Dye Ink vs. Pigment Ink: What’s the Difference?

pigment ink vs. dye ink

When choosing between printer inks, it’s time to get a little bit technical! Well, not so much, just a bit will help you understand the scenario better and utilize a printer wisely. You might already have learned that printer inks are usually categorized as dye-based and pigment-based. So what are these inks? And which one should you … Read more

How to Store Pens (A Conclusive Guide)

How to Store Pens

If you have a lot of pens and markers in your collection, maybe you are the person who is looking for a solution to store those pens. You better understand the necessity of storing pens in a proper manner. Usually, people use pens and markers to write, draw, color, decorate, and the list goes on. A … Read more

Best Engineering Pen in 2021 (A Comprehensive Guideline)

best Engineering Pen

As with all pen-related purchases, finding the best engineering pen comes down to lifestyle, perfection, and personal taste. Engineers are different by nature. They talk differently, think differently, and use very particular things, in general. They are engineers who see extraordinary in ordinary things. So, pens that are used by the engineers will not go with … Read more