What to Do With an Empty Notebook in 2021

What to Do With an Empty Notebook

I believe like if you’re fond of notebooks, then you must have at least a couple of notebooks lying around your desk or bedside table sad and empty. I guess I’m not wrong, am I? Don’t worry; I’m not here to judge you rather to give you some wonderful tips and techniques about what to … Read more

How To Start Journaling ( Tips For Beginners )

How To Start Journaling

If you’re in quarantine and the weather is getting colder and your opportunities to see real-life people are quickly dwindling why not try journaling? Journaling is a free way to act as if you are talking to a friend when really it’s just you; by yourself; all alone. All jokes aside, journaling has helped me so … Read more

How to Journal Daily (Quick and Effective)

How to Journal Daily

Do you feel off sometimes? I do feel. And it is quite okay to feel off and do things that make you feel happy and you enjoy. Journaling is not always all about maintaining a tight schedule rather it’s a process. A process that makes your life disciplined and easier. Today, I’d like to share with … Read more