested enough in that journal?

Frankly speaking, there will be hardly anyone who will accept the offer. And the reason is pretty simple- People want something that meets both beauty and quality. Now, I'm glad to inform you that this product comes with an oil-tanned and soft feel leather cover. And of course, it meets both criteria- Beauty and Quality.

And the best part? This is completely customizable. You can add inserts; can exclude them as well. Moreover, if you feel like adding extra elastic cords in the middle of the booklets, you can. Even, you can add folders too.

Highlighted Features 

  • 100gsm pages that are considered being ideal for notebooks
  • A total of 6 slots in it- 4 smalls and 2 large slots in all.
  • This is completely customizable
  • Three kinds of insert (blank, lined, and gridded insert)
  • You'll get good quality pages, card holder, and PVCs in one

8. Newestor Travelers Notebook

Newestor is one of the most preferred brands in the notebook industry, and you can never go wrong by buying from it.

Up to this point, we've only talked about small size or pocket notebooks. In the case of a large-size notebook what you need, then this notebook could be it. It is an 8.25" x 4.25" size notebook- pretty standard in this industry.

The notebook comes with 3 inserts in it. Each of them carries 32 sheets or 64 pages. Meaning, you are getting a total of 192 pages in this traveler's notebook.

What I like most about the product is its top-class paper quality. Without having at least industry standard paper quality, you cannot expect to go by far with a notebook. Well, if the paper quality isn't up to the mark, what happens actually? You cannot write with every pen. If the ink is a bit thin or even thick, it would likely to smear and smudge through the page. Moreover, over time your words will be faded and eventually lost.

Therefore, it is always crucial to choose a notebook or anything that you write over has good quality pages. And this travelers notebook has 100gsm pages which are industry standard, fortunately.

The paper it provides is ideal for daily journaling and writing. It is thinner than card stock but thicker enough than regular leaf paper. So, no worries at all about your pages here.

And finally, if you love to do some watercolor painting with it, you are allowed to do that. I'm confident enough because it works fine with a medium point fountain pen and Pilot G2 .38 refill. But yes, you must do a test before you do it finally.

Highlighted Features

  • It is an 8.25" x 4.25" size notebook; standard regular use
  • 100gsm thick page; doesn't smear or smudge
  • 3 inserts - Each of them carries 32 sheets or 64 pages
  • Great for the price
  • It lasts long and gets better over time

9. RICCO BELLO Travelers Notebook

Many people out there will tell you that RICCO BELLO is the best brand. I don't oppose their opinion yet not entirely accepting their opinion as well. It may sound a bit complicated, but over time you'll get the answer as well.

RICCO BELLO is an Italian brand. The name itself is from two Italian words. It means Rich and Beautiful. Well, they have been in the market since 2016. The most fascinating thing about the brand is its sincerity about the product quality and improvement over time.

What of it attracted me the most? Without a doubt, its paper. It is acid-free. Meaning the pages don't yellow with age. The cover itself is 250gsm and the pages are 80gsm. However, the drawing insert (read unlined) feels a bit thicker than the other two. Being honest, at that point, I felt that the pages can be standard 100gsm; and if that happened, this product would be almost perfect for anyone and for any use. I don't dare use the word perfect too often.

And the best part? This is a notebook for multi-purpose. You can use it for traveling, daily journaling, and even for daily planning. You'll have 5 different types of pages including graph, dot grid, lined to-do-checklist, and calendar as well. And the interesting news is that it includes 31 weeks per refill and it comes with 3 refills.

Notably, the inserts are sewed not stapled in this notebook. And that necessarily makes it more secure and durable.

So, overall, this is a notebook for anyone who wants to balance between quality and budget. RICCO BELLO notebook won't let you feel down by its quality.

Highlighted Features

  • A balanced item between quality and budget
  • 5 different types of pages (graph, lined, dot grid, etc.)
  • 80gsm pages
  • Its cover is made from paper (250gsm)
  • Suitable for traveling, daily journaling, and daily planning

10. MODANA Red Ballon Journal Leather classic binder

What is the most attractive travelers journal on the market at the moment? I don't know for sure but this leather refillable notebook will come at top of the pile for sure.

It is made from high-quality PU leather and feels so soft and comfortable in the hand. And it helps to keep your memories healthy to read in the future for a long time. The dimension of the product is 7.28”x5" and weighs 8.1 ounces. Therefore, you can carry the notebook with your handbag, backpack, and school bag. This is an ideal fit for your travel bag as well.

What this product is especially for? Well, this is great for drawing, sketching, and planning your daily schedule as there is no lined feature.

One of the exciting sides of this product is its red leather cover. It is designed with an elegant butterfly balloon pattern. Moreover, the soft yet strong leather string keeps your journal tight and secured. Really, this will attract any young blood for starting their journaling journey.

But what I like most about the product is its paper quality. It comes with 80 sheets or 160 craft pages which doesn't allow bleeding with any fountain pen, gel pen, or colored pen. You can write with any pen you like without any hesitation.

And finally, this modana journal is compatible with various uses such as writing, drawing, and sketching. Therefore, it is suitable to work for a traveler's notebook, daily notepad, sketchbook, photo album, and so on.

Highlighted Features

  • Size of 7.28”x5" and weighs 8.1 ounce
  • Exquisite red leather cover
  • It comes with 80 sheets or 160 craft pages
  • Made from high-quality PU leather (feels so soft and comfortable)
  • Versatile and durable

11. Refillable Leather Travelers Notebook

At first glance, you'd think that this traveler's notebook is expensive but with a closer look things seem to have in a different state.

When it comes to value for the money, this notebook from newestor is one of the top products in the market at the moment. You'll find out shortly, why.

Made of original leather, the notebook is extremely strong and durable. It feels soft yet a little thick. As you use the notebook, it becomes exquisite and distinct over time.

Imagine, you buy a notebook after searching for a while and able to put that on your bucket. You start your journaling journey with so much excitement and fun. But if I tell you now, you only use that note for once. I mean, once it is full, you no longer be able to use it. That’s it!

Doesn't that sound so horrible? – Yes, indeed. Notebooks, fountain pens, and stuff like these, people want to cherish them for a long, possibly a lifetime.

So the point being, if your notebook isn't refillable you might have to face this situation after a year or two. And then, there will be nothing to do with that. But the good news is, if you have this travelers notebook in your backpack, you don't have to face the awkward scene by any means. It is refillable and refillable for a lifetime. You can refill 3 different inserts at a time.

Moreover, this is an A5 journal. A5 means a bit wider than the regular or standard size. This size is widely accepted for travelers notebooks. But if you like to use small and narrow bags while going out, this would not be ideal for you.

Someone who writes sloppy, meaning with bigger letters can undoubtedly choose this notebook. It will give them a little but effective benefit.

Highlighted Features

  • The notebook is extremely durable
  • It is made from original leather
  • It becomes exquisite and distinct overtime
  • This is an A5 journal; meaning a bit wider than the regular or standard size
  • It provides value for your money

12. Echo Park Paper Company Travelers Notebook (Red)

If you're a traveler in need of a no-fuss but good and easy to use notebook, then you got to try the Echo Park travelers notebook.

It is made from faux-leather. And importantly, this is the first faux-leather product in our list of best traveler’s notebook today. It is soft and feels so comfortable in the hand. Even if you are concerned about durability and longevity, it won't disappoint you.

Being honest, the manufacturer seems to charge a bit more than I expect. But the fact is being quality it provides. If you look at the finish, it is simply superb. The gorgeous red cover attracts anyone.

It comes with 4 elastics and 4 pockets in total. You can easily put 6 Travelers Notebook in it. Moreover, you'll get a nice booklet inside it.

And the seller and manufacturer both are concerned about their respected customers. They packed it very nicely in a sturdy box. So that no damage is done with the notebook or anything inside it.

However, one thing to consider very strongly before you get to purchase this notebook cover. This is likely designed for the standard and narrower notebooks. If you use an A5 or wider notebook, then it will be tough for you to use. So, make sure you give a careful look at this point and making the most out of it.

Highlighted Features

  • It comes with 4 elastics and 4 pockets
  • It is made of faux-leather
  • It feels so comfortable in the hand
  • Great value for the money
  • Comes with one travelers notebook and one blank notebook

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Travelers Notebook (Buying Guide)

The travelers notebooks come in different forms and qualities. And importantly, a traveler’s notebook isn't only for traveling purposes. Rather, you can use it for other various reasons. So, I have made a to-check list for you before you make your final purchase decision.


What comes first- Beauty or Quality? Beauty, of course. From ancient times, people used to look for beauty first, and then they would look for quality. Both are important.

If the cover doesn't look good, it necessarily fails to create an appeal to its user. In other words, to start or to elevate your journaling journey, you need a notebook that looks and works fine as well. You cannot deny the power of beauty or elegance.

As we are on the topic of best traveler's notebook, most of them are designed with leather cover. And, you will find mostly two types of the leather cover. The original leather and the other one is PU (polyurethane) leather. The original leather comes mainly from horse leather. It smells and feels no less than the original leather.

Now, if you are someone who doesn't like anything from leather, you can go for the paper cover notebooks. A 250gsm paper cover is likely to last for a long time.

So, in conclusion, if you ask me personally, I would suggest you leather cover notebooks. Because as long as you don't have any severe personal issue with leather stuff, they will serve you longer than any other cover. They are more protective and long-lasting. I hope you understand.

Page Type and Quality

Comparing to the first criterion, this is completely a different aspect to look into. First and foremost, you need to make sure what your notebook will be for. In other words, are you getting a notebook for journaling, drawing, or sketching?

Suppose, you're buying one for journaling, then it is enough to have lined and blank inserts inside.

But when you are getting a notebook for multi-purposes, then you would likely to have some different type of inserts, possibly, as much as possible.

Now, we will talk about page quality. This is something that many of you overlook somehow. Maybe you aren’t conscious enough or the seller himself is too desperate to sell his product or maybe something else. But the fact is, page quality is something that will determine your journaling experience with a notebook and eventually get you back to the same brand or not. Let me rephrase the sentence.

If the pages are not good enough and the ink does smear or smudge through the page, you cannot stay with that journal for a long time. Today or tomorrow, you'll throw it away and get a new one.

However, there aren’t so many criteria to judge a page but one is too popular and effective as well. That is GSM (Grams per Square Meter). Meaning the more the gsm of a paper, it is likely to be thicker and heavier. And the thicker and heavier paper will more likely to last long and stay strong.

Therefore, if you have two options of 100gsm paper and 50gsm paper, you'll choose the first one without a doubt. 100gsm is called the industry standard for notebooks and journals.


Now, what size of notebook you want to use depends on your applications. Meaning if you want a notebook for sketching and drawing, then an A5 would be an ideal choice for that. An A5 journal is wider than the standard size notebook.

When it comes to simple daily journaling or weekly planning, then it could be a passport size notebook or standard size journal.

So, the traveler's notebook comes with a passport to A5 size randomly. And each and every of them is great in their respective application. So, it is up to you what you like to go with.


Imagine you chose an exquisite notebook after searching for a while. And started your long-awaited journaling journey. After using a year or two, the blank pages came to an end. So, you wanted to refill the inserts but it hadn’t that option. Meaning there is no way of using that expensive and enticing notebook again.

Well, this is a possible scenario if your journal or notebook isn't refillable. This is what's going to happen after a few months or years.

And if you are someone like me, who doesn't want to change his stuff frequently, and possibly not even in a lifetime, your notebook must have to be refillable. I love to cherish my stuff for a long time. And I'm pretty sure I'm not alone here.

Therefore, with a refillable notebook journal, you can add extra inserts you want, and exclude them anytime as well. As long as the spring and cover look and works fine, you don't worry about bringing a new one.

Frequently Asked Question

1. Question: How do we actually journal?

Answer: If you're like me, you have heard so many positive and good things about journaling. You've heard that journaling is therapeutic. It can boost our mood. It can even change the way of thinking etc. And you can Google it, but it boosts our immune system as well. And it has so many benefits.

But you have no idea where to start. Maybe you've seen all those gorgeous journals online, you typed in "How to journal." And you see all those journals with all of these like fancy things, and then you're like, "Yeah, I can't do that. That's beautiful but that's not for me."

All of those things are good, but I'm telling you, it does not have to be that way. And I'm going to walk you through very simple, non-intimidating ways to start your journaling practice here.

2. Question: Handwriting (physical) journaling or Digital journaling- Which is better and how?

Answer: there are two different materials that you would need to start your journaling practice.

You can either choose to go the handwritten route, which is just literally a simple pen and a notebook, or you can choose to go the digital route, which is your phone, your tablet, your computer, any one of those things. We have access to that all the time.

So there are benefits, pros, and cons to each one.

For the handwritten route, the studies have shown that we remember more when we write things down. So if you're writing, it's more of a contemplative practice, you're more reflective, you can think of more about what you're writing and it really kind of sinks into your head.

Some of the cons are that you're not able to take your notebook around with you if it’s not in size so, you can only journal when you're at home, or when you having access to your notebooks.

For the digital route, some of the pros include that you have the ability to be able to copy and paste links, pictures, Instagram, captions, into your journal entry. You're also able to search anything, tag it.

But the negative for that is that because it is so much faster, you're not thinking as much. It's not as contemplative because we do type a little bit faster than we tend to write.

Considering all the facts, I prefer analog handwriting journals. They make it easy to get into things and being mindful of it. You can try both of them, and see which one works better for you.

3. Question: Why should you start journaling?

Answer: Are you looking to connect with your emotions, or maybe you're looking to find out more about yourself. Maybe you're looking for more self-discovery. Or maybe you're just trying to catalog things so that you can track your overall development over time. It can be any one of those and all those are very, very good reasons to journal.

4. Question: How to get rid of ‘journaling block’? (Journal Prompts)

Answer: I'm not certain about there any term called ‘journaling block’. I instantly made this term. Whatever, the aim is to make you understand the actual thing. Sometimes we might feel not writing today and then tomorrow and probably for an entire month! “What's happening to me?” we asked ourselves.

So if the thought of writing at random completely intimidates you, and it's just like, doesn't appeal to you at all.

There's also something called journal prompts. And journaling prompts is a simple statement or it's a question that just gives you inspiration of what to write about. So a journaling prompt example might be:

"One thing I really wish other people knew about me is..." Or, "The place I want to visit the most in the future is..." Or, “The car I want to buy the most and why” Or, "I feel the most energized when..."

Now those are just some examples of journaling prompts that are linked more to a self-discovery. But it doesn't have to be like that. It can be about anything.

Final Thoughts

And the last thing is that there are no hard, the first rule in journaling. Once you get the best travelers notebooks in your arsenal, you got to know that what should you do. You can also read my article on how to get into journaling.

It can literally be you dotting and pointing and putting lists of your goals for the month, your goals for the day, your thoughts for the day, your gratitude, things you're grateful for. It can be any type of list.

The notebook can be pretty yet it can also just be on random bits of paper. However, I wouldn't recommend that because you can lose it, but honestly, that is also journaling.

Getting our thoughts out of our head, out of our subconscious, and bring them into the conscious light so we can actually learn how to deal with it. So there is no right or wrong way to do it. So everything, even in this article that I've shared with you guys, it’s just some reviews, it's just tips, it is just advice, it is just guidelines that you can use if you're new to this.

But please, once you get into it, make the practice your own. It will change your life. It will literally change your life.

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