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Best Wacom Pens Reviews in 2021 (Recommended)

If you are a digital artist or a professional graphic designer, a tablet is a must-have tool for bringing perfection to your digital art. And among the professional graphic designers, Wacom Tablet is the most popular and risk-free option to go with. Because this tablet allows you to use a cordless, pressure-sensitive, and battery-free digital pen or stylus. And this stylus is mainly known as the Wacom pen which is manufactured by Wacom itself.

And today we are going to talk about this Wacom pen so that you can find the best one for yourself to elevate your artistic expression digitally with the utmost convenience.

As there are hundreds of Wacom pens that are tablet-specific with different features and compatibility, it can be quite confusing to pick the best one. If you are a student who requires a pen to take notes digitally on a tablet, possibility more that you have a different set of requirements compared to a professional graphics designer. So, it is not just about the pen itself but your requirements too.

Keeping that in mind, here is the compilation of the 8 best wacom pen to ensure the exact compatibility you need for your Wacom tablet.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor's Rating


Wacom Intuos Pen LP190K

5 out of 5

Wacom INTUOS4/CINTIQ21 Grip Pen

5 out of 5

Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus

4.5 out of 5

Wacom LP1100K 4K Pen

4.5 out of 5

Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Gen Smart Stylus

4 out of 5

Our Top 8 Best Wacom Pen of 2021

As there are hundreds of options available on the market for a wacom pen, it is no brainer that you'll get confused there if you’re a newcomer. Don’t worry, we got covered you here. We’ve considered all the necessary factors to prepare the list of the top 8 wacom pens. So, let’s dive into the review!

1. Wacom Intuos Pen LP190K

Wacom Intuos Pen LP190K

Are you looking for an affordable option for your older version Intuos tablet? Then here comes our first recommendation for you, the LP190K Wacom Intuos Pen.

First and foremost, which is pretty much noticeable for anyone is its matte black textured surface. The classic look of this pen is definitely going to add a bit of extra elegance to your workstation. The design is also thin and lightweight.

The good news for every designer is that this pen is cordless. And guess, how easy and convenient it’s going to be while using it! Also, this cordless pen will ensure easy portability so you can take it anywhere with you. And you won’t have to worry about battery drain. Because it’s a battery-free pen. You are free from the hassle of charging it here and there at the time of need.

And if you don’t feel comfortable with high sensibility, don’t worry. The item has medium-level sensitivity. And it is 1024 level pressure sensitivity.

One of the most interesting features of the product is that there are two programmable side switches on the bottom of the pen. And this is because you might be in need of shortcuts while working with it. These switches will bring all those shortcuts to your fingertip.

This pen is only compatible with CTH490AK, CTH490AB, CTH490CB, CTH690AK, CTH490CK, CTH490PK, CTH690AB, CTL490DW, and CTL490DB. You cannot work with this pen on any prior Intuos tablet. Such as Intuos 3, 4, 5, Intuos Pro tablets, Intuos (CTL480, CTH480, CTH680), or Cintiq products.

So now editing photos, sketching, drawing, and creating amazing artwork digitally are possible with the LP190K Wacom Intuos Pen. It enables the same precision as traditional brushes.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The price is within everyone’s reach.
  • Classic Matte-Black finish.
  • Comes with two programmable switches.
  • It is cordless and battery-free; no worries for battery drain
  • Medium level pressure sensitivity of 1024.

2. Wacom INTUOS4/CINTIQ21 Grip Pen

Wacom Grip Pen

What if I suggest you a stylus that is compatible with any Intuos Pro model? I hope you will find it worth buying. Ok, let's uncover the hood. I am talking about the Wacom INTUOS4/CINTIQ21 Grip Pen. No wonder that it's going to work perfectly for you if you depend on Cintiq for animation and other purposes.

Let’s see what it has for you.

First of all, we must talk about the grip. You may be wondering why that is even important, right? Yes, it is very important to have a comfortable grip for every fine line you draw when the level of pressure sensitivity of your pen is too high. In the Wacom Grip Pen case, the level of pressure sensitivity is 2048.

As it is high-level pressure sensitivity, you cannot hold the pen putting so much pressure. And that’s where the rubber grip of this pen comes into effect. It helps you to reduce 40% of grip pressure. So during a very long workday, there is a little chance of hand fatigue.

It comes with three extra Wacom pen nibs with the one installed already. So don’t worry; if one nib wears off, you got your backup. It also comes with a pen and nib holder so there is no way you can lose them.

The second-generation tip sensor will give you that Aha! Experience while drawing, sketching, and whatever you want to do with it on your tablet just like a real pencil does. Because it has a tilt sensitivity of ± 60 degrees which will allow you to shade like an actual pencil when the stylus is tilted at any angle.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The level of pressure sensitivity is 2048.
  • It reduces 40% of grip pressure; so there is a little to no chance of hand fatigue
  • Three extra nibs in the box.
  • Comes with a pen holder.
  • Wacom Tip Sensor with tilt sensitivity of ± 60 degrees.
  • Cordless and Battery-Free.

3. Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus

Looking for a perfect stylus for your Microsoft surface? Oh! You also want the pen within your budget, Right? Then there is no way to choose anything but Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus Pen which is built for windows ink especially.

Not just the surface. This pen will allow you to jot down your fresh ideas digitally on any pen-enabled Windows device. Never mind bringing your ideas to the table using this pen on your Bamboo Ink app.

It perfectly goes with any pen-enabled windows 10 app you have ensuring a hassle-free drawing, writing, and sketching experience.

To give you the exact same experience as a real pencil, Bamboo Ink comes with three nibs- soft, medium, and firm. And the soft-touch surface of this pen really complements the whole experience of using a stylus. You may forget sometimes that you are not using a real pencil. It also ensures that you are not damaging the surface of your device.

The ergonomic triangular design is perfect for ushering the creativity from inside. Thanks to its pressure-sensing technology that will make your every stroke precise and natural-looking without making your hand fatigue.

This Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus will not give you hard balls while using it. It's a very easy and time-saving utensil. Just press the button on the top to enable the Window Ink feature. The other two buttons in the bottom will give you quick access to all the facts and features you need while creating mind-blowing art.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The ergonomic triangular design with the soft-touch surface.
  • Compatible with Microsoft pen protocol and Wacom AES protocol enabled device.
  • Perfect for bamboo notes and bamboo paper app.
  • Amazing pressure sensing technology.
  • Comes with three different super smooth nibs.
  • Great for the price.

4. Wacom LP1100K 4K Pen

So here is another affordable option for you, if you want a high sensitive Wacom pen dedicated to your Wacom Intous tablet. It is the Wacom LP1100K pen, we are talking about. We want to put this pen on your table of consideration not just because it's affordable. There is a lot of other stuff that can captivate you.

Firstly, you must thank its electromagnetic resonance technology that makes this pen battery-free. For this EMR technology, your digital handwriting experience will be more natural and intuitive. So if you want to take notes or write on a regular basis on your digital notepad, this pen is a sweet and perfect option to go with.

Bringing the ultimate perfection with this stylus is not impossible now. Hats off to its high-level pressure sensitivity of 4096 that gives you more control and precision over your writing, sketching, and character design.

Now let's take a tour of its design. Because the ease of use depends on how comfortable it is to hold. And in the case of this pen, you are not going to be disappointed. It has a very soft grip to make you feel comfortable while making every stroke precise and perfect. The lightweight design will not make your hand fatigue. And at your fingertips, you will get two buttons for easy and quick access. So no more destruction while designing your next cartoon character or taking emergency notes.

You will also get three integrated extra nibs in the dedicated top compartment of the pen in case you need it in an emergency. So don't worry if you accidentally break a nib, you will not have to wait to get a new one.

This pen is compatible with almost all Wacom Intuos devices. I highly recommend this pen if you haven't any issue with device compatibility.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Ensures precise and natural writing experience.
  • The high level of pressure sensitivity of 4096.
  • Enabled with EMR technology.
  • Integrated compartment for spare nibs.
  • Very comfortable soft grip.
  • Lightweight pen with a classic design.

5. Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Gen Smart Stylus

Are you in search of a precise, natural, and intuitive writing experience for Windows Ink? If yes, then Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Gen Smart Stylus should be your go-to choice. This pen can take your note-taking and writing experience to a whole new level.

If you prioritize experience over price, this pen is going to be your ultimate companion. Because this pen ensures the exact same experience as a real pencil. You will barely feel that you are writing with a stylus. And that's what people think most important when they look for a pen for their Windows device.

However, to make your every stroke perfect, the level of pressure sensitivity plays a key role. And guess what? This pen has a high-level pressure sensitivity of 4096 which not only brings perfection but also makes it easy to use. Also, the customizable switches are also there in the pen to ensure quick access to the most important options you need.

Hey, tell me one thing. Are you kind of bored with all the classic Black color look of the Wacom stylus? Do you want a change? Then, I think this is a must-have bamboo Ink stylus on your desk. The cylindrical shape and aluminum body of this item will definitely make you fall in love with the look.

Though it has a battery in it, don't worry. The AAAA alkaline battery is going to last longer than others on the market. And that will help you to work without losing your focus. So if you haven't decided yet which stylus to buy, I guess I just told you about the right one. Don't you think so?

Highlighted Feature:

  • Compatible with Windows 10 enabled device.
  • Comes with an AAA alkaline battery.
  • Highly sensitive; pressure sensitivity level is 4096.
  • It provides more of a natural writing experience.
  • Unique cylindrical shape design.
  • Lightweight aluminum body.

6. Wacom KP504E Pro Pen 2

If you are a professional artist, you need a stylus that can make your design flawless with the finest details. And keeping that in mind, here is my recommendation for you- the Wacom KP504E Pro Pen 2. This is basically a pen for professionals.

And what does a professional artist need the most? The control and response. No wonder, that this pen is going to meet that level of expectation. It has 8092 levels of pressure sensitivity. Can you imagine how smooth and responsive this pen is going to be? You can make each design of yours that stands out with perfection and details putting the least effort.

Its ± 60 degrees tilt recognition ensures perfect stroke at any angle. So now you can rotate your stylus at any angle like a real pencil. Also, this tilt recognition ability prevents all sorts of virtual lag.

Do you know what's the best and unique part of this pen? You get a high-responsive eraser on the top. So making mistakes will not be an issue from now on.

And in terms of its design, I must say that this is one of the thinnest pens on the market. So the pen-on-paper thing gets real here. You can feel holding this pen as the exact same way of holding those art brushes between your fingers. The exchangeable ring light also creates a distinctive look on the pen. As it is cordless and battery-free, it's completely lightweight.

This pen also includes three spare nibs with a nib remover and a protective case which make this pen a worth buying option for professionals.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Improved accuracy and control.
  • 8092 levels of pressure sensitivity.
  • ± 60 degrees tilt recognition capacity.
  • It offers a highly sensitive eraser.
  • Thin and lightweight.
  • Exchangeable aluminum ring light.
  • Two customizable switches.

7. Wacom Art Pen

Do you want to get your good old painting days back on your tablet? The same experience of using a brush or marker on your digital realm? The right tool, Wacom Art Pen, can do that all.

This is the most balanced and accurate stylus pen for painting with details. Professionals who don't have this pen are missing a lot. Let’s dive deep into the product now.

The most unique feature of this pen is its rotate sensibility of 0 to 360 degrees. And this feature makes this Wacom Art Pen stands out among all other styluses in the market.

The rotation will help you create unique and amazing effects on Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter or in other software that support rotation. The most amazing fact about this rotation sensibility is that it will give you an experience similar to a traditional paintbrush.

This pen has the most balanced feature for advanced painting performance. It comes with 2046 pressure sensitivity and ± 60° tilt sensitivity. And the second-generation tip sensor apparently complements the whole pressure sensitivity and advanced performance of this pen.

Like the other best wacom pen in the market, this pen is also cordless and battery-free.

For an artist, this pen is a must-have tool that will surely complement his effort on every design and art to lead it to the level of perfection.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The perfect companion for all the artists out there.
  • 2046 pressure and ± 60° tilt sensitivity.
  • 360° rotation sensibility.
  • Comes with 10 spare nibs and a pen holder.
  • Battery-Free and Cordless.
  • Perform like a real paintbrush.

8. Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus 2-in-1 Smart Stylus

How we are going to end this write-up without mentioning Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus!

Bringing your creativity on the digital screen is now easier with Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Stylus. Its sophisticated and useful features are going to meet all kinds of requirements for a perfect pencil-like natural experience.

Bamboo Ink Plus will give you an authentic handwriting experience. Credit goes to its ergonomic triangular design. Its soft-touch surface will make sure that you don't damage your device screen. Its perfect shape will also give you a pencil-like feel. So while using this stylus there is no way you will feel that this is anything less than a pencil.

Make your note-taking more natural and comfortable with this pen. The natural tilt support of this pen will allow you to draw, annotate or sketch at any angle with precise control and perfection. And if you are an artist, here is another good news for you.

The light touch-responsive feature will ensure the perfect appearance of every dot, swirl or line on your digital screen with the lightest stroke. The pressure sensitivity level of 4096 will be complementing the whole experience with ultimate control over the stylus.

This pen comes with a USB_C charging port. So there is no hassle of changing batteries more often. The Li-Polymer battery will ensure 10 hours of distraction-free work in just one quick charge. It also comes with 3 nibs- soft, firm, and blue to facilitate your digital creation according to your choice.

This pen is compatible with a wide range of pen-enabled devices and the devices that have Wacom active ES Protocol and Microsoft Pen Protocol.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Amazing light touch responsiveness.
  • Ensure precision with Natural Tilt support.
  • It has to be charged with a USB-C connector.
  • Li-Polymer Battery with 10 hours backup.
  • Ergonomic and soft-touch design.
  • Two side switches with one Bluetooth button.

Comparison Chart for Wacom Pen

Product Name



1. Wacom Intuos Pen LP190K

CTH490AK, CTH490AB, CTH490CB, CTH690AK, CTH490CK, CTH490PK, CTH690AB, CTL490DW, and CTL490DB.


2. Wacom INTUOS4/CINTIQ21 Grip Pen

Intuos Pro Previous generation (PTH451, PTH851, PTH651)
Cintiq 13HD, Cintiq 24HD, Cintiq 22HD, Cintiq 27QHD
Cintiq Companion Hybrid. Cintiq Companion.


3. Wacom Bamboo Ink Smart Stylus

Microsoft pen protocol (MPP) and Wacom AES protocol enabled device.

Battery Included

4. Wacom LP1100K 4K Pen

Wacom Intuos CTL6100WLE0, CTL4100, CTL4100WLE0, CTL4100WLK0, and CTL6100WLK0.


5. Wacom Bamboo Ink 2nd Gen Smart Stylus

Windows device

Battery Included

6. Bargains Depot Capacitive Stylus

Black, Blue, Purple and Green

All capacitive touch screens

7. Pony Stylus Pens


Almost every touch screen

8. Digiroot Universal Stylus


Smartphones and laptops

Buying Guide for the Best Wacom Pen

There are a few things you should consider before picking your wacom pen. Mostly, all of them are common for a wacom pen. So, let’s see what has in the buying guide.

Set your requirements

Before you decide to buy a wacom pen for your Intuos tablet or windows Ink, you must set your priorities first. There are wacom pens with different features and that serve a distinct purpose.

So it's really important for you to know which purpose you want your pen to serve. If you are an artist you can choose from Wacom art Pen or A Pro pen. If you want to use your stylus for sketching and drawing, you can go for a grip pen or any other affordable option whichever you like.


After you set your requirements, you must know that a wacom pen is not compatible with all kinds of devices. There are some pens that are only compatible with wacom pen tablets and some pens are compatible with windows devices. So you must check out whether the pen you have decided to buy is compatible with your device or not.

Level of Pressure Sensitivity

It is very important for any artist or someone who uses a stylus to have a convenient level of pressure sensitivity. Because that's what ensures perfection in any sort of complex design composition. And this sensitivity gives an ultimate level of control to the user.

Before you buy a pen for yourself, make sure its pressure sensitivity matches your convenience. I don’t oppose having medium-level pressure sensitivity, but it is you who should decide which one you'll be going with.


Do you want to take the extra hassle of carrying a charger for your stylus? I hope, you don't. Because that can create so much inconvenience and destruction in your work.

All the best wacom pens come battery-free. Using the Electro-Magnetic Response (EMR) technology, the wacom pen displays the finest quality art with ultimate smoothness. The battery-free pen also makes sure that the pen stays lightweight.

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some commonly asked questions about the wacom pen. I hope a stare will help you to find out something new from it.

1. Question: Why Should I Use a Wacom Pen?

Answer: When you talk about designing, sketching, or annotating digitally, you cannot deny Wacom Pen as the perfect tool for that. The main reason is that people love Wacom Pen very much for its affordable price point and natural pen-like experience.

Users of this pen love it because it never let them think that they are using a stylus. It gives a similar experience as a pencil or pen ensuring the digital mark on their creation. Even you can get all these experiences by paying a very little amount of money. And do you know what the best part is? The wacom produces different types of a pen with different compatibility so that you don't go back empty-handed. Whatever device you use, Wacom always has something for you.

Now you tell me, why should people buy something else?

2. Question: What is a Wacom Pen Tablet?

Answer: Wacom pen display is the surface where you write or draw using the pressure-sensitive pen. The tablet is something that keeps your thoughts on the screen digitally.

Apparently, the wacom pen tablet is similar to a paper where you actually write stuff with a pen.

3. Question: Wacom Pen Not Working. What Should I do?

Answer: This is a very common question that we get several times from wacom pen users. If the same has occurred to you, don't panic. This issue can be solved with a few quick steps.

● Reconnect with your device: Sometimes just by disconnecting from the device and reconnecting the pen can solve this issue instantly.

● Update your pen driver: Sometimes an old wacom pen driver can cause this unintended disruption while working. In that check, if there is any latest driver available using the driver tool. If you find any latest driver version, download it and then install it. Restart your device to make the new driver in effect.

● Restart your Wacom Service: Pressing ctrl+R to bring the Run Box on the screen. Then type service.msc. A window name service window will appear. Scroll down and find out Wacom Service and command restart.

Actually, these are the common ways to fix your wacom pen when it’s not working.

Final Words:

Wacom pens are basically popular for their effectiveness and the experience they provide. The best wacom pen will give you the exact same natural experience of using a real pencil. Undoubtedly, your digital artwork can be more and more precise and detailed with a wacom pen.

And considering all these deciding factors, we have listed this top 8 wacom pen in our list. And we have pinned out all those necessary details you must know about each pen. Hope you will find this list interesting and useful whether you are going to buy it for the first time or looking for a wacom pen replacement.

So don't wait. Elevate your digital writing experience to a whole new dimension with any Wacom Pen you consider as best for yourself.   

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