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Top 13 Best Graph Paper Notebooks in the Market 2022

It might seem trivial and outdated in 2021 when people are more accustomed to accomplish their tasks through digital devices. But paper is always important. It had significance, it has, and it will have.

A recent study on paper vs. digital devices shows us how important writing on paper can be in terms of being creative and productive. When you're writing with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper, it sends a positive signal to your brain that to be ready for producing something creative. It doesn't end here.

The sink between pen and paper helps you with memory and focus as well. So, this is obvious that there's a healthy debate on the best paper. And it becomes more significant when it comes to the best graph paper notebook.

As there are quite a few types of notebooks available on the market, we've rounded up our list with various types of gridded notebooks. Quality products and value for your hard-earned money are two primary factors that we considered while listing. So, let's dive into the reviews!

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Moleskine Classic Notebook

5 out of 5

Rite in the Rain 135L All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

5 out of 5

Mead Grid Notebook with Engineering Graph Paper

4.5 out of 5

Graph Paper Composition Notebook (Joyful Journals)

4.5 out of 5

Graph Paper Composition Notebook (Joyful Journals)

4 out of 5

Our Top 13 Best Graph Paper Notebook in 2022

It was never an easy task for us to find out the best 13 graph ruled notebooks where there’re hundreds of options available- if not thousands. And our efforts will be meaningful only if you find the article helpful. Good luck!

1. Moleskine Classic Notebook

Moleskine Classic Notebook

When it comes to having a quality notebook, Moleskine always comes at the top of the pile. No matter whether it is an engineering notebook, a traveler’s notebook, or a graph paper notebook. They have been in the business for more than a decade. They know exactly what their consumers want.

This is one of the most selling graph paper notebooks of Moleskine. It is a basic yet a piece of classic graph notebook. You need a travel companion? Or need a perfect sheet for calculation and recording data? This might be the most suitable option for you. No worries about quality and quantity.

What is the most essential quality of a notebook? What feature matters the most? Arguably, paper quality is the most important and essential feature to look into in a notebook. If your paper isn't good enough then the whole experience of using a notebook might be spoiled.

This package of graph paper notebook contains an elastic closure, a matching ribbon bookmark, and an expandable inner pocket in the back. The elastic closure ensures that the notebook won't get loosen overtime. Or, if you are somewhat forgetful, no problem at all, it will take care of your item. And the inner pocket isn't that deep or big, you only can carry some lightweight essential items in it.

And the best part? The notebook is furnished with Moleskine ivory paper, which is 70gsm and acid-free. 70gsm paper in a graph notebook is somewhat luxurious. Because, no one will be willing to use a fountain pen in the face of a graph paper notebook. Moreover, the pages are acid-free. Meaning, the paper won't get yellowed ever.

Lastly, this versatile grid paper notebook can be the new beginning of your being productive. And you can use this item for multipurpose and make the most out of it.

Highlighted Features

  • Moleskine ivory 70gsm paper; no worries for bleeding or showing through
  • It contains a bookmark, an elastic closure, and an inner back pocket as well
  • Comfortable for carrying with and traveling
  • It lies flat; no problem writing back pages at all
  • 240 squared pages; sizes a bit narrower than A5 notebooks

2. Rite in the Rain 135L All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Rite in the Rain 135L All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook

Are you looking for a weather-proof notebook all the day? Let me stop your search at this very moment. You just got the weather-proof yellow graph notebook. And fortunately, you got nothing but one of the most beautiful notebooks on the market.

The exquisite hardcover notebook comes with great quality paper. It contains 100 pages/ 50 sheets in it. You don't need to worry about ink bleeding or showing through at all. You can write with any pen you want. Sometimes, we feel like writing with fancy pens. Especially, fountain pens, which are really special for many of us 90s kids. And when you pick an ordinary notebook, sad but true that it won't allow you to write with those pens. It will bleed through the page and spoil the whole experience of fountain pens.

So, having good quality paper and be able to write with every pen is something really important for me. I think for you as well.

Now, let me tell you something more interesting about the item. You know the notebook is encompassed by the waterproof notebook cover. And the cover is made of polydura material. Is polydura new to you? No matter- It is such a material that is tough yet flexible. And you can use this type of cover for a hiking journal, golf journal, or outfitting your police gear.

But what I like most about the product is its wire-o binding. This is really helpful to keep your notebook in shape. It won't get distorted or skewed in your back pocket or backpack. The wire-o binding ensures your pages are aligned and intact in a good fashion.

The good news is, this is completely recyclable. Like other synthetic waterproof paper, it doesn't harm the environment. So, you don't have to worry about the environment being destroyed.

Highlighted Features

  • Weatherproof notebook made of polydura material; suitable for multipurpose
  • Wire-o binding for tough impact resistant
  • This item is completely recyclable; opportunity for doing something about the environment indirectly
  • It is capable of repelling water, sweat, grease, and mud
  • Suitable for carrying in backpack and pocket

3. Mead Grid Notebook with Engineering Graph Paper

While we are on the topic of best graph paper notebooks, skipping over the Mead grid notebook could be a loss for us. This is one of the most suitable options for engineering students and architects available on the market. There are several reasons behind this domination story of Mead. We’ll look into some of them together.

First of all, this notebook is brilliantly helpful for organizing daily homework. Many of the students in the USA use this amazing notebook for their class. You can use a notebook per subject. And this could be the perfect companion for any subject that includes graphing.

It has 100 quad-ruled, double-sided sheets. You'll get 5 squares per inch, which is considered to be industry standard. Moreover, you'll get enough space for taking brief notes.

Do you suspect 100 sheets will be insufficient for you? It’s okay mate, no worries. This graph paper notebook comes with 3-hole punched system that allows you to add or extract pages from the journal. And the strong spiral binding doesn't fall short to provide you the best quality service on the market. It doesn't get loose or torn over time. But in case, if you need to tear pages out, they’ll come with clean edges.

Finally, the greed color classic notebook is really a good match for optimistic and creative people, no doubt. The coated cover outside and good quality pages inside protect your thoughts and data for a long period of time. Don't hesitate to pick one, you're on the right track.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for students and academics
  • The strong spiral doesn't get loosen overtime
  • Perforated pages, can be torn out easily with clean edges
  • 100 quad ruled double-sided sheets; 5 squares per inch
  • 3-hole punched system
  • Green color notebook lays flat 180 degrees

4. Five Star Graph Ruled Spiral Notebook

Looking for a graph paper notebook to cover your assignments? Get yourself a Five Star graph ruled notebook. This is truly a nice package to start with.

It comes with 100 sheets or 200 pages. And every page measures a size of 11" x 9 1/8", when torn out it becomes 1" x 8 1/2".

Before discussing any other feature of the item, I want to talk about the spiral lock of it. This is something that has captivated me the most. We have seen a lot of spiral notebooks that contain a great number of pages but in the end, they fail to carry the initial quality and decency. And honestly, this happens, happens a lot. Generally speaking, when you're expecting a notebook within 10 bucks, it becomes difficult for the manufacturer to provide everything in it. They provide everything yet not everything.

The spiral lock wire system isn't a new addition to the notebook. But for some reason, it is not common in graph paper notebooks. Fortunately, Five Star comes with the system yet they’ve managed to keep the price affordable. It will help you to carry the notebook in your backpack without having any snag or caught in it. Also, many of you’ve experienced cloth being snagged in spiral wire and torn horribly, in this case, no such worries. Better yet, your pages will be torn out with clean edges if you need to.

Of the advantages of having this notebook is, it is designed with a waterproof good looking cover. So, you can carry it with you- no matter it is raining, snowing, or hot summer noon. Moreover, to stand up with daily wear and tear, it got a heavy-duty board on the back cover.

Finally, I would recommend this quality graph notebook to everyone who will love to elevate their note-taking journey to a new level.

Highlighted Features

  • It contains 100 graph ruled sheets
  • Reinforced storage pocket; no worries about tearing
  • Perforated system; easy and clean tearing
  • Water-resistant notebook cover
  • Special spiral lock wire prevents coil snags

5. Graph Paper Composition Notebook (Joyful Journals)

If you're looking for a high-quality and compact graph paper notebook at an affordable price, the Joyful Journals graph paper is hands down the best option. It comes with high-quality materials, which elevates the overall notebook using experience.

It is a multipurpose graph notebook that provides everything you need. You can use the item for journaling, doodling, listing, note-taking, etc. It makes your tasks easier and more joyful. Moreover, it gives you free will to use it for any purpose that you want to accomplish.

The aesthetic notebook gets a professional look by its matte finish cover. You can consider this item to use in school, college, home, and office. This is so versatility of an item. Furthermore, you don't need to think of different notebooks for different purposes. I don't oppose having a variant journal for every purpose. But with this notebook, you can comfortably put your thoughts and ideas in one particular journal. There is plenty of space for drawing, making plans, calculation and so and so.

But what I love most about the notebook is that it has grid rules on both sides of the paper with thin grey lines. This is simply amazing. You really get to wander in its emptiness. Is it really grid lined notebook or a notebook of parallel universes. You know, ideas and thoughts are the prime ingredients of a story. Leaving your mind with some emptiness, and expecting some ideas into words become very possible with this graph notebook.

Lastly, I want to quote a line from an amazon buyer “It is truly one of the most significant works of literature and art in decades”.

Highlighted Features 

  • This is a notebook where a story waiting to be written
  • 100 pages or 50 sheets (you can use both sides)
  • You can use any pencil and pen except wet fountain and gel pens
  • Great for architects, drawing activities, writing notes, etc.
  • Great product for the price

6. RETTACY Graph Paper Notebook (2 Pack)

If you're not used to taking notes with a graph paper notebook, then it may take a little while to get used to the format and efficiency with which it makes your note-taking easy. Fortunately, this unit from RETTACY makes things even easier by its large B5 sheets and ‘easy to lay flat’ system.

Not only that, it comes with a top-quality paper that allows you to write both sides of the paper and make the most out of it.

What makes this notebook so reliable is the fact that it comes with 80 sheets or 160 pages. That means you'll get a total of 320 pages with this package. This allows it to accompany you even more than a semester or a large project. The page dimension is 7.3"X 10", allowing you to complete bigger problems of your statistics- if not the biggest. There are also some incredible windows for interesting drawings and beautiful handwriting.

Other cool features of the notebook included- Spiral binding so that you can comfortably lay it flat 180-degree and write both pages with utmost ease and comfort.

But what I like most about the item is its 100gsm pages. Yes! You read it correct. It is 100gsm paper that the manufacturer provides in this graph notebook. Honestly, the paper quality it carries can compete with the top hardcover notebooks. You can allow yourself to write and draw with any pen you want. Therefore, for a happy journaling experience without having any bleeding or showing through the pages, this one of the brilliant candidates of a notebook, you can consider.

So overall, if you want convenience along with quality, this is the graph notebook to get.

Highlighted Features

  • A total of 320 pages
  • Thick 100gsm paper; no bleed through the page
  • Square grid simple cover prevents the inner paper from getting damaged
  • Sturdy spiral binding
  • Great value for the price

7. Exaclair Rhodia Graph Notebook

As was mentioned previously, when it comes to notebooks, especially graph paper notebooks, one of the three best brands that you can go with is Rhodia. And no wonder this is one of the best graph paper notebooks that can meet all your needs.

Rhodia has been into action since 1934- before most of our birth. So, they literally know the process of providing premium quality products to their customer. We use to call them brands, and this is what a brand is.

This classic design notebook has plenty of different functions including micro-perforated removal, double-wire binding, etc. It comes in a complete package that is going to be a great choice for your daily journaling, bullet journaling, and easy note-taking solution.

One of the strongest points of this product is its high-quality pages. This is overall could be the strongest point of a notebook. Because without having a decent quality paper, you cannot dream for a long walk with a notebook, especially. Notebooks are for creative works, a place where people jot down their thoughts, etc. Fortunately, you don't need to waste your time thinking about these issues as long as you have the Exaclair Rhodia graph paper notebook. It provides all that you need.

The notebook comes with 81g white paper with a top-notch satin finish. No worries about snagging in clothes or backpacks because it has safe double wire binding. Furthermore, it ensures clean and easy removal of pages with its micro-perforated system.

And lastly, it is an all-weather notebook. Meaning, you can use it equally in every season of the year. It gets a waterproof cover that repels any type of damage that may occur through nature.

Highlighted Features

  • Exquisite yellow cover notebook
  • The Micro-perforated system ensures easy and clean tearing out
  • 80 pages; both sides are available for writing
  • Double wire binding
  • Good quality paper and waterproof cover

8. Five Star Spiral Notebook (Black)

If you want to find one of the more efficient notebooks on this post and you're fond of black, then this is going to be one of the best graph notebooks for you. This item comes with some of the more unique and attractive features to help give you a fantastic way of doing home and office work.

You're definitely going to love its special water-resistant black cover. It doesn't only look good but it also prevents any type of damage caused by weather. You can comfortably use the notebook at any time of the year.

Moreover, its wire-binding system protects your notebook for years. The pages don't come off easily. But when you need to add or extract a page, you can do that with a clean edge.

Once you buy an item from Five Star, possibility more that you don't need to flashback and think about your made-decision. Because you cannot go wrong with choosing a notebook from Five Star. The notebook we are talking about solely relies on its durability and quality. It has good protection outside provided by the weather-proof cover. And good quality pages and a back pocket inside.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, it provides 100 quality sheets that further ensure you can write both sides of the paper. There is no tearing or bleeding through the page. You can rub the page if needed, you can highlight text if required. So, overall there’s no worry regarding the quality and durability of the product. Now, what's that you're waiting for?

Highlighted Features

  • 100 page graph paper notebook
  • Pages are designed with 4 squares per inch
  • Coated black cover prevents inner pages getting form damaged
  • It is a 5 subject notebook
  • Great for the price

9. Rocketbook Matrix Graph Notebook

Perhaps one of the graph paper notebooks with the most unique designs and a set of amazing features that you're going to find this entire list, this notebook is still going a great choice for anybody wants to get the most out of a notebook without having to compromise the durability and overall performance.

The notebook comes with a great appearance that is bound to make anyone fall in love with it. Blue color cover with a minimalistic design is probably one of the best in the industry. This is what we call classic and aesthetic.

But what I love most about the product is that it is equipped with reusable synthetic paper. Notably, this is also a new addition to our list. I personally haven't seen many of this notebook paper so far in my career. You can write both sides of the paper and there's no issue of ink smearing or bleeding through. But the most surprising fact is that you can erase the texts you write on the page. You need to simply wipe the pages with a damp cloth and then magically everything will vanish.

The package also includes helpful tools and materials such as a pilot frixion pen, microfiber cloth, etc. In addition, with the Rocketbook app, you can scan and share your thoughts with your friends and colleagues. Sharing ideas and diagrams to popular cloud services like Google Drive, OneNote, slack, etc. becomes so easy with this android and IOS app.

Finally, with this all-in-one science solution, elevate your calculation, designs, and everyday note-taking.

Highlighted Features

  • It is a reusable graph paper notebook (synthetic paper)
  • Suitable for handwriting, drawing, and calculation
  • It includes facilities such as a pilot frixion pen, microfiber cloth, etc.
  • Pages are thick enough to prevent show through the pages
  • .25 grid format; 4 squares per inch

10. Field Notebook/Pocket Journal

If you're reading this article hoping to find a notebook for yourself that you're going to use or perhaps gift to someone you love, then this is the option you're looking for. The key point of including this graph notebook in this list is that you will have almost all the features and facilities yet at an affordable price. They seem not to compromise with the quality and keep the price low as well.

Despite being available in the market for a short period of time, the field notebook gains a good name by its real value-driven products. Honestly, the notebook doesn't look fancy or overwhelming. A classic black cover notebook with ‘Field Notebook’ printed on the top. That’s it.

The package contains 5 packs of notebooks. You'll get 48 pages in each of the notebooks; both sides of the pages are available for writing. And there are two dimensions of the page- Line and dot-graph patterns.

But one of the main reasons for having the notebook is its top-notch page quality. Again this is of the primary factors that we focus on when buying a notebook or journal. The graph notebook contains 80gsm paper. And importantly, the paper is acid-free. Do you know the meaning? I've talked about it many a time before. Meaning, it won't get yellowed overtime.

Imagine a decade or couple of decades later, you opened up your notebook and read all your text in a clean format. You can read all of your words; cherish your drawings, etc.

On the other hand, if you find your text gets blurred and pages yellowed where you hardly can read a word, how will you feel? No one will agree to experience it. Fortunately, this notebook paper is acid-free and thick enough to back your writing with almost every type of pen.

Last, but not the least, the pocket-sized notebook is absolutely a worth-considering option for many of your among students, professionals, artists, and others.

Highlighted Features

  • 240 pages in total; 5-pack notebook package
  • 80gsm thick paper ensures no bleeding or showing through the pages
  • Two types of patterns- line and dot-graph
  • Ease of carrying; pocket-sized notebook allows you to carry it anywhere
  • Acid-free high-quality paper for long term use

11. Nova Studio Graph Paper Notebook

If you're a type of person that prefers to have a stylish notebook as opposed to a simple or classic notebook, then definitely you're not alone. And this graph paper notebook from nova studio demonstrates the same. As a result, you're going to love this particular graph notebook because it perhaps is exactly what you're looking for.

This notebook is nearly perfect for school and college students. I don't dare to label it as perfect because I haven't used this product. However, as the manufacturer claims, it has everything that you'll need to accomplish your accounting, math, and engineering work.

Honestly, this is more of a notebook for students. I don't recommend this one for professionals. Yet this is an all-purpose notebook for daily life. There are plenty of spaces inside where you can draw, sketch, take brief notes. Moreover, the wonderful grid notebook can be used for making lists, bullet journaling, daily planning, etc.

One of the advantages of this item is that you don't need to carry different notebooks for your different purposes. You have an assignment that requires theology written and graphing, you can use this. You need to draw or sketch something with a brief discussion; you can confidently go with this notebook. So, certainly, this is a set of papers that makes your life even more comfortable.

With a soft matte cover, the graph notebook contains 100 lined pages inside. You'll get 5 squares per inch. Every page sizes 9 3/4" x 7 1/2". So overall, no complaints about the product. This is quite satisfying for school and college work.

Highlighted Features

  • This is so versatile; more than a graph paper notebook
  • Equally suitable for students, professionals, and households
  • Great for taking notes, journaling, writing, etc.
  • Perfect for all ages- kids or adults
  • Great for the price

12. Silverpoint Quad Planning Pad (Top Flight)

Once again, this is another great notebook on this list that is going to provide you a bunch of quality features while also maintaining better brand names when it comes to graph paper notebooks.

This particular graph notebook comes with a protective cover that has decent colorings with a minimalistic design. Simple yet gorgeous. But what I like most about the product is that it comes with top wire binding that allows every writer including the left-hander to write with utmost ease and comfort. You can go with it as you want to.

On top of that, a heavyweight sturdy back holds it all together. You can write anytime at anywhere- standing or sitting go straightaway.

Are you worried about durability? When we find something affordable, we initially start thinking about its durability and all sort of quality. No offense but this is true. Here is the good news. Despite being available at an incredibly affordable price, the graph notebook lasts long. Moreover, the micro-perforated tear-off system keeps the whole thing clean.

What about the page quality? Well, it comes with 70 smooth–surface sheets. Page thickness is decent but not as thick as RETTACY graph paper or Field notebook pages. However, you can comfortably use any ballpoint pen on it.

Finally, taking all the aspects into consideration, this might be the best graph notebook solution if you're on a budget. The manufacturer applied its vast 80 years of experience and tried to give everything in it.

Highlighted Features

  • This is an incredibly affordable option for anyone who is on budget
  • It offers decent quality pages; 70 sheets
  • You can write at any time anywhere; it offers a heavyweight sturdy back
  • A protective cover with a minimalistic design
  • Micro-perforated pages; easy and clean tearing

13. Hamelin Hard Cover Double Wire Notebook

And lastly, we have something really interesting for you. If you're not looking for the best of the best and you're not hoping to leave this article and go out and buy an expensive, inefficient graph notebook, you're going to find that this is one of the top spiral notebooks and you're going to love everything it has to offer, even at this affordable price.

This is one of the most efficient and value-driven notebooks on the list. It is designed in a way that will stand out from the crowd- no matter where you're.

Of the benefits of having this notebook is that you're allowed to write with any pen you want. Except for the wettest fountain pen, with any ballpoint pen, gel pen, and multicolor pen you can write on the notebook. It contains high-quality 90gsm optic paper. No worries about bleeding through or smearing over the pages.

Additionally, it is super comfortable to carry and sizes a standard of 8.5x11". The manufacturer advises using it for 1 particular subject. You will have 4 squares per inch. Plenty of spaces for calculation and solving math problems.

For easy and cleaning tearing, it has a micro-perforated and 3-hole system. And importantly, it contains 150 pages and you can use both of the sides of the pages.

Finally, it also has something bonus for you. SCRIBZEE app- a free app for sharing and storing important notes. You can easily scan and share notes with your cared ones through this app.

Highlighted Features

  • Great design; stands out from the crowd
  • 4 squares per inch; it sizes 8.5x11"
  • It comes with a micro-perforated and 3-hole system
  • 90gsm thick and smooth paper; no worries for bleed or show through
  • Extra-wide durable pockets and tear-resistant covers

What To Consider Before Buying a Graph Paper Notebook

While all graph paper notebooks may look the same to you, there are quite a few factors that play a vital role in being average than a great one. It may include the paper quality, value against your hard-earned money, etc. Here are a few things that we found beneficial while choosing a graph notebook.

Page Quality

Page quality of a notebook you buy should be one of the most important considerations and when it comes to a graph paper notebook, there is no exception. You should really try and find a graph ruled notebook that is made of some of the best paper and highest quality materials.

As I mentioned many a time that page type and its quality is something that is non-negotiable. You cannot consider this by any means. Besides being thick enough, if it is acid-free, then it will add an extra value. The acid-free paper doesn't get yellowed over time so you can cherish your works for a long period of time.

Simply put, if you try and go with a cheaper, average graph paper notebook, it will bother you often by bleeding through or tearing out pages and you will have to replace it just as much. For this reason, only notebooks with the highest quality pages are being talked about and reviewed on this particular page.

Overall Experience

It should come as obvious when I say this, but the overall experience offered by the graph paper notebook is always going to be one of the most important considerations. A graph-ruled notebook is not only for helping you but it also going to provide you some experience.

Perhaps, you're going to use your notebook daily, it is crucial that you feel your notebook and you enjoy using it. Every bit of your notebook needs to be sunk with your taste. Pay attention to the size of the notebook and the color so you know you're getting exactly what you're waiting for.

Size and Grids

When I'm talking about the size, it’s both notebook and grid size. There's nothing to do with quality as long as it is concerned about the notebook size. You know it should be your call; what size you want. If you want to carry the graph notebook with you all the time, then it is preferable to go for a pocket-size or small size notebook.

On the other hand, if you want to solve graph problems or to plan bigger projects then it is required that you're using a standard size or a hybrid graph ruled notebook.

However, there are quite a few types of grids available. But normally, we use a quad grid or standard size grid notebook. That means 4 squares per inch in a quad notebook and 5 squares per inch for a standard size grid book.

Finally, this is somewhere there you cannot compromise. If you're an artist, architect, engineer, or student, you get to ensure error-free grids and margins for the best outcome.

Color and Cover

You always want to make sure that you're getting an aesthetic notebook for your money and you aren’t spending even a buck more than you should. The cover is for protection and beauty as well. Who else doesn't want a beautiful notebook?

Though there's a little to do with the quality, you want something classy and glossy, you need to focus on these two C- Color and Cover. The main goal when you look into the color and cover is to be left satisfied with the deal you just got. And obviously, there is a mixture of colors and covers included in this post so that you can find your preferred one without compromising the quality and price.

Frequently Asked Question

Graph paper notebooks are convenient, compact, and first and foremost, easy to use. Having said that, there are a few commonly asked questions below that may help you to make the most out of a graph-ruled notebook.

1. What is a graph ruled notebook?

Answer: Graph ruled notebooks are a type of notebook that has both vertical and horizontal lines throughout each page. The lines are faint enough to write over, at the same time, clear enough to guide you as you're writing on it.

Mainly, graph ruled notebooks are essentials for students and professionals who need to solve math problems in graph plots. Additionally, graph ruled notebooks are great for creating straight and accurate lines so that artists and illustrators can have the perfect drawings and sketches of art.

On top of that, you'll get enough of room inside of a grid notebook. Meaning, not only for math solutions or clinical drawings, you can use it for taking brief notes and for recording statistical data as well.

2. What features should I focus on in a graph paper notebook?

Again, this depends on your choice and preference. Though this is a very common question, there is no single set of criteria that you can always follow. And this is quite a similar discussion of the buyer’s guide that I already provided for you.

Long story short- you should primarily try to merge between two things- your application with the notebook features. Secondly, your expectation with other things, such as price, color, etc.

3. What is the best notebook for drawings?

Different kinds of notebooks suit different kinds of needs. For this reason, we've rounded up the review with various types of notebooks. Generally speaking, when it comes to journaling and drawing, people tend to prefer fine line notebooks.

You know for solving math problems and engineering projects, it is okay to go with thicker lines and it is more convenient, no doubt. But you definitely don't want your artwork being interrupted by the thick grid lines, right? This is simple.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve seen all the different information about the best graph paper notebook, you'll have no problem knowing exactly what to look for when you're set to buy a graph ruled notebook. If you don't feel comfortable picking out a graph notebook, you can follow some of the product recommendations about graph papers on the market.

Remember, there's no such a thing that is solely best for all. Know your applications and be confident about picking the right one. Wishing you luck!

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