Dye Ink vs. Pigment Ink: What’s the Difference?

pigment ink vs. dye ink

When choosing between printer inks, it’s time to get a little bit technical! Well, not so much, just a bit will help you understand the scenario better and utilize a printer wisely. You might already have learned that printer inks are usually categorized as dye-based and pigment-based. So what are these inks? And which one should you … Read more

How to Store Pens (A Conclusive Guide)

How to Store Pens

If you have a lot of pens and markers in your collection, maybe you are the person who is looking for a solution to store those pens. You better understand the necessity of storing pens in a proper manner. Usually, people use pens and markers to write, draw, color, decorate, and the list goes on. A … Read more

How to Leather Bind a Book | Step by Step Guideline

How to Leather Bind a Book

To be honest, making a leather-bound book is somewhat intimidating for me. It takes all your determination and severe attention during the whole process. Today, I’ll go a bit different than my other how-to articles. I would like to share some practical knowledge despite not being able to be the greatest in this sector. Don’t worry; … Read more

How to Memorize Something Fast and Easily

How to Memorize Something Fast

Today I’m going to share some tips on how to memorize something fast and long-lasting. I’m not going to talk about the common tips that most of you guys already know, such as turning the writings into pictures, or making a song out of them, or using colorful pens to write the materials down so … Read more