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Best Wall Tape : Top 11 Pick For 2022 With Buyer’s Guide

What will you do if you have to stick anything on the wall? Drilling holes or hammering nails? Oh, no! Who will do such an injustice to a beautiful wall when he/she has the right tool in hand? I am certain that you have started thinking about the tool already.

It’s nothing but a tape. Yes, the best wall tape that can help you can help you to stick anything with the utmost ease. It will help you to avoid damaging the wall by making ugly holes on the surface. So you can do some justice to your exquisite wall by choosing a double-sided tape for hanging your most favorite painting or poster on the wall. But choosing the best one isn’t an easy task for so many. As we are here, let us take the hassle of finding the best tape wall.

Therefore in this article, we will showcase the best tapes for wall that will hold anything on the wall causing no damage to the surface. As the choices differ, we have presented tapes of different types and features so that you can find your perfect match.

So, let's dive into the topic straightaway!

Product Image

Product Name

Editor's Rating


Trazon Double Sided Tape for Walls

5 out of 5

EZlifego Double Sided Tape

5 out of 5

BIGOU Double-Sided Nano Tape

4.5 out of 5

Maxwell Double-Sided Tape

4.5 out of 5

VERSAF Double-Sided Tape

4 out of 5

What to Consider Before Buying the Best Tape for Wall

There are a few factors that you should look into before picking your tape for wall. Not every item is great for one particular thing rather different items are suitable for different purposes. Let's have a quick look on our brief buyers guide.   

1. Adhesion

No one wants to see their favorite painting broken into pieces by falling off the wall. And for that, the adhesion of that sticking tool is the first priority. So whenever you go shopping for the best tape wall for your application make sure you check the level of adhesion and the capacity.

The more adhesive the tape is, the more it will last long on the surface. So you must check the level of adhesion when you look for the best tape for your wall.

How you can do that? It's easy. You can check out our reviews above. Though most of the products we reviewed have almost the same level of adhesion, they have different capacities to hold. Make sure that you have checked that out. Otherwise, you can see different e-commerce platforms to make sure what people have to say about the adhesion of the tape you want to buy.

2. Easy removal

Do you want to take the hassle of using a solvent and a knife to remove the tape off the wall? If the answer is no, then you must look for a tape that ensures easy removal for your utmost convenience.

As you are putting the transparent double-sided tape on your wall, that means you are really concerned about how your wall may look. And in that sense, you must keep the tape on the top of your consideration that provides easy removal. Otherwise, if you ever change your mind to replace the tape, you will end up damaging your wall. So it's very important to check out the easy removal feature.

3. Residue-Free

There will be so many times when you will have to remove the tape off the wall. Maybe you want to replace the painting or want to take the spoon holder from the kitchen to the dining. And when you do so, the best tape for walls should not leave any residue on the wall.

A traceless removal can save your wall from looking ugly. Can you imagine your wall has residue in every spot you put a tape on? Oh, Yuck! No one surely wants to damage the elegance of his wall. Also, it may take a lot of time and effort to clean the mess. So it's better to buy residue-free tape for the wall.

Our Top 10 Best Wall Tape in 2022

Among the hundreds of options, we have only brought the top 10 tapes for your wall. Let's see what they have to offer.

1. Trazon Double Sided Tape for Walls

Trazon Double Sided Tape for Walls

At the very first in our list, we have Trazon Double-Sided Tape for Walls. If you are looking for a solution to stick anything on the wall, this tape can be the ultimate choice of yours. The reason we put it in our list of the best tape wall is its strong grip that can hold anything up to 5lbs. There are also some more unique features of this tape that you must know. So let’s see what else it has to offer.

When we intend to use tape on the wall, we hesitate thinking about the residue it will leave when removed. But that hesitation can go away with this tape. Because it will leave no trace or spot on the wall when you remove it.

If you ever change your mind about the positioning of the poster or key holder on the wall, just do it. Because this tape gives you the chance of a traceless removal.

This tape also provides the perfect adhesion for a long time use. And the tape can get dirty after you leave it for a long time on the wall. But as it is washable, you can rinse off the dirt using water and stick it back in place.

This tape is made of PE-gel acrylic material that makes this tape sturdy and durable. And the durability will surely allow you to mount, bent, move or decorate this tape according to your needs.

Trazon Double-Sided Tape is undoubtedly super strong to use for various purposes in different places. You can use it on the kitchen wall for sticking spoon holders or you can stick the tape on your dining wall to hang a carpet. Whatever you hang using this tape, you can trust its capacity.

Don't put the tape on the dustbin after you remove it. It’s reusable. This is another remarkable feature of this tape as it is recyclable. So there is no threat to the environment when you are using this tape on your wall.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of PE-gel acrylic.
  • Strong enough to hold anything up to 5 lbs.
  • Ensure the perfect adhesion.
  • Easy to use on the wall.
  • It Leaves no spots on its removal; use it several times.
  • Eco-Friendly material.

2. EZlifego Double Sided Tape

EZlifego Double Sided Tape

Do you want a tape that can hold a grown man to the wall? Just kidding. But if you expect any tape to be as strong as this, then I must suggest you take a look at EZlifego Double-Sided Tape. And trust me, not just me but everyone who has used this tape highly talked about its strength.

This tape is basically made of Acrylic gel which allows you to cut, bend, or stretch the tape in all ways you need. Also, this material ensures that the tape can hold anything firmly on the wall. The perfect level of adhesion ensures the versatility to use the tape for any purpose. You can stick anything like wall pictures, posters, key holders, wall stickers, sticky pads, and so on.

The adhesion of this tape is quite impressive. The adhesive can even withstand a temperature of 16 to 62 degrees Celsius. Also, this transparent adhesive stays invisible on the wall. So it will be hard for someone to find out how the painting or poster hanging on the wall. Isn’t it that you want?

Keeping your wall spotless even after removing the tape is possible with this EZlifego Double-Sided Tape. This tape will not even leave a dent on the surface which will keep the brand new look of your wall unimpaired.

Last but not the least, this tape is washable and reusable. So if you ever think of removing the tape, remember that you can reuse it. But for that, you have to wash the dirt from the surface with water before you apply it again on the wall.

Highlighted Feature:

  • It is made of Acrylic gel that makes it super strong.
  • Transparent sticking tool.
  • Multiple time use; only washable with water
  • The adhesive is very sticky versatile in nature

3. BIGOU Double-Sided Nano Tape

Keeping anything stuck on the wall for a long time is only possible when the tape you are using is sticky enough. And, if stickiness is the priority when you decide to buy a tape for hanging your essentials on the wall, you can pick a BIGOU Double-Sided Nano Tape with no doubt.

Because the tape has been made with nano-silica gel material, it is extremely adhesive for any surface. Not just on a wall, you can stick it on a flat car surface or over a glass surface. But you can be certain that the adhesion will not disappoint you by any means. This tape won’t stick to any oily surface only. And isn’t that obvious?

Also, the nano-silica gel ensures the flexibility to use this tape with the utmost ease. You can easily cut and stretch the tape according to your need. Whether it’s hot or cold, the tape can withstand any harsh condition.

If you are done with sticking it onto the wall, you can even attach your cloven mattress or carpet using this double-sided nano tape. So you can use this for joints also.

Don’t think for a second that the strength may have been compromised. Because this is one of the toughest tapes for walls available in the market. Unlike other double-sided tapes in the market, it has a 0.08-inch thickness which gives this tape the strength to hold up to 2.2 lbs.

Like most other tapes in the market, this is also washable and reusable. But what’s the specialty? The specialty of this tape is its stickiness doesn’t diminish a bit over time. When you remove it for reuse, you must wash it to get its older stickiness back. Also when you remove the tape, it doesn’t damage the surface leaving a single dent.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of nano-silica gel; super Adhesive formula.
  • It can hold up to 1 kg; can withstand any rough condition.
  • The thickness of 2 mm.
  • Multi-purpose use and traceless removal.
  • It is washable and reusable.
  • Great value for the price.

4. Maxwell Double-Sided Tape

You obviously don't want your art frame to fall from the wall, using any substandard wall tape. And for that you just need a tape which provides strong adhesion for a long period of time, right? Let me suggest something in which you can put your trust in for your artwork. I want you to take a look at this heavy-duty Maxwell Double-Sided Tape.

For some buyers the best product is that which intersects between the affordability and the quality. This is an amazing combination of superior quality and the right price. Let's see what this one has in its bucket.

People who used this tape suggested this as the best solution for mounting. Because the tape is so sticky that it can hold anything from brush holders to posters. No wonder that if you want to paste something on the wall for a long time, you need something really strong and sticky. And this tape will give you the hand you need. The strong adhesion holds anything on the wall. Per square inch tape can hold 0.5 pounds firmly on any surface.

It's the ultimate solution for you if you don't want to make your wall look ugly with colored tape. This heavy-duty tape with high transparency makes it almost invisible on the wall. Let your guests find out the sticking tool.

A problem that most users face with double-sided tape is that they cannot easily peel off the backing. But the red backing of this tape can be easily removed without doing any damage. This heavy-duty tape also ensures easy removal without leaving any residue on the wall. So you will not have to clean the surface after you remove the tape.

So what are you waiting for? Go and grab a Maxwell Double-Sided Tape and consider pasting it on wood, metal, plastic, glass, and obviously don't forget to try it on your wall.

Highlighted Feature:

  • It is a strong and sturdy acrylic-made tape.
  • High and low-temperature resistance.
  • It works great on any surface; super Sticky
  • It can be washed with water.
  • Reusable and eco-friendly.

5. VERSAF Double-Sided Tape

Looking for a multi-purpose mounting tape? Don’t worry. Just sit on your couch comfortably and read what I am going to tell you now about VERSAF double-sided tape. I hope you can end your quest for the best mounting tape right here.

If I start by saying a little bit about the brand, I must say about the advanced technology they use for producing this heavy duty double-sided tape. Also, they ensure top-notch customer service for any inconvenience to their consumer.

VERSAF has remained one of the most customer-oriented brands. That’s what made them understand properly what customers exactly want from a double-sided tape. And obviously, it is the ultimate adhesion level so that they can hang any kind of essentials on the wall. And this tape is considered the best tape for multi-purpose mounting that allows you to mount anything from key holder to bathroom rack.

This tape is coated with permanent adhesive which is super strong and long-lasting. So no doubt that it’s even perfect for fixing your carpet. But to get perfect adhesion on the wall, you must apply it on a clean, oil-free, and flat surface.

What I like most about the product is that it doesn’t leave any residue when you remove it from the wall. You can use it several times. As long as you remove it from the wall, you need to wash it using water. And then you can re-paste the tape to the previous spot. And that’s what saves your wall from any unwanted ugly spot of adhesive.

Its high transparency will surely match your wall without spoiling the look. The white backing comes off easily and has an extra length for future convenience.

One of the things that make it more durable and long-lasting is its resistance to any temperature. It can securely hold anything on the wall rigidly. So you can trust VERSAF double-sided tape with your hard-earned money.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of acrylic.
  • Coated with super strong permanent adhesive.
  • Great for mounting and easy to apply
  • Waterproof and Reusable; no trace of Residue
  • Suitable for any flat and clean surface.

6. LUCOG Double-Sided Tape

Do you have anything a bit heavy to hang? Then you need a tape which is tough. But if you don’t know such a name, here is what I suggest. For the super toughness, I would suggest you pick LUCOG Double-Sided Tape. It’s not only the toughness that made it one of the best tape for wall. There are other things also. So let’s discuss those.

This tape is made of nano-silica gel. This makes a lot of difference in the quality. Because nano-silica gel is the material that ensures the ultimate toughness you require. It can hold almost 3.3 pounds (1.5 kg) when the surface is rough or smooth. This is something really amazing, isn't it? The tape doesn't care about the surface. It carries that of a quality that doesn't need other things to be ideal.  

But to get the superior adhesion level of this tape, I will suggest you apply it on a smooth and oil-free surface. If the surface is painted recently, don’t use the tape until the surface is completely dry. Having said that, you don’t actually need to worry about the stickiness. It’s amazing.

As it’s a waterproof double-sided tape, you can use it both indoor and outdoor. Moreover, it is reusable. To reuse, you just need to wash it with water when the tape gets dirty. Thus you can use it for a long period of time.

For using nano technology in this tape, you can bend it or stretch it in any shape you need. But the amazing part is, by doing so; it doesn’t lose its adhesion. It is also very easy to use. Moreover, It doesn’t damage your wall and even leaves no spot on the surface.

So without having any doubt, hanging your favorite poster, wall hanging, kitchen tools, or fixing carpet becomes more convenient with this LUCOG Double-Sided Tape.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made with nano-silica gel; the ultimate level of adhesion
  • Withstand on any given condition.
  • Suitable for any smooth indoor or outdoor surface.
  • Waterproof and residue-free.
  • Non-toxic and environment friendly.
  • High transparency makes it invisible.

7. AH3 Tape Nano Double Sided Tape for Walls

AH3 Tape Nano Double Sided Tape for Walls

Are you looking for a tape that allows you to paste it not only on the wall but also on multiple surfaces? If yes, then this is for you. The tape I am going to recommend to you is AH3 Tape Nano Double-Sided Tape. Not only me, if you consider it as a people’s choice, you also are not wrong. Because everyone who has used this tape at least once became a fan of it. This is only for its quality. So let's dig deep to find out what it has to offer us.

It's a multifunctional tape with high transparency. So whether it's a party in your home where you need it for home decoration or you want to hang the family photo frame on the wall, this tape is going to meet all kinds of requirements of a sticking tool.

And when it comes to the best sticking tool, the adhesion is a great matter of concern. Because adhesion is the thing that is going to hold your essentials, such as a painting or a wall hanging, on the wall. And you can definitely trust AH3 tape in this matter, as it has been made to ensure the perfect level of adhesion for various surfaces.

Sometimes you may find it almost impossible to get it off from the surface. You will have to use a solvent to remove it without damaging the wall. It can hold almost 2.2lbs on any surface you want such as plastic, metal, wood, or glass.

This tape is made of high-quality PU gel. It doesn't have any toxic material in it. Also, it is recyclable tape; so no issue with the environment.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of high-quality PU gel.
  • Great level of adhesion.
  • Can hold up to 2.2 lbs
  • Suitable on multiple surfaces.
  • Eco friendly and non-toxic.
  • Perfect sticking tool for decoration.

9. BROOM Double Sided Tape

While suggesting something as “Best”, we always give high priority to customers' choices. We really appreciate and value the opinion of others to find out the best one for our readers. And BROOM Double-Sided Tape is such a product that is one of the most popular products in the market. Why does everyone love this tape? Let's find out.

If we look at its material, we can see that it is made of high-quality PU gel material. And with the help of nano technology, this product is made to be durable, sturdy, and reliable. So you won’t feel that you have wasted your money on something that doesn't meet your expectations.

Talking about expectations, this product is upgraded with ultra-high stickiness. So you are free to use this tape to hang anything on the wall. But remember, this tape has the capability to hold up to 2.2 lbs.

This is a very easy-to-use tape for any reason and on any surface. Even you can remove it without any complication. It's reusable and you can wash it with water to clean the dust. It doesn't lose its stickiness even after using it several times.

The best thing is, it comes with a one-year warranty with the most convenient customer service. Why won’t everyone like this tape?

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made of high-grade PU gel material.
  • Manufactured by nanotechnology.
  • Ultra-high stickiness.
  • It is reusable and waterproof.
  • The capacity of holding 2.2 lbs.
  • Great for the price.
  • One year warranty.

10. ShenHuiTech Nano Double Sided Tape

If you are looking for a sticking tool to decorate your daughter’s birthday, you can put an end to that. Because here you have, ShenHuiTech Nano Double Sided Tape. What can be better than this when it comes to decorating your home.

This tape sticks well on anything. Whether you are decorating your home or want to hang something on the wall, you can just do it within the blink of your eye. Because this nano gel tape is coated with a super sticky adhesive. And the nano gel material makes it more durable and sturdy.

This tape is washable. So when it gets dirty it may lose its stickiness a bit. Don't worry. This happens with all kinds of tapes. But as it is washable, you can rinse the dirt with water and put it back onto the wall. That actually makes it a reusable one.

The nanotechnology ensures that this is an environmentally friendly tape which is recyclable. So there is no threat of using this tape. Also, it doesn't even leave any residue like most other best tapes in the market available. So when the birthday party is over and you remove the tape, your wall will not be a mess with sticky adhesive on it.

You can use it in both indoor and outdoor. But you can only hang less than one KG. So be sure about that. So if you are ok with all it has to offer, you should not wait to buy one.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made with nano gel technology.
  • Highly adhesive on any surface and waterproof.
  • It has the capacity to hold almost 1 Kg.
  • Durable and easy to remove.
  • Eco friendly and recyclable.
  • Reusable; leaves no residue.

11. Kelasy Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape

So here we are with our final recommendation for you. And it will be an injustice to you if I wouldn’t mention anything about Kelasy Double-Sided Heavy Duty Tape. Oh, come on! How can I not put this popular and high-quality tape on the list? You can ignore so much stuff but you cannot ignore the popularity of Kelasy has just because of its heavy duty double-sided tape.

They say when you stick kelasy on the wall, leave your worries anywhere else. It will stay longer than your lifetime. That was just a saying though. But it's not completely wrong. Because the nano PU gel material coated with high-quality adhesive made this product great for daily use. Just remember that you are not putting anything more than 2.2 lbs if you want to experience lifelong adhesion.

And if you ever feel that the tape may lose its stickiness, just wash off the wall residue and dry it to regain its stickiness.

Like all the other recommendations, this tape also will give you a traceless removal. This heavy-duty tape can be pasted anywhere in your kitchen, dining, and outdoor. Its versatility will surely make your life easy and organized. From fixing the carpet to hanging your brush holder, you can stick anything you like. Just make sure that the surface is clean and flat.

Therefore, we hope, even the last recommendation of ours will not break your heart.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Made with nano PU gel material.
  • A-grade stickiness.
  • It can hold up to 2.2 lbs.
  • Residue-free; it comes off easily
  • Goes perfectly on the indoor and outdoor surface.
  • Reusable and non-toxic.

Comparison Chart of the Best Wall Tape

Product Name




1. Trazon Double Sided Tape for Walls


PE Gel Acrylic

5 lbs

2. Kelasy Double Sided Heavy Duty Tape


PE Gel Acrylic

2.2 lbs

3. EZlifego Double Sided Tape


Acrylic Gel Material

18 pounds

4. ShenHuiTech Nano Double Sided Tape


Acrylic Gel

2.2 lbs

5. AH3 Tape Nano Double Sided Tape for Walls


High-quality PU Gel

2.2 lbs

6. BIGOU Double-Sided Nano Tape


Nano-silica gel.

1 KG

7. Maxwell Double-Sided Tape



.5 Pound Per square feet

Frequently Asked Question

Is there any better option to gather knowledge than asking questions? Here are a few examples of some common questions asked about the tape for wall.

1. Question: How to use tape on the wall?

You will get an instruction manual from the manufacturer on how you can use the tape. But if you want to know in general, here are the steps you can follow to use most of the double-sided tape on the wall. Here you go:

Clean the surface. Before you paste a tape on the surface you must keep the surface clean. Because only when the surface is clean, the level of adhesion will get high. The adhesive doesn't stick well on an oily surface.

Cut the required size. For ease of applying on the wall, cut the tape in the pieces you need.

Tear of the backing. You can tear off the protective film before use or you can do it after applying it on the wall- in whichever manner you like. And that’s it!

2. Question: Can I paste a tape on my painted wall?

The answer is yes and no. If you have just painted the wall the answer will be no. Because a tape doesn't stick well if the surface is moist. So what you have to do is to wait. Wait for the wall to dry well.

Moreover, when the surface is fully dry, you can instantly paste the tape on your painted wall.

3. Question: What to do when I can’t remove the tape easily?

So if you ever encounter such a problem while removing the tape, wait there without forcing the tape to come off. Because by doing so, you may damage the painting. In the meantime, what you have to do is to use a solvent.

When the tape is too sticky to remove, put a solvent on the tape and wait for at least 5 minutes till the adhesive is weak enough. And then using a knife, gently remove the tape from the surface. That's it.

Final Words:

This whole article is focused on finding the best wall tape that can save your wall from drilling ugly holes.

A tape may seem just a simple sticking tool but it can add great convenience to your day-to-day work and manage your essentials. As we have discussed various brands and their products with different features, we hope you will find the perfect match for your daily needs of a perfect sticking tool. And that's all we tried to do. We wanted to help.

It's just a few dollars to buy a tape, but the convenience it brings is immeasurable.

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