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Best White Out Pens: Top 5 Picks For 2023

There is a maxim, most probably we all know, that says-Man Is Error”. Yes, we always make mistakes, don’t we? But there are mistakes that we can cover-up.

Wondering which mistakes I am talking about? I am talking about those mistakes you made on paper while writing an important document or maybe filling up an admission form. But all those mistakes can be covered by a simple tool- a white-out pen. With the best white out pen, you can easily make any correction on paper.

Forget about corrections. Sometimes writing on a dark-colored surface seems fun to so many. But for that, you may require a pen that stands out. And which pen can you think of more than a white out pen? If you are an artist or designer, the white-out pen can be a perfect addition to your creative collection.

But finding the right one according to your need and expectation can be difficult. It may take your valuable time and much effort. But hey! Don’t worry. We are here for you. Because in this article we are going to introduce to you the top class white out pens available in the market so far.

Product Image

Product Name

Editor's Rating


BIC White-Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen

5 out of 5

Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen

5 out of 5

Mr. Pen- Correction Pen

4.5 out of 5

BAZIC Metal Tip Correction Pen

4.5 out of 5

Paper Mate Liquid Paper Correction Pen

4 out of 5

Best White Out Pen

We have compiled a list of only 5 white out pens that we found most beneficial and relevant to the tasks. So, let’s dive into the reviews!

1. BIC White-Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen

BIC White-Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen

Do you need to cover your fine details? BIC White-Out Shake ‘N Squeeze Correction Pen can be a go-to tool for that. Let this pen make all the corrections you need. Because this pen worth your trust.

Do you know what is exclusive about this pen? Its accuracy of covering every small detail. And to make that happen, it has a needlepoint tip to make every stroke precise and thin. So to cover up any word from a text will be easier without spreading the fluid all around the correction area. The soft squeeze barrel of this pen gives you proper control over the amount of fluid release. So there will be no waste of fluid.

Another worth mentioning fact about this pen is its bright fluid that makes the covering area unnoticeable. Because the bright fluid color blends pretty well with the white paper background. So your teacher will barely notice the corrections you made in your assignment.

Do not panic if you have very little time to make all the corrections. Take your time to find out the mistake. The rest will be done within no time with the fast-drying fluid of this pen. This BIC Shake ‘N Squeeze Correction Pen can cover tough ink and permanent marker with ultimate smoothness.

It doesn’t matter if you want to use it for your next art project or in your office and home, the top-notch white out will never disappoint you.

Don't doubt the quality. It's BIC.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Needlepoint tip for accurate application.
  • Soft squeeze barrels that ensure easy use.
  • Each pen contains 8ml Fluid
  • Bright white color blends pretty well.
  • Fast dry fluid.
  • It ensures a smooth finish.

2. Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen

Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen

Do you need a white multipurpose pen that can correct your written mistakes and be used for writing on any dark surface? If yes, then Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen will be our recommendation. Not just me, hundreds and thousands of users have used this pen on multipurpose and they got overwhelmed with its quality. Let’s see why this pen is so popular.

The first mind-blowing fact about this pen is its fine point metal tip. This metal tip makes sure that this pen works smoothly on any rough surface whether it’s metal, glass, or paper.

Also making sure the fine details while making any correction is another advantage this metal tip provides. If you are an artist, then this fine metal tip can help you to create a detailed design or art with this pen.

The white opaque fluid inside this pen is very high in quality. This fluid can cover up your mistakes flawlessly leaving a silky smooth finish. Also, the fluids dry fast and stay longer. But if you want to remove the excess, use a tissue to wipe it out right away. The barrel contains 12ml fluid so that you can use it a bit longer than any other white-out pen in the market.

Using this pen, you can cover errors on photocopies, computer printouts, and assignments with the utmost ease. This pen can also cover up gel pen and marker ink neatly. So don't wait to grab one for yourself.

Highlighted Feature:

  • Multipurpose correction pen
  • It comes with fine metal tip.
  • It’s not sticky at all.
  • Provides a silky Smooth finish.
  • Ozone Safe Correction fluid. 
  • The white fluid is very opaque.
  • Suitable for many surfaces.

3. Mr. Pen- Correction Pen

Who wants to smear white-out all over the surface? I guess no one. And that’s the reason people mostly use white-out pens to do the correction they need precisely on paper. And guess what! Mr.Pen Correction Pen has all you need. From avoiding smearing to fast-dry, you get everything in it.

The foundational story this company is really fascinating. Because this company is founded by some teachers who felt to make something useful for themselves and their students which will lessen the daily struggles of teachers and students in their schools and colleges ensuring the quality and fun-use.

This pen is a great tool to make all the corrections on paper. No matter whether it is an engineering paper or a piece of simple white paper. It can cover up all sorts of pen, marker, and gel pen marks comfortably. Wondering how? It has a needlepoint tip that doesn’t allow you to leave even a smaller area except covering.

The precise and thin stroke will surely cover up everything flawlessly without smearing all over the paper. And this pen also comes with a soft squeeze barrel so that you can control the amount of fluid for application.

Like the other best brands’ white-out pen, Mr.Pen Correction Pen ensures smoothness after you apply it on paper or any other surface. So don't worry about spoiling the look. Also, it makes sure that the fluid dries fast so that you don’t have to waste your time for the fluid to get dry.

So if you want to make your correction game easier than ever, you must not choose something else over Mr.Pen Correction Pen. Should you?

Highlighted Feature: 

  • This pack includes 12 pens containing 7ml fluid in each pen.
  • Needlepoint tip to cover detailed errors.
  • Soft squeeze Barrel.
  • Quick-dry and easy fix.
  • Shiny and smooth.
  • It avoids accidental issues carefully.
  • Worth your money with its high quality.  

4. BAZIC Metal Tip Correction Pen

If you are a student and looking for an affordable go-to white-out pen for making quick fixes, here is the ideal option for you- BAZIC Metal Tip Correction Pen.

The most convenient feature of this pen is its compact size. It’s easy to hold for its unique and improved barrel design. This 7ml barrel white-out pen will perfectly fit in your hand giving you the control for accurate and precise application. The metal tip of this pen also ensures smear-free application and compatibility to use on a rough surface.

Not only for students. It’s a pen that serves multiple purposes. So if you are an artist don’t cross out this pen from your list. Its bright white fluid will perfectly stand out on dark-colored surfaces as well.

Its smooth finish and perfect stroke will make every piece of art or design different and exquisite. Nothing to worry about if you are running out of time. The quick-dry feature of this fluid has got your back.

From now on you will not have to redo your assignments. Because with the BAZIC Metal Tip Correction Pen, you can perfectly cover up every minor mistake you made on paper, photocopies or printouts. So don’t wait to make any changes or corrections with this amazing white out pen.

Highlighted Feature:

  • It is a metal tip pen. 
  • The unique barrel size for comfortable holding.
  • Smear-Free application.
  • Each barrel contains 7ml fluids.
  • Compact size for ease of use.
  • Dries fast and smooth.
  • Great value for the price.

5. Paper Mate Liquid Paper Correction Pen

To cover even the smallest errors like a single letter or number, you must need a white out pen that has high precision like a ballpoint pen. And when you are talking about precision, Paper Mate Liquid Paper Correction Pen can be the most sought-after option. Start doing the entire mental math about the quality of a correction pen, but you will barely beat the quality of this one. Better we talk about that.

As we are talking about precision, the fine and precise tip of this item will surely blow your mind. You can now easily cover up all the tiniest mistakes with this tip with the smoothest finish.

From ball point to marker inks, everything can perfectly be hidden behind the white fluid of this pen. And do you know what? This precision makes this pen a great go-to choice for the artist and designer also. The bright white fluid will light up amazingly on a dark colored surface.

Worrying about consistency of flow? Please, don’t. The soft and easy to squeeze barrel will give the control in your hand. You can ensure a consistent and easy dispense of fluid with the least effort without spoiling a drop. So no waste from the 7ml barrel.

Another amazing jaw-dropping attribute of this best correction pen is its smoothness and coverage. The white fluid will blend perfectly with the surface background making all the mistakes invisible. No one will realize that there was an error after you roll this pen over.

The quick-dry feature is also going to save your time that makes this item an option for all on-the-go correction.

Highlighted Feature:

  • The pen contains 7ml fluid.
  • Provides ultimate coverage and precision.
  • Leaves a smooth and clear finish.
  • It dries very fast.
  • Cover all sorts of ink marks effectively.

It ensures a consistent flow of fluid with ultimate control.    

Product Name


Amount Of Fluid


1. BIC White-Out Shake 'N Squeeze Correction Pen

Needlepoint tip


5 star

2. Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen

Fine Metal Tip


5 star

3. Mr. Pen- Correction Pen

Needlepoint tip


4.7 star

4. BAZIC Metal Tip Correction Pen

Metal Tip


4.3 star

5. Paper Mate Liquid Paper Correction Pen

Neat and precise tip


4.9 star

White Out Pen Buying Guide

Here are some quick tips for you before you make the final buying decision.

Proper Control

When you need a white-out pen for yourself and you want to buy one, it's really important that you consider the control over the fluid application. Because if you can't control the amount of fluid coming at every stroke, you may end up smearing the fluid all over the surface. And that's pretty worse. It will spoil your assignment and end up making the mistakes very much visible. So having control over the pen is a must.

Fine point nib

Now think of a small area of your assignment or manuscript where you need to make a correction. But you don't have a white-out pen that can precisely cover up the area without spreading out of the detail area. I guess that's not what you want from a white out pen.

The best white out pens must have precise and fine strokes to cover even the smallest area with proper control. But do you know, what’s the thing that can ensure the fine stroke we are talking about? It must have to be with the fine tip. A needlepoint fine tip will give all those thin strokes to cover up smaller detail areas.

Perfect white fluid

A bright white color can simply blend with the white color paper background that will make the correction almost invisible. Even if you are an artist who needs a pen to work on a dark-colored surface, a bright white fluid can stand out very well. So considering this factor is a must for the perfection you seek from the top white out pen.

Smooth Finish

If your correction pen leaves a rough finish, the mistakes will be more visible than before being covered up. And there are products in the market that don't do well in terms of smoothness. But when it comes to the best ones, you must not ignore this feature at all.

Proper smoothness will make the mistakes almost go away in plain eyes. So if you don't want to bring your mistakes in front anyone’s eye, you better choose the correction pen that leaves a smooth and clean finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the proper way to use a whiteout?

Though so many ask this question, there is no proper way to use a white-out pen. But there is a simple way you can follow. Let’s see that.

First, shake the pen well so that the fluid inside the barrel doesn’t get stiff. And shaking the pen before use makes the fluid come out easily.

Then place the tip and then press onto the correction area and squeeze slowly.

Hover the tip over the place until the area gets covered.

Let it dry properly if you want to write over the area.

2. How can I remove the white-out stains from clothes?

While working with a white-out pen, you may accidentally spill on your clothes. And that happens to almost every artist out there. But you don’t need to worry about that as it can be removed.

At first, you can try simple, though there are many ways.

You can first try scratching the marks with your fingernails after it gets dry.

Or you can use soap water to remove the stains. But for that put the clothes into the water and then wear off the stains with a cleaning brush. This process must work as most of the fluids are water-based.

Mineral spirits can also be used for removing stains. But it can sometimes ruin the color of your cloth. So make sure that the fabric is compatible for cleaning with mineral spirits.

3. Can I write over white-out?

The answer is YES. You can write over the white-out after it gets dry. Don’t rush. After you cover the correction area with the white fluid, you must let it dry before you write over it. Otherwise, the fluid will get spoiled by your pen.

Final Words:

The best white out pens are basically for all those students, teachers, and artists out there who are looking for something to cover up their mistakes without affecting their effort and creativity. And that’s what we focused on while picking the options for you. Here in our list, we have compiled the best of the best after researching every aspect of a white-out pen must serve.

Hope, this article will help you to navigate the way to find the right product for your needs. So from now on, you will not have to redo the whole task. Just make the correction you need when the best one is in your pocket. 

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