How to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller (Easy Tricks)

Snas, honker, beak are some adorable little nicknames for a nose that is large and in charge.

I am very familiar with these terms because I happen to be the proud owner of a big nose.

And I know I'm not alone because I met people who are like me.

I face some awkward questions about my nose because it's too big for my face. Should I get a nose job? Whoa! Slow down, Bro! It’s not time to go under the knife. Take it from somebody who feels your pain. Growing up, I was called every big nose name in the book, but I've learned to sort of adapt over the years.

You think all this is an accident? –no, it is systematically and strategically planned in order to minimize the appearance of my nose. And today, I'm going over three simple tips or tricks that you can implement to make your nose look smaller.

Now, if you Google search 'how to make a big nose look smaller,' all you're going to find is a bunch of makeup tutorials. They show you how to shade and highlight and low-light the thing that is on your face that we know is the nose.

But I'm assuming that the majority of you are not interested in wearing makeup. But if you are, you're in luck because there are a ton of tutorials out there. Simply search it, you'll find it. Good luck!

I'm going raw dog. No makeup, all is natural! My friend, this is all natural.

All right! So, now let's talk about some ways to make your nose look smaller. Please note that all three of these tips and tricks are not actually changing your nose; rather, they are simply redirecting somebody's attention to your face.

How to Make a Big Nose Look Smaller Without Makeup

Okay. It's all about proportions. You can systematically do a few things that are going to make your face appear more balanced, all right!

So now, let's dive in!

Having Bigger Hair

My tip number one is having bigger hair. It sounds a bit interesting, right? So if you currently are rocking a hairstyle and you are slick in your hair, over slick in it, back wearing it, real short or buzzing your head, all of a sudden what's happening is, your nose is in front and center. When somebody looks at you, that's the first thing they see!

But by simply adding some height to your hair, what you're going to do is, you're going to change the proportions. All of a sudden, you get more of this action. And people's eyes tend to drift upwards, not focus they're fixated on your nose.

So grow your hair out a little bit and then add a little bit of volume.

Okay. Not so tight, not so hard you want to lift the hair. One of the problems is you spiked it up, or you style in the morning, and then 10 minutes later, you walk out the door, it falls. So make sure it doesn't happen, anyway.

Wearing Glasses

Smaller appearing nose tip number two is glasses. But check it out. Not every pair of glasses will actually do that. Some glasses will actually make your nose appear larger. Glasses that are very thin and very close together tend to make one's nose larger.

If you're looking to utilize glasses or frames to camouflage the fact that you've got a large schnoz. So what you should be looking for are some larger frames.

Okay! Bigger frames and smaller nose!

It just makes sense. It's about proportions. So, look for a frame that is dark in color so that nothing blends into your face. Look for something black, something dark brown. All right! This is going to be the best option, something rectangular, something to think about.

Facial Hair

And the last tip for today is to grow facial hair. When you're clean-shaved, you have nothing to offset your nose. The focal point is boom right your nose, but when you grow some strategic facial hair, what happens is the face balances out.

Therefore the eye doesn't necessarily fixate and stay on that nose. However, by strategically utilizing facial hair, you can actually offset the proportions of your face.

This is something as simple as some designer George Michael inspired stubble is a great option. But what is not a great option is a big mustache, okay!

It will help if you have something down on your chin.

So what about having a large beard?-yeah, of course! There are a lot of advantages to having a large beard, not just hiding your large nose.

Maybe the lumbersexuals all have big noses, but you never know if the lumbersexual has a big nose!

Haha, you can't even tell because he's got such a strong foundation of follicle formation down on his chin. Everything is all askew. Therefore, you don't focus on his nose; rather, you focus on the big beard that is on his chin.

I personally would say, if you're not going to be rocking the big bushy beard or the neckbeard, you should definitely maintain your angles.

If you don't want the beard to just sort of flow up to your face, ensure growing hair in angles, boundaries, curve amount. And to help your curve out, those boundaries make sure that your facial hair is tight.

I get questions like, "dude, your nose is huge. Can you smell what I'm thinking?" –haha, yeah, that's kind of sucked. Having a big nose going through life having a larger than average is not necessarily ideal, but here's the fact, gentlemen, don't let anybody get your spirit down. It is part of what makes you so incredibly beautiful.

And hopefully, these tips are going to help you rock that big, bold, and beautiful nose just a little bit less.


If you are not interested in undergoing plastic surgery, those few but effective tips will help you a lot.

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