How to Store Pens

How to Store Pens (A Conclusive Guide)

If you have a lot of pens and markers in your collection, maybe you are the person who is looking for a solution to store those pens. You better understand the necessity of storing pens in a proper manner. 

Usually, people use pens and markers to write, draw, color, decorate, and the list goes on. A unit of the pen does not take that much space. But you will need a sizeable room or space for a complete set of pens. 

The more collection you have, the more effort you will need to manage that. However, if you can find yourself managing them in a proper fashion, it can save your time and money. 

So, how to store pens, in fact? This article will be going to show you some simple yet effective ways to do so. I expect your patience and time so that you benefit from this write-up. 

Things You Need To Consider First

These are some of the facts that you need to know first. Why do you want to store pens? Which is the perfect place to keep your pen box even? So, before going into the query straightaway, we want to give you some insights that will help you to understand the whole process. And eventually, it will make your task easier and smoother.  


Gravity can create issues for you when you are storing pens. It always pulls the ink towards the center. For instance, storing your pen tip down is one of the reasons for nib blockage on a fountain pen. Because the ink comes to the nib and feed. After that, it dries. 

On the other hand, if you allow your pen tip to stay up, it can cause downside leakages and disaster in the dress. Besides, you will not get the ink at the point right off the bat, when you are starting to write again. So, you must consider gravity issues before making any storage plan. 

Keeping your pens flat in the box is the solution to this problem.

Outside Use

You perhaps need to take at least a pen with you for everyday use, right? Putting it inside your bag or pocket creates disaster, along with making scratches to the pen. And especially when it is a color pen, then no question. So, you should think about a secure option. 

And what can be a better option than to have a pen box with maximum protection? It will take less room and keep you relaxed as well. 


If you are fond of travel journaling, you must be careful to store pens in your journey. Air travel causes the ink to come out from the pen as it stays in low pressure there. 

If any air remains inside your pen’s cartridge, it will cause a disaster in your journey. So, you must keep in mind that traveling with pens without maintaining a proper storage system can give you a lot of trouble. 

Store your pens with a full cartridge to get rid of this problem.


Temperature is also a significant issue you need to consider before keeping your pens in place. High temperature generates the higher flow of ink. And, cold temperature makes the ink hard and even freezes the ink.

Therefore, you should not forget about the temperature of the place where you will keep your pens. Store your pens at comfortable room temperature and try to maintain a constant temperature to solve the temperature issue.

How to Store Ballpoint Pens

Ballpoint pens generally contain heavier ink. So, the ink moves very slowly. If you allow the point tip stays up, when you will start writing with the pen, you need to wait at least a few seconds as the ink reaches the point. To get rid of this irritation, you need to keep the pen flat.

Keeping the point flat helps to prevent your ballpoint pens from drying out. Use any pen box and follow this method to store ballpoint pens. Or, you can use anything like a pen box that can hold your pens that way. And they are easy to go for your daily use.

How to Store Gel Pens

Gel pens leak often if there's pressure on the tip. So, you need to keep the tip up and ensure there's no pressure at all. But, storing this way will bring the ink a little bit far from the tip and you may need to stroke a few times to start the ink flow. It is perhaps not as big as leaking the ink in your bag or box. 

Some people store gel pens horizontally. This position helps to hold the ink to a level. Anyway, you can use a pencil case to store your gel pens. Though by name it is a “pencil case”, it can be used for storing both pens and pencils.

How to Store Fountain Pens

You must keep your fountain pens horizontally for the best output. You can use an attractive pen case where the pens are stored horizontally.

If you store your fountain pens that way, it prevents the ink from leaking into the side of the cap. Besides, the tip will stay wet so that you can start your preceding straightaway.

The fountain pens are more expensive than other pens like ballpoint pens or gel pens. So, using a pen case with a horizontal setup is the best decision to keep your fountain pens safe.

Store fountain pens with the empty cartridge when you want to store them for a long time. And don't forget to clean your all expensive fountain pens before storing them.


Do you want to keep your workplace neat and clean? Then you must have a good storage solution for your pens.

In this article, we have explained some of the better ways to do it. If you know how to store gel pens, ballpoint pens, fountain pens, etc., you will be able to cherish them for a long time.

Obviously, no one wants his favorite pens to become wastage after using them a few times!

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